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    My third amp was an Ampeg V2 with a V4 bottom loaded with Altecs. Not as loud as the V4 (mind numbing) The V2 nails the Stones Sticky Finger sound. The three separate mid tone ranges let you get everything from a Fender to a Marshall tone and the amp didn't break up easily. You had to push it up 3/4 to get it to start saturating. Derringer does some of his finest guitar work using these V series on the Edgar Winter Roadwork Album too.

    I used this head when I played three piece blues. The bass player used and SVT and the drummer has oversized drums. You knew there was a band playing when you let these babies heat up. No whip cream lounge band amp here. Even a hot rodded 50W Plexi had a hard time keeping up with this one.

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      My first amp was a late 70's Yamaha G50 410 similar to this;It was actually a pretty good amp. Very nice cleans, spring reverb, & a usable tremolo circuit too. Horrible distortion setting, but solid otherwise.
      I sold it as i stopped playing for about 20 years & it was just too bulky to schlep around every time I moved.

      I saw one recently on my local craigslist for sale on the cheap & was tempted to buy it, but then the nostalga wore off & decided it's the last thing I need to start hauling around again...


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        Sunn Stinger 60. Durable but didn't have much clean headroom and didn't come close to the Fender sounds I had in my head.

        Bought it around '84 or so, later sold it for ~ $50.

        A '57 Classic, MIJ from USA parts.
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          Gorilla Amp


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            That's terrible, glad you powered through it!

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            yeah it was pretty bad but at the time i didn't care.

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          That's solid state perfection there, folks . . .

          It now resides at my brother's house . . . When I house-sit for him it waits for me to plug in. To be honest though, if I get the settings right, it has a charming fuzzy sound when used with a neck pickup.


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            In July of 1977 I got my 1st amp from Veneman's Music Store in Greenbelt, MD.
            SG Systems 610 Amp. The head had a built in Maestro Phase Shifter, Reverb & Distortion.
            The cabinet had 6-10 inch speakers. Heavy as hell & hard to move.
            It was my 1st amp & the 1st piece of credit I obtained. Financed by HFC.
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              Wow. That's a double blast from the past. I remember both those old SG Systems amps (I saw a total of one in person) and HFC.

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            One of these 100 watt twin speaker Carlsboros.
            Loved the tone.

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                A Hagsröm bass amp (with matching cab, 10" as far as I remember). Like this:
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                  Cool little amp. How did it sound?

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                Axisplayer : Yes, the Hagström was cool (I really regret selling it), but didn't actually sound that good. As it was small it was easy to overdrive, but essentially a bass amp it had no good clean guitar sound (but was even worse for bass)...
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                  A Musiciman 210 HD 65 watt combo.

                  I didn't care for it so I sold it when I bought a Fender Twin Reverb. The Twin cost me the amp and 125 bucks.

                  I still have the Twin Reverb
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                    a cheap kent? solid state amp circa 1969


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                      That requires some thinking..... Ok, flip top Ampeg for bass, I think it was a 60 watter tube, followed by a Ross SS. Then an Oliver G150R that was my main amp for years and years, until it decided to put on a 4th of July show. I took it to Danny's amp service in north Jersey, where they pronounced it DOA.
                      I was given a Roland blues Cube 60, the old one, to use for promo, and it has stayed with me since the 90's.
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                        My first two amps were crates:

                        Click image for larger version

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                        My first "good" amp was a Marshall 1987 SIlver Jubilee 100 watt half stack.

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                          That wooden Crate was everywhere. I can't count how many I have seen over the years. It was actually kinda OK for what it was, and what it costs. It was a great little practice amp because it was light and you couldn't really hurt the cabinet since there was no tolex or finish to worry about. I wouldn't mind having one, although I never did.

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                          I wish I still had it but I hated it so much when I had it that I threw it in the trash when I moved out of my dads house after college. It would be fun to build a kit amp and stick it in the box and freak people out.

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                        Originally posted by Chordite View Post
                        One of these 100 watt twin speaker Carlsboros.
                        Loved the tone.

                        Isn't this the amp that wrecked your hearing ?


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                          Yes Gardo it was, which is why the circuitry met Mr Sledge Hammer. It was the only safe option, since I couldn't find the circuit fault I couldn't use it or sell it after that, shame but I wouldn't want anyone else to suffer that. I Kept the speakers but destroyed the faulty circuit board.

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                          That must be where they get the term "evil twin"?