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  1. do you have a VOM? It is pretty simple to test the switch [it could be defective].
  2. Ground should not be on a lug of the switch....the ground of the p-up, the bridge ground and the ground on the jack are the same ground [or should be...] and should all be connected to only themselves You could solder on a spade or slip lug and attach it to the shaft of the switch against the pickguard...not crucial, just another way to do it..
  3. Amp heads are great, but unless there is a cabinet, they just kind a sit there, y'know...but based on the amps you listed, and the 2 guitars [I see you have the Heritage 'LP' style and the LTD Viper is like an SG, IIRC.], I'll guess you play hard rock/metal...? So what do you mean by 'complete' your rig? You need pedals...tons of them...and many, many more guitars.... just for the record...your signature says Amps: None!
  4. yes, it does, but at least it is guitar related spam...😉 [thread closed]
  5. reminds me I haven't had to audition in years...
  6. well, you asked...😎 do come back and let us know what you wind up with...
  7. ooooh! Nice unit...okay, locking this thread, no need to beat a dead horse, eh?
  8. https://reverb.com/item/29288621-catalinbread-topanga-ii-limited-edition-even-more-spring-for-your-reverb
  9. It is a Gretsch, like a Country Gentleman, but a single cutaway, or a Tennessee Rose, but with the 'block plate' on the headstock.... could be the 60th anniversary model with the paint stripped. Can't tell if the f-holes are real or painted on. It's not a Falcon, the headstock is wrong. Without a clearer pic I can't tell you much more
  10. The Celestion is a good replacement, but Jensens usually have a bit of a break-in period...
  11. Ah, okay, the ten dollar option is off the table.... have you actually contacted Odyssey? Going on negative hearsay is seldom the best solution on strictly OEM parts. If the part can be removed from the unit, you might be able to fix the crack with epoxy, or mechanically drill and screw it back together...but beyond that? Not much to tell you. There is a reason they make that part out of plastic and not from cast or machined metal...you may have just found out the reason...🙁
  12. but the price for a complete unit is $9.95? Just replace the entire stand for 10 bux
  13. the Altair American Classic? Very strat-ish, Ibanez' offshoot brand, USA build, back in the 90s[?]...I remember the literature, don't think I ever saw one in person.
  14. I can't make that call for you. Your ears, your choice....put quick disconnects on the leads......buy both, try both, send back [or re-sell] the one you don't like...
  15. If you don't know how, give them the guitar back, and tell them to take it to a qualified instrument repair technician.
  16. what did the new cab/speaker run you?
  17. you could try different pre-amp tubes [AY, AT, AV, AU] and better quality power tubes before you start changing the circuitry! but...you should read this first: https://www.thetubestore.com/gain-factor You did mean EL84, not EL74, yes? Were the power tubes 'matched' or just randomly installed? What is the amp? Is it 'self-biasing'? Can't make out anything on the other schematic, too small for my old eyes...
  18. The KAs are good pickups. Also take a look at the Gibson P100...I know people whine about them, but they're quieter, and have their own voice, a little brighter [interesting in the neck position], and used I've seen them on Reverb for ~$75
  19. no, singing... but at ~$20 a pop...if I make $200 on a gig, that is 10% of my take...I suppose I could write it off on my taxes
  20. and another year later...the OP was over two years ago, so let's assume, for arguments sake, that the OP has made his determination already...and the point was made that to spend ~$50 dollars or more to replace tuners on a guitar that was $120 makes absolutely no sense....but thank you for posting that link for future readers to take advantage of...Hipshot makes some absolutely topnotch parts.....
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