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  1. Okay, I have banned 'Wendy Smith'...were there other monikers used, or just that one?
  2. on the budget side, I use a little Zoom Q2n. It will live stream, you can add external mic, so you may be able to give it a mic/line feed. The LED viewer is a PITA and the controls are basic but functional. These can be found used under $150. There are many complaints about battery life, so adding an external battery pack maybe worth it. I have one, only needed it once on a long picnic gig. Use the energizer batteries with this, nothing else will last, not even 'coppertop's. Also put in the largest SD card it will take [128?]. The new version will shoot 4k video quality, and goes at $220
  3. new strings first and foremost...
  4. just for your future reference, it makes us nervous when people come here and the first post has a dubious link. However, after carefully exploring your link, it has been determined to be acceptable...carry on...
  5. kinda has that Sister Rosetta Tharpe thing goin' on...
  6. take what you can get...it may all vanish suddenly...like the Chinese virus... I would think there should be some way to get retroactive payments, considering how impossible it was to file at the beginning?
  7. they are expensive because Fender prices them that way, and for no other reason. Okay, maybe the Cobain association thing, but I really don't get that at all... I have tried Jags and JazzMasters many times and the Jaguars never seem to appeal to my ear, or my hands...and yeah, the bridge/trem is a joke, and an aftermarket replacement is pricey. I have had several Jags brought to me by frustrated friends who whine about the tone, the controls [typical question: wtf are all those switches for?], the whammy...and they think I can 'fix' it, but it is what it is...and I ask why did you buy it?
  8. if this is a brand new guitar, I suggest first you have a 'set-up' done. A qualified tech will sort out any of the simple issues, and identify any of the more 'disturbing' ones, like bad tuners.
  9. Welcome to Harmony Central...okay, first...you are 14 years late on this thread...14 years... to answer what I think is your question....the differences are in the way the signal is 'passed' through as the pot rotates.
  10. Do you realize that the discussion you posted in ended in 2007? Please in the future, rather than reopening ancient threads, consider starting your own thread or looking for something more, shall we say, contemporary?
  11. I'm going to go with the extra light set recommendation as well. I have tried plain G on an acoustic, and the only time I felt it worked well was in open tunings for playing slide. A different option: go with a 'Nashville' tuning using the the lighter wound E/A/D and plain G from an acoustic 12 string set. I've been thinking about doing this on one of my A/Es...just haven't gotten to it yet...
  12. sadly, you are 7 years late to add tothis conversation...please date check threads before posting...and welcome to Harmony Central...
  13. true...but, your point being? This is an ancient thread with no replies in 8 years....now, do you think the prior posters still care, or are even still here? Welcome to Harmony Central...please date check the threads before you post, thank you in advance for your cooperation...
  14. well, that was cleared up 14 years ago...please check the thread dates before replying....
  15. You are right, but considering how many people are on the dole these days, chances of getting audited is a slim to none. I would still make the rounds, as it were, so that if they happened to spot check you, you were on the up and up. Not sure what the requirements are, but even an email to the booking agent for the clubs should be adequate to show intent. Since most bars are still closed, I don't see how they can really zap you...
  16. There is a reason why most guitar amp's power sections are designed around 6L6 [5881], 6V6, EL34, EL84, KT66...and there are a number of considerations if you want to change around. Heater/filament current is a major issue, which is why, for instance, although a KT66 specs out very close to a 6L6/5881, it isn't directly replaceable. They tend to generate oscillations with the lower current...which can be damped, but is it worth it? Not to me. Many of the 'old skool' cheapie amps [including early Bogen, Valco, Magnatone] used the 'oddball' radio tubes because they were cheap and ple
  17. that is an ArtStar model, not an ArtCore...they really did some fabulous work on the early ArtStars.
  18. gotta ask..how did you manage to blow the transformer and the IC? I mean, really, that is quite a feat...the fuse [if it was the correct fuse] should have prevented that.
  19. it doesn't sink... The L4, L5 and L5-CES are pricey as all get-out, but they are eyecandy...Guild Starfires are great too, I regret selling mine way back when, the new 'Newark' model looks great. The Epi Emperors and Broadways are cool as well, and the Ibbie George Benson is a good choice, but come on, Dan, give us a budget number. I am a fan of the new D'Angelico line, I have the Premiere DC [335 on steroids], and have been eyeballing that Excel EXL-1 for months. There are some interesting Deans out there too, I like the Palomino...I came very close to getting the Boca 12, but the Da
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