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  1. I have no experience with a bad cat but I do own a PRRI. It's a great amp but when I pushed it anywhere past 4 on the volume it always farted out & was basically unusable anywhere north of that. I was gonna sell it but decided to give a speaker swap a try first. After a lot of research I ultimately chose an Eminence 1058 & am so glad I did. It still sounds like a Princeton but it is noticeably louder to my ears. Plus the breakup is much more pleasing to my ears with no flub. I played a few weeks ago with another guitarist who was using a twin, and while he wasn't dimed with it, I was able to comfortably keep up with him. Also getting the amp off the floor or on a stand will help immensely too... Legend_1058.pdf
  2. I'd say if you find a good playable Tele on the cheap & want to swap pickups go for it. I picked up a Squier Affinity about 6 months ago at a local Guitar Center (wasn't in the market for one but it played amazing & was cheap so I pulled the trigger). I recently replaced the pots, cap & switch, & upgraded the pickups to Seymour Duncans. I'm very happy with the results. Worst case scenario for you is if you don't like the results, keep the old stuff & switch it back... [ATTACH=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"small","data-attachmentid":32500585}[/ATTACH][ATTACH=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"small","data-attachmentid":32500586}[/ATTACH]
  3. The last couple of guitars I bought were after I went to the store to buy strings...
  4. A friend owns a LP copy, nice guitar but it's a boat anchor...
  5. Like Bigfoot to me- may exist but I’ve never seen one...
  6. Remember when dark side of the moon came with 2 posters & 2 stickers? Wonder if the Vinyl re-release still comes with them...
  7. Our band has the jam hub "tourbus" when practice needs to be silent. It's not a substitute for traditional amplification imo, but there are times when it's better to use it than dealing with a crabby wife... im pretty sure they've stopped making them but they can still be found used.
  8. I have one of these in a pseudo cherry burst color. Nice guitar for the coin. Haven't picked it up much recently as there's an issue with the selector switch (I think). One pickup is dead & ive been too lazy to dig into it to figure it out.
  9. Have your tech cut the nut when you take it to him in a couple of weeks with worn frets...
  10. I’m also in the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” camp. That being said if I do have to fix it I would reccomend switchcraft & CTS basically because I don’t want to do it again
  11. Dunno... Never had reason to I guess. This is the 4th Bigsby'd guitar I've owned (Jag, Artcore, LP copy & this one). the only one I ever had a problem with tuning stability has been the LP copy & that had a roller bridge. I think that was more because of the break angle though. Then again I'm not a dive bomber or don't do crazy bendy Neil Young stuff. Here's the others (don't have the LP copy anymore);
  12. thatsbunk


    I've owned an Epiphone ES-339 for some time now, but haven't been spending much time with it as I've been favoring my other guitars that have Bigsby's on them. So I decided to do something about it. I was debating about which model Bigsby to use: B3, B5 or, B7. I eliminated the B5 & B7 as I would have had to either remove or cover up the tailpiece studs, or use a Vibramate mounting system with them. While the Vibramate is a good, non invasive way to mount a Bigsby, the problems I've found on most stop tail guitars is the roller bar winds up too close to the bridge, creating too steep of a break angle. I've installed a B5 & Vibramate on a Les Paul copy, & it wouldn't return to pitch, even with a roller bridge (I have a Vibramate & B5 on my blacktop Jaguar & it works fine, as the stop tail sits a bit further back than most tune-o-matics). Anyway, I decided to go with a B3 and a Towner Bar install with their hinge plate adaptor. Well worth the money IMO... It took longer to restring the guitar then to do the actual install. Plus it's totally reversible if you decide a Bigsby isn't for you or if you want to sell your guitar later. I would highly recommend it for any tune-o-matic / stop tail guitar.
  13. I have the night train combo. Can't speak for the Blackstar as I've never played one, but it has pretty good headroom for a 15W amp. It keeps up with our drummer (although he's not a gorilla on the kit).
  14. I like the Rat Fink toilet seat.
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