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  1. You are in no way at fault, unless you had posted the case for sale as 'authentic' [whatever that means] and it was not, but that does not appear to be the case here. This is a perfect 'caveat emptor' case where the buyer either made an incorrect assumption or suffered 'buyer's remorse', neither of which is grounds for a dispute...IMHO. Beyond that, even though you were gracious enough to agree to the return/refund, the buyer waited beyond the return period specified by the intermediary [PayPal]. They also failed to advise you of the shipment, send you tracking information on the return, or to specify a signature was required. They can try to retrieve the 'package' via their shipper, assuming it is where the shipper left it, but I don't think you have any obligations.
  2. probably not the best song choice for your voice...but the little belch at the beginning was worth getting into the song, sort of...
  3. Right...well now, I am going to go out on the proverbial limb and guess you are not a Yank, then? To be perfectly honest [if that is truly humanly possible...] I have never heard of either a Stonebridge or a Furch guitar. Please expound...do we get to see pictures? Hear recordings?
  4. well, obviously!😉 Spun thru Orem once, going to Uinta-Wasatch and Flaming Gorge.great scenery...avoid Provo rush hour unless they widened that hiway 189 [or was it 89?]
  5. well, we shall see what we shall see what there is to see when we see it, see?
  6. well? I see a large scooter...
  7. well, I feel sorry for your friend since he is likely not working ATM, like the rest of us... But a lot has to do with the kind of music...metal and punk bands are NEVER supposed to smile
  8. copy and paste it right into the post window...we are better equipped to manage pix now...if you have trouble with that, let me know!
  9. 1k1gear is right though...unbutton that beast and check the wiring at the switch.you may have a 'hair jumper', it doesn't take much to dump a hum on ya.
  10. I love Turner's guitars, but my point was the prices are beyond what SteveMac is looking to pay. The Kelly/Turner collaboration, however, has piqued my interest and will require more research.
  11. Absolutely...awesome collection... Indeed, overly Rick Nielsen! Kramer? Custom?
  12. I believe that is a 'Breadwinner'...early 70's, Ovation went for the electric market...seemed to me they were just getting their feet under them at that point on the acoustic side...a very striking design, almost a love it or hate it thing, great choice for punk music, while still being a bit 'Jetsons-y'... BK? Clarification?
  13. Rick Turner Deuce...Reverb? eBay? does not look like a match except the Michael Kelly model...but no mag p-up...bummer.
  14. Hey, he has two of those 'what do you a guy who has no arms and legs' names in his name! What do you call the guy with no arms and legs in your jacuzzi? What do you call the guy with no arms and legs hanging on your wall? Stew...and Art... I know, and I am prepared to burn n hell for all eternity...it's been worth it!
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