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  1. Welcome to HC, Riley! I have been touting the SA220 from the day mine arrived [like 10 years ago!], and have been ogling the SA330 for many months.
  2. hmmm...where did I hear/read that before?
  3. Strangely, jefe, this is a topic under discussion over in Solos & Duos.
  4. Chris, you really should have gone deeper into the history of delay, when they built long rooms with speakers and mics they could move to different positions, closer or further from the source. to alter the delay time, and multiple mics for additional repeats...hence the term 'echo chamber'. Then some brilliant person decided they could loop tape through multiple heads...the rest you covered well. Definitely Les Paul was one of the pioneers in this..but there are others as well... Also Strymon just put out some similar articles recently...http://www.strymon.net/2014/09/15/pete-celi-premier-guitar-history-doubletracking/
  5. One word for the n0oBz...earplugs...wear ear plugs...sorry...WEAR EAR PLUGS...you will thank me later...
  6. I reviewed this during the Winter NAMM show in 2016, and I am glad to see Rick Keeler showed his design at summer NAMM this year, as he was sadly absent at winter NAMM 2017.
  7. Comes with a one button footswitch. I detected a momentary 'delay' in the switching that will take some getting used to, but certainly not insurmountable. Footswitch has a led indicator [take that Vox NightTrain!], and a cord of decent length [take that Vox, again!]. Also the amp has metal corner guards [take that, too, Vox! I had to add corner guards to my Night Train 15CL]. So lets look at this over all: Channel switching, EL34 powered, 20W, not too heavy despite the footprint, Celestion speaker...Fender-ish/ Mesa-ish/ Vox-ish/ Marshall-ish soundsall in one tube amp, with digital reverb that has some depth.
  8. I recently decided my collection needed more Fenders, and I did not have a Tele. I bought a Tele copy by Hard Luck Kings, the Southern Belle [a great bargain for a good sounding beater] and I was hooked on the simplicity and feel. When I stumbled on this one, I had to try it, and then, had to buy it.This is not a '69 or a '72 thinline, but compared the the MIM reissues of the '72, this is easily a more 'Tele' sounding instrument, and the charcoal finish is very interesting [although I am hoping it gets a tad more transparent with age]. Also, the necks on many of the other Chinese MP Teles that I have tried felt 'gummy', not slick; this one felt as good as my '75 Strat, right off the shelf.
  9. daddymack

    ALTO Trusonic TS110A

    I was looking for a small powered speaker that I could use as an adjunct to my Fishman SA220 for out door work, or as a vocal monitor, or as a standalone PA unit, without lugging 15" Thumps around...this unit does it all nicely, in a solid package with plenty of power.
  10. HLK has been around for a number of years and I ordered this guitar on a whim, as I had never seen one or tried one, but for the price with discount offer, there was no reason not to try it out. I have never owned a Tele, but have played a number of them over the years; I know how one should feel and sound, and the 'Belle' is right there. I'm not going to pretend this is as good as a 'real' Fender MIA, but for a copy axe, for the price, I think it beats the Squiers, Xavieres, etc., overall...did I mention the neck inlays?
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