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  1. have you talked to the Strymon people about this?
  2. Bengs...do some reading, please. There are zillions of good books, videos, blogs on the electronic aspects of tube amps, speakers, Ohm's Law, and so on, and you will gain understanding of what happens from the moment your pick flicks a string and the sound comes out...it may a be a micro second, but there is an amazing series of events occurring to make that sound for you.
  3. Better pics and a description of what you did to the guitar would be helpful, and did you remember to connect the ground lead to the bridge? What schematic are you using, classic 50's wiring or the modern? oh ,and for pete's sake, clean all that flux off!
  4. yes, leaving out solid state amps, like Quilter, seems egregious...I also agree that the down side of the new wave of 'sim-tec' amps suffers from 'rapidly planned obsolescence'... by the time you unbox it, plug it into the wall, power it up, plug your axe into it and start playing, there is a newer, better, more realistic sounding 'sim-tec' amp being marketed, making your brand new amp obsolete I also agree that despite being century old tech, tube amps continue to be what all the 'sim-tec' amps aspire to sound like, and for that reason alone, the entire exercise is one of futility. To paraphrase one forumite...'just get a tube amp and be done with it'
  5. Unfortunately, Mr, Hall passed away several years ago, so I would not expect an answer.
  6. Talented enough to play all these instruments? Indeed! Willing to put in the time and effort to learn all those instruments? Absolutely...luck plays a very minor role here Notes...don't be so self-effacing! Where you got truly lucky was finding a partner who is able to complement your skills with hers...
  7. Mike, there is a classifieds/for sale section of forums down the main page...and a classifieds link on the title bar
  8. well, there is more to it than that...closed back versus open back cabinet, and speaker efficiency, among other things, will certainly have an effect on how it will sound
  9. I agree there could be a bad connection, so check all the cables, and check all the in and out jacks on your pedals and make sure they are snugged.
  10. since I have a dB meter I've never bothered to dl any of those free meter apps...are they actually accurate? So much would depend on the phone itself, so yes an iPhone or a Samsung might read accurately, but an LG or a Huawei?
  11. that is a very good concept, Notes, but a drum kit can easily generate 125dB+, so unless you are offering earplugs to the entire audience, the 85dB limit goes out the window quickly. I realize you are playing to tracks and using wind synths, so you have total control, but in a live band situation, holding a drummer to a volume/SPL limit is not practical, unless the drummer is well trained and circumspect in his process, and even then, peaks will typically exceed 100dB. For that matter, working with a live horn section can easily produce sounds in the 100-110dB range...Trumpets and Trombones are the two loudest 'miscreants'. Doing sound for bands with horn sections can be a nightmare, volume balance and mix-wise... I've worked with a number of horn sections, including Oingo Boingo [briefly] in the early 80s, and my own horn section within the recent past. And they always want to be mic'ed!
  12. 49? Sven, come back in 15 years...😉 at 50+ hours a week you are definitely pushing the limit, though! Cut back on the rehearsal time, and save yourself for the gigs.
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