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  1. oh, and that resistor may be an ancient wire wound config, but I won't swear to it.
  2. that might be an old 'wire wound' type, but although I have seen them before, I've never replaced one, so I'm not sure what to tell you. Typically used for low power and low resistance.
  3. When I was in the road case biz [25 years ago], we built many multi-guitar cases for the 'big boyz'. To do it right is not going to be inexpensive. I realize I'm too late to help the OP, but I hope he found a reputable case builder to make one for him...and not Calzone...
  4. I would look at the pre-amp, but specifically? Hard to say.
  5. umm...no, the white wire is NOT 'ground', it is 'neutral', and black is 'hot'. DO NOT join the neutral and ground. The ground lead [typically green] should be attached to the metal chassis somewhere.
  6. at that low a volume, doubtful...and absolutely ridiculous to think it had any effect on your pick-ups.
  7. yep. that is just plating, and when it is gone, it is gone.
  8. good luck...and you could try sending Phil a PM, he doesn't come by as much now, but he'd notice a PM when hee logs in... sorry about Charlie, but that's the things with cats and dogs...they just don't live long enough.
  9. that is up to Covefefe19, and how well behaved your local populace is. We are re-closing bars, beaches, indoor dining because people stopped behaving when they were given a chance...
  10. I have rewired a few old Bogen PA amps over the years, but like I said, the worst I'd seen in decades, because it has been since around 1985 when I did the last one. When I played bass in the late 60s/early 70s, I had a modified 75W Bogen PA [from a closed Woolworth's store] and a 1x15 [from an old school projector]. I did a few rebuilds and upgrades in the ensuing years, but they became much harder to find by the end of the 80s. Not all manufacturers were quite so 'sloppy'...Magnatones from that era, for example, are meticulously well wired.
  11. If the amp has a 'polarity switch', then it won't matter, but if there is no polarity switch, then it does. [this isn't a lightbulb]. Why not just put in a 3 prong? The only difference is 'nailing' the ground wire to the chassis... You still haven't identified the unit to us. Do you have the schematic?
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