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  1. PhonoLube? I thought they stopped making that? but yes, a good lithium or teflon based grease should work perfectly well.
  2. life support...the plug could get pulled any minute...
  3. did you miss this one? https://reverb.com/item/35300305-1982-epiphone-spirit-ii-antique-burst-usa-made-quilted-top?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=12293041912&utm_content=campaignid=12293041912_adgroupid=119218510284_productpartitionid=1171311173698=merchantid=107468989_productid=35300305_keyword=_device=c_adposition=_matchtype=_creative=497347850122&gclid=CjwKCAjw07qDBhBxEiwA6pPbHoJXR4__3WcA_K6o-HBR3Tvb8LgfPWHcF_-XJO8Iy3fs7bmeegyY5BoCockQAvD_BwE
  4. Re-soldering is never a bad idea if you have reason to suspect the connection.
  5. Well done! A positive outcome is always best! Do you think it was 'pot crud' or faulty soldering? Or a combination? Or do you care now that it is working?😉
  6. take a look at the contact point of the drive 'tire'...it is possible that after decades of service it has worn down, dried and shrunk, etc. To be honest, I have not worked on a unit probably as old as yours...good luck!
  7. If you have a VOM, it is simple to check the switch function and for shorts in the circuit. The switch is not going to last forever [typically the first part of a pedal to fail, being the most used part] so when I hear people complain, I point them to the switch first, as the likely culprit. Do let us know what you find...or don't find. Repairing pedals like TS8/9 is rarely something worth paying for. Mini units sell around US$80 new...less for used. Oh, and you did not answer my earlier query: how are you powering the pedal? Battery, isolated PS, standard wallwart...? Usin
  8. certainly plausible, it just would not be my 'go to' solution before a careful examination of the device...
  9. Personally, I would reverse the order..it might help preclude the slamming thing...
  10. Possible, but rim drives typically don't 'slip'...unless the rubber transfer 'tire' is heavily worn...and that is, in my limited experience, not a common issue. Isaac42 is experiencing what I can only define, based on his observation, as 'slip'. The rim drive [aka idler] motors are higher torque, and I can't remember ever 'servicing' a rim drive TT because of the motor having issues, or the rubber 'tire' wearing down to where it was not making adequate contact.... I can't find any information on Electone TTs [Electone is also a Yamaha keyboard designation]...so the discussion is
  11. 60 years of dust and magnetized particles probably have taken a toll on the motor, as suspected, and a cleaning would likely help. Is this a belt drive or direct drive TT? If it is belt driven, examine, clean and lube all the rotational contact points of the belt...also examine the belt ...they do stretch over time and start to 'slip'. I have not had to service a TT in so long....maybe 40 years...😎
  12. hmmm...first they release a bunch of black guitars, and now a bunch of white guitars...what could they possibly come up with next? Frankly, the 'arctic line' leaves me cold [pun intended]
  13. Good point...and there are a zillion clones out there as well...https://happybluesman.com/tube-screamer-clones-alternatives/
  14. Nice score, BP! The p-ups alone are worth more than you paid.
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