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  1. b-b-b-but the booster will have the Bill Gates new and improved microchip! The same one they put in the Ivermectin ...
  2. well, I'm glad the SophistiCats >^. .^< >^. .^< will be performing again...but please be very cautious! The last thing I would want to hear is that you or Leilani got sick [I know you are both vaxed, but that is not 100%, and you are admittedly in a Covid hotzone].
  3. clearer photos of individual pedals [so the nomenclature is legible] would be very helpful! Have you tried the pedals out? I mean, that would be the first thing I would do....Also opening them up sometimes reveals information, like MFR date, serial numbers, etc. The 'backtalker'...might be similar to the reverse delay Danelectro Backtalk Pedal The Burford Sitar is likely similar to the EHX Ravish Sitar or the Danelectro Sitar Swamp pedal. The Dirty Little Secret is a classic Catalinbread OD pedal, but the case you have is not a standard case. The control config does look like it could be a 'MKI/V1' rehoused. Shapeshifter is the name of a tremolo pedal by Seymour Duncan, and also intellijel/Cyclonix used that name for its VCO modulation pedal, neither of which are the pedal you have, so These are very possibly either clones made by 'one-off' builders, repackaging of other pedals or pure custom models.
  4. I'm assuming you bought the amp used, right, since they only made the 100W AxSys 212 in '96-97. So think about the fact that these typically sell used for about $300 [oh sure, there are some who ask ridiciulous amounts, but they are all over the web at 3-350]. Think about he fact that Line 6 stopped making them after 2 years. Think about the fact that it was about a generation ago [a quarter century] when the amp was designed and built. Time for a new amp. Fixing these older solid state modeling amps is an involved process and rarely worth the expense. Cut the head out and keep the 2x12 cab and get a used Quilter head... Or save up for a Kemper...
  5. okay, still does the cut out straight into the amp...so ....what is the amp? Tube or solid state? Do you have another amp...and another electric guitar? Do you have a volt/ohm meter? have you ever cleaned the pots? Do you know what the value of the bleed capacitor is?
  6. Ted Vesely was a well known session/big band horn player [trombone?]...Fred Waring, that kind of thing. IIRC he owned a music store in Las Vegas way back, maybe 70s/80s? So I would guess he had these guitars imported from Brazil with those cheap labels glued in them to sell at his store....
  7. this happens playing straight into what amplifier?
  8. A little more info please, let's start with what kind of pickups? Active or inactive?
  9. good find...pricey [although much cheaper than originals!], but correct...
  10. that was ten years ago...he hasn't even been around here since 2014...sorry.
  11. I suggest you become a PITA to Fed Ex. Call, email or what ever you have to do every day until they do something. Go sit in front of one of their centers with a sign saying they lost your guitar and won't tell you what happened to it or why they lost it? Call your local TV and radio station, they love this David vs Goliath stuff. Years ago, a guy named Dave Carroll wrote a song and did a video that went viral about his guitar being destroyed in transit...
  12. The original p-ups were those 'black top' single coils, right? Good luck... I think you are going to be looking for a while. Not many surface mount pickups come in under 5/8"/16mm/.625. ...maybe minihums would fit?
  13. As I said "their high-end mixers, which are actually quite good", right? They may have the best 'chip' in the world, but put it in a cheap housing with crap connectors, ghastly switches*, and so on... *those 3 points are the ones I've been asked, over several years, if it is worth fixing, I ask what they could replace it for... and basically, I tell them just get a new one, or really a better one, or do it themselves..
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