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  1. as Hemingway opined...'the sun also rises'...😎
  2. except they cost as much as the guitar does...
  3. HNGD!! Many years ago, when I was still teaching guitar, I used to steer my students to Pacificas if they wanted a Stratocaster...at half the price [or less] with all the functionality. Recently heard from one of my former students, and he still has his...30+ years later.
  4. I will gladly agree that the multiple platform changes, and botched data rollovers killed HC in general, and specific OT forums particularly...when Gibson took us over, the 'sanitizing' was, I'll say it, heavy-handed and extreme, but deemed necessary by the admins to meet the new owner's goals. I'm not sure I would blame the moderators [I'm not even certain who was/were the mod[s] for the AGF, if there was one assigned] because we are simply volunteers who try to keep the peace, and frankly, there are only a few of us left. Many walked off after the 1st platform change. Some of us believe
  5. Yeah, everyone makes mistakes...I have BL p-ups that I absolutely love, including his flat acoustic p-up. The L6S doesn't get much love either, which is a shame, because it actually is a good option to a lester, and the body weight is a dream. The Sonex, well, earned it's reputation as a POS....'it looks just like a Les Paul...'
  6. There was also the less-known Norlin attempt at making a Strat, the S-1...basically a 3 [SSS] p-up Marauder. I remember seeing one at the 'original' GC in Hollywood in 1975...have not seen one since.
  7. It was the Norlin attempt at a Tele, [and then Peavey tried to make a Marauder in '78, the T60, another interesting and overlooked guitar*]....they don't get much love, though do they? I guess bolt-neck Gibsons just are not what the market wants...like the Sonex. I played with a guy back in the day who had one, and he had a love/hate relationship with his. I think if they had not put the 'V'-style headstock on it, it would have fared better...maybe not. The Ripper bass, too, got a major shunning ... 70s guitarist snobbery... *I just looked...Reverb has a number of T60s listed
  8. BP, is that a Marauder hanging next to the Roland? Don't see too many of those anymore....
  9. That is what I was hoping to determine. Too much, or too little...gotta get the Goldilocks/Baby Bear balance... If it was too much, by whom? [most of the mods are not here anymore][but maybe it was me...?]
  10. I don't recall there being an assigned Moderator in the AG forum for many years [at least a decade]...which was why I asked.
  11. brass nuts are fine on brass monkeys...and who complained about the moderation?
  12. Do the mods without making severe alterations to the instrument and keep the original parts..thus having the option to put it back the way it was. Tuner changes on an instrument that old are fine.
  13. die a horrible death, stupid spammer!

  14. Strangely, jefe, this is a topic under discussion over in Solos & Duos.
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