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    So. Cal. based multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, sideman/session player, analog recording advisor, producer, handyman and all around nice guy...


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    yeah, like, music, man, an' like, fixing guitars an' amps an' stuff...


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    I'm going to start self-help group for procrastinators, but I haven't got to it yet...

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  1. the Ughen cn try and sue me....I said "uhgen" an'isle se it uhgen....
  2. wont? means apt, inclined or likely...whereas won't is a contraction of would not
  3. it has gone on to a better place....😎
  4. try looking at Stewart McDonald [aka StewMac]
  5. They're perfectly nice colors, but they don't do a thing for me on a guitar. I had a 'red' [Fireglo] Ric for many years...sold it...to make child support payments. I have one blue guitar, it is my 'testbed' unit, a Korean Gretsch Strat copy from the mid '80s [oddly it was black, and I had it painted blue]...and no white guitars, ever. True. The mahogany SG in the pic was given away to MommaMack's cousin last year*...replaced with a black Danelectro 12 string... *who swears he is going to get it refinished, a project that was on my back burner for 20+ years...a year and a half later, no change
  6. if your math is correct, the only fret you need to install before the bridge is the 12th...
  7. depending on the quality and grain of the wood, I usually wind up going to 4-600 grit for pre-finish, by hand, YMMV...320 seems to leave too many open pores and 'grain ripple' for my taste...then again, typically I'm matching a factory finish on a repair, not a 'fresh build'.
  8. Happy B-day, bp! the AF71, with a better bridge/nut combo, and a p90, can get that 'oldskool gibby jazz box sound'...Did that for someone a few years ago, tusq nut, rosewood/ebony bridge with a Humbucker-sized P90 [I think it was a Lollar]...
  9. Na saan ka sa P.I., pare? Try a google search for a local authorized Marshall Warranty service center. I know Empire1 in Manila services Marshall amps...one of my cousins used them a while back. For the blue-tooth stuff... Note that if the unit is a year old, your warranty is done.
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