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  1. derechos are historically rare in the US, so I am sorry to hear you were slammed, ggm...it's like a tornado and a hurricane combined. Hopefully your insurance will cover the bulk of the costs, but waiting for the money sux...we gave up on FEMA after the '94 quake here, but I was lucky enough to have bought quake insurance in November of '93. By the time FEMA got around to us, I'd already done the repairs, and paid my deductible.
  2. If you are doing it just to do it, and learn from it, go for it! That said, those old Harmony guitars, as others have noted here, were cheaply made and you never know what corners they 'shaved' in their manufacturing process. But you will be finding out...😎
  3. our cat has done that...I should have taken a pic...
  4. it really isn't so simple as a 'best' selection, as many cover the same 'tricks' well...it is the exceptions that make some models stand out...and what you want the pedal to do that matters. I own no less than 5 delays, each with its own 'quirk' that sets them apart...one is just better at long decay, one is better at slapback without artifacts, one is just able to give me up to 2 seconds of delay time...one has a more lush sound when the delays overlap...one interacts better with one of the other pedals.
  5. OP has not checked back in...oh well, we tried...
  6. mo'o'less...too much trouble sweeping them out😉
  7. Are you certain the impedance was matched between the output of the amp and the speakers? I do not know the specs on the AR 102, so I don't know if they can handle the output from the Peavey, wattage wise.
  8. daddymack

    AMP W/O A FUSE,,,,

    Fuses are a must for the 'any eventuality kit' for guitarists...along with duct tape, electrical tape, spare tubes, pens, wire strippers, wire cutters, scissors, spare cables for everything, spare batteries for clip on tuner, Phillips and straight blade screwdrivers in two sizes [or an electric on with backup battery], back up tuner, cana tuner fizz...and optionally, a 105mm Howitzer.
  9. I hear less than that, maybe 2 or 3 a year, now, and he no longer goes by Howard [I forgot about that...he changed his first name to 'Alex']. To the best of my knowledge he is still doing refurbs and repairs for free, even if you are not the original owner, but a new amp from him runs in the 6 figures....and he is booked out several years. An old friend [now deceased] had one of his early modded Fenders from the late 70s...great amp. Not sure what happened to that amp after he passed, but I'm sure he still had it to the day he died, but he didn't gig it anymore, just for recording. I hope his wife knew what it was, because from the front, it just looked like an old Tweed Fender Deluxe...but it sounded like heaven 😉 Dumble was a legend here [L.A.] in the late 70s, when he was producing the modded Fenders, similar to what Randall Smith was doing, 'boogie-izing' old Fenders. I guess David Lindley and Jackson Browne were close friends of Dumble, because I had seen both using the 'Overdrive Specials' live long before the word was out on the Dumble 'magic'. There is no one 'standard' of any of his amps, apparently, as he builds to suit the buyer, so some OD specials are 50W, 100W. or switchable, and some are EL34, some are 6L6 powered, some are the black look pictured above, some are tweed cased....
  10. This is not partisan politics...this is a pandemic.
  11. daddymack

    AMP W/O A FUSE,,,,

    I might go with a 1.25 or 1.5 amp standard, maybe a slo-blo, it is okay in a tube amp, but for a SS amp it can allow more damage... but I can't read that fuzzy schematic to see what the current draw would be.
  12. something similar to this would be neat, and you might get away with only two, depending on weight......https://www.solidsignal.com/pview.asp?p=BCK6-B&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cse&utm_term=bck6-b&gclid=Cj0KCQjwvIT5BRCqARIsAAwwD-S1ky5gLL7JQiBwhk8H05lc4vLu8b1MpwJt_vFzeFsOZvTuaIueOIoaAo-vEALw_wcB geez, I used to get paid good money for this kind of stuff.... 😉
  13. daddymack

    AMP W/O A FUSE,,,,

    Thanks Kenny...we do enjoy your forays...but we do worry...keep at it, carefully!
  14. what does this have to do with the topic, amigo?
  15. yes an all through January, until he had no other way out, our President said it was a hoax, that it would go away, that only a few people had it...all the while the CDC and WHO were telling him and leaders elsewhere it was a potentially deadly pandemic. South Korea beat it. New Zealand beat it. The yare far closer to China than we are...but their leadeship took the advice of the experts. Ours didn't and we have 150,000 people dead, that is like a small city of dead people. I get it, your state, for whatever reason, likely lack of tourism, may not be seeing the numbers that Florida, NY, Texas, California and others are seeing, but mark my words, you are not impervious. No one is, no place in this country is safe from it. I blame politicians because had the Feds and Trump given a unified view from the start, without all the hyperbole and lies, yes lies, Trump foisted on the ignorant, things would be better now.
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