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  1. This thread is hysterically funny. I recently was in Goodwill and bought a PAIR of SP-1s in normal working condition, needing only paint, for $25. Brought them home and they sounded as good as they ever did. Gave them to a kid band. The only time I thought they were decent is when a friend got a pair in 1960s for his "rock" band in HS. Powered with a CS800. Yea, he thought it was great. Today they are virtually useless for anything approaching good sound. Yes, they get loud and make noise. So do jet airplanes. PS-Someone trying to argue with Agedhorse about PAs was entertaining. ....wher
  2. Reminds me of when I used to have to stack SR4733X cabs on top of my LS800s. They weighed as much as I did at the time. I used the same "T" system to get them up there as you did Dookie. Eventually I learned how to work smarter, not harder. I hired a HUGE college kid that would just pick them up and walk around with one in front of him asking me where to put it. He just just walk over with one and put it DOWN on the top of the sub. Once I switched to QRX212 cabs, I felt like I was sitting a monitor cab on the subs. Weighed nothing by comparison. So glad those days are gone. My system is now a
  3. Yes RR, size and weight have me beat a mile. I could handle moving your console. Grey on black cant be good for your eyes.
  4. I think I will just stay with my trusty 01v96. It has an obtuse interface, but I have gotten used to it so that now it is second nature. Beyond the interface it does everything I need, and many things I don't need. I really think that it was almost a perfect mixer, if only the interface had been a little easier to deal with. Now that I know it, it is a perfect mixer, but it took a while to become that....LOL.
  5. RR, what did you think of it? I still have mixed opinions on fat channels and such. I guess I grew too accustomed to the 01v96. I still prefer it, menus and all. It just seems to make sense to me. I tried a fat channel style and although it was ok to work, it just felt wrong to me. Guess I am the odd man out. Glad you are still working anyway. We were ready to get out after all the time woodshedding, and then the pandemic started and there is NOWHERE to play. Not even a party. Folks around here started doing paid podcasting to make money. Not my thing, so I guess we will just wait it out. Anyw
  6. I used four of the FM1202ER for many years. They want you to feed them power to sound good. For as old as they are, they hold their own remarkably well. Not a lot of EQ required, a good solid thump, and clear highs. They are not sexy, but I have not had anyone complain. Well known boxes with a good reputation for the level they were designed to service. They can go loud as I can stand them. I paid $800 for 4 used in 2003, and used them 2-3 times a week for more than 10 years. Sold them for $300 for 4 just a few years ago. They still sounded great, but in my area musicians wanted powered, small
  7. Guys, are you talking about the D12? Really. The D112 is junk but have not read bad things on a D12. Considered those several notches up the line from the reviled D112. I just wanted to be sure we got that right since this thread will guide others. D12 have a storied history as a good solid kick drum mic.
  8. Andy, 42 years is long enough to do anything, except breath. I don't think you will ever get out of the game totally. It gets in your blood. I thought I was done, but then again I didn't do 42 years. Glad you enjoy what you are doing now. Whatever you decide to do, best of luck at it, but I don't think you will need luck.
  9. I went into hibernation mode some years ago. Dissolved the sound company due to age. Moving enough gear to do the gigs I was getting got to be too much for me. Sold it all off and stopped while I had a 12 year old son home schooling. Well, he is 17 now and in public school. I retired and have a lot of time on my hands. Started playing guitar again, learning keys, and put a band together. Put together a decent but small system just for our use. No renting out any more. Its nothing fancy or glamorous. Mostly old school. I have really enjoyed getting back into wiring racks, configuring all the in
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