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  2. I was visiting in NJ and wasn't far from the Rondo store and bought a AL2500 with P90's at $199 as they were relocating soon. When I got home, after looking at the headstock, the salesperson gave me a AL2800.
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  4. It certainly looks interesting, and seems to have a lot of features. Interesting physical design too. I wonder if they'll be discontinuing the X32 series now, and whether or not other (smaller / rack mountable?) Wing models will be forthcoming.
  5. Looking for a Carvin AC50 bass, fretted, very good condition, no modifications or issues
  6. but..do you have any strong feelings you'd like to share with the group?😉
  7. If more is better too much is just right I had a couple of his 8 tracks
  8. hello, I understand this is 11 years later; however, the same exact thing just happened to me. I thought that maybe I was having a stroke. Luckily I was able to find closure with our shared experience. Thank you so much for your work in the java monster field- a concerned fellow.
  9. His stage rig at his apex was 8 Fender Twins....Dimed.
  10. Seen em sell for about a grand that includes p&h from Japan
  11. And lost about 20 percent of his hearing too
  12. he got a great sound out of them. Wonder why he switched to Strat types? He went from stacked Fender twins to Marshall's too. Of course by then his hitmaker days were over and he went to being a right wing gun nut. But he was always one I think.
  13. Thanks Neal I'll tell two little anedotes. Both concern a all mahogany 00 sized guitar that I built a few years ago. Shortly after I built it I took it to the Steel String Listening session at the Guild of American Lutherie conference. That kind of a cool concept - builders submit a guitar, they are tuned by the same helper, then the same player plays the same little ditty on each one. The builder stands up and talks about his/her guitar - materials, bracing, finish, building theory.... The guitar before mine was a beautiful modern fingerstyle guitar - it has about every buzz word in modern lutherie. It had a sound port and offset sound hole and double topped lattice braced with fan frets and a floating fretboard. Build from some mystery wood and carrying a price tag close to a new car. Mine was played next and I stood up, introduced myself and said "my guitar is the antithesis of the one you just heard. It is my tribute to the wonderful cheap guitars of the Depression era that I grew up listening to. It is simple mahogany, simple bracing and simple appointments. It would have sold for fifteen buck in 1930...." I sat down and the woman next to me whispered "I liked yours better" Second story. I took that same guitar to a jam following a house concert a couple of weeks ago. I got passed around, one guy was raving about how good it sounds (he normally plays a big blingy expensive Taylor dread). He asked if I would sell it, I said no. He asked if I would build one for him, I said maybe. This guy is an encyclopedia of knowledge about folk and root music - for years he has hosted a folk music show on our local public radio. Oh, and he is blind.
  14. That’s because Smoke on the Water hadn’t been written yet
  15. Neal


    Tone certainly is subjective. Glad you’re not the gatekeeper of good guitars! 😁 Those old guitars really shine when played by folks that know their way around the fretboard. It certainly is an un-refined sound compared to the modern guitar building techniques. That’s what makes them desirable. That’s what makes some small builders recreating them behind in orders. That’s why folks like Freeman devote hours and hours into recreating them. Junk? You are definitely entitled to an opinion! Presenting opinions is a fine line, eh? Sometimes it can come off as belittling another’s. (Which I know is not your intention)
  16. I think everybody learned how to play it as well😁
  17. I was perusing some of the old parlor and OO size vintage stuff this past weekend because of this thread. There were some soundbites of some of them and I gotta say I'm not a fan if tone is part of their appreciation. I get the romance with vintage - I'm a softy for old rag wing biplanes - but, like any other guitar, if it doesn't suit my ear it's still just someone's cast off junk.
  18. Any guitar that's a good body fit will do. I'm eyeing carbon fiber guitars and will probably end my days with one. The Emerald X20 is my current focus.
  19. Did you ever have any luck? I’m looking for similar thing for my kh202.
  20. Yeah, I wish I had a Byrdland, too 😍
  21. Yesterday
  22. Don't use Taxi!!!! Seriously don't waste your money with this joke of a company. I was a Taxi member for 15 years, had probably over 100 forwards and never got a single placement. I eventually just started doing the ground work myself and I have many many tracks signed with several libraries which led to placements and making money. I also had really bad experiences with their staff. Anytime I contacted support they were rude and demeaning. You'd think they would make you feel like a part of the team after spending thousands of dollars on them but every single encounter was negative. Don't even think about expressing your honest opinion in their forums either. The staff (including Michael) will completely jump down your throat. I even witnessed him completely tear a member apart on a YouTube video for talking about his music in the chat stream. Nothing but horrible experiences. Seriously don't waste your time and money with that company.
  23. okay, let's try this another way, since no one understands what you are asking for when you say 'modern' or 'progressive' [I certainly do not]...how about you give us an example that we can start from?
  24. Any of those are great guitars. But they are rather different guitars - three Martin dreads in very different woods, a couple of classic Gibbies and the little short scale Taylor. None of them would be my choice (I have an old D18 and an old D12-28 and never play them). However if you are going to play bluegrass those are the guitars to play. Preferably an old one.
  25. look for Keeley overdrive pedals first, because they are typically top notch, reliable, 'clean' , etc. Then check Earthquaker, then check Mad Professor...and so on. It may actually be 'fuzz', not really OD, that you want, and Keeley does that quite well as well. It really comes down to the sound in your head and finding the little box that gets you there. There are so many pedal builders now, from low end like Behringer and the Dan Armstrong/Dunlop pedals to primo boutique builders...do a search for overdrive pedals...and a search for distortion pedals...and a search for fuzz pedals...and you will see that I understated by saying 'many'... from Analogman to ZVex...and beyond!
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