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  2. I didn't pay that much for the whole guitar.Too rich for my blod. Update: The new owner was delighted with guitar. He asked me how long I have been a luthier I told him "I have a long way to go before I would consider myself a Luthier. I am a guitar mechanic and rattle-can whisperer."
  3. Susie! Look what the cat dragged in! I'm unhappy that your future looks bleak. Heck, none of us know what the future holds. I had a great 2018-19 because I had a few sources of musical income. DJing weddings, playing retirement homes during the week and started a duo with a chick singer. February was an excellent month this year and I was looking forward to St Paddy's day because it pays very well! That's when our governor shut down restaurants. The nursing homes shut down a week earlier. Second week of April my nephew had to move in with me. Yet, I'm kind of in a similar boat to Notes. House is paid for, small SS monthly check, emergency fund saved up etc. Some of the retirement venues may have me play outside but that still won't happen for a couple more months. Hoping everyone recovers financially and stays well. So good to hear from you Susie. Keep in touch.
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  5. I own a Korean Eternal Telecaster. It is awesome. Hard maple neck and ash body with single coil bridge and neck pickups. It sounds as twangy and deep as any good Fender Tele. I paid 250.00 on eBay for it. Incredibly good guitar.
  6. I found a tune with "Melancholy" in the title, by a group name so obscure, it might have ended this tread. Glad you popped in and changed it 😁 "Ooh Ooh Song" - Pat Benatar
  7. I reunited with my old band for an outside gig last Saturday, 1st gig since the shutdown. We played for a 4-wheeler mud riding festival. People walking and riding around covered with mud, happy as could be. Some bizarre looking vehicles on display. One of the band members was out while he and his wife recovered from the COVID-19 at home. They contracted it from their little boy. Word was that they were all doing well- but it was rough going for the 40-something parents.
  8. Good stuff and the best one man band drum solution I have seen yet😀. For harp I think you would love the Audix Fireball mic, should be less than $100. It's significantly hotter than a 58/57 with less feedback, also it may be better at minimizing bleed from your amp and drums. I say that because it is also good for vocals (and beatboxing) but you have to stay more on top of it compared to others mics. The volume knob is a great feature, also. I got mine to use with a band where I had to cover harmonica on some country songs (ala Mickey Raphael and Charlie McCoy). The primary harp player was more blues oriented and had a bullet mic, but he and the bandleader much preferred the Fireball. So both of us ended up using it. It lives up to its online reviews. But all that isn't to say your Shure isn't getting the job done.
  9. eBay electric guitar, silver body, under $750, low to high, US seller eBay electric guitars, gray body, under $750, low to high, US Seller This is quirky and silver/gray Getsch Electromatic 5222 London Gray Not as quirky and silver Gretsch Electromatic 4239T Airline Silver Add some pickups and hardware? Chun-King cool metalflake 335. Add some pickps and decent hardware? Hagstrom Impala w. retro looks, Very well made, thin shredder neck. Hagstrom Impala Hagstrom II w. Retro looks, shredder neck.
  10. I use to have 6 shows every summer month in the season. I have 5 now till September. We are starting phase 2 in NYS which is good but by the time live music is back in phase 4 most facilities will have limited capacity.
  11. Well implosion can follow that type of thing often enough. Disfunctionality will kill a band on it's own.
  12. We still dial phones and they haven't had dials since the 1970s so the phrase should continue with it's present meaning. Phones haven't had bells either, but if you call that beep-beep or whatever a ring tone, it's still applicable. I do think "You sound like a broken record" will fade away though. I also don't eat before or during a gig. I need my lung capacity for singing and wind instrument playing. I do whatever I need to do to entertain at the very best of my ability. Back to the OP, try looking past the audience at a spot on the back wall. I read this along time ago as a trick people who are afraid to speak in public use. I never had that problem either. I'm not afraid to stumble, make mistakes or look stupid. Most mistakes I've learned to cover up so the audience and sometimes even my band mates don't know that I screwed up. But there are always those times when there is a musical train wreck. If that happens I find the best thing to do is to laugh at yourself on the mic. Something corny like "Sorry folks, I got my finger stuck under the G string again." or "Have you ever had one of those days where things you do a million times just come out wrong?" or if a legitimate distraction walks by (like a pretty female) you can say, "Sorry, this goddess walked by and I lost my place." or something else the pops into your head. So instead of laughing at you, they are laughing WITH you, and that is a world of difference. This actually puts the audience on your side. Everybody can relate to screwing up, and nobody likes to get caught at it. So they relate to you. When you start again, you will find the audience on your side. I was in the audience of a famous jazz singer who stumbled, stopped the song, and said, "You know, that spot always gets me." He started the song again and when he got through the same spot there was applause from the audience, and he reacted with a big thumbs up. So relax, the more you do it, the more comfortable you should be, and if you screw up, remember, the audience is on your side, especially if you relate to them. Insights and incites by Notes
  13. Being a musician, I know some waiters and waitresses who live from week to week and have rents to pay. I feel for them, and would love to reach out and help, but my first obligation is to my wife. I have to make sure that we don't run out of savings before this is over. Going hungry for me would be hard, seeing her hungry would be worse. So I have to be as thrifty as can be. Sorry about your friend. I know the funeral must have been weird, and losing a friend is always sad. Leilani and I keep playing music, it's one of the things that keeps us sane and feels semi-normal. I have a UK friend who is spending his time in isolation making backing tracks for himself to go out as a single. His band hasn't played since COVID and wonders if it will play again, so he is hedging his bets working up backing tracks with Band-in-a-Box. Good luck to you Susie, I hope when this ends you are still here and find a music situation that is bountiful for you. Notes
  14. "Ooh Baby Baby" - The Miracles (don't know why Smokey isn't singing with them) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4VnWdpcIs8 For some reason it's saying that youtube won't allow the video to be embedded.
  15. I have been playing for 5 years and own 5 guitars. Telecasters suit my needs perfectly and this Monterey offering is the best value for money, period. With a pickup change I would say it is easily the equal of a mexican Fender, perhaps better when you consider the superior cosmetic features it has (like binding etc). The only complaint I have about it is the horrible fret buzz all over the neck. I really do not want to go through the hassle of getting a fret level but it seems with this guitar it is an absolute necessity. If it were stolen I would buy it again, this is "my guitar".
  16. its all part of the fun. but learning to discern instrument quality isnt that hard, its not some mystic sense... its hands on and you get that by experience... both you and kwak are advocating that a student should actively seek a path of avoidance to a skill that should be naturally developing... and from the questions being formed, theyre on the right track, in my opinion.... but to each their own... i think playing it safe is for losers... never having won a bet i never made... you may have different experiences. most teachers look for and nurture “teachable moments” instead of engaging in chest beating behaviors while the potential learning situation vanishes... im guessing neither you or kwak have been formally employed as such?
  17. Nice of Mikeo to type out what I was going to suggest. If you got that Gretsch, after you put in the superb TV Jones pup, you go extra mile and put in a Les trem 2 for Bigsby like fun at 1/10 the weight, less cost AND easy to move around to other stop tail gits. Got one I'd alternate between my Guild Starfire IV (1999 model) and earlier version of Reverend 6 gun. Have fun! Like yr collection too
  18. I have never played the Guild. It is very cool looking and reminds me of the Billy Bo guitar the Reverend has which is a Gretsch. I like the Gretsch and own a Electromatic and would recommend that.
  19. "Be My Little Baby Bubble Bee" - Ada Jones & Billy Murray
  20. Last week
  21. Very cool man, some world forms of music stuff are just so heavy, usually time signature wise. Totally comfortable for them for odd for us. Great to get out of our North American heads sometimes
  22. I have a black duo Jet with TV Jones pups and a bigsby, they make it in a sparkle silver too. It's way more than you want to pay. Try the electromatics, as they are very nice. Replace the pups with some TV Jones when you get the chance. I once brought a Dearmond M75T in ‘Champagne Sparkle, but it was super heavy. The ones made later were tone chambered and will have the smaller headstock. Fender Jazzmaster came in inca silver, but it's a rare color. That was 10 years ago.
  23. How about now? It's odd because I see it on my end so I am flying blind
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