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  2. Hi , I'm in need of an inexpensive but quality chorus that I can slap at the end of my chain, keeping all settings at or almost 'zero', for when/if I want to feed a stereo setup!I have other modulating devices for the real thing.Perhaps something that's known for its excellent separation quality.I caught some thread yesterday that had mentioned the MXR M234 analogue chorus, but it's probably too much pedal for the intended purpose..& do i need to be concerned with True Bypass if it's always going to be on, & splitting into stereo?Again, no frills & great separation, even at the mil
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  4. "We Have All The Time In The World" - Louis Armstrong
  5. I accede to your demand, Sir! You Suck!
  6. I prefer Suck be capitalized, sir!
  7. The Fractal Axe FX III Mk 2 showed up yesterday. Four main impressions: 1) This is a well built piece of equipment. 2) A single-page quick-start guide would be a really good idea. 3) There are some great modelling sounds in the box, but it's going to take some serious effort to coax them out. Not as easy and quick as the Kemper, but the flexibility is clearly there to do just about anything you want. 4) The FX in this thing sound absolutely incredible.
  8. Hi guys! A new one was released yesterday in collaboration with Walrus Audio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39PEk9DF_DY
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  10. I have an Ampeg VS 140 C that has a problem with the volume balance between the "Chorus" mode and the normal mode. The normal signal is about 20% compared to the "chorus" signal. There is a gain control located on the chorus PCB. But in order to even use the amp it needs to be set on "10". There is something going on in the chorus board I believe. I have tested the (2) power amps and they are both equal in output. Has anyone else had this same problem with either the VS 140 C or the SS 140 C? Thanks for any help!!!
  11. I used them they were good strings. Musician Friend sell 10 packs of individual strings that come in log plastic bags like the Nashville straights.
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