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  3. Just Wendy Smith AFIK
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  5. Dream theater - Images and Words Metallica - Master of Puppets Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power In Flames - Clayman Iced Earth - Something Wicked
  6. I have Free Universal Tuner by Dmitry Pogrebnyak (available from google Play Store) but to be honest I prefer a cheap clip on tuner.
  7. I use the Boss app, simple no frills. Never tried the others.
  8. Yeah, I don't know yet if the truss rod works expected so starting out with a light gauge. For standard tuning I usually play on heavier gauges too
  9. Okay, I have banned 'Wendy Smith'...were there other monikers used, or just that one?
  10. I'll probably try one of their guitars ....and I'm going to be honest too. I wish the Jackson or Kramer Custom shops would contact me next 😆👍 !!!!
  11. For sale is a Ameritron AL-1500 Linear Amplifier lightly used but in excellent working condition. Full power output of 1500+ watts continuous TX confirmed on all bands, provide maximum legal HF output power and more! Using the Herculean 3CX1500A/8877 ceramic tube with its high power gain the AL-1500 needs only 65 watts of drive from your transceiver to deliver the goods. Efficient operation is provided by a forced-air system with tube chimney, using a commercial grade die-cast ball bearing blower for maximum tube life. The tube is further protected by time delay starting and automatic ove
  12. Up for sale is a E-MU Systems SP-1200 Drum Machine & Sampler, I have always treated this unit with kindness and care. There is no other machine or software that comes close to matching its unique sound and simple workflow, the components and creative circuitry in this box cannot be emulated by a plug in or effect. It is more than just a 12-bit sampler the tuning function is really unique and nothing sounds quite like it. I use an MPC-X now, but still filter many of my samples through the SP to get the crunch the MPC won't give me (yes, even though it has a "sp1200" effect and the ability t
  13. Up for sale is a Chauvet Intimidator 350 wash zoom IRC lighting in excellent condition, lighting works perfectly well. The Intimidator Wash Zoom 450 IRC's motorized zoom (fully controllable via DMX) lets you create extremely dimensional effects, and automated/sound-activated programs with zone control let you set up incredibly complex-looking light shows. Chauvet Intimidator Wash Zoom 450 IRC Moving LED Lighting Fixture Features: A perfect way to add energy and excitement to any lighting rig 12 quad-color LED (red, green, blue, and white) generate an impressive wash of vividly co
  14. Up for sale is a Korg Trident Synthesizer Brass String Machine in superb working condition. This keyboard is a monster in sound and physical weight as well as Super phat analog sound especially from the synth section. All keys, knobs and buttons functions properly. 100V but works well on American 120V but keep that in mind. No issues at all whatsoever with this synth, it comes with Korg road case with casters. The "write program" button,plug, headphone out and mix out works great all functions properly well. This is a classic 3-way analog synth/brass synth/string machine, and has a long h
  15. You had to read between the lines. The real gold was any negativity in the reviews. Guitars that neck dive, bad stock PU’s, etc. if you read anything negative, it was usually true.
  16. So we all just came back at the same time??? Lol. I haven’t posted in 7 years, can’t remember my old password. So new account. I started posting somewhere around 2000 or so. So many great guitars are being built recently, that drew me back in.
  17. They did rub the cheap in me though.
  18. Last week
  19. Has anybody gone this route and found an aftermarket knobs that work? Line6 has them, but their shipping is ridiculous. I will be using these on tonecore, but they are the same knobs.
  20. 08-38 is pretty light. Unless it's in bad shape structurally I wouldn't worry too much. FWIW, I use Skinny Top Heavy Bottoms 10-52 with a 25.5" scale, but then I'm a ham fisted acoustic player and don't do bends. I think something like Super Slinky 09-42 or even something slightly heavier should be fine depending on your playing style.
  21. "Walk Don't Run" - (more self-promotion 😁) Jeff Leites sitting in with the Sound Waves"
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