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  2. https://www.stonebridgeguitars.com/discover-furch/
  3. Huh, I was wondering what happened to all my old posts. I'll take it as a blessing.. I'm pretty sure I said some silly stuff.
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  5. I tried and just keep getting a message saying "you cannot paste images directly. upload or video insert images from URL"
  6. You are in no way at fault, unless you had posted the case for sale as 'authentic' [whatever that means] and it was not, but that does not appear to be the case here. This is a perfect 'caveat emptor' case where the buyer either made an incorrect assumption or suffered 'buyer's remorse', neither of which is grounds for a dispute...IMHO. Beyond that, even though you were gracious enough to agree to the return/refund, the buyer waited beyond the return period specified by the intermediary [PayPal]. They also failed to advise you of the shipment, send you tracking information on the return, or to specify a signature was required. They can try to retrieve the 'package' via their shipper, assuming it is where the shipper left it, but I don't think you have any obligations.
  7. Speaking of Oklahoma! - source of JT's latest "Surrey With the Fringe on Top"
  8. This is not a logical way to think about pedals. I'll try to explain what each one of these "no sound" pedals do and how they can be used....and where I think they work best in the pedal chain. 1) Compressors. In my opinion, they are usually pointless for playing with any dirt/gain, whether from the amp or a distortion/overdrive/fuzz pedal. ALL forms of distortion clip and compress the guitar signal, somewhat evening out the volume between soft and loud, between chords and single note lines. If you put a compressor after distortion, it won't have much effect because distortion is already compressed. Any further compression is just going to take away dynamics (difference between loud and soft), and add noise. Two places a compressor is useful: 1) completely 'clean' tones, like Mark Knopfler's lead guitar tone in "Sultans of Swing" 2) Heavy compression before light OD can give a 'sweet' sustaining but not too distorted tone for lead lines. Great for 70s soft rock leads. I suspect you don't need a compressor pedal at all, but if you insist on having one, I'd put it before any drive/distortion pedals. Use it for playing clean arpeggios with some chorus dialed in... 2) Equalizers. Can go anywhere, depending on what you're wanting to do... putting EQ before distortion can really change the flavor and voicing of distorted guitar. Works great for a lead boost (cut bass and boost mids and/or treble), or can be used after a distortion pedal to shape the distorted tones. I'm too lazy to write anymore for this paragraph. 3) Sonic Maximizer. Here's what the Sonic Maximizer is and what it does: It is a side-chain treble expander. It dynamically boosts the treble of the signal based on the overall loudness of the incoming signal. Quiet signals get no treble boost, medium loudness signals get a little treble boost, loud signals get the most treble boost. (depending on the unit's settings of course) . Schematics are on the web and circuit isn't that complex, it's all analog and it's implemented with a few op-amps and a VCA chip. It does NOT "time align the bass and treble frequencies" !!! Why the manufacturer of this gizmo continues to spew this misleading and un-necessary marketing nonsense baffles me. It's also not a pre-set EQ as many seem to believe. Here's my theory on how & why it works: Sounds with more treble sound louder. I believe the Sonic Maximizer helps restore some of the apparent dynamics of signals that have been compressed. That's why it's mostly used on instruments that are commonly compressed: distorted guitars, bass guitar, drum mixes. So on distorted guitars, you get an extra blast of treble on the note attack, giving your signal more "punch" or "clairty" or whatever. Get a used rackmount version, they're super-cheap. People say over-using the effect (turning up the 'process' control too high) makes your signal shrill and fatiguing to listen to. Use with care. Sonic Maximizer goes near or at the end of your effects chain, definitely after any distortion or compression effects.
  9. But it's the front two. Wait. maybe you're right. If the bridge is connected wrong, one coil could leak into the front two.
  10. NOPE, NOPE, NOPE.... That's your big clue...you replaced a single coil pickup with a humbucker. The '59 is a humbucker and is already "hum cancelling" on it's own, so you are left the single coil hum from the middle pickup, no matter how it's wound or magnetized. Any "SSH" type guitar can hum when a single coil pickup is switched on. Since most people use the #5 position than the #4, it's not a big deal for most users. Live with the hum or swap out your other pickups for humbuckers or other 'noiseless' pickups. Your guitar wiring is most likely correct as is the switch. It's possible, with a 4 pole 'super switch', to have the number 4 position be the middle pickup, and the bridge '59 with only one of the '59s coils engaged, so that the bridge and middle pickups would again be hum kinda-sorta cancelling.
  11. Thanks for the critiques. Do you have any advice to improve my head tones? All I know is focus the breath on the spot below my nose.
  12. The thing is, between the $69 for the KNA NG-1 pickup and the $115 for the Fender multi-fit case that is the recommended match for the CN-60S guitar, you'll be spending nearly as much on the accessories as you will for the guitar itself. But I think I'm going to end up wanting / getting both accessories for it sooner rather than later. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/0996224306--fender-classical-folk-guitar-multi-fit-hardshell-case-black-with-black-plush-interior
  13. It certainly does - thank you! That's another under-appreciated classic IMHO. I think its reputation is hurt less over it being a hybrid than it is by the relatively sparse user interface - kind of like the JX series, although unlike the Korg, they have DCO's. I think my ESQ-1 is kind of similar to the DW-8000 in some respects - digital oscillators / wavetable, but analog filters... That's definitely a risk with older keyboards - parts are not always readily available, and neither are good techs who know how to service them, so as they age, more and more of them go out of service. I always wanted a Kawai K1m, but I never did pick one up. Ditto that for the Yamaha TG33, although I had a friend who owned one, so I've spent more time working with that module than with the Kawai. If I was offered one or if I spotted one at a good price, I'd be tempted to grab it, even today. Vector synthesis at a very affordable price!
  14. *belch* puts beer down Dutch courage FTW! Decent pitch perception. More head tones needed for this song. More dynamic. (Would also help sort out the occasional mis-pitch) Ay...and welcome to forum.
  15. Someone bought a guitar case for me based on pictures I had posted on a forum. and they contacted me I never offered or had thought of selling the case . Before they bought it, right before they bought it, they asked for additional pictures and then within 30 seconds they contacted me again and said it’s ok I think the case is authentic I’ll buy it. Once they received the case they decided that it was not authentic and they wanted to return it. I have had a number of reputable people look at it in the past and they have all said that in their opinion it was authentic. Since it was in “as is” sale and since they decided they did not want additional pictures my opinion is that it’s their case. But I agreed to take it back anyways. Once I agreed to do that I never heard back from the buyer and I finally had to call PayPal and ask them what to do. The representative said that if I had not heard back from them within a week from my last email then I was entitled to keep the money. I never heard back from them I waited a week and then I kept the money. I left my home in the city because of the COVID-19 virus and I have not been back since, and nobody else lives there. Then I get a text saying that they wanted to know the status of the refund since the case had been sent back to me. I explained that I had been gone for a week before the case supposedly had been delivered, and obviously I never received it. So basically the seller never contacted me as to how, or when, or where they were returning the guitar case and they never sent me any type of tracking number. I still have not been back to my home and apparently they sent the case back without signature required. At that point I told the buyer that unfortunately I was not going to give him any money back whatsoever. I thought I had been a good guy when I agreed to take the case back even though it’s only his opinion that it wasn’t authentic, he did not respond in the timeframe that PayPal told me was needed, and obviously there is no record of anybody signing for it. So then he called me a rip off artist, said that I scammed him and that he was going to file a dispute. And I was fine with that and I still am because I don’t see where I did anything wrong. What do you think guys? PayPal has put a hold on my account but since there is no money in my account there is a negative balance. Thanks in advance for anybody’s time and opinion.
  16. probably not the best song choice for your voice...but the little belch at the beginning was worth getting into the song, sort of...
  17. Right...well now, I am going to go out on the proverbial limb and guess you are not a Yank, then? To be perfectly honest [if that is truly humanly possible...] I have never heard of either a Stonebridge or a Furch guitar. Please expound...do we get to see pictures? Hear recordings?
  18. well, obviously!😉 Spun thru Orem once, going to Uinta-Wasatch and Flaming Gorge.great scenery...avoid Provo rush hour unless they widened that hiway 189 [or was it 89?]
  19. My 2017 FLHTK on the Alpine Loop just outside of Orem, UT in July 2017.
  20. How would a Dimarzio Super Diatortion F-Spaced DP100FBC sound in a Godin Session? Is it a good choice if you're looking for versatility? What about size wise? Would it fit no problem?
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