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  2. I thought I'd come here because I'm a bit bored at the family event today. I used to post here a lot a few years ago when I had a lot of questions about recoding equipment, but just moved on once I got my answers. There doesn't seem to be a lot of activity here though. I don't know what you mean by PP.
  3. necessity is the mother of invention...That looks like it would be adequate. You clamped that down to your workbench and 'fed' the guitar body to the grinder?
  4. Hey everyone, For those interested... am sharing my idea of a simple base mount that I had constructed for an angle grinder tool. Background: I wanted to use the angle grinder tool for shaping the top of my guitar body. But, I couldn't trust myself to hold the angle grinder tool manually (being inexperienced). I searched around for a good alternative, but to no avail that was suitable for me. After some brainstorming, using scrap wood and hardware I happen to have around, I came up with this solution. ...was very effective for me If interested, Vid documentary here: https://youtu.
  5. Finally made some updates with routing the various cavities and shaping the PRS style top. Vid doc on routing cavities: https://youtu.be/ec8zM4CYAlQ Vid doc on shaping/carving the top: https://youtu.be/jwKwIHUdAkg
  6. We had one offer, for a yacht club/country club we've played a couple of times per year for many years. I think it was an exploratory call as it was from one of the members on a committee and not the management. I said we were open on the date they requested, and asked what protective measures the would be implementing for the band and the guests. I haven't heard from them since. To tell the truth, if it isn't outdoors and far enough away from the audience, as much as I'm wanting to gig, I would probably turn it down. I can't wear a mask singing or playing wind instruments, and there
  7. I haven't checked for awhile, but I trust everyone is doing as well as can be expected. It's been so long since I've posted, it's possible I'm about to repeat myself - oh well... blame it on 2020. I haven't been doing much. Filmed a couple of "live" videos for some streaming jazz concerts (with a band). If I find the links I might post them. I did one live outdoor gig in August and that's about it. I've turned down a few gigs because it felt strange to risk my health for a hundred bucks. Mainly been working on this radio musical for a friend. It's way more work than I thought but it keeps
  8. Oh.. Reverend makes many P90 guitars, gloss black. Maybe pick up a used one? Brilliant guitars... Rev gits
  9. You do realise that with 6+ criteria, you really put yourself in a very very small box... Been cruising around Reverb... many can hit 4 of the marks... P90s are a bit retro, so double cuts no so many. Did find one (so far) that seems to tick all the boxes: Epiphone Wilshire P-90s... but has dots. G&L fits bill (mostly)
  10. I already know what he'd say. Last night on the news the projection was 1.3 billion doses worldwide for just Pfizer. Let's assume that means 0.65 billion (650 million) patients at 2 doses each and $40 a patient. That's $26 billion, which clearly isn't all overhead even if they have to store the stuff in cloned mammoth spleens, and they're going to rake that much in during a global pandemic. Pfizer is worth $221 billion and you can bet they didn't get there giving their products away but at some point there's gotta be a line between making an honest--or even dishonest--buck and profiteering. h
  11. Last week
  12. "18 Hands Of Cundi" - Worms Of The Earth This would have been really cool around 1967 😋
  13. Here in the USA we have "For Profit" medicine, and the profit is huge. Our government puts the riches of the CEOs ahead of the health of their constituents. The business of America is business. It's both our good and bad point. Insights and incites by Notes
  14. What about those Squier Mini Strats ? They should be available used for cheap if the saddles are narrow enugh for your project
  15. I own a fg 450 that I also bought in Japan when in the Army. Original cost around $150. Have original guitar and original case.
  16. I like what you are getting from the Torpedo in your clips - what version are you using? I have a Torpedo Live that I have had good results with...
  17. well, after 14 years, I can safely answer the question.... the answer is.... 188 you are welcome
  18. thanks for sharing, even if you are 13 years late to the discussion
  19. ^ cruel but likely. ksl, I will guess you have looked at the usual places...any chance of finding a basket case guitar you can cannibalize?
  20. Up for sale is a Ibanez Steve Vai JEM7V Electric Guitar in excellent condition. If you know what you want, this is the best...Fretboard is beautiful. No fret wear, this guitar looks new and plays beautiful. JEM series Steve Vai signature model electric guitar with Alder body, DiMarzio Evolution high-output pickups, and the Edge Pro bridge tremolo system.Includes Ibanez hardshell Case. Key Features of this lovely piece: Number of Frets 24 Body Material Alder String Configuration 6 String Body Type Solid Body Color White Neck Material Walnut, Maple Guitar
  21. Sorry, this is the only suggestion I can offer. Buy the closest size and file them to fit
  22. I live in Thailand: hot, humid enough and beach salt air. Grant gives good advice. Will your guitars be in aircon or at least somewhat dehumidified room(s)? My Tacoma jumbo's top swelled up so much almost unplayable... settled down later... I don't use aircon much as I wanted to (and have) acclimated myself to climate here. Unless you isolate away from humidity, your acoustics will get a somewhat "wet cardboard" quality of sound. Strings: I don't know about string prices in Okinawa, but on my trips to USA I do bring lots of strings back with me. Enviro packed or Elixir (only coated ones t
  23. "Hands Up To Heaven" - Heaven 17 I've found an 18 and a 20, but if you're tired of this, feel free to take it in another direction 😀
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