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  3. "We Are The People, Our Parents Warned Us About" - Jimmy Buffett
  4. it has gone on to a better place....😎
  5. yeh i never thought anything about it having steel strings ,yes it has tuners for nylons but they were definatly steel strings ,all adds to the charm i guess ,ha ha pre-op, by the way i went in the shop the other day to see it but it had gone ,ah well never mind .
  6. People Get Ready - Jeff Beck and Rod Stewart
  7. List Of People (To Try and Forget About)- Tame Impala
  8. Yeah Eevidently. Sounds too British. I'm sticking with Ehventide. I'm stubborn like that. Anybody know of other brands whose reverbs seem to increase sustain?
  9. If you have a good independent music store nearby they might have a box of random parts. I'd be interested to know what exactly is happening. It's possible the knob is slipping on the shaft. If not, the gears must really be chewed up.
  10. Happy birthday! Congratulations and Happy New Guitar Day X2. 🎉
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  12. "What Grows On Your Head" - Lothar And The Hand People Saw them in Phila. 😵
  13. "Purple People Eater" - Sheb Wooley A hit from my early years 😀
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