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  1. The newer one I tried with the fender gold & brown speaker are Ok but not the same as this one I guess I just got Lucky.
  2. jtr654

    Hallmark The 60 Custom

    It's one of the most unquie sounding guitars I've owned. I would replace if stolen.I prefer it to the original Mosrites I owned because of the neck profile and slightly taller frets
  3. jtr654

    Fender Princeton Reverb

    Been playing for 40+ years.I have 3 marshall (69 super100 trem,2 JMP 50 master vol.)2 Fuchs 100 ODS,Kittyhawk M5 45watt,63 Fender Pro amp and a Fender Pro Jr. tweed. It would be hard to find another. I love it.Like I said it's a single channel Deluxe with the 12 inch speaker in it.
  4. jtr654

    DeArmond Jet-Star

    Ive been playing for 30+ year and have own to many guitars to say. This is a unique shape and sounding guitar and if stolen I would try to replace it. The feel is like a USA BC Rich( big neck) and sound close to a Firebird.
  5. I've ben playing for 30+ yrs.I've got 3 marshall (69 100 trem 2 77 JMP 50 ) 4 fender ( showmen ,pro ,bassman, princeton reverb) a kittyhawk M5 misc Vox ect. One of the best value I've ever seen even at new prices ,most Class A 15 watt amps will cost you at least twice as much.
  6. jtr654

    Schon Reverse Custom

    This the 4th Schon I've gotten they are great guitars. (2 single cutaway & now 2 double cutaway) I'ld love to find more but they're hard to come by,so if you have one or know of one for sell please contact me. Thanks
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