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  1. RGG

    I saw some old posts that you had several Schon guitars, do you know anything about the 3 Guild Schon prototypes that were built?

  2. I 've done this on a lot of bolt on necks. Very normal problem.
  3. No. This happens with bolt on necks. Grab the bass side horn and the neck and push it to the treble side.
  4. Looking at your guitar the neck needs to be moved to the right (treble side) it's not inline .You have the low E string off the fret board near the body. This is the problem with your guitar!
  5. On all 3 pickups ? When you play without a amp same?
  6. Yes to the 1st question about volume.
  7. There are still some low end guitars that can't be helped. Like putting earrings on a Pig.
  8. This has always been a problem on badass bridges they are not thick enough to seat solidly on the post. Shaller bridges are thicker and fit tightly on the post as do most newer stop type bridges.
  9. Wide frets have to be crowned and the height of them matters. The thinner higher fret are a bit more accurate on intonation.
  10. The bottom Line is you could spend as much for the mod as you could get the NEW guitar. Look for used Ed O 'Brian Strat and save some $$$.
  11. Pro Juniors are my favorite resent Fender amp.
  12. You can't do bad with any black or silver face amp.
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