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  1. Sonomatics is what I used threw out the D string the gauges were 10/13/17/28/44/56. They stayed in tune better than normal light gauged strings. Modern guitars bridges/tail pieces wouldn't take the 56 so iwent down to 10/13/17/28/40/52. Oh yeah $19+ for a set of strings NO WAY.
  2. Mosrite guitars have the thinnest neck I've ever played but are to much &&& because Vintage . Ibanez has some guitars with very thin neck and Yamaha Pacifica wonderful and price cheap on the used market.( the higher the 1st # in the model number the better 1-14)
  3. Sounds interesting but I prefer to stay with the pickups that I have in my guitars. Most sounds can be had with tweaking your amp and using your volume control on your guitar.
  4. Some speakers work better in air tight cabs. Bose dose this so the speakers don't blow from over excursion
  5. Mosrite both 6 string and doubleneck 6&12 necks were impossible to play just to small.
  6. Is this for Bass Or Guitar? If guitar dose it happen with all your guitars ? I have a X2N that caused over excursion in my combo amps. Air sealed cab might do the trick. Or as Mr. Brown said undo the depth mod.
  7. I use 4 or 5 spring and it stays in tune. You should also have a straight pull on the springs. The way it's pictured here the spring tension will be at a angle and not even.
  8. It dosn't look that bad . Tighten the screws up .
  9. Buy Used you'll get more for your Money that way . Be patient and take your time. There are tons of great preowned guitars out there.
  10. OK they Modded this it use to have 2 humbuckers and some kind of trem .
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