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  1. You need to learn how to mute the strings with both your palm picking hand and fretting hand . Do you have any recording so we can better under stand the problems.
  2. I don't think Bigbsy will fit not enough angle body& neck to bridge.
  3. People always change strings to what they're use. To add that there are many of you that don't play in standard tuning. That's why they don't set them up before you buy them.
  4. It has a shorter scale I think 24" .
  5. You could buy a nice guitar for what it cost for a reset. This guitar is not worth it.
  6. I have 2 1994 MIM Fenders (Squire series) That are USA bodies and necks with cheap hardware I changed out.
  7. I Still look around. Don't remember when I 1st got on board.
  8. A sad loss of a Great guitarist.
  9. Zal changed the pickups to Gibson HB.
  10. I have the DeArmond version JetStar I prefer the pickup and the switching on it to this one . This is a more true reissue to the original.
  11. You can get the same thing off Ebay for less $$$.
  12. Yamaha because you won't Play it that much and Yamaha make great guitars for the $$$.
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