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  1. Wide frets have to be crowned and the height of them matters. The thinner higher fret are a bit more accurate on intonation.
  2. The bottom Line is you could spend as much for the mod as you could get the NEW guitar. Look for used Ed O 'Brian Strat and save some $$$.
  3. Pro Juniors are my favorite resent Fender amp.
  4. You can't do bad with any black or silver face amp.
  5. I used them they were good strings. Musician Friend sell 10 packs of individual strings that come in log plastic bags like the Nashville straights.
  6. I've watched most of these you tube videos and I use 10's on my acoustic. YES we all heard that heavier string sound better. As you can tell in this and many other videos that it just not true.
  7. You might take a look at the bracing inside of the guitar and what gauge strings you've put on the guitar. Lighter string might help a bit. Pic would really help.
  8. Anyone have information on these Cabinets? I bought one cheap has G12t-75 Celestions , closed back, 140 RMS and 16 Ohms. Thanks.
  9. Yes VERY under rated guitars I pick up a SE1203 for$265 with shipping. They are great deal on the used market.
  10. Go to JFConline for info. From the info post 1987 MIJ.
  11. They will tell you if it's steel .
  12. You need to learn how to mute the strings with both your palm picking hand and fretting hand . Do you have any recording so we can better under stand the problems.
  13. I don't think Bigbsy will fit not enough angle body& neck to bridge.
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