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  1. OK they Modded this it use to have 2 humbuckers and some kind of trem .
  2. I bought a SL4X and was surprised on how good it was.
  3. I own a Se 1203 very well made guitar, neck thru 3 passive single coils. The bar for the trem is missing and almost impossible to find. Se models can be found for very little $$ ($100-$400) got mine for $275 + shipping.
  4. It's a boost same as a pedal. EMG PA2 work really well and is quiet.
  5. I've got 2 A&B cabs been thinking of selling. Also a Marshall 2104 50 watt combo.
  6. Wood, electronics, frets nicely done, hardware. What are you calling Cheap. It's not like the 60's where the cheap guitars were barely playable. Now there is maybe a 20% difference in them at best.
  7. I own a early one with string thru the body. You can tune it up to A and use 10 s on it.
  8. WHY don't you guys buy what you like in the 1st place???
  9. Buy another guitar the Affinity and its hardware are junk. The new neck + hardware will be big $$$.
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