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  1. I did buy it from GC where I tried the A3 models. They were very nice but decided to order the AC5M ( no one stocks the 5 series in my area ) . All I really was trying to say is buy the best you can afford and only buy once. Used on solid wood guitars are going to be worth what you paid for it.
  2. I just Bought a Yamaha AC5M ,I looked and played every guitar i could in my area and all you tube reviews. I was looking for and playing a AC3M/R and liked the balance and tone ease of playing and very good intonation. If you buy a open box/warehouse reduction sale you can get 15%-20 off normal price a used 35%-50% off . On a used guitar as long as you take care of it will hold the value that you paid for it +or- a few %.If you get used you can play a great guitar.
  3. Look for a Solid wood Top at least ( solid back & side to if you can). Also there are tons of great used one and usually you can get them at around 50% of new.
  4. I've been buying Musician friends 9-42 & 10-46 nickel . I have 40+ guitars and they work and sound really good. $2.00 + a set!!
  5. You lose about 50% on them when trying to sell them if you can sell them at all.
  6. No very Few the ones that do sometime add a shop fee to the guitar.
  7. Well how much $$ was it???
  8. You don't need a new pickup get a booster pedal.
  9. Yeah $1250 -$2000 + they are all over the place as faras price. Find out what a new one goes for and take between 50%-60%.
  10. I have a 64 PR and some Pro Jr. and have played through PC . Dosn't deserve the name Princeton or Fender. Their SS amp alway have left something to be desired.
  11. Look like the right thing to do.
  12. KBear they are JUNK ( PR C) pure and simple No speaker change will save it.
  13. The LL56 is the top of the Line BIG $$$.
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