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  1. I have enough guitars. Strings are gonna be what I need but I can buy those online or through Amazon.
  2. There a lot of variables on what makes a guitar sound the way it does.
  3. I think they're relaunching the Elite series.
  4. My very first guitar was a Hondo acoustic. The action on that thing was like a dobro.
  5. you need to find people who are as passionate as you
  6. The SDS-1 is a bridge pickup and it's made to be warmer than a traditional single coil.
  7. once i watched the carl verheyen way of setting up a strat trem i've never had a problem. set it so when you pull up on the bar the high e goes up a 1/2 step, the b goes up a full step and the g goes up a 1 1/2 steps (three frets). After that yes put some lubricate in the slots of the nut and the saddles.
  8. If I remember correctly they were designed by Trev Wilkinson. The bodies were made from a resin material.
  9. Phil. Do you know if the regulations on Rosewood have been relaxed or are they still enforcing them.
  10. Sounds like they want Dean and others to pay a licensing fee.
  11. All you have to do is get 12 stupid people on a jury and anything can happen.
  12. The EU's laws are different than ours. In this country you can sue for anything. The EU case is also different in that Gibson is asking for a jury trial here and not a judge's decision. I think the lawsuit is stupid to be honest. Why are you trying to sue a company after 40+ years.
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