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  1. jmcclure had three posts when I replied but it really doesn't matter. Manners cost me nothing.
  2. Hi and welcome to the Forums. Cool looking guitar.
  3. Sorry, a 5 string bass typically has a low B string and that threw me. I could see where suddenly having a B at the "top" of the fretboard instead of an E would be confusing, to me anyway.
  4. Happy New Pedal Day. I'm mainly an acoustic guy so I don't use pedals myself. As for hosting I'm currently using SoundCloud. It meets my humble needs.
  5. Best of luck with the new parts. Let us know how it turns out.
  6. Actually, I've never seen a bass with more than 8 strings and it was set up/tuned in octaves like a 12 string guitar. Among regular basses AFAIK 6 is the upper limit. And yep, fewer strings and fewer frets, that's the way to go, a 4 string short scale bass. Seems to have worked out for McCartney.
  7. Much better results than CraigsList. A quick search of acoustic guitars under $300 (presumably Canadian, about $227 USD) turned up several possibilities: Simon & Patrick steel string $250 (made in Canada) Samick nylon string $180 Art & Lutherie steel string with pickup $200 (made in Canada) Jasmine steel string $225 Art & Lutherie steel string $275 (made in Canada) Art & Lutherie steel string $300 made in Canada) Harmony nylon string $100 (desperately needs new strings, a new player might want to pass) Yamaha steel string $180 Yamaha steel string $280 Cor
  8. That's what ya get for playing a 5 string.
  9. It takes a guy who is sure of his manhood to play a pink guitar. A while back I dithered over a fully loaded pink J-Bass body but I ultimately passed. In this case I'm partial to the burst but either would be fine.
  10. Sorry to hear about the lost gig. The praise band doesn't gig for money but I haven't played in front of an audience in months and I miss it. Mojo sent.
  11. As Freeman and others have said, the bulge isn't necessarily a cause for concern unless the whole bridge is tilted toward the neck. Since there are no pics from an appropriate angle I'll assume it isn't. What might be a cause for concern is the dip between the bridge and the neck, visible in the second pic. If you're lucky the guitar is simply dehydrated. If you're not the fretboard may be pushing the top down and deforming it, indicating there's a neck reset in your future.
  12. First, welcome to the Forums. Second, congratulations and Happy New Guitar Day. The Pro 1 was specifically designed for beginners and it's a decent guitar for the money.
  13. If there are music stores open your friend should check there. I generally like CraigsList but the only acoustic for Edmonton at the moment is a Yamaha APX600 for $570.
  14. Sounds like we need to set up a GoFundMe page to buy you a Gauss meter.
  15. garthman - Well done. Hard to go wrong with Dylan. I appreciate your slower, more moody version. It seems more appropriate for a song about the end of a relationship.
  16. Wow. There's a blast from the past. I hope you are well. Are you still rocking your Parkwood jumbo?
  17. Congratulations and Happy New Guitar Day. I resemble that remark.
  18. Happy New Magnets Day? I guess that's a thing now? I'm guessing some of the potential negative effects are similar to Stratitis. Anyhoo, as long as it sounds good to you, that's what counts.
  19. Congratulations. Happy New Guitar Day.
  20. Looks good. Keep us posted on your progress.
  21. Excuse me but is there some reason you chose to quote a 12 1/2 year old post instead of adding something to the discussion?
  22. Congratulations. Happy New Guitar Day. Personally I like the 311 and 611. Humbucker/P90.
  23. I have Free Universal Tuner by Dmitry Pogrebnyak (available from google Play Store) but to be honest I prefer a cheap clip on tuner.
  24. 08-38 is pretty light. Unless it's in bad shape structurally I wouldn't worry too much. FWIW, I use Skinny Top Heavy Bottoms 10-52 with a 25.5" scale, but then I'm a ham fisted acoustic player and don't do bends. I think something like Super Slinky 09-42 or even something slightly heavier should be fine depending on your playing style.
  25. Congratulations and Happy New Guitar Day. FWIW, it looks like the previous owner might have strung it left handed based on the way the saddles are arranged. You'll want to get it properly intonated and maybe a complete setup.
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