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  1. Call me a grumpy old man, but my view is that whatever you do to a guitar shouldn't make it sound worse or play worse. Dipping the git in gunk can't help sound or playability, ya think? That goes also for kids covering their acoustics with tons of stickers and all that. Easier might be to work on your wardrobe if you are trying to make a fashion statement.
  2. Sprung another memory: sometimes the 8 track versions were shorter than albums... thinking of Steppenwolf's first.... and... got a blank quad tape, recorded Hendrix "1983: A merman I should be" on Electric Ladyland on 2 channels of quad & "Songs of the Humpback Whale" on other two... mixed/\. I finally gave into cassettes as entire David Byrne album "The Catherine Wheel" (commissioned for wonder Twyla Tharp production) was on cassette. About 70 minutes, too much for album or 8 track. Oddly, cassette of Talking Heads "Speaking in Tongues" was longer than CD that was put out, which also put me out. They had the room.... Speaking of battery problems: I had a 64 MGB for awhile: positive ground vs 99% of cars negative ground. Tried to insulate, but, well, wires do get crossed. Smoke coming up out of console. Yippee! And don't get me started on 4 tracks...
  3. I too learned to take apart and fix, which sometimes included splices. Some cartridges were glued (bad) others had tabs holding together (good). I first had a Panasonic 8 track recorder/player so made my own mixes. Later got a Wollensak QUAD player and stereo recorder with Dolby. Marantz 4400 receiver (all 57 lbs of it)...Had a couple Quad 8 players for car. I was big fan of quad: until you've heard Dark Side of the Moon, Santana, etc in quad, you haven't heard them. The clock chimes in DSOM coming discrete from 4 speakers... wow. Reverb not needed for depth either for Santana etc. If sat/subs had been around back in 70's maybe Quad could have made it.... Wives might allow 2 speakers in living room, but 4? hah! Saw a few months back Alan Parsons mix of Dark Side on quad 8 sold for more than $500. Hopefully my deceased sister's hubby still have my quad collection in storage in Portland (I'm in Thailand).
  4. "...some sort of on board modeling hardware that is supposed to create all kinds of acoustic guitar sounds..." Seems you could get some sort of Yamaha APX travel guitar used and Fishman Aura woo woo processor and have similar enough outfit. Bonus is could use Aura with other guitars. Think I saw a blurb for one of those with "exotic woods" for only grand or two extra on top of already spendy price. As if exotic wood would make any difference for what comes out of the cable. How about "exotic circuit boards"? I don't know a lot, but I do know this bit of blingyness isn't aimed at my sort of buyer. A solution in search of a problem.
  5. Was musing on this very subject yesterday.... I prefer medium action and thought "why?". Okay, this came up on brain screen: tight rope walkers. String is tight rope (but not too tight, haha), your finger like the walker. If you care to do a flip on the rope, need to depress it a bit and use sling effect to get some height (pull off), which in my convoluted mind is like doing a hammer on, pull off. If string action low there is not enough "dip" of the fretted string, increase of tension to get a good "bounce" up. This probably makes no sense, besides being a "what the heck is he talking about?" post. Anyone with genuine info? I'm headed down the tunnel of dementia and at that stage where I can still type whole sentences, but content and explanation may be suspect. Hey, if we can't flail about here, where can we? (I don't want to dip my toe into the political forum, btw) Cheers
  6. Good idea. That Pandora mini effects (bit larger than pack of cards) whatever I mentioned is a form of headphone amp I reckon, as a plus it also has section for bass. As a plus you can set for line out, then plug it into computer speakers or whatever you might have in bedroom that has aux in jack. Stereo too
  7. So I assume you don't want to spend more than $150, given you consider Vox and Yamaha too spendy. That would rule out the street ex, or just regular cube street. Could try used: I got a perfect shape cube street for $180... I have Katana mini and fly 3 with extension cab, besides spendier cube street, Yamaha THR, etc etc. I have lots of small battery power amps as most of my plinking is down on beach with friends. I prefer Katana as it is as light as an empty lunch box. Weight matters to me, but probably not for you. I use a Pandora effects PX5D before going into fly, Katana, or micro cube which does wonders for available tones. Just to add even more fun to the list, have you taken a look at the Laney minis? Have smartphone connection to use tonebridge so tons of mod available. Haven't pursued as I don't use phone for internet & wonder if my little phone has good enough soundcard to support... stereo, 6 watts, etc.... https://www.laney.co.uk/products/mini-mini-st-lion-battery-powered-combo
  8. FWIW there is an RW Jameson acoustic guitar up for auction right now at shopgoodwill site. Label inside just has name, no origin, no model. Lots of cheapo guitars like that here in Asia...
  9. Next up: speaker mods replacement for stock speaker. I like "direct sound": no tone knob to muddy up the pristine sound... You youngsters have it easy... looking for a 1950 Gibson L6 or something like that. 'Course the older you get, the fewer years you have to amortize the expense over if you're into that sort of rationalizing....
  10. Can you save me a seat in the hot place? Hopefully end of row as I may need to take frequent bathroom breaks, tho sweat factor may take care of potty breaks.
  11. I've got a couple of hybrids: an Ovation VXT and a Parker P36. Just want to reinforce getting some sort of acoustic processor tween piezo and amp. Being cheap, lazy & all that I use a Zoom A2 and suits my needs. As money seems not to critical, you probably would want that Fishman... hmmm I like to use 2 amps, love the spread and possibilities, which borders on absurd as I play down on beach, about a 10 min walk humping guitar and amps on my back (I'm a geezer too, if you haven't guessed yet). A Fender mini Mustang, a Katana mini & that pedal (oh, don't forget the VXT) is about my tote limit. Years ago tried Epiphone Les Paul Ultra (3?): semi hollow, nanomag (?) pu in neck, not so tinny as under bridge. Took it back as wouldn't intonate right, which is a pity as seemed full of possibilities.. Does Godin still make the Montreal? Seem to recall looked very tasty, had those HBs, semi hollow and Piezo. Too pricey for me, but might be worth looking into... Best of luck on your quest. Please let us know what you end up with. I won't say "finally" as that word doesn't seem to apply to git pickers...
  12. Haven't seen this much amazing stuff since I went to Egyptian museum in Cairo. Wow. I mean WOW.
  13. Korea has quality. I have a couple Crafters that are flawless. I have a Vox HD77 from there. Bought before Prince died (see in some 2013 vids), tack $1000 onto used price now, so many amazing unique features. Indonesia can have quality: G&L Comanche tribute and Cort Sunset 2: TV Jones pickups, tonepros, Grover, Bigsby: nothing to upgrade and the "platform" all this goodness was dropped into near flawless (paint in F hole not great). Parker P very good too. China: Fender thinline with P90s (not Squire, tho some of those are great) could be bit better upper frets, but a gas of a guitar. Yamaha ACR acoustic: did comparison with Taylor and Martin in same price range when I got it. Better build, better pickup, better sound (all about taste anyway) and came with great case. Goes back to oft repeated "they build to level company wants them to": you want cheap crap, yeah, we can do that. you want great guitar at reasonable price, yeah we can do that too.
  14. I thought you might be referring to a long gone Jeff Goldblum TV series....
  15. Read a review of one of those. Said the bass notes sounded "tubby" and impossible to lower the action.
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