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  1. I took typing in high school. I figured it would help when I had papers to write in college (it did and didn't have to depend on girlfriend). One of the most useful classes I took in high school (low bar, I know, I know...) I strongly advise you learn to type with all fingers. Should be tons of software out there to make it almost fun. I assume all your left hand playing is not done with just index finger.... You already possess left hand nerve/muscle memory at decent level if you play guitar, so shouldn't be tooo awful Just pretend you are learning new chords, all arpeggio style Best wishes and hope you heal quickly
  2. 23rd is easy to remember for folks in US as we use month/day/year: 1/23/20... but rest of the world seems to use more sensible day/month/year: 23/1/20 FWIW.
  3. Cool gift to self. BTW 22nd or 23rd? I had mine 23rd, but being in Thailand (17 hrs ahead of west coast USA) time does get confusing. I'd like a 12 string, but hard enough keeping 6 strings going with massive corrosion here
  4. Is it possible to get a softer touch keyboard? That might help reduce the major stress cause. Is this right or left hand (& are you right or left handed)?
  5. Different tools for different jobs. Which is a better tool? Phillips head screw driver or vise grips? Depends on if you're doing wiring or plumbing. I've got a Comanche, which is great for what it is, but it won't replace or come near a Gretsch hollow body if I want that sound.
  6. '66 Epi Casinos usually aren't cheap. Dude had one for sale on Craigslist here in Bangkok for about $500 with case. Checked negative space around pick guard, patina on knobs, condition of case, etc... as much as I could from photos. Difficult aspect is (to my eye) real Casinos from 66 were not all that consistent regarding pickguard placement, among other things. Passed on photo test, so called to see in person. You guessed it: already sold.
  7. I'd go with the Fly. Always more Gibsons available (duh). It is a plus if a guitar is attractive, but not decisive factor in my thin book. guitars are for making music (bit radical, I know). Buying for looks brings to mind some promo line Coke has running on hoardings at English football matches: "Feel the taste"....? "Hear the Picasso"? "Just smell that Cadd9!"
  8. Amen my bruddah. Thai friend I play with at (on?) beach here speaks fairly good English, asks me to explain some of the nuances.... I often resort to "F*ck if know: it's English".... I have varying levels of incompetence in Spanish, Japanese, Indonesian, bits of Russian and German... oh, yeah Thai... I like to boast "I can be misunderstood in several languages"
  9. I live in Thailand with a Thai wife (coincidence?). If I want a new piece of gear, she says "If it makes you happy". Dang I hate it when she sets the bar that high!
  10. Put it in a chipper shredder and scatter about you plants. Remove strings first
  11. They do love bass ball in Japan... one issue in teaching English to non native speakers... when you go to music shop are you "bass fishing"? Growing up in PDX there was some private school to teach girls how to be a lady... "The Bassist Institute".... I read it like "Oh, school for players of low note stringed instruments... cool." Don't get me started on record and record...
  12. Maybe he was playing "Walking bass"? (Eye roll)
  13. If I were concerned that wife might be less than supportive of NGD, I think I'd latch on to it on a Monday. Give her 5 days of work week to bubble down.... Friday gives her whole weekend to "emote", "share her feelings", etc
  14. Has to do with that rich Nissan ex CEO who was under house arrest for all sorts of corruption in Japan and seems he made his escape to Lebannon by getting around security cameras etc by means of double bass case taken out by the band that played at his house. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/10654702/nissan-boss-japan-double-bass-planned/
  15. Keep eyes open "instrument for sale" on Craig's list Tokyo. Imagine a "double bass, no case" item should be coming up soon. Perhaps a police auction?
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