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  1. Let me be first to chime in with "look for used guitar" It will effectively double the range of what available with your budget. Sound could be better as the wood may now be "seasoned" Can't speak to craftsmanship, but Tough? Well, if it's still around, most things that could go wrong probably would have already happened Uniqueness? here could be big payoff if you are willing to take the time looking. 15 yrs ago I was at GC Seattle and saw a "Fairytale" ("World's finest guitar" said so on sticker inside). Made in Japan, possible 70's. Copy of a Martin D-35, but $150. Took it acoustic room where real Martins were and did comparison. Close enough for government work, as some say. Keep your eyes open for used Tacoma and/or Olympia (Korean made versions). My Tacoma jumbo amazes me
  2. Have you done anything with the nut? Might be able to tease a bit of lowering there. Very very rare to get action like electric. Maybe just consider acoustic as some sort of home gym for your fingers, get them stronger. Benefit is your electric playing will seem even more effortless, at least as far as fretting goes
  3. Emory

    Breedlove Guitars AD25/SR

    Mine came with Breedlove hs case. 6 latches! click on shoulder strap! Great real leather handle! Heavy! As good a case as I've ever ran across. Nice red accent stitches too. Guitar is lovely, nice MOP around soundhole, purfling. Not too much, not too little. Others have described it well enough, thought I should add this about what didn't cover.
  4. Emory

    Cort Sunset 1

    I would prefer 2 vol, 2 tone knobs, but can't have everything. Lovely red sparkle finish. F holes not bound. Great job on frets and neck binding. Grover tuners. I put some Gretsch knobs on, thought chicken heads not up to rest of level in quality/appearance (Figure okay because it is clone of Gretsch Spectrasonic). I know lots of people think Cort only can do mass produced middling guitars, but this is no middling guitar. Don't be put off by brand. It is terrific in all areas. If you happen upon one of these (I really had to search to find one), I think playing for a few minutes will make a believer out of you. I bought mine without playing (I live in Thailand now and usually pick something up on yearly returns home).
  5. Emory

    Cort Sunset 1

    I know people get bit frothy at times in reviews, but this guitar actually is fantastic (tho a bit heavier than what I would like, as I am old man and pack it 20 minute hikes with small amp). Cork sniffers turned off by Cort name (the fools). If could put in blind test this would get picked over others as often as not, as long as at least other's thou more. I had a 59 Gretsch double anni for 34 years, so think I know the sound a bit of those sorts.
  6. Emory

    Tacoma JM16C

    I've been breaking strings around 40 years. Other gear: larrivie D03 (it's tuners rusted too), Breedlove AD25SR+ (gold tuners a little corroded); Ovation VXT (fantastic guitar and seems to be holding up); hagstrom 2DF (chrome tailpiece problem); Guild Starfire IV (Minor pitting), etc etc. Amps are washburn WA 40 acoustic amp, Micro cube, Vox da-5. I wouldn't buy this again... maybe. There don't make em anymore (thank you Fender NOT!) So it is battered by the elements, but still sounds great, and that is what's important, but.... it once was such a beauty. I got a Takamine jumbo first, took it home, tried it and took it back for this. In spite of it's flaws, I give it a 7. If I lived in a reasonable climate it would get a nine or ten.
  7. Emory

    Guild Starfire 4

    I've been at it for 43 years, with a long break in the middle... Gear? Ibanez AF95, Hagstrom D2F, Ovation VXT, Yamaha strat, Hamer strat, Tacoma jumbo, Larrivie D3, Breedlove dread, amps I mentioned above, lots of other toys lying around... I might have liked a sunburst... but GC didn't have and I wanted a Guild for my 50th birthday present to myself. Took home a SF 3 but the bigsby seemed to keep it out of tune to much, so kept this one instead. There is nothing I hate about this. I has one of the most lovely electric tones you'd want to distort. What do I like best? Toss up between the neck and the pickups. I give it a 9 because to me a 10 would be my Ovation VXT
  8. I've been playing about 40 years. I have maybe 13 guitars: half acoustic (Breedlove, Tacoma, Larrivie, Gibson, etc); Ibanez Hollowbody (love that one), Guild Starfire IV, some strats, etc. I bought from guitar center on line since they don't stock these. I was apprehensive, and with good reason, considering cosmetic flaws. Also didn't think it would be quite that heavy. I don't own a car here in Thailand, so that and my Vox portable can be a bit much after awhile. I would probably get another one, but would like to choose my own. Didn't have luxury of enough time during last visit to states. Would be nice if it had 2 vol/2 tone controls. Coil tap is not just volume cutter like some say. I wanted the hagstrom vibe. Maybe cuz first teacher had one way back when...And I play for alot of Scandinavians... Sweden and all that. For what it is, and what you pay, it is a good deal. Especially if you live in a normal climate that is not too salty or hot or humid.
  9. Emory

    yamaha GL-1

    When you bop around in local transport, this is a god send. It fits in my travel bag when need be; it's light, short and less likely to get stolen or broken. It always brings out an amused smile from other players, until they try it, and then they don't want to give it back! I'd buy another if it's stolen, in fact, I have expect it to be stolen. There were some small Yamahas there at the store, but this is more fun, and in a category without much competition. They have all sorts of Ovation knockoffs in Asia, but they don't have the 3/4 size, so I can't really compare it. I've got a bunch of other guitars: Guild Starfire IV, Oscar Schmidt acoustic, Hamer strat, a few others lying about, hearing their strings pop off in the humidity of Bali... But I do love this little thing, and it's great for figuring out tunes. It seems to pull them out of the air. The 10 I give is based on the price/features/quality of it, not up against some Taylor or whatever.
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