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  1. Looks like fun to me. Is that a real F hole, or is it painted on?
  2. I've got one, have used for several years here in Thailand. Some of the paint has come off, the hinge pin came out a tad, but nothing I couldn't live with.. I like being able to clip on headstock. I play at the beach so that feature lets me lay it on gig bag without having to think about scratching the headstock. Never put a pick in that little holder. I also have Shubbs & they're great too.
  3. I was strongly considering one of those Vintage thinlines... how you like it?
  4. hashbrowns, some crispy bits, some moist delight. None of that wedge stuff
  5. I kept wondering if Musicians Friend and/or GC would put some of those "road worn" guitars into their "scratch and dent" sales.... Here's corrosion on my Vox guitar, thanks to Thai beach salt, sea, and humidity. And it's aluminum.
  6. Dang! I forgot where I can redeem my points. Anyone remember?
  7. geez, terrible news.
  8. Amen to geography.... I'm in Thailand. I use Elixirs on favorite guitar(s), regulars on guitars I like, but not as much. Strings blowing off is a sign it's time to switch guitars... Oh, I like 11's on electric or acoustic. Fat enough for fullness, skinny enough to keep fingers happy
  9. Seems to be a hollowbody, given floating wood bridge... am I right? That Bigsby would make me worry a tad as it's got that one anchor screw on the soundboard. I've seen split tops where someone puts that model on a full hollow body, maybe on this forum. If it is hollow, I wonder if putting a little block under that screw to reinforce. Not a fan of clear pickguards... maybe get some black contact paper (or other color) and put on underside of guard? Easy to do, bit of fun & give more of a vintage look, hide the support hardware Other than that, lovely guitar, great price, yada yada
  10. Emory


    Also might try putting her sleeping hand into a small dish filled with guitar picks. Hear some have had success with this method
  11. Emory


    Sounds like you have a wonderful wife. So what's next on the list?
  12. So Peter Jackson's been nipping, tucking and putting together his own version of Let It Be.... looks like lots more fun. The earlier edition was just too depressing (for me anyway). This sort of happy meal, leaving out bit where cattle become burgers. Jeez, the collection of Beatles guitars he has during his intro... oy! "May I have a fireglo, kind sir?". I can say no more.
  13. I have an older AF95: wonderful build, lovely... but stock pickups were blah. Got a pair of Parson street humbuckers from StewMac (about $100) and OMG did that make a huge difference. Would have a killer for relatively little cash.
  14. A bit late, but I used some regular typing paper slide back and forth between the contacts to clean out the carbon buildup. Used to do same with Aurora HO cars back (way back) when I was young.
  15. Oh.. Reverend makes many P90 guitars, gloss black. Maybe pick up a used one? Brilliant guitars... Rev gits
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