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  1. No fret markers on fret board is something of an inconvenience to anyone trying to play along in a jam setting. Friend of mine had guitar lacking markers AND he is left handed, which makes things even more fun! I suppose it wouldn't be too difficult to either put stick ons or even some small holes filled with white epoxy or something as a courtesy. But what do I know? (not much)
  2. Emory


    I have an Ibanez AS 95 (I think the S, the other sort of cutaway). Yours from nice era like mine with the lovely inlays, matching pickguard and that cool tailpiece. Very well made guitar. Wooden saddle... mine came with TOM on wooden base. If you didn't want to pin the bridge, could always get in right place and put a few small Sharpie dots to mark. If I could suggest an upgrade, it would be to get a pair of StewMac golden age humbuckers. Cost me about $100 for the pair shipped few years back. Made huge difference in sound. I cannot urge you more strongly to try this. Friend with ES335 said he liked my modded Ibanez tone more than his Gibby. And he is not a flatterer. Great price you paid, too. Never sell it, my advice
  3. Great job. I'd keep the original inlays showing, but that's just me. Like the tailpiece.
  4. That guitar looks a heck of a lot like my English friends Colombus. His mum (not mom) got it for him in early 80's. I imagine the one he got was a copy of sorts. Same shape, nat finish, plastic covered pickups, triangle head. Sorry I don't have photo. He talked to me a while back about changing pickups... "Don't you dare!" sell to me first but just don't. I like it, lots of "mojo"
  5. For fun one time I dolled up my Parker sorta tele in U of Oregon colors (I'm a grad, but no fanatic). Got a luggage strap at Duck store, so had that sewn onto generic guitar strap and there you have it.
  6. gorgeous. Just the way I would love to have one with filtertrons and 4 controls. Thanks so much. I hate you! Hows the weight? (Compared to other thinlines) Never had a walnut guitar... thanks for reminding me.
  7. Several years ago I got a Sunset 1. Superb: Grover tuners, tusq nut, TV Jones classics, tonepro roller bridge, Bigsby. Semi hollow with Ric style F hole, beautiful sparkle red, distinctive fret markers, flawless build. Corts take on Gretsch Spectrasonic, but looks much better. Plays great, sounds beyond great. If there is one thing I'd like it would be 2 vol 2 tone controls. I had to search all over to find it (seems lots in Europe, not so much USA). I'm based in Thailand & wanted to pick one up on annual trip. Hopefully will show this more talented than me guy putting it thru it's paces
  8. Nice of Mikeo to type out what I was going to suggest. If you got that Gretsch, after you put in the superb TV Jones pup, you go extra mile and put in a Les trem 2 for Bigsby like fun at 1/10 the weight, less cost AND easy to move around to other stop tail gits. Got one I'd alternate between my Guild Starfire IV (1999 model) and earlier version of Reverend 6 gun. Have fun! Like yr collection too
  9. I duuno seems like being deployed to Iraq 12 years ago would qualify a "ITS THE WORST!". But just guessing. I haven't been to Iraq
  10. not sure if this will help, or maybe you already checked it out http://fly.electricguitarinnovationlab.org/viewtopic.php?t=63
  11. I suppose you could put on another fret, but there would be no fret board to push the string down on. Push string all the way down to the pickguard below? Might have intonation issues. I've heard of fretless guitars, but never fret boardless guitars.
  12. Suggest doing all you can "conditioning" the AC to your amp. Every little bit helps... maybe
  13. teeth grindingly lovely Please adopt me
  14. Plenty of info and opinions here. I agree good starter is Yamaha. Wisdom? Seems sold out or in short supply these days.
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