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  1. i play acoustic on Sunday mornings , that would work really well. I can see your interest in it
  2. To answer your question, yes they are great unplugged For several years my only guitar was a full size hollowbody electric. It was easy to set on the sofa and play unplugged or sometimes plugging in and cutting back the volume to get a nice mix of acoustic and amplified. Or get extreme and turn it up and let the amp do its magic playing right on the edge of backfeed a'la Ted Nugent
  3. 8 string acoustic ? I’ll have to look into that
  4. I have always liked 12 strings but don't currently have one, I get the bug for one and start looking until I find one . I bring it home and play it for a while then it gets pushed off to the side . I even found one under my bed that I had forgotten about. That Guild is a beauty.. Maybe if I ever find THE 12 string it will be a keeper
  5. yeah ,I blew something in my tube amp and decided I should fix that first before adding any new amps
  6. I'm really looking at the Epiphone Broadway in vintage natural. What is it for you?
  7. Finish cracks or not I would send it back. Looks to me that it’s more than just finish.
  8. What about those Squier Mini Strats ? They should be available used for cheap if the saddles are narrow enugh for your project
  9. Sorry, this is the only suggestion I can offer. Buy the closest size and file them to fit
  10. i adjusted the end pin to get the proper length protruding ,it seems solid . thanks for the research Mikeo
  11. Thanks DE I have it opened up and it is very similar to that. I’m not eager to try to bend or adjust anything and ruin the unit
  12. I have a Fishman Acoustic Matrix Natural 1 endpin jack that has a loose socket .it looses contact with the plug. Is there anything that can be done to tighten the grip on the plug.
  13. If it plays good keep it. Take some time and get to know before changing anything. It looks great . I like the trapeze tailpiece HNGD
  14. No rattles here. Replaced the roller with this and life is good
  15. Sanding would probably work but it’s a lot more difficult. I filled the neck on one taking more off the butt end to lower the saddles. in either case the real trick is keeping everything flat and even . I made a fixture with guides to keep things right. A shim is the way to go. If you file or sand it’s a one way street, there’s no going back. But if a shim doesn’t work you just pull it out and try again
  16. So you sold out for twenty bucks? or are you going for the free guitar?
  17. It's good to have a pro like you on board ,PhilI'll be saving this article for future reference Thanks for setting it straight
  18. Rattles and roller bridges seem to go together. I'm a retired mechanic so maybe I look at things a little differently. The sound from the rollers reminds me of the sound a dry bearing So what would I do with dry bearing ? lubricate it of course.. Well I'm just crazy enough to try the same thing with the rollers and it worked. Now whether this would affect the tone I don't know but on an es-335 clone I think it sounds fine.. I pulled the bridge off and sprayed some red grease on it then wiped off the excess. It was still a little messy looking so I shot it with some WD 40 and wiped it clean
  19. Mostly common sense but there's nothing common about sense either I still can't post videos
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