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    Reminds me that I haven't payed a strat in months,
  2. Mine has the 5 settings as well,even though I rarely use the middle position .
  3. Why go to all the trouble of replacing the switch? If you don’t like the middle pickup position simply don’t use it. A more interesting option is a 3 way switch wired Tele style Neck , Neck/Bridge, Bridge. Go with master tone / master volume and use the third pot as volume for the mid pickup to blend it with neck or bridge This will also give you all three pickups at once in addition to Neck /Bridge note : the pots should all be grounded
  4. The only advice I can offer is the obvious. Go to a shop and try different guitars until you find a comfortable neck.Then consider pickup and tremolo options available.
  5. gardo

    Tom Brady

    I hear he’s a terrible guitar player
  6. Why can’t you at least admit that you’re posting a video of yourself
  7. gardo


    Well she is a good singer
  8. gardo


    Of course I do enjoy both
  9. Wow, who could say no to her?
  10. A Happy year to you as well
  11. gardo


    Way back in the 1970s my first lessons were on an old D-18 that my neighbor had. I loved the sound of it and always wanted one.,just wouldn’t spend the money for myself . I have all the acoustics I need now
  12. gardo


    No worries ,that stand was only for the pic. It stays in it's case if it isn't in my hands. We toured the factory in 2019 ,she no doubt saw me drooling.
  13. gardo


    For her , I spent most of last year building garden projects so I’ll be finishing those in the spring. For me , Fender Pro II Telecaster
  14. gardo


    Thanks . She knows this is something I’ve wanted for many years but would never buy for myself
  15. gardo


    My sweet wife surprised me with a new Martin D-18 standard. It plays like butter. I love my wife .
  16. I knew there wasn’t supposed to be a picture , just busting on you 😂
  17. I checked out your video ,it looks like you forgot to take the lenses cover off the camera . Keep on rockin'
  18. I thought it was oiled slick but like you pointed out it must be the lighting .Glad I was wrong
  19. Nice playing and it is indeed a gorgeous guitar, But why so much oil on the fretboard?
  20. Beautiful I use an Ibanez AF75 for my attempts at jazz
  21. I looked at a Byrdland years ago but to me the short scale was a deal breaker. I think it was 23 1/5 “amp I would actually prefer the Broadway
  22. If you have a volt:/ohm meter it should be fairly easy to figure it out.Just set to ohms to check continuity. Sometimes it helps to make a diagram. You can do it
  23. Short answer, because someone is willing to pay .
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