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    I have been playing for 15 years and have owned/played Many guitars. The only thing I wish is that I had decided to buy one years ago when I was single and could afford the USA Custom. Howver, this guitar stacks up to Anything Fender, Gibson, ESP, and the like have to offer. I got mine autographed by Kerry King a few years ago, so if it were stolen, I couldn't replace it, but would try. I would definitely buy another! The only drawback to this guitar, is it isn't a guitar you can play easily while laid back on the couch watching tv, it's about the same length as your average bass. The points are not a problem though while sitting and playing, unless you're the type of player that lays over your guitar while in this position. The headstock is pointy, so if you have a low ceiling, be careful when rocking out, or taking it off, I have stabbed my ceiling at least 3 times, but alcohol was involved each time. All in all for the money, or even for more money, this guitar is a Great addition to anyone's axe arsenal. Nothing screams 'Play Me!!' or 'Rock On!' like a Beast!
  2. I've been playing for 15 years on/off. I own/use/abuse a Peavey 6505. The Fender MH doesn't even come close to the tonal capabilities of the 6505. Chances are you're looking at this amp because you either play primarily metal, or are looking for a powerful versatile head. This head is powerful and versatile, but much like anything else, because of its versatility, it does Nothing well. This amp is mostly just a piece of trash with a lot of knobs. This head doesn't have a place on a stage anywhere, nor does it belong in a practice room. This amp is for the guy that has to the biggest everything, who does not care for his ears or the ears of the people around him. Because this amp sounds Generic. Sterile. No Good Tones!! Look elsewhere. The cabs however are some of the best I have ever had the privelege to use!!
  3. If this pickup was stolen, I would definitely buy it again. I've been playing on/off for over 15years. I have played around with several different pickups: BDSM, Duncan, DiMarzio, Lace and out of all of these, these pups sound the best for what I play, Loud, High-Gain, Raw, Thrash! But as I said, if you use your volume knob, you can acheive Awesome tones in virtually Any style of music. Cannot comment on Country/Bluegrass/Gospel/Pop/Classical/Funk/Rap/R&B as I do not play these styles of music. I would recommend going to your local guitar store and playing a guitar loaded with these to see if you like them, some stores have a room/area you can take an amp to try out something. Just have someone check the battery, or your not going to be impressed. Battery life on these, with a Duracell, or Energizer is surprisingly good though, so no worries there.
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