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  1. I’ve noticed that too... Saturdays are less busy than weekdays, and Sunday is the least busy spam day of all. Maybe the bots get the day off?
  2. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts once it arrives...
  3. Actually, it should be much easier to find things here on the new site since the search function actually works here...
  4. I like them both, but IMO there is no doubt that the M1 had a bigger impact on the music scene when it was first released, so I’ll have to give it the nod.
  5. There is no reason you can’t run a uke into your amp - as long as it is an acoustic-electric uke with pickups in it. As far as brands and models, I hardly know where to start - there are literally dozens of uke booths at NAMM each year. Is the $500 budget per instrument, or does it need to cover both the concert and the tenor?
  6. I’m not sure you need to, at least not in the traditional sense... they don’t have tone wheels - they’re electronic. I’d hunt online for a manual for it, then follow the maintenance directions therein.
  7. The repair shop I used to manage had a HRD come in once with a weird smell and supposedly fried output... sure enough, it WAS fried - we found a small rat that got electrocuted inside the amp. You should have heard the yell / scream from the tech who opened the amp and first saw it.
  8. What daddymack described is how the moderator tools function. Once a mod flags a poster as a spammer, their messages automatically disappear from non-moderator view, and we can then delete them at our leisure. We also have a few words that we can now use to auto trigger mod approval before a post goes live, which blocks some of the currently more popular spam topics before they can even appear. Except on the weekends when I often sleep in an extra couple of hours, I typically get up at 0400 and kill spam so the early morning east coast folks won’t be overwhelmed by the overnight influx (our heaviest spam time), and then I also check throughout the day. We really appreciate it when you guys flag spam when you see it - that really helps! It’s a never-ending battle, but we’re fighting the good fight... and we thank you all for your help and understanding!
  9. Wow... not what I was expecting - at all. But you’re right - it IS interesting.
  10. Obviously I can’t check the PCB traces from here, but they honestly don’t look that bad... you might just need a couple of resistors and maybe a new capacitor or two... I’d definitely consider calling Mesa and getting it fixed.
  11. Was it something we said / did? You'll be missed Marc - stop in and say hello and let us know how you're doing once in a while!
  12. For the record, Lee asked for - and received - permission before posting this thread. I thought it was something the community might be interested in...
  13. I used to own a Studio 22, which I really liked when I first got it, but it took a tumble one day and it was never the same, even after they did the repairs. I don't blame them... but I do agree with you that the PCB mounted tube sockets aren't exactly the best approach from a long-term reliability aspect - and their reliability is something they've often pointed to in their marketing. If that burning is a side effect of the amp's design, it's not your fault... and IMO they should be well aware that it's an issue on older amps if that's the case. OTOH, it's a ~26-34 year old amp now... and it's really not fair to expect things to last forever (old Fenders notwithstanding ) but hey, what do you have to lose by asking? I'd send them a MP3 of what the amp is doing (going from power-up to full noise) and a picture of the PCB and ask for an estimate. The worst that can happen is that they give you a unreasonably high estimate that makes it not worth doing, but then again, you might be surprised. BTW, do you have a picture of the PCB that you can post? I'm curious, and would love to see it...
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