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  1. hmmm for a $100 i would really be interested what i would get, when i order a gibsonor what ever guitar... but i don't want to use my paypal account for it
  2. i could still hendrix it just like my nr1 strat, but why should i, if i could get same or even better quality for almost half the money
  3. yawn... ok new noiseless pickups and a non standard trem, no lefty, 2000+ euro. sorry i had to click through warmoth site, same modern body contour and buying all parts there, ok not the same pick ups and not the same trem, but with $1200 you are there, without the fender logo. sourcing hardware parts at cheaper places you can go even below and maybe you can get fender orginal pickups aswell. and looking at charvel or jackson or evh strats or others, i don't see the point in paying fender 2000eu for such an ultra instrument
  4. i guess way too expensive for a custom superstrat with locking trem and tuners special shaped body with blue metallic sparkly finish... and for sure they will not offer an lefty.... hmm lately i bash fender even more than i used to bash gibson
  5. tasty, me like not sure if with the smallish pickguard it looks a bit too naked, but on the other hand not sure if a bigger tort pickguard would be too much again. ift it were a lefty i definitely would rawk this
  6. hmmm... in electronics it is called transistor standard schematics. a distortion pedal is more or less an standard amplifier schematic, normally you want to set it that it has a clean signal to operate. havin'g a feedback loop from emitter to base (or was it collector to base) makes it more linear, putting a diode instead an resistor there makes it clip.. so the real difference is, if it use one, two or three transistors or op-amps or fet, the building blocks were more or lessthe same, as thats how analog electronics work, thats why the first pedals looked and worked very similar about the boutique discussion, there was a lot of snake oil and bull{censored}ting going on, selling just a tube screamer for 1o times the price, without adding anything to it beside goop that nobody can check it...
  7. hmm use white and add some red led stripes if not that i would go for the black one nice project btw
  8. i don't know what you mean by smooth, modern or progressive, buthave you heard about poliphia? but there newest album New levels new Devils was a big wtf wow what is this moment when i first hread it. here is on song of the album, you can listen the whole album with youtube videos too
  9. i had a list of 10 guitars i wanted to own, but with my current 12 guitar i have i'm settled and for some guitars on the initial list i have change my mind and the rest i have in my possesion guitars i deleted from my list gretsch white falcon double cut (you don't see them as leftys any more ) gibson sg double neck, completely unpractical heavy monster for one or two songs rickenbacker 330 played one, which was nice, but the fretboard and string spaceing was too small for me a PRS i don't know why i would need one when i'm happy with my other guitars a Martin D41 or so, while nothing is wrong with it, its just tooo expensive to justify
  10. depends what you put it in i have a set of kinman woodstock+ in one of my strat. here you get all the punch and power what you wantthere is no need for a humbucker, altoughsome of the strat twang is lost the other strat has stock pickups all the twang what you wish, but for the crunch t sounds different. in the tele i put a lil59 humbucker in to make it a tuned down stoner rock machine, which worked as planned...
  11. https://reverb.com/item/23622584-handyman-church-t-model-2017-natural-xv-sec-wood-body ok the body wood is really gorgeous, but putting a heavy relic'd neck it to fit in, hm... and then the skull knobs hmm... 23.000euros???? what do you think?
  12. TLDR; is this real or just a goof or an article from one who does not know nothing? meaning, is it worth reading, or is it just a punch of rubbish i can skip?
  13. if you exactly know what you need and want e.g. which kind of neck, what profile what dimension suits your hand etc you can go on to warmoth.com and for 1500 you can order the parts of your dream strat and the parts you like there and you assemble your dream from there if you go to fender you pay a lot for the brand and in the 1500 range you just get their of the shelve instruments. which are nice and all, but there are cheaper alternative like your pacifica or a charvel etc.. if you go custom shop at fender you may need to double your budget, which is it IMHO not worth
  14. to some extend i'm totally with you but there are (still) limits. also since that time my musical taste has changed and/or expanded and so have my ability of playing music expanded. some limits are skill wise, i'm not really into jazz and so my skills of it are very limited, aswell i'm not into shredding and tapping as i mostly do not like the music which comes out of it, so i never cared to practice such abilities some limits are tastewise, i will not play fake tradtional tirolean music or german schlager and the like, i do not want to play the classical wedding music etc.. but if you need to make a living out of it, you need to play and practice what you get the bills paid, and i didn't want to put myself into this position. this is total personal to me, and i will not judge anyone who thinks or does completely different....or maybe i did when i was young, but i didn't know anything at that time while i thought i know it all so instead of becoming a musician i became an IT guy who loves to make music with his friends
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