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  1. that looks like an epiphone century, which they do no lefties... is the grote as lefty available? in cherry red instead sunburst? its something i've been looking around for a while
  2. i'm looking in the same direction but for different reasons. most of the venues we play have a drumkit and/or a bass amp, or we can arange to sharethe drumkit with another band. for me my guitar sound is crucial and playing stereo with big fx board means, i have to haul a lot of gear to a gig, two tube amps (a combo and a head with a 2x12 cab) the pedal case and two guitars. while my band mates only need some cymbals and drums stick and the bass guitar. i would love to down size and have a more transportable rig, as small as possible so i could use public transportation. so even a normal kemper i consider too big, as well as the floor kemper. currently i'm looking at the new mooer ge250 if this could handle all my requirements. but also i'm thinking how i could than build a setup for my stage sound. running my guitar over the main monitors might not work everywhere, it might create mud or the singer cannot hear themself anymore... yeah in ears for everyone, but as we are only hobbiest with a couple of gigs per year such an investment is not justified... the quest for perfect tone which fits for every occasion is still ongoing
  3. even $399 is cheaper than on most places, but $299 is a steal i have lefty one too happy birthday and enjoy new guitar
  4. the 800 is online availbe currently ofer the custom shop and is in the making https://eastwoodcustoms.com/projects/backlund-800/ it seem there is no link main side and the custom shop crowd funding site where you can jump in between
  5. RavenCAD have a look here but hey i'm not responsible for your G.A.S so beware yourself before clicking the link https://eastwoodguitars.com/collections/backlund
  6. ever since eastwood is makeing lefties of them i am tempted to buy one. i never could decide on which one aaaaaand i am not sure if i would play it once i have it and here is definitely too less space in my home for another guitar just eating dust but i love your designs
  7. i would rock that, sweet rig. merry christmas to all who come by and read this
  8. i don't click on threads where the OP is from the past.... i do not understand why people just don't start a new thread with their question
  9. t_e_l_e


    only one computer in your household? 🙄
  10. t_e_l_e

    Not Bad

    a strat body with such a large pick up cavity looks like it was tortured but still very nice build
  11. looks like the wiring of our singer/keyboarder, who uses tc helion vox efx together with two (mini) synths a kaos pad cable with midi and and and, and never works as he wants and haf of the time he spents with rewiring and trouble shooting.... too much cables and knobs for me
  12. not my cup of tea, but i'm happy for you
  13. everybody stay calm here a parlor sounds different than a dread than a jumbo than an ovation etc. for dylan or neil young like strumming a dread sounds perfect, whereas a parlor does not much shine here. for finger picking, slide and robert johnson like blues a parlor is the thing to go. it sounds just right, its much more comfy to play in sitting position yes you could play it on a dread or a jumbo but it does not sound the same. others love the sound of an ovation, but playing tha blues on it sucks, whereas it has a lot of other great applications.. to everyone its personal taste and preferrence. i like my dread and my parlor and i tend to play some things with the one and others with the other. thats also the reason i bought a dread again (my first one would need a refretting but is not worth it) after a got a parlor guitar
  14. now i have the urge to play my parlor guitar very nice thing
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