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  1. Definitely not your typical guitar body shape, but I kind of like this one.
  2. Well folks, that appears to be all I have... sorry it was only around 800 pictures this time around instead of going into the four figure range like I usually do. Hopefully next year I'll be able to stay for the entire show and get more, and once again, my apologies to all the great companies I missed this year, and to all of you if I didn't get a shot of something you were interested in. Be sure to check out the HC News section of the site (the most recent ones are on the front page too) where we publish press releases of new product announcements. Look for " - Winter NAMM 2020" at the end of the title for the NAMM-centric announcements.
  3. Kiesel The Gator cases booth, of course... More from Yamaha
  4. Pedal Pods, out of sequence... Death By Audio - Is that the best name ever, or what? James Trussant
  5. Charvel My good friend Mike Geoghegan outside of the Fender booth. More Taylor...
  6. Yes, it's blurry, but you can make out what it says, and what it says was a total surprise - Fender is bringing back their early 80's era Lead Series. The poster in the following picture reminded me of another trend I noticed at the NAMM Show this year - dyed hair also seems to be making a comeback, if the amount of blue and pink hair I saw on people wandering around the show is any indication.
  7. And out of sequence Fender... Always encourage and support the next generation of musicians!
  8. More vintage products on display... More out of sequence Cordoba...
  9. Retro Cort TV Jones Billy Sheehan and Jon Statham at the Yamaha booth
  10. D'Angelico Sequential. If I had to pick a single product at the 2020 Winter NAMM Show that had the greatest impact on me, that made the biggest impression, it would be the new Pro 3. WOW! This is one seriously cool keyboard! The SE edition of the Pro 3 has basically the same features, and adds the wood case and the ability to angle the control panel. It's also a bit heavier, and a bit more expensive, as you'd imagine. What a great idea, huh?
  11. Two Rock Out of sequence Cordoba.... sorry! I got bumped as I was trying to take a pic of the KRK sign... a common occurrence in NAMM's crowded halls.
  12. Kemper I HAD to get some stompbox pics, and the Delicious Audio booth is crammed full of cool ones. Joyo Voodoo Labs
  13. We'd need more information to have any chance of telling you how old your guitar is. Pictures would also be helpful. BTW, welcome to Harmony Central.
  14. I've got about two hundred or so pictures left to post, but I really need to take a break for a bit. Stay tuned - more to come!
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