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  1. hmm use white and add some red led stripes if not that i would go for the black one nice project btw
  2. i don't know what you mean by smooth, modern or progressive, buthave you heard about poliphia? but there newest album New levels new Devils was a big wtf wow what is this moment when i first hread it. here is on song of the album, you can listen the whole album with youtube videos too
  3. i had a list of 10 guitars i wanted to own, but with my current 12 guitar i have i'm settled and for some guitars on the initial list i have change my mind and the rest i have in my possesion guitars i deleted from my list gretsch white falcon double cut (you don't see them as leftys any more ) gibson sg double neck, completely unpractical heavy monster for one or two songs rickenbacker 330 played one, which was nice, but the fretboard and string spaceing was too small for me a PRS i don't know why i would need one when i'm happy with my other guitars a Martin D41 or so, while nothing is wrong with it, its just tooo expensive to justify
  4. depends what you put it in i have a set of kinman woodstock+ in one of my strat. here you get all the punch and power what you wantthere is no need for a humbucker, altoughsome of the strat twang is lost the other strat has stock pickups all the twang what you wish, but for the crunch t sounds different. in the tele i put a lil59 humbucker in to make it a tuned down stoner rock machine, which worked as planned...
  5. https://reverb.com/item/23622584-handyman-church-t-model-2017-natural-xv-sec-wood-body ok the body wood is really gorgeous, but putting a heavy relic'd neck it to fit in, hm... and then the skull knobs hmm... 23.000euros???? what do you think?
  6. TLDR; is this real or just a goof or an article from one who does not know nothing? meaning, is it worth reading, or is it just a punch of rubbish i can skip?
  7. if you exactly know what you need and want e.g. which kind of neck, what profile what dimension suits your hand etc you can go on to warmoth.com and for 1500 you can order the parts of your dream strat and the parts you like there and you assemble your dream from there if you go to fender you pay a lot for the brand and in the 1500 range you just get their of the shelve instruments. which are nice and all, but there are cheaper alternative like your pacifica or a charvel etc.. if you go custom shop at fender you may need to double your budget, which is it IMHO not worth
  8. to some extend i'm totally with you but there are (still) limits. also since that time my musical taste has changed and/or expanded and so have my ability of playing music expanded. some limits are skill wise, i'm not really into jazz and so my skills of it are very limited, aswell i'm not into shredding and tapping as i mostly do not like the music which comes out of it, so i never cared to practice such abilities some limits are tastewise, i will not play fake tradtional tirolean music or german schlager and the like, i do not want to play the classical wedding music etc.. but if you need to make a living out of it, you need to play and practice what you get the bills paid, and i didn't want to put myself into this position. this is total personal to me, and i will not judge anyone who thinks or does completely different....or maybe i did when i was young, but i didn't know anything at that time while i thought i know it all so instead of becoming a musician i became an IT guy who loves to make music with his friends
  9. 319 pedals, none of them twice and only "well-known" brands allowed... this alone is already a challenge, and then to make them function in one signal chain.... its cool to see, but yet another useless record
  10. i was not talking about the entire song, just the intro and all i saying is, if someone has the time and willingness to do something 8h a day, he will more excel in what he does, than somebody that has only one hour the time or the willingness almost 25 years ago i made a decission not to make music my profession, because i could not think i would able to make music 8 hours a day, especially if you have to play/make music what you get payed for whether you like it or not. i was into computers so i made that my profession, and made music my passion and promised myself never play anything i didn't like myself. now after a masters degree in computer science and almost 20 years working in IT (i consider myself really good at it:)) and all the things i learned, and experienced and i know now, i think a bit differently about my decission. i feel not sorry about it, thats what i went for and its fine, but more often i think how i could escape the rat race in IT and if making music would be better i'm fully aware that switching to making music will most likely not pay my bills, but playing a bit this mind game is also helping me keeping sane
  11. i was not really serious but there is really a huge difference between someone who plays 8h or more per day and one just gets rughly only one hour per day... that said, it also matters what you play and how you practice, playing the enter sandman intro for 8 hours every day, does not make you a better guitar player, maybe worlds best enter sandman intro player
  12. i play in a band because its fun, and fun comes first. if the fun stops and it becomes only work or pain than its time to start thinking about it and talking with your bandmates we were there a couple of times, and came back, our productivity became less and less, instead playing more gigs we have only time for less etc but the most important thing is we are having fun. one other advice, book your gigs on weekdays and not on weekends. yes it is less stress with a 9to5 job if you can gear moving on the weekend and not just after work and after a great show sleepong long etc. but almost all people have plans for the weekend even months before, the older they get the more booked out are their weekends. but on weekdays most people have nothing better todo, so they say why not, lets see my friends gig and have a nice after office beer etc. if its not a special event with a guaranteed crowd which comes anyhow for the event and not for you, you should avoid weekends and holiday season, plan weekdays with your original band and more people will show up friends and family have booked weekends too, this this applies to them aswell, no matter how close they are
  13. its very hard to get some attention and its a lot of work which is not related in playing your own music you need to do "advertising" and promoting, keep your social media status up to date, post videos from your last rehearsal session, pictures from your last gig, haveing a youtube channel helps etc... even if its just for your friends and not for "making it" to some extend it has to be done. you don't need to have professional work phone cam vids and pictures are ok, it just have to be done you need to show the outside world that you are doing something and that you are moving, to keep anyone interested it gets even harder when you are done this for a couple of years and all your friends, family and co workers have been to one or more of your gigs, its hard to motivate to come again. the same is it for other bands not listening to your set, they are busy too, remove their gear etc what ever, if they do not know you, or you have not made curious about you before the day of the gig, they may listen for the first few chords and if you do not blow them away (most of us will not in the first few second), they move on and go. they might been already to a lot of gigs and seen a lot of bands starting out and you just one of them. its not about you and that they do not respect you, but you need to make them interested first and not them need to stay and listen.. and now for the bad news, if you don't have someone doing this stuff for you or you can pay some one for it, you and your bandmates have to do it all yourself and consumes much more time and energy than just showing up for rehearsal once or twice a week and for the gig i know what i'm talking about, cause we are very bad at it, being in his forties, having kids, having a fulltime job etc. don't leave much time, time which needs to be well spent, and there is so much want to do band wise (writing, recording gigging, maybe "touring" etc) but in the end i'm happy if we have once in a week a rehearsal and everybody shows up on time and we have some fun jamming, and all the other stuff just gets not done
  14. ahhh i'm just at 26 or 27 years of playing, and i never managed it to be much more than one hour day, i'm still not at the 10k, thats the reason why i still suck thx for doin the math for me PS: mods plz delete my anon post, didn't realize that i wasn't logged in
  15. chordite and grant i hear ya, we are on the same boat, and i try teach to my kids also to listen to a whole album and not just random songs
  16. there is actually something called "MTV Live" here in europe, which plays 24/7 "live" music, mostly from festivals which i never heard of, with artists i never heard of, before a hugh crowd of teenagers. i don't know if its mainstream pop but sure its no rock or guitar related music so for me its dispensable
  17. i call roland jazz chorus there are the jc120 and the jc70 as a smaller version
  18. still buy cd's either to support the artist or to have a physical copy. with my kids its a ritual in morning for breakfast to select a cd to listen to. i do not like streaming, cause over time it always plays more of the same... i miss the glorys days of mtv yes i watch youtube, but if i like something i try to go to their concert and/or buy their music
  19. very cool stuff but it reminds me somehow on bill ruperts demo videos, oh damn i want one and once i have it, i do not know what to do with it, cause i'm not bill rupert and not so creative
  20. there it is again... can you both two just stop? i just asked for more pictures of the finished guitar, i don't want to read your childish rubbish
  21. looks great, wouldn't mind to see more pictures of the finished product.. i just recently added a lil'59 in my '72 custom reissue tele, and it made it to the sound beast i had in mind
  22. i compared some kits and what instructions they come with, and i also can read schematic, hell i can explain how they work, but it is much much easier to have a step by step guide, than the full wiring diagramm and the schematic and a hgh level instruction list "unpack everything, solder like the wiring diagram, turn it on" and that said, depending which speaker you take, the byoc tweet royal is one of the cheapest all in one 5e3 kits with arournd $800, thats not much money, especially you will have use for the final amp in your studio right? or does your studio already have one 5e3 type amp?
  23. what are you waiting for? don't wait until its too late you know there also the BYOC tweed royal kit with the greatest instructions you ever need
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