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  1. I played a Godin with a sparkly finish once. Berry berry nice.
  2. This shill even has a tiny little Gibson ad built in.
  3. They must be incredible with so many people raving about them for so many years. 😃😃
  4. That's a job for a professional. If you don't know what a dilithium crystal looks like you shouldn't be playing with high voltage.
  5. We're still assuming the OP bought one of the new ones and not one of the old cardboard ones second hand.
  6. https://www.makenmusic.com/products/used-tom-anderson-guitarworks-short-classic-left-handed-lefty-electric-guitars 😃😃😃😃😃
  7. Looks like they're going to try to make Tom Anderson guitars. Good on them for trying.
  8. The video shows how the Kemper with an expression pedal doing pitch effects and morphing opens up a whole world of real-time possibilities without having to buy stomp boxes. It's been a real creative inspiration for me.
  9. Vintage thread! I like how the OP is incensed that they don't mention that the onboard preamp uses batteries. "They never told me the car took gas, now I'm stranded!" 🤔
  10. Is it new or an older one? If it's one of the recent high spec ones I'd get the wiring re-done or complain directly. If it's one of the original model I'd upgrade the neck, body, hardware, and electronics.
  11. Cheap and expensive guitars play equally well? That's not been my experience, but I'm not offended. Some people love Ford cars. Each to their own.
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