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  1. I think it's cool. The "I don't care what you think" ethos is strong. Makes me really curious what sort of songs got played with it, or if it was just created as a steampunk prop. My romantic side wants it to be an old blues guy, but it could be a guy playing country songs wearing only red, white, and blue speedos and a ten gallon hat.
  2. That looks like a nice guitar! Congrats and welcome. 😎
  3. I remember the necks on those old Peaveys were wide and not very chunky. I really liked the ones I tried. I think the main thing with fixing the holes is to manage your expectations. They end up being almost as noticeable or more in my experience.
  4. I've heard your playing. You've got no basis for criticizing mine. You're acting like a child. Goodbye troll.
  5. Well said! I'll work on my talent. Nice guy.
  6. You think Guthrie Govan is mediocre poop and Blackmore is God. I don't think we can move forward from here, champ. My posting used to be mostly responding to people about legit guitar stuff. Now it's facebook here.
  7. One person's peanut is another person's allergy.
  8. I really don't get the hatred angle. It's called personal taste. I don't think Richie Blackmore is "poop" just because of his limited technical ability. I just avoid listening to him and move on.
  9. Why use Google when you can get somebody else to do it for you?
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