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  1. You're running your distortion pedal in the effects loop, after the preamp?
  2. I used to read the reviews, but to be honest most of them were from people that were in love with the thing they bought and had very little experience. So the "Far better than a Martin D-28" type of comments for budget laminate guitars were born. Agree that the owners probably don't want people running off to Reverb to buy an old guitar based on mystique rather than the better modern ones they sell.
  3. My understanding is that this brand was manufactured by Tokai, then Suzuki. Seems like they have a Yamaha FG180 mystique going on.
  4. Electrics usually have much lighter strings, which makes them harder to intonate, plus way easier to squeeze notes sharp by fretting too hard. Agree that it's also more critical for them to get acoustics right before they leave the factory since they're not adjustable.
  5. Needs a new nut or a repair to the existing one. They wear out and are often hacked by players that don't get how to prevent them from grabbing the string. Suggesting that one old model is worse for this is like saying Fords have bald tires.
  6. I've played several of them, even Fender custom shop ones and always find the tone lacks the great treble overtones that a Strat or Tele gives me. Sample size is about 10 for me over 40 years.
  7. I think he had his own signature model of hair spray.
  8. I prefer the extra sssshhhhiiiinnngggg that you get with uncoated strings for recording or just playing unplugged. I prefer the robustness of the coated for stage situations - more hand sweat, less washing hands, high humidity - all are factors. Plus I love the feel of them.
  9. For what it's worth I run Elixir 12-54 Nano on my acoustic electric and DR Veritas in the same gauge on my acoustic acoustics.
  10. If you're almost always playing amplified with a pickup, the finger squeak won't be getting amplified and will be getting masked by the sound coming from the amps. Most good online videos of acoustics will use one or more condenser mics, which pick up all of the beautiful sound of the top, and any finger noise. I think whatever feels right to you will work. I don't think there'll be a huge difference in tone unless you change gauge.
  11. I have to admit that I also just need to play and hear a guitar to know if the builder managed to avoid problems in any of the major areas. It's cool to isolate and focus on all of those variables if you're building them, but as I'm sure you know that doesn't guarantee a "greater than the sum of the parts" like you get when they're all great.
  12. That's really nice! I've played a couple of LAG guitars now and they're very good. I love the 12 hole bridge. I really want to do that to mine.
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