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  1. I agree. This is a situation where you buy another guitar and sell one of your existing ones.
  2. The love for Tool apparently still runs deep.
  3. In the harsh light of day my attempted joke was in poor taste. Sorry. 35 years elapsed doesn't make it OK.
  4. You didn't do the wiring on the Challenger did you? Sorry... 🥸
  5. I suspect this is probably what has happened. If you're new to guitar electronics and have had a few goes at that switch it might be fried. My brother does a lot of soldering and he often clips an alligator lead between the component and the actual solder joint which gives the heat somewhere else to go.
  6. It would shield the wood from EMF and possibly shield the player from having groupies. 😀
  7. This is a common problem, but the fix definitely doesn't involve attacking the truss rod with vice grips. I recommend consulting a professional before you destroy the guitar. You seem to have a constant supply of instruments needing repair. Are you doing this for other people, or buying and flipping them after you've had a go with them?
  8. Isso não é verdade. As melhores guitarras Taylor são melhores do que as melhores guitarras Martin. Os Taylors também têm uma qualidade mais consistente. A marca Martin é muito popular.
  9. I agree that Gibsons are way over priced. I'm thinking Anderson, where they use CNC to shape the guitars perfectly, then master craftspeople do the rest. Then they leave them set up for a week or more then tweak them before they ship.
  10. I'm guessing you mean like Anderson and Suhr? 1) CNC is expensive 2) Even with the big shaping done with CNC, there's still a huge amount of master-grade skilled labour required to make a top end guitar 3) Great wood is also expensive 4) Why would anyone take the risk of building a guitar factory for razor thin profit margins
  11. Gosh - you sound amazing! Jazz must be really hard with those clean tones and such!
  12. Obsolescence is a pain, but that's just the way it goes. New processors and better technology enable developers to create cool new stuff and they aren't going to not do something because an old computer can't run it. If you truly can't afford to ever upgrade your computer I feel for you, but if you're just being obstinate I understand that too. Glad you've made it back!
  13. It's the acoustics that are at risk. When they stay overly hydrated for long periods they suffer problems. I always keep mine in their cases and keep some desiccant packs in there.
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