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  1. I think the most general tip I can give if this is your first fretted string instrument is to avoid pressing too hard with your fretting hand. Press the string right in behind the fret and you don't need much force AND the notes will cleaner and better intonated.
  2. Hello! Always good to see a familiar name. 😎
  3. The music is in the combination of notes and silent parts man. Like yin and yang, good and evil, Cheech and Chong. 🙏☯️☮
  4. This is the single low G replacement: https://m.juststrings.com/aqu-acslwg-1.html
  5. If it were me I'd put a fresh set of these on: https://m.juststrings.com/aqu-aclwg.html https://m.juststrings.com/aqu-86u.html https://m.juststrings.com/aqu-113u.html They used to sell the low G strings separately.
  6. Nice new uke! I usually swap out the 4th string with a thicker string and octave lower. You still get the same general sound, but with a bit more dynamic range. If you're ever jamming with a guitarist, just get them to capo on 5 and you're playing the same chord shapes.
  7. Once it's safe again, I'd get to a place where you can try some and ideally bring someone who can play so you can hear what's coming out the front. The shape of the guitar has a huge impact on the general sound and not always how you might think. Jumbo acoustics are all about mids, whereas dreadnoughts often have big bass and treble and a generally louder voice. If you want a really boxy, Ed Sheeran sound you want a little one like he uses.
  8. I bought a set of Kent Armstrong humbuckers several years back and sold them within 6 months because they had no redeeming features other than being inexpensive. The stock Ibanez pickups that I replaced were better.
  9. To keep up with a drummer. Why would anyone run gain pedals into a cheap SS amp and expect great tones?
  10. Tube amps have extra tone that the pedals sense and compensate for seems like the most likely answer. 🤡
  11. Maybe it's been modified to do that by someone that plays with a drummer and wanted to make sure he was always loud enough.
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