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  1. I can't believe you want to take a saw to your gear just as it's achieving consciousness.
  2. These are your production models, right? Not sure I understand this thread???
  3. http://archive.gibson.com/Service/Tech/Schematics/
  4. Hey look! A member of the marketing department from AMI. I'll never use THEM again for this dastardly behaviour.
  5. I'm a Kemperer, as you know, and I love it. The difference in sound and feel is really tiny compared to a tube amp. The totally careful placing of an SM57 and/or ribbon mic has already been done in a studio (optimised per actual amp/speaker) and imprinted on the sound, so you're not at the mercy of whatever mic placement you get on the night or having to use third party IR and load boxes. I play lots of covers across a bunch of genres, so the flexibility is really crucial. But I'm also a fan of always trying to have amazing amp tones and feel, and none of the modelers do that as well as Kemper. If the Kemper didn't exist I'd be using my Bogner and probably would have bought a Torpedo on your recommendation. 😎 In the future I think tube amps will stay around as long as there are still Gen X people walking around. After that who knows what entertainment will look like in 50 years.
  6. Your answer assumes a sensible question. Alas, no. He wants to know if the same amp in combo version sounds different to the head version when plugged into the same cabinet.
  7. What do you think the differences might be? Same components and circuitry in slightly different shaped box. Can't believe I'm replying...
  8. Hey! That's great stuff! Welcome to the dark side. 😀
  9. Grant Harding


    If they sound the same then go with the cheaper one.
  10. Grant Harding


    I'd go for the one that makes the sounds you want when you plug the guitar you're intending to use into it. I realise it sounds complex, but I know people that have chosen amps this way and they swear by it. 😉
  11. Have the bridge saddles got the normal 2 height adjustment screws? Those can rattle if only one is dealing with the string pressure. Try slightly screwing each one in, looking for one that will turn with no resistance and then turn it until it does.
  12. Nice! Congrats on the killer new guitars!
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