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  1. Congrats! I'll probably never achieve that since I'm a '57. They'd either be way too pricey or overpriced "junk" from the day. I've been tempted to buy the RI 1448, but I bought the other 3 models they recently reissued, so I figured I should pump the breaks. But indeed, I find something cool and vibey-retro about he 1448 sparkle blacks.
  2. Too sad, I can't even read it.
  3. No first hand experience, but I'd probably go with the 1x12 with the G12H30-55. I own the Laney L5 and think it's a great little head. I was running it into an Avatar cab with a single Celestion G10 Gold, and while that sounded quite good, I couldn't help but recently getting the matching blue tolex cab for it that has a single G12H 70th Anniversary. Somehow, the voicing of that speaker seemed like it's character was a bit of a better match, although both closed back cabs produced great tones with that head. But I'd be tempted to try out that G12H30-55. It's no doubt a quality speaker, and it should produce plenty of bass -fo sho-. It has the same high end range as the 75, however, the bass cone may tame some of the edginess, which could indeed be a very "personal preference issue". But as you cite, it won't be a back breaker. I also have a Laney Cub 10 and even one of the new little Lionheart minis -2x3. Laney definitely makes some good stuff.
  4. I had/have a bit of a crazier bridge rattle issue on a Fender Jaguarillo. It has a Jazzmaster style trem, but the bridge is a tune-o-matic style. It had one saddle that rocked side to side when the string was vibrating. This not only caused a noticeable buzz sound, but was also a significant sustain killer. I talked to Sweetwater and Fender about it. Fender said they'd send me a new one when they had one in stock, but they never followed through. Bastids. Sweetwater took a bridge off a Jaguarillo they had in stock and sent it to me, but it had even more saddles with the wiggles. So far I've given it a "high-tech" solution of shoving a bit of common staple wire on the side of the saddle so it has no room for movement. Not a great solution at all. It will probably eventually fall out and I'll find it some day stuck in my foot, but it's working for now. I occasionally look for replacement bridges, but I have this conundrum of wanting to find a replacement bridge that has a 9.5" radius to match the neck radius. I don't know what the radius is on the stock bridge, possibly it's also a 12" like the replacements I see, but for right now, the staple wire is working. LOL
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