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  1. I'd say the same as my buddy BK. Today I just happen to be checking in to see if I can find a post I made some years ago where I'd decided on which GF p'ups to put in an Epi Wilshire. (i.e. wanting to use the "me of the past" for a recommendation for the current GF sale). But every once in a while I'll still pop in to see what the activity is. But the days of of exalting mass GAS-driven obsessive compulsive buying disorders are now relics of the past; and along with that, the user reviews and most of the irreverent banter.
  2. Congrats! I'll probably never achieve that since I'm a '57. They'd either be way too pricey or overpriced "junk" from the day. I've been tempted to buy the RI 1448, but I bought the other 3 models they recently reissued, so I figured I should pump the breaks. But indeed, I find something cool and vibey-retro about he 1448 sparkle blacks.
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