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  1. That's really nice! I've played a couple of LAG guitars now and they're very good. I love the 12 hole bridge. I really want to do that to mine.
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    AMP W/O A FUSE,,,,

    Are you doing modifications to these old things yourself? If so, your general lack of understanding seems extremely dangerous. This stuff is deadly and can set places on fire. Edit: This is more of a warning to anyone providing enabling advice.
  3. I think 95% of modern LPs and clones are better than that guitar. I'd pay $600 for that if it's genuine.
  4. Great playing! I'd go with the sound you like the best. It's that uncomplicated.
  5. That's a double-quote necro post. High degree of difficulty with that one.
  6. It's the way the forum interacts with Google. If you search Google for Stagg Guitars the 7th result is the thread from here from 2009. So basically it's by design.
  7. Internet forums have had their day. They all blow now. The good old days weren't that great unless you like poo flinging.
  8. Nice one - I completely agree. I use strips of foam for this. I also use foam or not on the springs of my vibrato depending on the tone I'm after
  9. Forum traffic is forum traffic. I'm not going to judge the owners for trying to leverage their investment.
  10. I found the text glary and couldn't read it. 🥁
  11. Why so? Unable to play or just not?
  12. I think theyre a great deal. *mods the crap out of it* I'm thinking of getting another one. But i don't want to since it's not the best playing guitar. What sort of response are you after to this thread?
  13. Not if you use NOS Russian contact cement from 1952.
  14. Congrats! That's a fine looking geetar! I wouldn't worry about the little fret blemish if you can't feel it. Make up a little story, like that's where you knocked out a guy's tooth in a bar fight. 😀
  15. I agree that a really good player can make good music on even really low grade equipment. If you're making a living as a local musician that's the only sensible approach too. I also think that high grade gear makes inexperienced players sound worse. Like giving a Ferrari to someone that's learning to drive. Great player + great gear is where you get into the life changing performances though.
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