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  1. Well that answers the OP question of "how do I get into doing fretwork on guitars?". 😀
  2. I don't think the OP is keen to get their post count to 2. 👻
  3. Remember also that the band was the Ted Nugent band and guys like that tend to not like being upstaged. I bet the other guy held back to avoid an emotional meltdown.
  4. Ted plays flashy licks but I've never heard him do anything musically interesting. Wango Tango pretty much sums him up. Don't know Derek, but he's probably more musical.
  5. I think most of that doesn't make sense. Lowering the bridge to address a buzzing issue? Really? If you revisit this thread I suggest you return the guitar.
  6. Just Google "tape measure" or "calipers" and do your own leg work.
  7. I can't recommend the Mastery vibrato highly enough as a product and their bridge saddles. https://masterybridge.com/vibratos/mastery-vibrato/
  8. What daddymack said. Probably audio taper pot.
  9. Enhance the bank account of the guy that convinced you that water needs enhancing. The runs are like a membership perk.
  10. A bunch of that wiring looks like it was done by a first-timer, so it's probably best to just redo it and then see if things are still a problem.
  11. @Gibson29 - this is not the Smiling Bob you're looking for. 😀
  12. Why do all 3 need the same switch?
  13. Any that don't make you go yeah when you use them. They just change a tiny bit over time and most are never perfectly set up initially. I love working on guitars, so mine are where I like them for the way I play each of them. Saves a lot of money, but start with a beater.
  14. Probably only once in the case of your guitar. Just changing stings and DIY tweaks from then on.
  15. I'd happily pay as much as $150-$200 to get a complete setup, including a new nut, a fret level and polish by the right person.
  16. I would 100% recommend getting it serviced by whoever your local "wizard" is. It'll be like a whole different guitar.
  17. It looks to me like the nut is the culprit. If the note at the 1st fret agrees with the 13th fret, but they don't agree with the open string it's the nut.
  18. I thought about a PA, but I think each having their own for practice etc is a good idea.
  19. It looks like you've compensated as much as the 3rd saddle will go. What does the 3rd string read on the tuner when you play the 12th fret? The nut can cause similar issues if the contact point with the string isn't right at the front. To test for this, put a capo on the second fret, tune the string, then compare the 12th fret. If these agree then I'd look at replacing the nut.
  20. Hi there. Generally you can't get a good result plugging multiple instruments into the same amp. Also drums have a really wide range of frequencies to handle. In your situation I'd definitely get both the drum amp and a cheap guitar amp. Guitar and drums want very different amplification. Plus this lets your guitarist son start to learn about amps, which are about half the recipe for great sound.
  21. Nice job! I've had a couple of those fishing expeditions as well. Good for you getting it done without smashing the whole thing. I'm always amazed at how many guitars leave the factory with too tall nut slots and never get tweaked. When I do set ups for friends I normally take these closer to the limit, allowing for a smidge of wear. The results are almost always "Is this the same guitar? How did you make it so much easier to play?"
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