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  1. this is a message i just received from bucksstudent the fact that he's been allowed to continue to post here after contacting knotty's partner is completely unacceptable to me.... he did threaten honeyiscool when honeyiscool gave an honest summation of some music he'd posted.... he recently publicly posted another forum member's name on the forum... he's gone after soundcreation's personal details in this thread.... now he's threatening me i've stuck around here when many left, due to an affection i have for the place....but i've had enough... the moderators have allowed this unhinged, stalkerish behaviour to continue... and it is, as i said, completely unacceptable to me i'm done bucksstudent, i hope you come to a point where you stop justifying your behaviour and realise you have some mental health problems.... there's no shame in that... but you need to seek the proper help you need... to seek people's personal details that you disagree with on a guitar forum is worrying... to say the least be well everybody... guitars are awesome
  2. i have a 1965 Gibson ES140T that i play all the time
  3. mine was honestly perfect... just a flawless instrument... if one ever crosses my path again, i'll jump on it
  4. you're doing it AGAIN mods... this person needs to go he consistently stalks people on this site... he's contacted someone's partner in the past... he's threatened people....he recently posted someone else's name on the board.... enough is enough.... is this accepted behaviour here?.... how many chances can one person be given when they show creepy stalker behaviour?.... every time he gets in a disagreement with someone he tries to track down their personal details.... then he lets them know in an attempt to intimidate he needs to go
  5. trussart steelphonic gretsch duo jet national resolectric early 80s MIJ Ibanez AS50... super 58 pickups.... fantastic guitar
  6. i could clearly hear the difference, both acoustic and electric versions for me, it's like when there are shootouts between digital and analogue summing... some people say they can't hear a difference and i think "are we listening to the same thing?"... as it's very obvious to me
  7. thanks guys the thing about the space tone reverb tweed is it has an extra gain stage... it sounds incredible.... and having the 12 inch speaker is a plus... loud sucker for 5 watts, but the attenuator works great
  8. thinking about trying a different set of humbuckers in my SG faded
  9. i don't care what the guy does... if he wanted his name mentioned in a public forum... he'd do it so congratulations... you've found his videos on youtube... you've named him etc.... it's creepy dude... are you trying to scare him? it's not the first time you've shown behaviour like this... you should be banned imo... for good
  10. if you're on a mac, Logic makes sense i started on Logic... it's what i use now.... having said that, if i was starting again, i'd probably bite the bullet and learn ProTools
  11. 8 weeks though.... aaaarrrggggghhhhh!!!!!!!
  12. wow... there's a name i haven't seen here for a while.... congrats on the new guitar!
  13. you should try one out if you get the chance
  14. i used the attenuator yesterday (they actually have 2.. a larger one as well as the jr) ... works great as you know, a 5 watt tube amp can get LOUD ... especially when dimed... this way i can get that fantastic breakup at home at volumes that won't affect other people
  15. just copy the image and paste it very nice... congrats... always thought they were cool guitars i have an tribute asat that is a great guitar
  16. but i have to wait 8 weeks for it to arrive swart space tone reverb tweed i used to own the larger atomic space tone... great amp this one is a 5 watter with a 12 inch speaker.. it also has a beefier overdrive than their other small offerings i also ordered their little night light jr attenuator to go with it i played through the swart atomic jr today but was attracted to the larger speaker in this one (atomic jr has an 8 inch) here's some clips of the amp 81G9XWXrgBw K2amO9OSlK8
  17. i've had one for years... it's a good strap
  18. wampler plexi-drive deluxe... LOVE it... had mine for a while now and it's not going anywhere
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