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  1. You could buy a nice guitar for what it cost for a reset. This guitar is not worth it.
  2. I have 2 1994 MIM Fenders (Squire series) That are USA bodies and necks with cheap hardware I changed out.
  3. I Still look around. Don't remember when I 1st got on board.
  4. A sad loss of a Great guitarist.
  5. Zal changed the pickups to Gibson HB.
  6. I have the DeArmond version JetStar I prefer the pickup and the switching on it to this one . This is a more true reissue to the original.
  7. You can get the same thing off Ebay for less $$$.
  8. Yamaha because you won't Play it that much and Yamaha make great guitars for the $$$.
  9. The Guild is in your $$ but I prefer the DeArmond Jetstar Deluxe with the Goldtone pickups.
  10. I"ld look around more Yamaha make some Great guitar and so do others . Buying used is your best bang for bucks.Where are you located?? Look for solid wood construction Top + Back& sides. (At least the top should be solid)
  11. Battery or wiring did it work before this? Pic would help.
  12. Buy a 22/24 fret guitar thats way to much work & $$. Be cheaper to just buy a guitar with the frets you need.
  13. Buy a all solid wood guitars that will mature .
  14. WHY??? It won't sound that different just a bit louder with 2 speakers (3db Maybe) Yes to the can of worms.
  15. OK 1st just try the guitar after turn the saddle and put on new strings. Check the string action ( It should not be much different unless it was bad in the 1st place)Than go to youtube and check how to set intonation . It's real easy and check out other Youtube for cutting nuts and ajusting the neck.
  16. jtr654


    This Can't be real ???
  17. I use dental floss to pull the parts back into place.
  18. It look like a Hamer Stellar i have with that lacewood top and 24 frets.
  19. Yamaha really can't beat them for the price. Try to get at least a solid top.
  20. You might be able to pickup a Yamaha AM3M or A3M used for around $500 Great guitars wonderful electronics.
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