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  1. There a lot of variables on what makes a guitar sound the way it does.
  2. I think they're relaunching the Elite series.
  3. My very first guitar was a Hondo acoustic. The action on that thing was like a dobro.
  4. you need to find people who are as passionate as you
  5. The SDS-1 is a bridge pickup and it's made to be warmer than a traditional single coil.
  6. once i watched the carl verheyen way of setting up a strat trem i've never had a problem. set it so when you pull up on the bar the high e goes up a 1/2 step, the b goes up a full step and the g goes up a 1 1/2 steps (three frets). After that yes put some lubricate in the slots of the nut and the saddles.
  7. If I remember correctly they were designed by Trev Wilkinson. The bodies were made from a resin material.
  8. Phil. Do you know if the regulations on Rosewood have been relaxed or are they still enforcing them.
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