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  1. Good summation Craig. The only thing I'd add is the importance of the Performance playing the instrument well, and the emotional content of the individual parts. Like any live performance where a well rehearsed band uses varying amounts of energy dynamically as individuals and as a team effort, it is critical to tap into that same same kind of emotional energy when tracking in a studio. In a solo project, this can be much more difficult because you may not have the other players there to follow the dynamic lead set down as a team. Control over this emotional expression as you perform trackin
  2. I love the sounds of Mini Humbuckers. I currently have two Tele's with Minis, I may just try three in a Strat on the next build.
  3. I picked up one of these mini Diamond Fret files on Ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/Bevel-Diamond-Fret-File-Fret-Crowning-File-400-Grit-all-in-one-fret-file-/121138642333? They were only $15 so I said what the heck and gave it a shot. I tried it out on two guitars that needed some fret work. One had low worn frets and the other had just been refretted recently with super jumbo frets. I did the one with the super jumbo first. You have to work the file like you would a half round file from one side then the other. The diamond grit chews the metal on the side of the fret up pretty rough.
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