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  1. I don't think you can go wrong with either. If you tend to like hotter pups go with the 10k.
  2. I have a set of bg pure 90s that sound fantastic. http://bg-pups.com/pure90/
  3. Probably just needs a setup, most new guitars do. A good tech will spot any issues that would require return or warranty repairs.
  4. So basically you are saying, "There is too much bass when I turn the bass up too high. Help me pick a speaker with less bass so I can turn the bass up higher." Doesn't make a whole lot of sense dude.
  5. It maybe sounds like you should undo the depth mod.
  6. That was 13 years ago. Hopefully he's figured it out by now.
  7. Not likely. Rose wood usually has pretty big pores. They will show through unless you use a pore filler, which would be a pita on a fretted neck.
  8. https://www.stewmac.com/Hardware_and_Parts/Bridges_and_Tailpieces/Bridges_and_Tailpieces_for_Electric_Guitar/Nashville_Tune-o-matic_Bridge.html No slots. https://www.stewmac.com/Hardware_and_Parts/Bridges_and_Tailpieces/Bridges_and_Tailpieces_for_Electric_Guitar/Nashville_Tune-o-matic_Saddles.html
  9. https://www.stewmac.com/Hardware_and_Parts/Bridges_and_Tailpieces/Bridges_and_Tailpieces_for_Electric_Guitar/ Stewmac has tunomatics without slots. They also have floating bridges but they all look slotted. However you can also buy a set of unsorted saddles there, which you'd have to do. They should be able to help you pick the right ones.
  10. Every part of that story is awesome.
  11. You should be able to find one with unslotted saddles, that way you can cut the slots to the spacing you like. Stewmac is a good source for those kind of parts as well.
  12. You may be able too if the current threads are much bigger than the fender size. You need to remove the existing threads and then cut in new ones. Screws thread dimensions have two diameters, major and minor. The major diameter is to the outside of the thread and minor diameter is to the base of the thread. A 10-32 thread has a major diameter of 0.190". You need to make sure the minor diameter of the existing threads is larger than 0.190. First step would be knowing exactly what you have by using a thread guage. They usually have then free to use in the hardware section of the hardware store. Then look up the minor diameter of that thread. Next you'll have to get the tools or find someone to do it for you. It won t be cheap either way.
  13. That's the general idea, though he makes it look more involved and tricky than it really is.
  14. Usually there is enough room in the pocket to loosen the screws and wiggle the neck into alignment. Then retighten. Sounds like that may not be the case for you though. Try it anyway though. It doesn't take much movement to make a big difference.
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