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  1. The closest modern production knobs are probably on the reissue steels. They are a bit different and I can't find any for sale by themselves. https://www.americanmusical.com/Item--i-EPI-EFCL-LIST What happened to original? Lost or broken? Finding an original like that, (or even the carousal knobs like on the reissue) will be tricky. If you have another to copy you may want to consider a silicone molding kit. I'd make two new knobs from a casting of the original, and put the original somewhere safe.
  2. Could you post a better pic, one that actually shows where the wires terminate?
  3. Interesting take. What are some of the common tell tale signs it's a fake epi?
  4. It'll be back. Problems like that never fix themselves. From your posts it really sounds like a bad connection. It will be back.
  5. Nut slot depth isnt the only thing to worry about there. If the lead edge is worn the string can vibrate against it.
  6. Yeah, that seemed like a good move. Thanks for keeping on it.
  7. There have been two new members on the HCEG forum in recent minutes whose sole post was to simply quote a previous post, offering no new information. Spam bots testing the waters most likely.
  8. There isn't really a universal color code for pickup wires unfortunately. It depends somewhat on who made the pickup. Who made your pickups? Seymour duncan has a ton of good diagrams on their site, but the colors are only guaranteed to match their convention. https://www.seymourduncan.com/wiring-diagrams
  9. mrbrown49

    Not Bad

    Looking good so far. Ive had the same bubbles issues with foam brushes and oil finishes. Rags and brushes work much better.
  10. That's gorgeous guitarcheologist. Welcome.
  11. That's a tough one. Rick doesn't seem to sell a replacement saddle for that era anymore. The expensive option is to replace the whole bridge, obviously not ideal. Can you shim up the bridge till the high e is where you like it? You'd have to deepen the slots on the other saddles though.
  12. I whole heartedly agree. I usually set my amps a little louder and a little brighter than I expect to need so I can effectively use both controls.
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