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  1. I like to think he's spent the last 11 years sitting and looking at an unplayable guitar waiting for that post. A post the essentially says "Google it."
  2. Great amps. I have its little brother, the r12r and use it regularly. I also have an sr212rt which is ampegs answer to to the twin. A reissue j12t and an early 60s gemini 1.
  3. Lovely partscasters. The strat on the left is lovely with the light streaks. What sort of wood is that? Have a 10 month old at home. She's taking up most of my time when I'm not working from home. Getting to spend so much time with her at this age certainly is a silver lining to all this. 😁
  4. Any luck getting the intonation sorted?
  5. Careful. In 15 years that could really piss somebody off.
  6. Congrats on both, but that Ibanez is particularly stunning.
  7. Its all preference. If you dig into it you'll see lots of different hand positions, slide shapes, and slides on different fingers. Some like it on their first finger, some middle etc. I suck at slide, but, I personally like it on my ring finger.
  8. Don't get me wrong, they sounded good. But worth the hype and the price tag? No.
  9. Did it help? Did you lower the bridge pickup too?
  10. That bridge pickup looks really close to the strings. The magnets can pull on the strings and mess with intonation. Its sometimes called stratitus. Try lowering your pickups and rechecking.
  11. Go easy with it. It can quickly make it feel like an oil slick. I use it after I play sometimes and it marginally extends string life.
  12. Throw in a new neck and body and you'll have something really nice. 😉
  13. Let's hope that in the last 14 years he's figured out everything he needs to know about that guitar.
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