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  1. No. It won't. The real sound producer of an acoustic guitar is the top. It is driven much like a speaker. For that to happen the construction of the guitar has to facilitate the top vibrating; solid top, minimal bracing etc. Hollow and semi-hollow electric guitars are usually constructed to minimize the vibration of the top because it causes feedback; laminate tops, center blocks, more bracing.
  2. Try putting a little graphite or chapstick in the nut slots. Most tuning issues from the strings binding, or from poor tuning technique (not tuning UP to pitch).
  3. Most acoustic strings have a wound 3rd string. That changes the intonation compared to a plain string.
  4. Short answer. The site owner f'd up and they are gone.
  5. Looking at those pics again, why does the first fret inlay look so far off center?
  6. A used gibson with a refret, possible refinish, and a crack in the fretboard for almost 3k? Pass.
  7. Exactly right. It jumps to infinite resistance at the top end, and there's a little detent so you know when your hit it. It can simply be used for added twang, but I find it also makes the volume knob more useable.
  8. Congrats on the guitar, and on quiting cigs! I know how hard that is, not having done it successfully myself.
  9. I'm a fan of the no load tone pot as well.
  10. It's not really corroding the gold. It corrodes the steel under it, and loosens the bond. Plating looks impervious, but it's not.
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