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  1. looks great. Might be nice in the tortois.
  2. That's looking really nice with the chrome pup rings and sawed off bridge plate. Good choice.
  3. Looks like fun. Keep us updated on the progress!
  4. Agreed. Always loosen first. Some times it helps to gently straighten the neck with a little gentle pressure from your hands.
  5. I don't have an XTSA, but those type of knobs usually have a set screw. Loosen the set screw and the knob should pull right off. The pots will be accessible through the back cover. Use contact cleaner with a lubricant like deoxit fader lube.
  6. Looks like he hasnt been around since 2013. Try PMing him. Maybe you'll get lucky and he'll get a notification to an active email account. https://www.harmonycentral.com/profile/189416-coolblues309/
  7. The key word was staggered. The posts on the higher strings are lower so you may get away without them. If one is needed on the top two, avoid the stamped sheet metal type and get the tshaped ones. Most of the staggered sets seem to be locking, so that's just an added bonus.
  8. I agee. Most versatile guitar I ever had was an hss strat with a split bridge.
  9. Agreed. Mine's very stable with the standard trem and I use the trem alot.
  10. Skip the roller saddles and get staggered locking tuners so you don't need string trees. The locking helps a tad with tuning stability, and they make string changes so easy. No string trees helps a lot for tuning stability.
  11. Have you tried lowering the height of your current pickups? That can really help open up the top end, depending on the pickups.
  12. In my experience, boosts are more dependent on the amp than the guitar. For that reason I'd rather have a pedal than an on board pre amp.
  13. An Mia fender strat. Go used to save a bit if you'd like. Love mine to bits and it's a bone stock 2012ish Mia standard.
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