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  1. Haven't seen this much amazing stuff since I went to Egyptian museum in Cairo. Wow. I mean WOW.
  2. Korea has quality. I have a couple Crafters that are flawless. I have a Vox HD77 from there. Bought before Prince died (see in some 2013 vids), tack $1000 onto used price now, so many amazing unique features. Indonesia can have quality: G&L Comanche tribute and Cort Sunset 2: TV Jones pickups, tonepros, Grover, Bigsby: nothing to upgrade and the "platform" all this goodness was dropped into near flawless (paint in F hole not great). Parker P very good too. China: Fender thinline with P90s (not Squire, tho some of those are great) could be bit better upper frets, but a gas of a guitar. Yamaha ACR acoustic: did comparison with Taylor and Martin in same price range when I got it. Better build, better pickup, better sound (all about taste anyway) and came with great case. Goes back to oft repeated "they build to level company wants them to": you want cheap crap, yeah, we can do that. you want great guitar at reasonable price, yeah we can do that too.
  3. I thought you might be referring to a long gone Jeff Goldblum TV series....
  4. Read a review of one of those. Said the bass notes sounded "tubby" and impossible to lower the action.
  5. I think DG's sound depends a lot on amps and effects.... but what do I know? (not much)
  6. oops! Thanks Freeman, oh wait... thanks Gardo. Reminds me of "Walk Hard Dewey Cox story": "Doctor! he needs more blankets and less blankets!" So how about getting a Bigsby handle/paddle machined so it can fit into std whammy hole and then put blocks on assembly so up and down will be more limited. No dive bombing and all that. A whamsby? Bigsmy?
  7. If you use trad strat tremolo, why would you need roller bridge? The whole bridge/saddle assembly goes up and down, and no string drags over saddles as would be case with a TOM bridge/saddle. Correct me if I am wrong (as if you guys wouldn't! haha)
  8. Pretty sure saw the strat and jag versions on sale at GC, $35k and 30k. The jag is a bargain (haha). I take approach "every guitar is a beach guitar" (I live about 10 min walk from Thai beach where I plink away) but I reckon I'd have to amend that view, so guess I'll pass.....
  9. It's early in the morning here in Thailand, so don't get on my case too much puh-leeze... How about an acoustic processor in the chain? I have a cheap old Zoom A2 and couple features include feedback surpression (a notch filter, can be automatic) and I wonder if phase reversal would have any effect on cutting down feedback. Have used it a few times with electric gits: no distortion settings (duh) but the other features can yield interesting results.....
  10. '59 Gibson Melody Maker with fake alligator case, $65. Somewhat rare (I found out later) as it had two pickups. Got it in 1965, which probably had something to do with price. Minimum wage was $1.25/hr btw
  11. Emory


    "***********"! Sez who?
  12. "... somehow found ourselves at the CF Martin factory." Gave me a chuckle... "somehow"... was there a star shining in the sky above Nazareth? Similar to going out with wife and "somehow" ending up at shoestore. Nice pics. I reckon CNC good for basic neck joints, etc... but best to have a human playing with tops, bracing, etc I don't think folks like Freeman have anything to worry about
  13. As I am in Thailand (14 hrs ahead of west coast) often I get early shot at the spam What would happen if I didn't fill in reason for flagging? Is typing "spam" enough?
  14. Hmmm I wanted to say "better than nothing" but on second thought a really crap guitar could put you off guitar for life. Along lines of puking from too much Tequila.... That said had third thought, along lines of British bake off or some BS reality show... Get 4 or 5 top rated luthiers, give them each one of these jewels, and vids of each of them doing a set up as best they could. See if any of them can turn lead into gold, or at least fools gold
  15. Being in Thailand and about 14 hrs ahead of west coast USA, I often wondered if I was first to see posts about those medical miracles (my afternoon middle of your night), and dutifully flag them. Good to see I'm not alone
  16. Let me be first to chime in with "look for used guitar" It will effectively double the range of what available with your budget. Sound could be better as the wood may now be "seasoned" Can't speak to craftsmanship, but Tough? Well, if it's still around, most things that could go wrong probably would have already happened Uniqueness? here could be big payoff if you are willing to take the time looking. 15 yrs ago I was at GC Seattle and saw a "Fairytale" ("World's finest guitar" said so on sticker inside). Made in Japan, possible 70's. Copy of a Martin D-35, but $150. Took it acoustic room where real Martins were and did comparison. Close enough for government work, as some say. Keep your eyes open for used Tacoma and/or Olympia (Korean made versions). My Tacoma jumbo amazes me
  17. Have you done anything with the nut? Might be able to tease a bit of lowering there. Very very rare to get action like electric. Maybe just consider acoustic as some sort of home gym for your fingers, get them stronger. Benefit is your electric playing will seem even more effortless, at least as far as fretting goes
  18. Wilson Pickett did a cover of Sugar Sugar, demonstrating you can turn crap into something golden. 69 did have some great music. Besides all the biggies mentioned, 69 was year I got Boz Scaggs solo album with some guitar player named Allman (the bros didn't have album out yet). Oh yeah...
  19. I usually pick up a few CDs on annual trip back to states. Some have to be replacements, as some strange rot happens here in Thailand, usually to CD/DVDs I like. Had to get new copy of "Love", that Beatles DVD in 5.1 as original rendered unplayable. I suppose I'll get the Beatles Abbey Road as I read it will have that in 5.1. I have butcher cover, bought it new when it came out, did my own steam off. Recorded music and guitars are made to be played IMO. All guitars are beach guitars. If I want to invest, I'll buy stock.
  20. "THE EXECUTION OF A TURD" Hope it wasn't hanging.... I'd like to read it too
  21. I hear single malt tops have better sustain then blends. What cha think?
  22. Like putting training wheels on a tricycle.....
  23. If the pickup died, just take it to next gig and bury it in the mix.
  24. Sound and fury signifying nothing. It's really not about how many notes you can play
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