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  1. Nice of Mikeo to type out what I was going to suggest. If you got that Gretsch, after you put in the superb TV Jones pup, you go extra mile and put in a Les trem 2 for Bigsby like fun at 1/10 the weight, less cost AND easy to move around to other stop tail gits. Got one I'd alternate between my Guild Starfire IV (1999 model) and earlier version of Reverend 6 gun. Have fun! Like yr collection too
  2. I duuno seems like being deployed to Iraq 12 years ago would qualify a "ITS THE WORST!". But just guessing. I haven't been to Iraq
  3. not sure if this will help, or maybe you already checked it out http://fly.electricguitarinnovationlab.org/viewtopic.php?t=63
  4. I suppose you could put on another fret, but there would be no fret board to push the string down on. Push string all the way down to the pickguard below? Might have intonation issues. I've heard of fretless guitars, but never fret boardless guitars.
  5. Suggest doing all you can "conditioning" the AC to your amp. Every little bit helps... maybe
  6. teeth grindingly lovely Please adopt me
  7. Plenty of info and opinions here. I agree good starter is Yamaha. Wisdom? Seems sold out or in short supply these days.
  8. Best of luck. I wonder which is heavier: Robbie's bronze or George's rosewood tele?
  9. I remember when Ibanez were selling those. I'd just bought an AF95 (very similar). Yours has the even fancier fret board inlays than mine + did yours come with Bigsby? I put StewMac golden age pickups in mine and made it brilliant. My brain keeps thinking they also made special model with map on it in pin stripes... is it me or the dementia? Is there a difference?
  10. I'm thinking of scattering what I've got in my condo in Jomtien Thailand. If I die alone (wife stuck in Bangkok), cops come in and steal everything of value. Multiple sources confirm this: lots of geezers here in Thailand cleaned out. You can't take it with you, but shouldn't mean cops can take it with them.
  11. I'll take the thinline tele on the right.... On first bit of scroll down I thought that rack of 15 or so guitars was your "mock ups", then saw the four. haha You make me sick.... with envy. Hope that cheers you up!
  12. This forum is where you will get the best suggestions on inexpensive guitar. Other than moderators (like wonderful Phil), none of us gets a dime for spouting our views and opinions. Who know what financial considerations, level of expertise are at those "best" sites. "None of us is as smart as all of us" & much more "all" here
  13. FWIW Plenty of toilet paper and instant noodles (tons of brands) here in Thailand. Cleaning alcohol, not easily found. 7-11 suggested I buy some of the vodka, scotch, and local firewater instead. Les Paul's too heavy. I'll take a 52 tele, thank you very much
  14. I've got one of those jazz boxes (AF 95) and love it. I think yours may be few years newer as went with simple tail piece but still have those lovely fret marker inlays. You can see my headstock in avatar. All the gold plating came off within weeks, but I am in Thailand.... site had Gretsch knobs for cheap, hence label it a "Grouch" If I might suggest, get some StewMac golden age humbuckers to replace rather blah stock pickups. Made a world of difference (in a good way).
  15. Be sure to post some pics when you finish rehabing it. Love that headstock. Hours of fun ahead. Cool
  16. Great suggestions here. I used to sit in high school class and practice sending message from brain to specific fingers to build those neural pathways. Desk was my guitar neck. Maybe already do this, but when listening try to isolate in your brain what one (or more) of instruments is adding to the mix. Sort of deconstruct the tune... I remember first doing that and thinking "huh, that tremolo guitar only played 4 chords 4 times in whole song. How about that?" I guess you'd call that "critical listening"
  17. Stumbled on this yesterday, okay so been around 3 years, but thought I'd share anyway. Seems in '86 original members of best band of 60's considered reunion & this is a bit of a jam. Post is from dude who shot video at Stills house, his comments alone worth price of admission. Fun to watch these guys working out a tune in a tight space... like the rest of us, except massive talent. Okay, maybe just speaking for myself... Nice to see Ritchie and Bruce laying it down...
  18. A man after my own heart... btw, you can't have it! "Zen mind, beginners mind" popped into space where my mind used to reside.
  19. Agreed. Bonus of clamping on head stock is it keeps tuners etc off flat surface. Pin on hinge did come out, so had to do slight repair of getting back in. Finish coming off too, but this is Thailand... I also have Shubbs, like those too.
  20. I am passionately neutral. Not gonna make or break decision, though I do like the smoothness on the hand
  21. Pick material is very important for what finally comes out. I have one of those keychain pick holders, with variety going from celluloid to tortex to softer plastic, nylon. In my mind, pick is as important as strings in determining what sort of noise comes out.
  22. Suggest you look at this thread. I have an AC3R and think it is great.
  23. To me no such thing as a perfect pick. What might sound good with one guitar/string/amp combo might not cut it with another. I have one of those keychain pick holders, cram about 8-9 in there. Something usually works. I am a bit partial to Snark picks as a starting point, for what that's worth (not much)
  24. I never let my cats change the strings. Leave that to the bears, and get free claw spruce top in the bargain.
  25. Big factor would be how much disposable income do you have? $9K would be chump change for Jeff Bezos. For pros out there, don't they have advantage of writing off part of the cost as a business asset? Depreciation? My criteria is that the guitar has to be better than my playing ability, so I have so many choices that don't break the bank.
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