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  1. Does it do it acoustcally too, or just through the amp?
  2. I agree with davie. Interfaces also usually have xlr inputs, and better preamps than an internal soundcard.
  3. Yeah i like that look. And it still feels less sticky.
  4. Looks nice. I did a similar treatment to mine to break the gloss. Its polished again where i touch it most.
  5. A point system might help.
  6. Keep going! Half way to the summit.
  7. Only listened to a couple, but there's some good stuff there. Well done.
  8. Dude i just asked you to keep it civil and you came back with, "Well he started it" Pretty childish. Let it go.
  9. No need to be insulting. Go listen to aphex twin and cool off a bit. Throw a little boards of canada in there too.
  10. Pics or least the model # of your guitar would help.
  11. Unless your guitars are finished in nitro, they'll never have that look anyway.
  12. Keep racking up those points!
  13. At the commissary for cigs and ramen.
  14. It really does work and it's way easier to mess with than graphite. I use it on my bigsby'd guitar sometimes. Got that tip from Chet Atkins.
  15. Same thought crossed my mind as well.
  16. Tuning stability is usually binding in the nut. For a cheap fix, throw a little chapstick in the nut slots.
  17. One of these little guys? https://www.guitarpartsresource.com/tuners_partsbushings.htm The also have the little spring washers.
  18. Last one out, turn the lights off when you leave.
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