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  1. Watching with internet and anticipation
  2. I once had the idea of making up a bunch of Telecaster control plates with different wiring mods. Using a quick plug connector I could rewire my guitar in about a minute. Cool, I thought. Then I asked myself why and forgot about it. But you seem to have a plan and locking tuners might work.
  3. How often are you changing PGs? I use this type of tuners and actually have put strings back on after they pop off You could try using a capo and pulling the strings as you loosen to keep some tension on the tuners
  4. Appears to be a real f hole here’s a video
  5. I’m somewhere between confused and nauseous Not hot
  6. What do you think Hot ,Not or Confused
  7. Now there’s something people over do. If you’re playing it the oil from your fingers is enough. Any other oil should be used sparingly and rarely
  8. I kind of like the shape of this Fender acoustic headstock .
  9. Can’t offer any help but that really sux Was it insured?
  10. Could you use soap bar P-90’s ?
  11. Seems so simple, it makes me wonder why they’re not made that way. Is there a down side. I’ll have to try this on my 335 clone when I get a chance.
  12. Looks like a great project. Keep us posted We need a good project to follow
  13. Thanks The top is a maple veneer over what I think is alder, I wish it was a maple cap. The mini is meatier than a standard single coil which I like. I have other teles with SC pickups so this gives a different tone option. By the way, welcome back it’s been a while since you stopped by.
  14. That’s really what hooked me. When I saw it I had to have it . A case of lust at first sight.
  15. It’s a pretty one and arrived well set up needing only tuning; The fret worrk was great. it seems like there was some sort of coating or something in the jack,after a shot of contact claner it sounded much better. The neck had an unfinished feel that some people pefer. I don't so I treated it with Orange Glo . This not only enhanced the grain but gives that smooth feel i like.The neck feels pretty good now and the nut is wider than some of the Squiers but I would prefer a little more thickness . The beauty of playing is with both pickups. The bridge is not as twangy as others but blends well with the mini. It does not have full size pots but I wouldn't notice if I didn't look. I don't completely understand the wiring. The neck seems to have the in wires gronded and the grounds on the switch. I do know that hum has never been a problem. It is not a Custom Shop and does not have the same quality feel of one , it's more like some of the Fenders that ae also made in Indonesia. I don't think it's a printed paper veneer because the grain pattern does change when I turn it in the light. I wanted a thinline with a neck mini and there are not many out there. Overall I like it quite a bit especially for the money
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