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  1. Just shows how handicapped some “musicians” are . He even needed sheet music.
  2. Ever hear of the sounds of silence?
  3. What do you mean ? He's been silent for a long time You write or play a note, and then where does the next one come from? The silence. But only if we're listening for it. Otherwise, our playing becomes a stream of run-on sentences that has no meaning. No subtlety. No breath.
  4. Looks like the perfect cabin fever reliever. HNGD
  5. Basic economic principle of supply and demand, like you said ,the word is out.
  6. Go easy and don’t over do it. Give the neck a chance to settle in after adjusting it
  7. gardo

    Wiring Ideas

    Well everything is shut down so I got a chance to put that switch in . what I want is neck bucker ,bridge bucker and both together. The other 2 positions weren’t that important so I went 1 bridge bucker 2 bridge single, neck single parallel 3 bridge bucker ,neck bucker 4 bridge single ,neck bucker 5 neck bucker 4 has kind of a Strat middle sound I like If I get bored I can always move a couple more wires
  8. Can’t speak for the Strats but a bullet Tele might be a good platform for mods
  9. I did some mods to a Squire Affinity Tele. It's a good enough guitar except that when you start modding it you discover that nothing fits.
  10. I have a VS15R I use in the basement, it's an OK little amp . It has the Black and Gold speaker and a tiny spring reverb . I actually used it in church for a while before I went to acoustic. Picked it up at a yard sale with a cheap guitar for like $35. Cleaned up the guitar added a new set of strings and made a couple bucks,so the amp is basically a freeby.
  11. I’ve been relying on college radio stations to find something new. They have a very eclectic mix that I listen to while driving. Drawback is that when I hear something I like I need to remember the time and track it down on their playlist
  12. Nice, glad you found what you wanted. You mentioned the strings are not right over some of the poles. It’s hard to see on the pic but is the string spacing on the neck even? Looks like it could be a little closer on the low E side but could just be camera angle. You may be able to shift the neck a little if it’s not even and that might help out a little bit with pickup spacing. Overall though if it sounds good just play it. HNGD
  13. gardo

    Wiring Ideas

    Took me a while to figure things out . The switch was a bit of a puzzle it’s self . The link you posted helped me a lot . Now I understand how everything works and it’s actually quite simple. Now one of these days I can actually wire it up Thanks again
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