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  1. When I wanted to clean up the tone on the neck pup of a 335 clone I took a different route, a coil tap.
  2. That’s interesting to hear The museum tour was self guided and I didn’t read anything about that on the plaques I was to busy drooling over the historic Dreadnaughts
  3. I have an Epiphone Materbilt with a tinted”aged” finish It looks great but the new guitar sound just doesn’t match the old guitar look Not to say it sounds bad by any means but hopefully it will open up with time
  4. I've been told that Taylors are an acquired taste . Never played them long enough to find out
  5. Congrats , scores like this make the hunt worth while
  6. There is some real eye candy in the museum but they're just too fancy to play, Like the one millionth guitar http://guitarinternational.com/2010/11/02/look-back-at-the-millionth-martin-guitar/
  7. We had some hotel points to use and the beach was more than our points covered. . Allentown was in the price range so "Honey ,we're going to Allentown" There actually is a winery nearby but we didn't go. Woke up in the morning deciding what to do and my wife suggested that since the area has a lot of industry we might tour a manufacturing site to see how things are made. Perfect time to mention that Martin is only a thirty minute drive.
  8. Is there something mystical about a guitar or are they truly just lifeless objects ?
  9. Even gave us this souvenir sound hole after the tour
  10. I think they said the goal is 215 per day. They're working a lot of overtime to keep up ,in fact they're even taking applications for factory workers. They do hand shape the necks, so there may still be something special about a certain guitar. You can actually buy a guitar at the factory. if you don't see what you're looking for a sales rep will go find it for you;. But they will not undercut their dealers . There is no price benefit but the selection is incredible. If I had a couple grand in my pocket I would go back to buy
  11. My first guitar was a cheap Japanese electric that I found on the clearance rack of the local 5 and 10 cent store, Didn't know how to play but I knew for sure....... So I thought, this was in about 1974 and thing was really bad and the amp? what amp? my stereo had a jack labeled mic/guitar i didn't need no amp. Enentualy I had enough money to buy a half decent acoustic used. Then I finally learned how to play.
  12. My wife and I went out on an adventure today and somehow found ourselves at the CF Martin factory. We arrived just in time for a tour so of course we took it They have are a lot of highly skilled people there but for the most part (except for the custom shop) the craftsmanship of men like Freeman Keller has been replaced by cnc guided lasers and robotic finishing and even buffing machines Made me kind of sad to walk through the museum and see the rusted tools of a bygone era The human touch is still a vital part of the process and overall quality and cost effectiveness are better than ever but seeing this In the museum being replaced by this automated neck fitting machine,I can’t help wonder what we’ve lost
  13. Thanks for the info thie capacitance was measured and is very low, I don’t recall the reading but no doubt the part is bad just a matter of finding the right one
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