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  1. Good to here from you ,I hope you’ve recovering well hang in there
  2. WHAT !!! rip Eddie
  3. I’m hooked on them. This one is number four but each one is different
  4. Always wondered about the Xaviere T types but not quite enough to bite. Until now, they changed the headstock shape and it’s now called a Pro 820 . A three piece alder body with ashtray bridge and brass saddles ,it looks good .It showed up Saturday after the UPS driver teased me a bit. First thing Saturday morning the truck showed up in front of the house. The driver sat there and sat there and left. Late afternoon he came back with the delivery. It needed only tuning to be very playable. But to really be right it need some attention. The frets were a little sharp but a file took care of
  5. Looks good I like the color as well It should inspire you to do more
  6. Just Wendy Smith AFIK
  7. Or talk about their questionable business practices
  8. So did anybody else get a message from Glarry asking you to review their guitars ?
  9. I took a long look at the Epi 339 Pro in Pelham Blue. It looks great and played great but I ended up buying something else
  10. It’s not worth it. There’s nothing to prove Arguing rarely changes anything except my mood. Just let them talk
  11. HNUSGD Yet another treasure waiting to be rescued. Hope it lifts your spirits while you recuperate Best of health to you
  12. Another thing to keep in mind is a basic rule of tuning . Always tune up to pitch . If the note is sharp ,tune low then back up to pitch. This locks the gears in the tuner and helps a lot with stability
  13. I've had blend pots on a few different guitars. One thing they had in common was a loss of treble .This would be especially noticeably in the 2&4 pos. I used no load tone pots to help compensate but eventually removed the blend pots. If you really like the blend pot you could consider 500k tone pots.
  14. No, your guitar is fine You just worry too much
  15. Nice, just getting to know the possibilities with that one would be a blast..
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