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  1. Because we can’t say willn’t
  2. Even or even? I’d say even. But I went to school with a guy named Evan
  3. Is this something reliable to maintain a D 18 . It has been kept in a case and humidity monitored. It seems like a good idea if it works.
  4. What ever color I just bought is my favorite
  5. I take it that you don’t like red ,white or blue
  6. Wow, I never realized that. I just assumed they were all solid. No wonder people say the flat tops sound better
  7. Happy Birthday, I think you’re officially an old fart now. Don’t worry so am I I like the Ibanez a lot. You are correct on the bridge . Why they do that I don’t know. What do you mean by a “ floating laminate top’ on the LP type?
  8. Changed strangs too This place is slower than I ever seed it
  9. Yeah I suppose it might gloss again but I’ll call that road worm
  10. And now I’m seeing ads for Lemon Pledge
  11. It’s not just finding the one that looks best but finding the one that makes me feel best Black single ply ,wet sanded with 1000 grit then wiped with Lemon Pledge , just right
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