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  1. I did the same thing. Funny thing, I really don't remember what ever happened to my 8 track recorder.
  2. That’s just to purty to put in a case and from your description it sounds and plays just as good HNGD
  3. If more is better too much is just right I had a couple of his 8 tracks
  4. And lost about 20 percent of his hearing too
  5. That’s because Smoke on the Water hadn’t been written yet
  6. It's big ,its award , it's loud acoustilay and it's beautiful Ted Nugent knew how to rock a jazz box
  7. Ever since I read this the song “My Mirage “ has been playing in mind
  8. Of my electrics the Strat gets the least playing time Even though with a little delay it's a Honky Tonk Hammer. Does a good job with surf too ,love that trem just don't seem to play it But I would never think of selling it .
  9. Two different times I had to have a12 string The first developed a crack, it was repaired under warranty then quickly sold The second was fun for a few weeks then put it a case under the bed and forgotten. Eventually I traded it for an amp
  10. I played air guitar with 8 tracks
  11. We all have go to guitars, but what about the other end of the scale Mine is a 1971 Yamaha G230 classical guitar Had to have it but never play it Why ,because I can’t plug it in. Not really, just don’t like the short fat neck
  12. You are correct, there is something wrong here You are responding to a thread from 11 years ago But thanks for trying
  13. Air guitars are very popular and they last forever
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