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  1. Still waiting for parts to arrive. Meanwhile , I got the PG so I wet sanded it with a sanding block using 2000 grit then wiped a little Lemon Pledge over it to get sort of a Bakelite look
  2. I like to sit and play my Telecaster but I have to pay attention to keep the jack off the chair. An ES 335 is a very good fit just depends what sound I want. Strat is also a good fit ,I'm just not a Strat guy
  3. I went with vintage style slotted tuners ,they required the use of adapter bushings because of the 10mm peg holes . The pickups will be GFS 63 vintage wound professional series . The bridge has staggered poles and is wound to 6.3k while the neck is wound to 7.8k. The control plate is here but hasn’t been soldered up yet The tone pot is Fender no-load, I wIll probably use the chicklet cap that was included. A black pickgaurd is supposed to arrive tomorrow along with a few other pieces. Copper shielding tape will be here Saturday and a Wilkinson bridge plate with compensated brass saddles i
  4. Parts are slowly coming in ,by Monday everything should be here. No too much I can do until then
  5. Roasted maple sounds like something to put on pancakes not guitars
  6. Check this one out https://reverb.com/item/3255307-dillion-v-series-electric-guitar-with-emg-s similar perhaps
  7. Wow. Wonder if that price was a mistake Good eye and a bit lucky too Congratulations on the find of the year
  8. Hmmm , I don’t know anything about that. It does have some sort of oil based finish
  9. i did step up a bit on the neck. I need 1-11/16 nut width, C profile,22 frets, 9-1/2” radius and of course a skunk stripe . I went with a Mighty Mite ,licensed by Fender, Birdseye maple. It matches the binding nicely and I think it looks good with the body color
  10. It may take a little while, everything is ordered and starting to arrive . Time is the issue right now ,it will be more of a rainy day project.
  11. starting with a XGP body. Not normally my first choice in colors but once I looked at it I was hooked
  12. It will be a double bound Tele style Details to follow
  13. Instead of a second amp .go to Sweetwater and pick this up for twenty bucks. Will it sound exactly like a vintage tube amp ? Not really but you can get some good useable sound and it's only $20 Behringer Tube Amp Modeler
  14. gardo


    Reminds me that I haven't payed a strat in months,
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