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    Well then I’ll develop an app that lets you hail a cab from anywhere!
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    I choked on my coffee the first time I heard this one:
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    Takamine is just a brand name, made by huge guitar factories. I'd lose that brand loyalty and just go play a few until one clicks with you. It's a completely personal thing. If you find a Yamaha LL6 in that price range I'd recommend trying it out.
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    That's looking really nice with the chrome pup rings and sawed off bridge plate. Good choice.
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    Are the strings fresh? I have had old strings that did not intonate properly. Once fresh strings were installed the intonation could be set
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    My little town actually has TWO oldies stations, plus a classic rock, all in one building. Anyway, whenever Buddy's 'Everyday' plays, I always (in my head) change the line after "Everyday, it's a getting faster" to "playing a sunburst Fender Stratocaster"!
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