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    Have this beastie! I have always wanted one of these, and they were always WAY above my pay grade. (and talent level, but who cares about that, right?) When I saw it in a pawn shop of all places, I did a double take, then asked to play it. At that point my poor suffering wife let out a sound akin to a groan, and she knew. (God I love that woman!) I then played it, and put it away on lay-away. 2 months later, here she is: A 1991 Ibanez George Benson GB 12, with hand signed label, number 317 for those who care to know these things. (I do!!!!) A total of about 600 were made for the 12th anniversary of it's introduction. it's got one of the nicest ebony boards I have every played, and after a bit of tweaking, every single note in perfectly in tune all across the board! At first glance, it's not that flamey, but as you tilt it, BOOM, flame abounds! (Which is ok with me, despite starting to hate the over abundance of flame maple topped guitars.)
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    If it's too good to be true, it probably is. "Each customer can only buy one product at a time. Thank you for your cooperation." Which music store in the world ever says that?!
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    Neal wil appreciate this. We were away from the house last weekend and when we returned there was a message on my machine. "Hi Freeman, you probably don't remember me but I met you 40 or so years ago when we were in a professional society. I'm retired, do a little wood working and built a couple of guitars. A mutual friend thought I should show them to you...." I actually remembered his name, gave a call and invited him to stop by. He arrived with three cases, a very nice classical guitar that he had built, a very nice baritone ukulele, and a funky old clapboard case with some stickers on it. I admired the classical and uke, then he said "have you ever heard of Stella guitars?" "oh my god yes, I said, I love the old Stellas and have built a copy of one of their 12 strings". I opened the case and inside was a sweet little parlor guitar with the faint "Stella" logo. He said "I'm cleaning out a bunch of stuff and would you like it?". I said "of course, what do you want for it?". He said "(our friend) suggested that you might set up my classical so it is a little easier to play, if you would do that the Stella is yours". So, I am in the process of doing a setup on his classical guitar. Here is MY new old guitar Ladder braced, of course, unknown wood but the top and back are each one piece. Mother of toilet seat fret board, some cool engraving. Interesting gold sparkle rosette and purfling. Remarkably good shape, it needs a reset eventually but a little setup right now and its very playable. Seemed appropriate that the first thing I played on it was the wonderful Jay Unger theme from the Civil War series, Ashokan Fairwell. Then a little Betty and Dupree, Freight Train, some MJH. My kind of guitar.
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    I wouldn’t buy from that site even with someone else’s money. There is no way those are legit guitars - either they’re counterfeits or it is a scam, or both. Besides, protonmail is another bad sign IMO. A high percentage of spammers use that (encrypted) email service, so that’s yet another red flag IMO.
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    Are you buying a guitar or a picture of a guitar
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    Thought about this thread today when this album came up in my car CD rotation. "Rock and Roll Suicide"
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