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    4. Beg for mercy.
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    well, i joined this forum in the year 2002 and it was ace. than the big bang came and destroyed it all ... in fact i think it cancelled my over 10.000 posts and nulled them 🙂 it was like a wonderland before with lots of good people, fun and expert info. i was mainly in the FX section and there was a great community of people, yes, THAT does exist on the internet. now i don't know ... i am just here to promote some of my music lately hahahah, so please feel free to check out my music in the sig and the forum. as i do, let's all give this forum another chance!
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    Yeah I do. Not sure if I'll be able to get them to post though but I'll try. Basically I bought a used Dot from my local Long & McQuade. I've been looking for a semi-hollow for like 10 years, used to have a Peerless made Casino that was amazing but had to sell when I was in a bind in my late 20's (time has FLOWN eh?). For some reason this Dot just caught my attention. Didn't have a price on it but it was in really great shape, played great acoustically, took it to the counter and asked how much (they go for $550 new in Canada) and he says "how about $335?". Sold! Nice guitar, but I knew I was gonna put new pickups in it. Ended up putting in Klein Epic 58 PAF both 6.9k, a Schaller roller bridge (which is amazing btw) and Creamtone 50's spec wiring harness with bumblebees or whatever and a new nut and setup from a local guy (not totally happy with that) and also a Bigsby. Did the pickups, wiring and bigsby myself. Not fun trying to put new wiring into a 335! I think getting another set-up from someone better would make the guitar perfect as far as playability. But as is right now it plays decently but not quite where I'd like it, yet it sounds incredible. I had no idea the kind of tone low-output PAFs delivered, just incredible sounding! https://imgur.com/o2F3tNf
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    I used it for creating weird sounds back in the late 90s when I was making animations using Macromedia Director. I did a demo movie for a customer and they were big Star Wars fans. So, I made my own version of the old THX opening animation by taking the old Windows "Ding" sound, reversing it, applying a few filters, reversed it again, slowed it down, split it, mirrored it, gained it, and added some echo. It actually sounded cooler than the original THX sound. I need to find that old thing..
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