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  1. Something like this, perhaps? I found this pic on a Japanese guitar blog but it's far from the only example. Yes, there are real guitars with similar fretboards. Now watch WRGKMC answer the same question with a massive wall of unnecessary text.
  2. Lovely guitar. Congratulations and Happy New Guitar Day.
  3. Happy New Guitar Day. AFAIK you can install a Bigsby but I've never done it. There are YouTube vids showing how so if you have the experience go for it.
  4. Assuming this is a newly purchased guitar, congratulations and Happy New Guitar Day.
  5. I can't help but you might want to post this in the Studio Trenches forum. Best of luck.
  6. garthman - I wasn't familiar with that one but I enjoyed it. Thanks for posting.
  7. Congratulations, Happy (belated) Birthday, and Happy New Guitar Day. I can't see the pics but I know what a Ric looks like. Play it in good health.
  8. Congratulations. Happy New (to you) Guitar Day.
  9. This thread got me thinking (yes, I know, there's a first time for everything, LOL ). Anyway, from time to time a new poster will ask for advice on buying a new (to him/her) guitar and inevitably an argument starts about whether a new/inexperienced player should consider a used guitar. There's the "No, you don't know what to look for" side, the "Buy used, you'll save money and it's not rocket science" side, the "Buy your first guitar new and when you have more experience you can buy used" side (which includes me), etc. Let's put together a checklist for buying a used guitar, something tha
  10. Pics aren't showing. Could be the recent Forum "upgrade."
  11. I think that's the main issue. The folks who made the guitar don't know whether the potential owner is going to have a light touch or be ham fisted so they just kind of ballpark it.
  12. I think you probably mean two saddles, the plastic, bone, TUSQ, etc. part. The bridge is the wooden piece that sits on the top of the guitar. Takamine has used a split saddle for years. Lowden does too. Probably others I don't know.
  13. mrbrown49 is correct. With plain strings, compensation is based on the diameter of the whole string; with wound strings, it's based on the diameter of the core. If you have two .018 strings, one wound and the other plain, the core of the wound string will be smaller than the wound string, even though they're both .018.
  14. Hi and welcome to the Forum. Glad you like your Walden. Dreadnoughts don't usually have cedar tops (Takamine and Seagull are a couple of exceptions) so I'll bet it has a unique voice. FWIW, you'll probably get more attention if you post in threads that aren't 12 years old.
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