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  1. That turned out really well. Happy New Build Day.
  2. Congratulations. Happy New Guitar Day.
  3. If you drive the Micro Terror hard enough for power amp breakup you'll get SS amp breakup because it has a SS power amp. The Super Champ sounds different because it's a tube amp. The Micro Terror will be 20 SS Watts because the power amp, which is where the rating comes from, is SS. IMHO, it would be a step backward from your Quilter. If you want tube breakup, look for a tube amp.
  4. You can try a shim, maybe a piece of veneer (a trick I learned from a local guitar tech), but your best bet is a nut that's the correct size. In any event, if there's a gap it should be on the side away from the fretboard. Shifting the nut will affect intonation.
  5. Given its age probably rim drive.
  6. I said take it easy, not eliminate it completely.
  7. Very nice. I think you more than got your money's worth. Congratulations and Happy New (Cheap) Guitar Day. It's possible. I bought my "good" acoustic from a local shop and their web site had the price ending in "25." But when I got there I discovered that the price on the hang tag ended in "95." They agreed to split the difference at "50" and I called it a win. Not as big a bargain as badpenguin's but still a win.
  8. Actually, popcorn is mostly air. Take it easy on the butter and salt and you'll be fine. Happy (Pending) New Partscaster Day. I'm not generally a fan of Teles or maple fretboards but I'm willing to make an exception in this case. That's turning out very nicely.
  9. Takamine electronics are generally excellent, although naturally you won't get top of the line quality in an entry level instrument. Do bear in mind that setups on G Series Takamines can be difficult because the saddle and transducer are one piece, which means you can't sand the bottom of the saddle to lower it. In that respect, the Washburn's Fishman system has an edge, as well as in the better placement of the controls. OTOH, if you don't adjust the controls while you're playing, it doesn't matter. My main acoustic has an aftermarket pickup with no controls at all. Finally, few acoustic guit
  10. They're probably lucky to be allowed to be open. But you just know if it's a small crowd it'll be your fault and if it's a large crowd it'll be because it's such a great bar. Best of luck with the gig. One nice thing about being in a worship band, nobody expects us to be the draw.
  11. garthman - Well done. I appreciate your slower version. Melodic and melancholy.
  12. Unfortunately, if Jeff-B tried naphtha and Meguiars it was seven years ago. He hasn't even been around since December, 2013. That's how old this thread is.
  13. When you fret a string its effective length changes. It becomes shorter and it's thickness becomes greater in proportion. And yes, intonation is the reason the 12th fret marks the approximate midpoint. And FWIW, compensation is based on the thickness of the string's core. That's why an unwound 3rd string, which is all "core," requires more compensation than an otherwise thicker, wound 4th.
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