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  1. Most 8 string acoustics are baritones, this was, AFAIK, designed for Standard tuning. Close. The guitar I have in mind is an AEL108MD. The third and fourth strings are doubled as octaves. There was another version with the first and second strings doubled but I thought the octaves version would be cool, almost a 12 string without the futzy tuning and the added neck and bridge stress.
  2. Not a scientist, I don't even play one on TV, just an amateur math geek. I keep expecting a certain poster to come along and "disprove" basic math with his usual spaghetti logic.
  3. True dat. If you allow 1" all around for the surround and frame a 10" has a cone area of 50.27 sq. in. while a 12" has a cone area of 78.54 sq. in. The 10" would have to move 56% farther to move the same amount of air and the 10" would likely reach the limit of its excursion first.
  4. Nothing electric for me but Ibanez used to make a cheap all laminated concert size 8 string acoustic that I wouldn't mind having. No longer available so I'm off the hook, LOL.
  5. The Jensen C10R in the Princeton has a sensitivity of 93.6dB while the Celestion A-Type in the Blues Jr. has a sensitivity of 98dB, equal to an increase in Wattage of 2.75 times. All else being equal--which it isn't, of course--the Blues Jr. should get slightly louder and have more clean headroom.
  6. Best of luck with the gig. Keep us posted.
  7. I already know what he'd say. Last night on the news the projection was 1.3 billion doses worldwide for just Pfizer. Let's assume that means 0.65 billion (650 million) patients at 2 doses each and $40 a patient. That's $26 billion, which clearly isn't all overhead even if they have to store the stuff in cloned mammoth spleens, and they're going to rake that much in during a global pandemic. Pfizer is worth $221 billion and you can bet they didn't get there giving their products away but at some point there's gotta be a line between making an honest--or even dishonest--buck and profiteering. h
  8. There was an item on the BBC recently about the cost of those vaccines. Pfizer expects to charge $40 for two doses because they "have to recoup our R&D investment." But a researcher from Duke ran the numbers and Pfizer can expect around 1 billion orders from various world governments. That's $40 billion. Surely that should cover R&D with some left over? They could probably sell it for $1 per dose and still break even. It's not like they don't have other sources of profit.
  9. Yeah, that can cause the problems you were experiencing. I wish I'd thought of it.
  10. You can find a review of humbucker size P90s here: https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/20058-humbucker-sized-p-90-review-roundup The GFS Mean 90 from https://www.guitarfetish.com/ on page 3 sells for $34 and the other options are more expensive.
  11. Possibly. It should be an endpin preamp. Unscrew the strap button and you'll be able to remove the preamp from the inside. Unscrew the cover and see if you can access the guts of the jack and bend the prongs to make better contact. Here's a Fishman PowerJack preamp for illustration.
  12. They say: It should be an easy fix. What they really mean is : I have no idea how to fix it. They say: Probably just needs new tubes. What they really mean is: I have no idea what's wrong. New tubes are as good a guess as any.
  13. Hi and welcome to the Forums. Assuming you mean the space where the preamp fits is empty, the good news is that Takamine preamps are pretty much a couple of standard sizes. A dealer should have no problem ordering a replacement.
  14. Congratulations and Happy New Guitar Day. Ibanez generally makes a very good instrument so if this one is an Ibanez build I wouldn't have any concerns. Pickup swaps on a semihollow aren't fun though. I wish you luck.
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