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  1. Sorry the Eastman didn't work out and yeah, I doubt you'd be happy with a Blueridge. I checked out BSG's web site and they make some gorgeous instruments. Good luck.
  2. Sweet. Congratulations and Happy New Guitar Day. 👍
  3. The Japanese phrase for "cedar wood" is 杉材 which comes out as "sugi-zai" in English characters so I guess it's possible but honestly I doubt it. Is it possible the "S" is for "solid" as in solid top?
  4. The Yamaha APX line comes to mind. A friend from church has one and it sounds okay to me plugged in, not so much unplugged. Yamaha usually makes decent gear.
  5. I don't mind the red--although I'd prefer a different pattern like tortoise--but I prefer the white. I agree about the Cabronita style pickguard though.
  6. And once again you've derailed someone else's thread just to start a pointless argument with me. How mature. I really should put you on my ignore list but these exchanges are just so much fun. We're not talking about a Hot Rod Deville, this is a cheap Chinese made amp. Do you really think the quality of parts is equal? A few years ago a former coworker gave me a low end Rumble bass amp, a Rumble 25 IIRC, with a blown speaker in lieu of gas money. I removed the old, unmarked, obviously generic speaker, replaced it with another generic speaker, and sold the amp at a small profit. I'm a bit surprised you've apparently never seen a hi-fi speaker with a paper surround because I have. As you point out, a bass speaker needs to move more air than a guitar speaker. How do you suppose it does that? By having a stiffer cone? Or by moving more, thus a longer excursion? The frame, surround, voice coil, etc. are all made to allow the speaker to move further than a comparable guitar speaker, and produce higher SPLs at lower frequencies. As you say, nice try.
  7. I'm going to assume your Strat body has a trem since that's kinda a defining characteristic of Strats. If you're concerned about a "light bridge," unless the existing one is absolute junk I wouldn't bother. You might want to think about a nice, heavy trem block though. I know a lot of cheap Strat copies have fairly small trem blocks including older MIM models. I couldn't say what's in yours.
  8. Yes. There's nothing essentially wrong with Takamines or with the "G Series," just avoid the acoustic/electric models. I suspect they're made for people who probably won't get their guitars set up so they never discover the issue.
  9. It depends on the speaker and the company that made it. A low end amp like your Fender is probably equipped with a generic speaker that could go in any random amp or even a stereo system. Speakers that are specifically made for bass use have a frequency response that's tailored for bass. A bass speaker will typically have a longer "excursion," meaning the distance the cone can travel without damage. They usually have higher power handling too. BTW, your Rumble 30 has a closed back cab so there's no question of the cab being "tuned and ported" for a specific speaker.
  10. Out of curiosity, what's wrong with the existing saddles? Personally, I wouldn't change them unless there was a problem. Unless you're going for a natural finish, you might want to check with an auto body shop or a shop that paints motorcycles for the paint. Best of luck with the build.
  11. If it's not too late I strongly recommend you get a proper humbucker bridge rather than hacksawing the one you have now. I think you'll be happier with the result.
  12. Congratulations on the fix. Any explanation I might come up with would be half baked.
  13. It should be all right as long as you only use the amp for guitar and the speaker can handle the Wattage of the amp. In fact, if you keep the volume to a reasonable level it should be okay with a bass. The reason a bass amp has more low end coming out is that there is more low end going in, i.e., from a bass. But you may not need to swap the speaker. If you like the sound as is, that's all that matters. Plenty of guitarists use a Fender Bassman, which was nominally designed for bass. I originally played a Strat copy through my SWR bass amp with no issues.
  14. Glad to hear you made peace with the Eastman. I wouldn't mind having an E8D myself. Play it in good health. 👍
  15. FWIW, there's no such thing as a Takamine "E series." The "E" means the guitar has a pickup. The letter after that is the one that designates series. A model number starting with "EG" is one of those with the troublesome saddle. Olympia was distributed by Tacoma and that company folded 11 years ago and took Olympia with it, which means any Olympia is going to be at least that old. Not telling you not to buy one but check it out carefully. Walden folded in the last 5 years so one of those should be fine. Artwood is Ibanez' line of "good" acoustics. The brand doesn't get much love for their acoustic guitars but I own one and I like it a lot. Finally, Fender acoustics don't get much love around here either so if you do go that route look it over very carefully. Best of luck and keep us posted.
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