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  1. Congratulations. Happy New Guitar Day. 👍
  2. I've never sold a bass but yeah, I've gotten sentimental over guitars I've sold. I guess it depends on the individual and how crappy the instrument was.
  3. DeepEnd

    Not Bad

    Happy New Build Day. The guitar looks really good. The combination of the finish and the tortoise pickguard turned out well.
  4. Now we need to start a thread on whether bridge pins with red dots sound better than bridge pins with white dots, whether bridge pins with white dots sound better than bridge pins without dots, whether bridge pins with large dots sound better than bridge pins with small dots, etc.
  5. The KB300 has a rated power consumption of 400 Watts. I'd be hesitant to run it from the inverter. I've never tried it and I could easily be full of it but that's my 2 cents.
  6. Congratulations. Happy New Guitar Day. Welcome to the Forums. 👍
  7. From what I can tell it was probably made in the late 90's. No idea what woods but Yamaha doesn't make junk. That said, it's also a 20 year old guitar, which means potential issues. Look it over very carefully, especially the neck angle. Take an 18" straightedge and lay it edgewise along the frets. The edge of the ruler or whatever you're using should come even with the top of the bridge. If it hits significantly below the top of the bridge the guitar has issues. Look at the bridge from the side. It should sit level with the top of the guitar. If it's tilted toward the neck the guitar has issues. Take a good look at the saddle. If there's barely any saddle sticking out of the bridge the guitar has issues. Check for cracks or gaps. Check the frets and if you see gouges or divots the guitar needs fret work, which isn't necessarily a deal breaker but also isn't cheap. It was a nice guitar 20 years ago but it may not be today.
  8. ^ True dat. Richlite is closer to Formica than to Micarta, although all three are based on similar principles.
  9. maplebaby posted about their acoustic strings back in April, 2018. The general response was a chorus of pooh poohs. YMMV.
  10. It sounds like something is producing infrasonics, causing the extreme excursions. No idea what. A subsonic filter might work. As for bass speakers, they're designed to handle the low frequencies and longer excursions involved. I'll reemphasize converting your cab to a closed back.
  11. I suspect they're probably standard metric bolts. Try a hardware store.
  12. If the preamp EQ has no effect there's something else wrong. Drop B produces a lot of low frequency energy and your Jensen Mod isn't a great speaker. FWIW, I thought the same thing.
  13. Sorry to hear about your surgery but I'm glad to "see" you again. Take care and post when you can.
  14. Sweet. Congratulations and Happy New Guitar Day. 👍 Play it in good health.
  15. Most Takamine preamps are interchangeable because the curve of the upper bout is the same. However, yours appears to be a flamenco guitar and it might not have the right shape. A Takamine dealer can tell you for sure.
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