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  1. Can't offer any help so I'll just say Congratulations and Happy New Guitar Day.
  2. Certainly different but it seems confused as to what it wants to be. The pickguard doesn't do it for me and I'm not fond of the color but I'd take one as a gift.
  3. Best of luck with the repair.
  4. I don't know any more than you do but I'm glad you like it. That's what counts. Or well done. 😉
  5. I presume, based on a quick web search, you mean a Shubb model 3 since you didn't specify, possibly an S3? Yes, they're great if you can live with not being able to clamp them on the headstock. Glad you like yours.
  6. Usually a tiny amount of mineral oil is plenty. Do be careful to avoid actual lemon oil (rather than the scented mineral oil that generally passes for "lemon oil") as it can damage a nitro finish.
  7. The Fender site says 12": https://www.fender.com/en-US/electric-guitars/stratocaster/player-stratocaster-floyd-rose-hss/1149403500.html I guess it's possible MF etc. ordered a special run but I think that's unlikely.
  8. AFAIK, no. I'm fairly certain it's all SS. If you suspect a battery issue go ahead and swap in a known good one. Maybe spray anything accessible with contact cleaner.
  9. Now that you mention it, my Roland has acoustic simulation built in. I've never used it but if the goal is something that sounds more-or-less acoustic it might be worth a try. Unfortunately, as I mentioned, there isn't a DI or an extra channel available. Anyway, it turns out to be moot for now. We can't play the song because of copyright issues. According to the powers that be, since we're streaming services, we have to be extra anal about copyright.
  10. Interesting. The pin came out of my old one too. Seems like a design flaw in an otherwise good product. Me too.
  11. It should be double the 4 Ohm rating but into 8 Ohms, AFAIK. That should be sufficient for most needs.
  12. Lately I've been playing electric in praise band but this Sunday we're playing "I'll Fly Away," among others, and an acoustic seems more appropriate. Unfortunately, there's only one DI and it's spoken for, and I don't own an acoustic amp. My Roland Cube 80XL has various amp emulations but nothing for acoustic guitar, although there's a nice, clean Jazz Chorus model. OTOH, I have an SWR LA12 bass amp. I'll have to mic the amp in either case. I'm not going to be playing for tone snobs but I don't want it to sound like crap either. Looking for suggestions. Thanks.
  13. Every amp manual I've ever seen said bridging doubles the power but into twice the impedance, i.e., an amp that puts out 400 Watts x 2 into 4 Ohms in stereo can put out 800 Watts bridged but into 8 Ohms and a 4 Ohm load is no longer safe. Personally, I wouldn't run a speaker beyond rated power but if you must, keep the volume as low as you can get away with. Bear in mind that 400 Watts RMS (continuous) is a lot and in most circumstances very loud. You'll hit peak power more-or-less frequently depending on the style of music and the venue but it sounds like the speakers are designed pretty ruggedly.
  14. Somehow, my D'Addario Artist capo vanished. As much as I like my Shubb, it's not as quick to use and doesn't clamp onto the headstock. I found another D'Addario on eBay that was missing a little plastic gizmo for attaching a tuner but the price was right. It arrived Saturday and I have some preliminary impressions. First, it seems to be made for a fairly thin neck because the tension adjuster is almost "wide open" for my electric. Second, this is the model with the grip on the fretboard side of the neck instead of the back like my old one and that's taking some getting used to. Anyhoo, without further adieu, here's a pic:
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