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  1. If you have a good independent music store nearby they might have a box of random parts. I'd be interested to know what exactly is happening. It's possible the knob is slipping on the shaft. If not, the gears must really be chewed up.
  2. Happy birthday! Congratulations and Happy New Guitar Day X2. 🎉
  3. Looking really good. Can't wait for the finished result.
  4. Here's one with a functional preamp going for $530 (obo) +shipping: https://reverb.com/item/42122364-ovation-celebrity-lcs-247-black-left-handed-w-case Dunno if that helps.
  5. Nice bedroom rig. My "bedroom rig" is a cheap Alvarez acoustic that sits next to the living room sofa. Like Mrs. Mikeo, Mrs. DeepEnd would object to a guitar--much less an amp--in the bedroom.
  6. Good advice so far. Tuners are rarely responsible for poor tuning stability. If necessary, replace the cheap plastic nut with TUSQ or something similar. And yes, go with 11's or even heavier. A beginner is going to be ham fisted anyway, making it more likely she'll pull the strings sharp.
  7. Best of luck. I used to own a Fernandes Strat and emailed them with a question. Never heard anything at all.
  8. Bentleys were around at least in the mid 1970's. I've heard that production stopped in the late 90's. Yours could be nearly 50 years old or it could be newer.
  9. Thanks. As usual, I appreciate your slower, more thoughtful rendition.
  10. Congratulations. Happy (Old) New Guitar Day.
  11. Looking good. Nice to see you're still working on it.
  12. Congratulations. Happy New Guitar Day.
  13. Mojo sent. The praise band restarts rehearsals Saturday (with masks and social distance). First time playing in worship again will be Father's Day.
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