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  1. Before you do anything else, take your Yamaha to the nearest music store and ask for a "setup." It will make your current guitar easier to play and it'll be much cheaper than a new guitar.
  2. Much obliged. Always a good idea to play one first if at all possible. Let us know how it goes.
  3. A couple of possibilities come to mind. Mainly, it could either be the pot's taper (i.e., log vs. linear) or the value of the cap (i.e., a cap with a higher value will take effect at a lower frequency). You mentioned a Tele kit. I assume that's the guitar you have. Is the issue with two different Teles or the same guitar?
  4. It's spelled the same whether singular or plural. The singular is pronounced "chassee," while the plural is pronounced "chasseez." https://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/chassis
  5. Here's mine, an original I wrote and recorded a few years ago, called "Too Homely To Be Unfaithful":
  6. Idunno - Very well done. Much better than I can do. Thanks for posting. garthman - Nice Dylan cover. Recognizable but with your own stamp.
  7. The Guild Westerly Memoir P-240 might be worth a look. Just shy of $500: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/GP240M--guild-p-240-memoir-natural
  8. catscurlyear - Well done. Much better than I can do. You haven't posted to the VOM in a while and I was afraid we weren't going to hear anything more from you. Nothing new from me but I'll try to upload an older recording tomorrow.
  9. Yes it is. https://www.wd40.com/myths-legends-fun-facts/:
  10. My choice would be the second one. YMMV. They're all cool designs and what I've come to expect from the devious mind of J Backlund.
  11. No it doesn't. Sorry if this comes across as a personal attack but that's just patently silly. A cab has no brain, no awareness. It doesn't and can't "know" anything. An amp detects the electrical characteristics of a speaker; if you connect a second or extension cab in parallel the amp detects the change in impedance but that's not the same as "know"ing anything.
  12. Hi and Welcome to the Forums. I owned a Fernandes Strat with the serial number on a sticker on the back of the headstock a few years ago and contacted Fernandes directly. I'm still waiting for a reply. Best of luck but don't hold your breath
  13. Fernandes has a good reputation. I owned a low end Fernandes Strat and it was perfectly decent. I'm primarily an acoustic player so I don't have much of a sense of what makes a "good" pickup though. Why not actually play the guitar you have in mind through your amp or a similar model and judge for yourself?
  14. Frankly that's a terrible idea. If you want a head buy one. If you want to run your combo with an external cab do that. But don't butcher your amp.
  15. DeepEnd


    Honestly, I'd be leery of dropping $2k on an amp I couldn't try first so my vote would be "neither." YMMV.
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