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  1. You're certainly more of a "musician" than I am.
  2. His specific comment was: I interpreted that to mean he was wondering if the site's advice could be trusted and if a "beginner" guitar would be worth buying. I won't speak to the first but "beginner" guitars are pretty good these days, miles ahead of what I started on. I don't know if he was the site owner just picking our brains but I hope not.
  3. You also need to decide between a classical and a hybrid nylon string. Hybrids have narrower necks and radiused fretboards, closer to a steel string. They also tend to have cutaways and electronics. Godin even makes a solid body nylon string. I owned a cheap Alvarez classical at one time. Occasionally I get the itch for a hybrid, for ease of playing and for the different sound.
  4. I'm tempted to be a smart alec and say "No" but I won't. Of course you're welcome. This place is sufficiently dead we need all the folks we can get. There have been a number of bridge pin threads over the years and yes, I remember the Taylor Swift thread. I participated in it and my opinion hasn't changed. Anyway, best of luck picking up the guitar again.
  5. Thanks. Glad you like it. Like some of my other originals it literally took years to come together. I had the basic verse for years and then came up with the chorus but I couldn't figure how both fit in the same song. It had to sit and ferment for more years until it all made some semblance of sense.
  6. I've heard a song called "The Sound of Silence." Silence itself is inaudible by definition because it's, y'know, silent.
  7. Misha - That was lovely. Well played and you have a very nice voice. My only criticism is that it was much too short. Garthman - Well done. Mick and Keith would approve.
  8. I looked too and couldn't find anything beyond old Reverb listings so don't blame stratogib. BTW, that's a full cab you linked, $200+ shipped. He just wants the baffle and there aren't any eBay listings for those.
  9. Thanks. It appears to be solid mahogany. It's been around the block a few times. There's a top crack; the one piece bridge+saddle has no saddle any more because a chunk is broken off; the fretboard is all one piece of Bakelite, a material used for electrical insulators, and some of the "cowboy" frets are pretty well worn. It probably needs more to be rebuilt than fixed but it was mom's and it's pretty much all I have left so it's worth fixing (to me).
  10. Happy (Pending) New Guitar Day. 👍 Let us know what you think when it arrives. That was my take as well. The OP linked to a page about "beginner guitars," so it's natural that we're talking about those. And if he's getting back into playing, in some respects he is a beginner all over again. We really don't know how long or well he played before he quit, or how long it's been (no offense intended). When I started playing again after a hiatus of several years my skills, which were relatively pathetic in the first place, had deteriorated somewhat. Plus, many if not most guitarists really don't know all that much about guitars. And since an actual "beginner" might come across this thread someday and see the reference to "beginner guitars," it seems reasonable to speak to them as well. And let's be honest, we don't know if the OP will stick with it this time around either (again, no offense intended). I got back into playing nearly 17 years ago and I've bought four guitars, a bass, and four amps in that time (I got rid of my Strat copy because I could never get it to intonate correctly). I bought a low end Alvarez on eBay (which I really shouldn't have done) and when I realized I wasn't going to quit any time soon I bought something nicer but I could've easily stopped again. If the OP decides he's going to keep at it that will be the time for a "keeper." Until then, "good enough" is good enough.
  11. So if I don't play at all that's music? (Granted, some folks would say it's preferable to my playing but still...)
  12. If you mean the neck has a lot of bow, that's excessive relief. Among other things, excessive relief can cause fretted notes to be sharp. I usually shoot for 0.01" or so at the 8th fret. Here's how Fender recommends setting up a Strat: https://support.fender.com/hc/en-us/articles/212774786-How-do-I-set-up-my-Stratocaster-guitar-properly- You'll need a capo, an Allen wrench in the correct size, and a set of feeler gauges.
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