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  1. Hi and welcome to the Forums. I'm a Roland amp owner myself. Mine is a Cube 80XL. The electronic part of your amp is in two parts: The preamp with the the eq controls like bass and treble, built-in effects, like reverb. And the power amp that actually boosts the signal from your amp to the level that will drive speakers so you can hear it. Pre-Out/Main In is between the two. If there's nothing connected there the two are connected by default. As badpenguin said, it's where you might put some--but not all--of your effects. Some need to go before the eq controls, between your guitar and amp.
  2. If you're in or near St. Louis contact Pete's Pedals. He can look the pedal over and let you know if it's financially feasible to fix it. I have no connection with him beyond being a satisfied customer.
  3. I'm guessing you probably mean D G D G B D, which is "Open G" as garthman mentioned. I play in a version of "Open C" occasionally, E G C G C E. Some folks drop the 6th string down to C but either way it's still a C chord. As daddymack said, it doesn't matter which note is lowest, it's what the notes form collectively, although strictly speaking a chord that doesn't have the root as its lowest note is called an "inversion."
  4. If I were actually going to buy the guitar adding position markers might be something I'd explore. But I don't need another guitar, I don't really have $800 to throw around, and besides all that it's OM sized and I lean toward dreads. While Fleischman designs the guitars they're manufactured in China in what's supposed to be a dedicated factory. Prices for new ones still run up toward $2600. I found a brand new non-cutaway Skylark on Reverb.com for $699+50 Expédition (shipping) but the ad is in French so I don't know if that's US or Canadian dollars. Could be leverage for someone who was actually interested.
  5. Cool story. I'm sure your wife was thrilled that you kept the guitar. OTOH, what's up with the gray on black text?
  6. It has position markers on the edge of the fretboard. You can see them in this pic.
  7. I was browsing on the local (St. Louis) CraigsList the other day when I stumbled across this unusual specimen. It's described as an Avian Skylark, designed by luthier Harry Fleischman and it's going for a relatively reasonable $800. Never heard of one before, much less seen one, and I need another guitar like a hole in the head but it sure is cool. https://stlouis.craigslist.org/msg/d/saint-louis-avian-skylark-handmade/7144395050.html
  8. Here's my latest, an original titled "Part of My Heart." Mrs. DeepEnd and I had small roles in a local low budget film back in 2015 and it inspired this song. I wrote the first verse, bridge, and chorus in June, 2015, and it remained unfinished until I wrote the other two verses this week. https://soundcloud.com/david-phelps-681437607/part-of-my-heart
  9. catscurlyear - Well done. Much better than I could do. Thanks for posting.
  10. Fauci contradicts the president frequently. As Notes pointed out, the "best" response is going to evolve as we learn more about the disease. The time to really worry is when we stop learning more about it because it will indicate that we've lost.
  11. Lovely guitar. Ibanez knows their stuff. Congratulations and Happy New Guitar Day. Mask the fret so you don't take a chance of marring the wood and use very fine steel wool with minimal pressure. One of those multi sided nail shaping/filing blocks works too.
  12. There's a lot of CNC (automation) that goes into instruments today, especially electrics, and it does bring the price down. That's only one factor though.
  13. My fellow praise band guitarist plays a Little Martin with Formica back and sides. As for Asian instruments, it's primarily the low cost of labor compared to the US or even Mexico, where a good number of US companies have factories.
  14. Interesting. I bought a SS Fender several years ago that also needed a new tank. No clue how common it is but apparently it does happen.
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