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    I've tried CCleaner on XP and some of the registry edits it did changed stuff. Made me nervous. Also a word about Piriform; they started using OpenCandy to fund their free stuff and while OpenCandy is claimed harmless, it installs adware/toolbars and burrows in like a virus. There were ways around it like disconnecting from the internet before installing and then unchecking all the opencandy options that came up - which appeared to work but nobody could tell for sure and free updates were always suspect. More recently there are no references to OpenCandy in the installation at all.

    Option 1 - the software is now clean.

    Option 2 OpenCandy is now 100% covert.

    Other freeware marketers have OpenCandy funding you gotta watch for too

    That said, I'll take a look at CCleaner. Everybody recommends it. Portable versions are ok if they have 'em.
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      Yeah, it does pay to be wary of this kind of thing. Running a system that's practically entirely pirated, I have to pay very close attention to what I'm installing. I'm also incredibly anal about bloatware and such, trying to keep my system as clear as possible.

      CCleaner did mess up my Chrome, in that it wiped all my auto-complete info and recently visited sites, but there are ways around it.