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  1. stormin1155

    Mitchell MO-100S

    Bottom line, this is a decent guitar, but not best in class. It's smaller size would be good for kids or smaller individuals, but it gives up some of the bass response compared to a dreadnaught sized guitar. The Mitchell MO-100S would be suitable as an entry level guitar or as a backup or second instrument that you wouldn't be afraid to take camping or places where you might not want to take a more expensive guitar.
  2. I've been playing for over 40 years and have owned more than 60 electric guitars ranging from budget to high end. I am very impressed with these pickups. They sound good and are a great value.
  3. stormin1155

    Hamer Echotone

    The Echotone gets more play than my Gibson. I like the neck better, and it sounds nearly as good. I've had an Epiphone dot and an Ibanez AS73. The Echotone beats them both.
  4. I've been playing for about 40 years, and have owned probably 100 guitars... I currently have 30. They range from cheapies to high end, as well as a number I've built myself, from scratch or from parts. I've used a number of GFS pickups, and find them to be a very good value for the price. In some cases, they are VERY good regardless of price, and the lil' Killers are that. I would put them up against most any mass produced pickup from the likes of SD, DiMarzio, etc.. I am very happy with these pickups.
  5. I've eyed Raven West guitars for quite some time, and admired their looks. I wanted a Les Paul type guitar to drag around instead of my Gibson LP. This fits the bill perfectly. It has a feel very similar to my LP, and it sounds just as good.
  6. stormin1155

    GFS Pickups VEH

    I've been playing for nearly 40 years. Have owned more guitars than I can begin to remember. Play classic rock, blues, and Christian contemporary/rock. I have several other humbucker-equipped guitars, and I like this one because it is different from the others. A bit of a one-trick-pony, but does that trick very well. If lost/stolen, I probably wouldn't buy another set, not because they aren't good, but there are other pickups out there that fit my style and are more versitile.
  7. A friend gave me this set of 490s. I first installed them into a Epi G-400 (SG), they sounded significantly better than stock. I took them out when I sold it and put them into the Turser. I think they sound much better in the Turser than they did in the SG. I did a comparison between these and Seth Lovers installed in a strat (I know... apples/oranges). The 490s are much livelier and brighter... the SLs by comparison sound dull and lifeless. It would be interesting to make a comparison in more similar guitars. Overall I like these pickups. Seems a lot of people don't, but I can get some nice tones with them... bass is solid, not muddy, and, like I said, bright, but easily controlled with the tone pot.
  8. stormin1155

    Douglas Spad

    So now I have about $250 invested into this thing (pickups/bridge/nut), and it has become one of my main "go-to" guitars. I plays nicely, and with the BL L500s and coil taps, is one of the most versitile guitars I have. I've been playing for nearly 40 years, and have owned everything from vintage Fenders, Gibsons, and Guilds to cheap imports. I also build a lot. This guitar is a real bargain. It is beyond me how they can build a guitar of this quality for that kind of money
  9. stormin1155

    Artec ASE-BL

    The guitar this system is in is far from my best sounding acoustic. I picked it up to use as my acoustic/electric in the church band I play with. I didn't like the stock system, this system will meet my needs, and it was very reasonably priced. I go through a Tube MP Art preamp directly into the PA.
  10. As a overdrive pedal, it's OK, but way overpriced. I just sold my FDR-1 and bought a Boss SD-1, which I think sounds far better for a fraction of the cost. The tremelo and reverb are pure gimicks and not really usable. If you think you can plop this down in front of your solid state Crate and get blackface Deluxe Reverb sounds, you'll be disappointed.
  11. I play classic rock, blues, and I'm in a praise/worship band. I've been playing for 30 years and owned tons of gear. This pedal gives me the sound I was looking for. If I had to build my pedal board from scratch, the SD-1 would definately be on it. If I were rating it compared to other similar priced pedals I'd give it a 10. But since there are lots of high-end pedals out there that do sound better I'll give it a solid 8.
  12. I've noticed that many of the reviews of this guitar here are from people where this is their first guitar, or they have limited experience... and it seems that a lot of those people end up keeping them even after they gain experience. I've been playing for 35 years and have owned upwards of 50 guitars throughout the years from cheapies to very high end. My hobbie is building and tinkering with guitars. I bought this on eBay mostly out of curiosity and to see if I could make it into a serious player. My point of comparison is my current tele that I built from scratch, and a recent Standard Squier (Korean made). Well, it doesn't hold a candle to the one I built, but if I had to choose between the Epi and the Squier I'd probaby go with the Epi. The pickups on the Squier I thought sound pretty anemic, and the neck is too thin. This guitar really does sound pretty good, and is an all-around solid instrument.
  13. stormin1155

    Jay Turser JT-200D

    For the $260 I paid for this, it is flat out fabulous. I own 25 (or so) guitars and this is the one that gets played the most. This was a complete impulse buy, but one of the best guitar buys I've made recently.
  14. stormin1155

    SX SST 57 Vintage

    I purchased this to use as a platform for modding and experimenting with various wiring options. The only parts of this guitar that are really servicable as a "professional quality" guitar are the neck and body. The rest will be replaced. There are a bunch of very positive reviews of SX guitars here that say they are "just as good as a real Fender" and a few that say they are trash. If you are expecting to get a guitar that stacks up to an American or Mexican strat, you'll be disappointed. It is a $100 guitar. If you are lucky and get a good one, it may be as good as an Affinity Squier. If you are a beginner with no knowledge of basic guitar set-up, know that for this guitar to be at all usable you will need to install new strings and have it set up by someone who knows how to do that. If you are getting this as a platform to mod or build your own... it has possibilities - the body is nice and the neck is decent. For another $200 or so into new pickups, tuners, electronics, and trem unit I'm hoping to end up with a pretty good sounding/playing guitar that should stack up pretty well with a MIM strat. It will never be as good as a MIA strat. My overall rating is based on out-of-the box, and considering it only cost $100. Compared to a REAL Strat I'd give it a 2 or 3.
  15. How do you even begin to rate something like this? It is so weird, but does what it does so well. The demand and prices for these old Stratotones (especially the nearly identical H44) is going crazy. Everyone should have one of these in their collection, so if you find one, don't even think about it... just get it.
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