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  1. Ahh. Turning the other cheek, I see. You're not predictable at all.
  2. Well, bye. Honeyiscool actually directly and personally insulted me. He didn't listen to my music, and never gave an opinion of it. I told him he was an internet tough guy who was about 90 pounds soaking wet, and he was welcome to meet me in person to show me how tough he was. I was angry because of what he said to me. Ever said anything you regretted while upset? Mbengs literally didn't care about his name being posted, especially since he posted a link to his Soundcloud which has his name. I went too far with Knotty, apologized to him, and we're solid. You also failed to mention how he and Dave Aronow went on a tangent against me for several pages. I contacted Dendy Jarrett and Phil about it. They did nothing. I settled it my way. If the mods did their job, it wouldn't have happened. But like I said, I apologized to Knotty, and he forgave me. Soundcreation is from Taiwan. He's publically posted about that several times. I didn't dox him. If I did, I would've posted more than just a legit question about him having political opinions about American politicians while he is unable to vote from Taiwan. Listen, you have issues. You managed to gather all of this info on me, yet you neglected to give both sides. I PMed you not long ago asking you to stop. I said if you left me alone, I'd leave you alone. Did you comply? Nope. I don't care if I get banned. I've been banned from places before. I have nothing to lose here.
  3. By the way, this thread is a testament to this site's moderation being a joke.
  4. Nah. I voted for Johnson in 2012 too. Voted for John Monds for Georgia governor in 2010. I'm not a libertarian, and I refused to vote in the last gubernatorial election because all three candidates sucked. If Johnson wasn't in the 2016 race, and I had to pick between Clinton and Trump, I would've stayed home. By the way, I've never been cautious about where I live on here, and neither has Soundcreation. He's stated he lives in Taiwan many times. I live in Atlanta.
  5. I could literally say anything, and you'd reply with an insult and some crazed rant. It's like putting nickles in a machine.
  6. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gary_Johnson Gary Johnson is who I voted for. Dave, chill out. You're not a moderator. This thread is proof of the lax moderation around here. Not like it's going to hurt my feelings if I'm banned anyway. Nothing would stop me from coming back.
  7. English isn't your native language, and I'm not a libertarian. You're failing miserably at your pseudo-intellectualism, man. Keep it coming, though. You're quite entertaining.
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