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  1. Under this name 2006. Under another 2004, but I got a perma band under that name.
  2. Let me add one thing. You do remember last time right? Just saying.
  3. Tips: Increase the string gauge, try Elixer coated strings. Taylor did use Tusq nuts and saddles and do I dare say, change one of them to, gulp, plastic. With that said ,I appreciate you posting this because I've told a number of people this in discussions before which seems to always get the reply BS.
  4. Sit it out in direct sunlight and where it gets a breeze. This may take a number of days so stay on top of your weather forecasts. No, I don't mean leave it out 24 hours at a time. I mean you're going to have to take it in and out for several days.
  5. I'm bummed today after reading the spec for a lot of Squier models on the Fender website. I've never played a strat or tele made from basswood. I have basswood guitars but they're metal with names like Ibanz and Schecter. Does a basswood strat have quack? Does a basswood tele have twang? I don't know because I don't want either made from basswood. I even have guitar with a body made from poplar. The VW guitar First Act made as a give away with Volkswagon cars some years back. I like, for the $70 I paid for it with it's custom strap and made to fit that guitar gig back all with VW monograms. It's unique and I wouldn't have paid $449 for it. My favorites are Affinity Strats made of Alder and Standard Strat made of Agathis. Each with the Rosewood fretboards. I like the Strats from 2002 (20th Anniversary models) to 2008, and Stagemasters and Double Fat Telecaster Deluxes from 2001. I like the 2002 through 2008 models because I can get them for $25 to $75 in great shape. The Stagemasters and Double Fat Telecaster Deluxes from 2001 are a different story. Nice ones do surface for good prices but more than not for a good example you will have to step up and pay. The Jim Root Tele is mahogany, the John 5 Tele is Alder, and the J Mascis Jazzmaster is basswood. Each is $499 at the top of the Squier tower. Everything below is made from: Basswood, laminated maple, poplar, soft maple, pine, or nato.
  6. Serious stuff, serious price, and serious quality. They do have daily emails with deals it's worth signing up for them.
  7. To much bass dialed in it whether it's by the pedal or the amp. It just gets covered up by other instruments that are present. The sound alone you dial in may suck but in the mix is present and pronounced.
  8. You need a cheap pignose guitar, a Digitech RP200, and a cheap practice amp.
  9. Hoping you get the 4 fried chickens, dry white toast, and a Coke of your dreams.
  10. The majority of rock and roll guitar players play the way they do because of this man. The majority of the way lead singers act on stage do so because of this man. Respect, the Godfather.
  11. ...the 50th year the planet will be without Jimi Hendrix.
  12. All back together and set up and sounds really good. Not because it's shielded, it just has a nice sound. I haven't played a strat with the neck pickup can be turned on with the bridge in along time and I have to say I really like that sound. The radius the bridge was set to had to be 7.5 or less. I've never played one set like that and It's terrible and caused a fret-out problem. I was concerned more when I removed the neck and found a sandpaper shim. Not to mention there was a loose block of wood in the trem cavity in the back of the guitar to block the trem in place and it only two trem springs. So, I went back to what I know. Added a trem spring and tossed the block. Straightened the neck, tossed the shim, and attached the neck. I set the big and little string height as low as I can without buzz. Then I measure and look at the height of those two strings to see if it unusually high. It was good so I take a radius gauge and set the other strings to spec at 9.5 equal to the neck then play on all string at all fret positions to see if there is any buzz or fretting out. It turned out good. I'll keep playing it a couple days in a row to see it it's stable and if so it's good to go.
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