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  1. Something's cooking! I can smell it!
  2. Wow. I love Squiers and have several. I have a couple Affinity's too and while the body is Alder like their more expensive brethren I don't think I'd drop $400 plus on a neck. Affinity necks can be made to feel and play great with a little work like highly polishing the frets and rounded the edges of the neck to give it a more worn in feel. The headstock can be clear coated and polished out to a high gloss. Things that are quite easy and cheap to do yourself that you really play for on more expensive guitars and/or necks.
  3. My first electric was a LTP M50 like this. I gave it to my oldest son who learned on it and used it in his band in high school and now has a son who's going to get it.
  4. This is a "Old Kraftsman" that before I refinished dated back to the 50's. Don't freak because it's not worth much as a collectible. It was structurally challenged when it was given to me but never got any worse and it's what I learned to play on for a year. Action is high, frets are worn and I had to work really hard at it. It had a burst looking top and like a flame maple on the back done with paint. The top and back looked the same when I stripped it. The back and headstock I stained with mahogany and the neck and top are cleared. I'll keep it forever because my grandmother-in-law played it and gave it to me.
  5. In August I read the new SRV book. I have his concert DVD's and box set, and went back and bought all his studio albums and listened to them as I read through the book.This week I started looking back at Eric Clapton's career and ordered his Blues Breakers album, Eric Clapton, 461 Ocean Blvd, EC was Here, The Road to Escondido.
  6. Post a photo of the guitar and I'll add you.
  7. Any of them Squier guitars?
  8. New pickguard from Amazon at a place called Musiclily for $10. Came with a matching back cover and new screws.
  9. I'm just going to leave this here.
  10. Once your in your in baby. 295 Members adrianb23 AGF Mikey AJ6stringsting ajympt ak47dragunov Alex W alnico2 Angry Tele Anonymous Guy Arkay ashtray A_Gitarman axegrinder BabaORiley Battletits Bee3 Bietel blingdogg blueshawk1 book_of_lies777 Brewski Brian Krashpad Briarhill Bro Blue Brujo13 Bun-Bun Buttcrust Bucksstudent Cade CanuckKid_15 catscurlyear cBc CGord chqtarzan Chris Gansz chrisebrooks06 citizens_X Cletus Spuckle cogdog Cooley Cratz2 crofty9 Crustoleum curseoftruth D34dBaWx daddywalkin DaleH danger_boy_13 Danhedonia Dario DaveAronow Davo17 Denracho diddybow Diesel7988 Dimmypage Dougie.Douglas drftrman DRPool Ebsy echodeluxe Edward elev8trman elfriede elsupermanny14 endjustifymeans espgold evh1984 F-holes Fade2Grey fatfingaz finboy Firebrand FoonkySteve Frankencat frankie pajamas frankthomson Frets99 fretmonster FUBTAG Funkytone Furtive fuzztone garagebandking9 gardo GAS Man germs gorebuc gotboostvr Gremson Grrrbear Gtrjones GuitarCrazy Guitarkid4143 GuitarNoobie hagarfreak33 Hanglow hapdoty hardtdc HeatherAnnePeel heem6 HEPNOTIC honeyiscool Hooch1 Hudman Humbuckerstrat HypnoToad ianlange11 ID_Ghost ILikeGuitar IndianScout Into Nation Iplayanesp irunamok isuck Jables66 jamdogg Jayers Jcat5150 jbviper4 Jeffleg 2000 J-E-M Jenesis jeracuda jerry_picker JimSF76 Joe Bones joegrant413 johnkline Kellanium ken361 kevinpaul Kherman kirs KLeeneX Knox in Box Krish Kujozilla kulardenu Lachupakabra361 Led Dirigible ledak leopardstar Lloyd Rummell lowbrow machine gunner marc758 Marko masterofthebeas Matt08642 MattKirkcaldie MellowMateo melx men's pants Mercer mfergel mgb1977 mhn433 mikesr1963: (OIC since 12/31/2007) milnersXcoupe Minnie The Moocher missfortune MKSkud mmcquain mmkco moestock MorganB MrChitlins Mr.Grumpy Mrrikki Muddslide mymindsok Myrdhinn naboutboul NappyDugOut Narwhal Naveed211 nbabmf ncsu08ms3 neal73 nevermind Nirvana728 No Soul noelio noizemakr73 Norcal Git r OGG Old Fart Rocker Ol’ Tree Frog otis_rush_fan orangesix Orourke Out of the Past Papaschtroumpf Pappity-Pap-Pap phaeton pathofspirit _pete_ peskypesky Phil051300 Phil O’Keefe Preacher pro_magnum pulse765 Radar-Love radioclash radiosilence Rand-O-Monium randols randomhero2006 Ratae Corieltauvorum Ratdog472 Ratmonkey Rdm RedsFan75 reverberlayed Richey888 Rick 381 ripvan rjhalsey rockape RUExp? saintdel sartana SawdustMan Schtang Shire silverring233 sixstringer76 69lespaul Skyforger SlickCat Snail_killer snake eyes snowaie Solcat Space Bandito SpiritOfTheAge Splendor Squier Joe Trohman squish_man24 srspud ssureshot stacerdamen Staredge strat-man Stricken Superbat777 Sylvesterlowery Tele0507 TeleHotrodder T Rice taylor210eman tbs1959 thatsbunk The Beatles27 Theaxeripper thecornman TheTones thisISjoel tocs100 Tribute2Johnny Twiggyay UllyssesSB VanR Vedder323 vintage clubber voneville wankdeplank wedgehed II Wicked_Tone wietse Wilberforce Willeh WoodenDuckMaker woodsmandan Wyzsard xxxdonk Yogi_Sizzle yz250f49 Zemmy Zen Zurich17
  11. I like feedback when it's good. So in the sense of good feedback and you wanting a pedal to control it I recommend a volume pedal. Now, you don't have to like Ted Nugent, but he is the master at utilizing and control feedback with a hollow body guitar and he does so with the volume knob. Check him out for some ideas.
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