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  1. I don't run tube amps. Is this pedal meant to be used with tube amps or is for used with solid state amps?
  2. We went down a similar road before years ago. There was a pedal company with a pedal that actually appear to have a read tube being shown and it was only a light. On the other side I was watch a pedal review the other day where the pedal was taken apart and they showed what was referred to as a "tube" though it had something else added to the name and it was very tiny. I watch so many reviews and samples I can't recall where I heard it now.
  3. From 75 to 80 I had around 50 or so. Never had any problems with them in my house stereo or cars. I could record albums on blank 8's too. I loved the format and hated to see it go. One of the few I guess. I still have 10 or so in a box with a under the dash tape deck.
  4. 2018 was in fact the last year of the Squier Standard guitar series.
  5. Does anyone know if 2018 was the last year the Squier Standard Stratocaster was manufactured? The Fender website does not show them as being in the line up now.
  6. Fellow Squier aficionados I’m passing on an opinion of mine today and it’s about buying our favorite thing, Squier musical instruments. That and saving money. Since I do not have a brick and mortar within 70 miles of me most of my gear is bought on-line. I’m not associated with any company so I’m not going to name any. However, in saying that, all the gear I purchase new on-line is shipped to me for free and has been for 20 years. I buy a lot of second-hand gear too and when I do, I really prefer to make those buys in person. When I can’t do that then I ask questions about what concerns me when buying used gear including asking for additional pictures. I then set a price for myself and I don’t go over it. I mention this because on the used and auction sites I look at people are paying to much for some gear in my opinion. This morning I’ve noticed on one of the auction sites I watch a Squier Bullet Strat at $71 and shipping is $22 in a common color. The auction is two days from ending. This is not a deal and sometimes I get concerned about bidders who are there just to raise the price in hopes to get someone to pay a higher price. An on-line guitar store I checked has a couple at just over $100 with free shipping and a return policy. So, while looking for Squier gear be sure to browse online musical gear stores especially open-box and scratch and dent areas. Good Hunting and Playing.
  7. Got both of mine from Shopgoodwill online auctions for cheap. A Lyon P-base, and a Ibanez Jazz. Ibanez was almost new and had a $60 gig bag for $75 including shipping.
  8. When I'm checking the nut for a replacement I use my digital caliper and then look for the closest Preslotted Tusq Nut to use. Stew Mac has this PDF for everyone to use. Check it out because if you're first timing it help is just a printer away. 6001VS.pdf
  9. This is my 2005, Silver Burst Squier Standard Strat that weighs 8.6 lbs. The guitar came stock with the pearloid pickguard, back plate, and neck inlays. A open box buy for $127.00 and total build cost of $255.00 which includes the price of the guitar. I bought a Fender noiseless PU kit that came with 1 meg pots and capacitors and resisters (Jeff Beck set). The wiring was done according to the Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster 0101000/1002 diagram and a Fender 5-way American switch was used. It’s a Agathis body with bolt on maple neck.
  10. I have a Livewire A/B Y pedal. I can send one signal in and two out or two signals in and one out. It uses one battery but the only thing the battery does is operate the led lights telling me what's on. Since I use it to send the signal from my pedal board out two amps I don't even use the battery. I just make sure they're both on. I guess the JHS must PROCESS the signal.
  11. Something's cooking! I can smell it!
  12. Wow. I love Squiers and have several. I have a couple Affinity's too and while the body is Alder like their more expensive brethren I don't think I'd drop $400 plus on a neck. Affinity necks can be made to feel and play great with a little work like highly polishing the frets and rounded the edges of the neck to give it a more worn in feel. The headstock can be clear coated and polished out to a high gloss. Things that are quite easy and cheap to do yourself that you really play for on more expensive guitars and/or necks.
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