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  1. One main problem with the G7 capo (I have owned one for years) is that it is hard to "park" anywhere, unless you have a music stand or shelf nearby. My other capos (including my Kysers and Planet Waves Tri-action) are easy to park on the headstock or mic stand. Also, due to its sleek design and finish, it can be very slippery if you have any sweat on your hands at all. Love the tuning stability of the G7, just wish it was a bit easier to hang onto and park. I find my tri-action to have just as stable of tuning, while addressing the other issues... and they can be purchased for $15 or less.
  2. had a rouge mandolin... piece of junk... neck separated from the body.
  3. I'm probably in the minority here, but I tried one of the Supro amps and wasn't blown away... not bad at all, but didn't think they were better than Fender amps that cost less.
  4. Honestly, this place jumped the shark a few years ago. It's much slower now, but at least there is SOME movement. The Gear Page isn't a bad place, and tends to move faster in some forums. Since Gibson bought this forum, it has not really improved, but it hasn't really gotten any worse, IMO. They seem to be having plenty of issues, so this forum is probably way down on the "to do" list for improvement.
  5. I had one of these Squier Jagmasters, and it was an awesome guitar. Sold it to a student. Wish I still had it!
  6. I think you should just put stickers all over it...
  7. keep the LP... Strats are nice, but you'll miss your hum buckers...
  8. love the color... combined with the aged binding, just looks so different than anything I've owned before.
  9. just thought it sounded good before... put a set of balanced strings by Stringjoy on it, and WOW, what a difference!
  10. It sounds really good. Bought it from the used online section at Guitar Center. When it came in it needed a serious cleaning and a setup. Now plays very well and sounds awesome. Still playing with the pickup height, but I think it's about there.
  11. Thanks! Has a great, sort of vintage look to it. Really enjoying it so far.
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