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  1. Okay, we got permission to start this back up here in the Electric forum, so here it is. Post the stuff you have for sale or trade!
  2. Okay, I've been using Fender Medium picks for over 20 years. I've tried others, but always seem to gravitate back to the Fenders. I actually really like the "confetti" color, as it's easy to see if you drop it on stage, etc. Plus, they just look cool. A few months ago, I grabbed a pack quickly at a shop and didn't look at the label. Turns out that Dunlop makes the very same style/color of picks. Not a big deal, so I started using them. Oddly enough, I found that the Dunlops seem to last longer and hold their edge better than the Fenders. I know they're just picks, but I'm not crazy
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