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  1. MIDI plug-ins work like audio plug-ins, except they process MIDI data. Steinberg Cubase, Cakewalk Sonar, and MOTU Digital Performer are probably the best examples of programs that take advantage of this feature. For example, a MIDI plug-in might restrict velocity values to a certain range, or transpose data.
  2. Aha! So the fact that you couldn't tell there was pitch correction proves that it works Your vocals are fine, I've heard them isolated and they're even okay then.
  3. Well, the good news is that the link for HC Confidential 148 is now fixed on both the home page and the listing of articles. The bad news is that, unfortunately, what you're experiencing is not a rare occurrence. The editors who put these articles together often open the article to do some editing and find some, uh, "surprises" - of which images not loading (but then loading the next time it's opened) is one of them. Sometimes font colors are dropped, sometimes articles disappear completely, and sometimes audio examples can't be loaded in the article - for the Ravish Sitar review, the audio ex
  4. Doesn't sound stupid at all, I use the "reduce peaks" technique all the time...I call it "micro-mastering." One of the great features in Wavelab is that it will find those "rogue peaks" for you. I often reduce the gain on an individual half-cycle in 10-20 spots, and find I can raise the level 3-4dB without any apparent effects of dynamics changes, or artifacts from compression. Thanks very much for adding info about that technique!
  5. The more harmonically-rich and complex the carrier, the more you'll hear the effects of the vocoder. For example, modulating something like a distorted power chord with drums will give really obvious results. A violin is a pretty rich sound, so it should be effective as a carrier if vocoded with something that has variations of energy all over the frequency spectrum. That's why drums make good modulators...flutes, not so much, although you could at least get amplitude-based gating effects.
  6. Or at the very least, a humanoid biped Thanks for the props!
  7. Thanks for catching that! I fixed the text. Some non-breaking dashes were broken when the articles were transferred from the previous platform to the new one.
  8. ...and if you aren't a good listener, doing lots of mixes will definitely train your ears
  9. Bach would agree...so would John Coltrane and Jimi Hendrix!
  10. I'm not Phil, but that's a good question. For guitar, I think close miking with room mics is a good combination. Bass is a little trickier because the low frequencies will often interact with a room to a much great extent, unless the room is treated acoustically. So, you can end up with dips and peaks that are a hassle to deal with when mixing. Getting a room mic into the picture isn't a bad idea, though, providing you can "tame" it and keep more of the amp sound in the overall mix.
  11. by Craig Anderton Digital audio workstation software, or two-track audio editing programs (like Magix Sound Forge or Steinberg Wavelab), can serve as test gear. Let's look at how you can make sure your studio hardware connections, and even samples, are properly in-phase. Before going any further, note that in most cases we’re really talking about a change in signal polarity, which means that the entire signal is phase-flipped, regardless of frequency. Phase shifting can be a frequency-dependent phenomenon. Although most musicians and engineers understand what the term “
  12. Good-bye CDs, hello the future! Streaming is effing awesome—not just for listeners, but look at all the incredible benefits for musicians! Royalties will be accounted for truthfully and honestly. No longer will you be at the mercy of record companies doing shady practices, with their dual sets of books and accountants named “Junior.” As we all know, digital data stored in the clouds is totally secure—it’s technologically impossible to hack or alter it! You can play music over your smartphone’s speakers. After the horrible fidelity of cassettes, t
  13. by Craig Anderton (with Permission from Full Compass) Strings play an essential role in your playing, because they connect you directly with your instrument. They relate to the instrument’s sound, but also, to its “feel.” The wrong strings can make your guitar or bass a pain to play, while the right ones can make it a pleasure. Unfortunately, you can’t really evaluate strings without taking the time to string up your axe, and play for a while. The good news, though, is that aside from picks (which of course also influence the sound), strings are just about the most inex
  14. by Craig Anderton (During a recent time machine experiment , I traveled back to the 1980s. Apparently I wrote this Craig’s List while I was there, because I just found the text today on a Mac 3.5” floppy disk when I was cleaning up.) 1 There are tons of computer options for music. Atari, Mac, Amiga, PC, Yamaha’s CX5M, and if you’re on a budget, even the Commodore-64 or Timex Sinclair 1000 will do the job. So don’t worry! You’re never going to be forced to choose solely between a boring PC, or an overpriced Mac. 2 Zero problems. Strings break, piano
  15. Bose S1 Pro Multi-Position PA System Let’s get small...and free from AC outlets! by Craig Anderton When the first L1 system came out, I was one of those people who thought it was probably somewhat of a gimmick (“Bose...don’t they make radios?"). That was, until I tried it. My main application was using it as a full-range, flat-response (FRFR) guitar amp for a computer-based, hex guitar processing system using IK’s AmpliTube. In addition to the clean sound, the column speakers were great for feedback. I just positioned the guitar vertically, held it nex
  16. To create the “ultimate take,” a common recording technique is to record multiple takes of a part, then identify the best bits from each take and splice them together (typically with cut and paste operations) to create a single, “perfect” part. One way of doing this is called cycle recording, loop recording, or composite recording (for more information on this technique, click here). Typically, the performer records several performances on different tracks while listening to a click or rhythmic reference, so that the different performances line up properly in terms of phrasing. The
  17. Anderton

    Winter NAMM 2019

    After slogging through the post-Great Recession years, NAMM has been steadily working its way upward. The last few shows have been positive and encouraging, but Winter NAMM 2019 may be remembered as the show that reached escape velocity. By now, the show is in the rear view mirror...and in the age of the internet, info about the new products has been disseminated. But one trend that stuck out was that companies, products, and even technologies are making a comeback. The biggest comeback, of course, was Gibson. Granted, HC is owned by Gibson—but we have 100% editorial au
  18. Before any inherent snarkiness takes over, I have to say that NAMM’s Joe Lamond & Co. did an amazing job handling the biggest crowds ever (115,301 people, over 2,000 exhibitors) in the biggest space ever for the biggest NAMM Convention and TEC Awards ever. Just thinking about it makes my head explode...not unlike walking past the drum companies in Hall C, come to think of it. 1. Thursday is the New Saturday, and Saturday Is... On the show’s first day, as a flood of humanity coursed over the show floor like cockroaches in the alley behind a pizzeria, the crowds felt an impe
  19. IK Multimedia iRig Keys I/O 49 MIDI Controller and Audio Interface Portable audio and MIDI interfacing for Mac, PC, iOS by Craig Anderton A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Line 6 offered the KB37—a combination 3-octave keyboard and audio interface that also included POD Farm software. It looked weird, but I found it immensely utilitarian. When it went away, so did the concept of a portable keyboard-meets-audio interface, until iRig Keys I/O 49 came along. I don’t see it so much as a studio controller as one for portable use, but for t
  20. Flying can be particulary stressful if you're a musician. Usually there are tight deadlines for making stage calls, checking instruments (and we all know how that can go), and if you combine that with the holidays it can be uber-stressful. I used to have a terrible time with jet lag. If I had a gig in Europe, I either had to arrive a couple days beforehand, or just try to tough it out at a sub-optimal level. Over a period of years, I tried different techniques and eventually found what worked. Although every person is different and has different reactions to jet lag (for example, i
  21. by Craig Anderton Photo Credit: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images 1 - Vinyl is a word that just plain sounds cool. Don’t believe me? Then why do so many songs incorporate it—like Roxette (“God I know, it's final...decided to release my love on vinyl”), The Plain White T's (“Kiss me goodbye and I knew it was final, got in her daddy's car and she was gone like vinyl”), Public Enemy (“From a rebel, it's final on black vinyl”), Black Sheep (“Back in '86, first, foremost and final, rhyming on the corner, all I want to be's on vinyl”)? I mean, they could have chosen
  22. Bose T8S/T4S ToneMatch Mixers ToneMatch takes tiny on stage... by Craig Anderton In a world where there’s not exactly a shortage of stage-oriented live mixers, at Winter NAMM 2018 Bose introduced the T4S and T8S mixers. So, what do they bring to the party? We’ll focus on the T8S 8-channel mixer, because the T4S ($599) is basically a subset of the T8S with less I/O. The only significant T4S advantage is that it can take power from, and send digital audio, to the Bose Model L1 1S/II systems. (To power it separately, you need the optional AC adapte
  23. Yes, we’ve become dependent on our little pet brains called computers, and the operating system updates that keep them in tippy-top shape. What’s that? You don’t like those constant updates? Sad! There are tons of reasons to love operating system updates! 1 You’ll sharpen your search skills. Knowing how to work a search engine with the focus of an escort service at CES is a fundamental skill in today’s world—and operating system updates let you hone your skills. Who hasn’t searched on “does latest Mac OS work on my computer that’s more than a week old” and “how to re-install d
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