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  1. Wow...Boy that takes me back!
  2. THIS...Is a GREAT synopsis of the reviews..I thoroughly enjoyed it Chris. Read every single one and watched tons of links and videos...Gave me GAS though....Lol!
  3. Cool Review there Phil! I'm thinking I could get some solid use out of one of these as I record all my vocals in a adjacent bathroom. (Sad....I Know)
  4. Simply brilliant interview with a simply brilliant man who also happens to be a simply brilliant guitarist!
  5. Interesting interview with a really interesting guy!
  6. Saying it's the best Fender Acoustic you've ever played is something to be taken seriously. I suspect you've played a lot of them over your career. Great review!
  7. GREAT REVIEW PHIL!!!! want.....want...want...
  8. Another informed, well rounded review Phil! Appreciate the work, dedication to detail you put into your reviews!
  9. It would be revoulutionary for Congress to pass something as sensible as this...I'll be shocked if they do.
  10. Wonderful article Craig! Pete's one of my 5 favorite players so this was a treat for me!
  11. What is there to say? The Rennaisance had it's Michalangelos and we had our George Martins and Eddie Kramer's...
  12. WOW!...Quite an impressive video and pedal!The write up was cool too Phil
  13. If I'd known you were in town I'd have cornered you for an autograph and drinks! Great story Craig!
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