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  1. yeh i never thought anything about it having steel strings ,yes it has tuners for nylons but they were definatly steel strings ,all adds to the charm i guess ,ha ha pre-op, by the way i went in the shop the other day to see it but it had gone ,ah well never mind .
  2. when i strummed the strings while it was still on the wall hanger it was tuned to some open tuning ,i could imagine a blues slide player maybe.
  3. I came across this Guitar in a Cash Convertor shop in a town near me ,i didn`t try it out cause it was attached to the wall stand with a cable tie .it looks like some kind of speaker mounted on the body the pickup was also mounted above and looking down on the strings the pickup also had a volume and tone knobs attached ,the strings weren`t impeded by the pickup and the strings rang out lovely to some open tuning ,i think a lot of love went into this guitar and it looked quite sad seeing it in this kind of shop,i wonder what happened to the owner.
  4. A friend of my brother does these https://www.mojopickups.co.uk/
  5. Hi Howard ,very moving lyrics and haunting melody ,the thought war is terrifying and even more so for children and parents of young children i should imagine.You put it across very well.
  6. Thanks deepend ,yes it`s not a bad sound ,it is direct into the computer though and i know from havin plugged electric s in direct that the tones are very limited into the computers .
  7. Hi there here`s a version of Chuck Berry`s Memphis Tennessee recorded with a strat pickup stuck in the sound hole and going direct into the computer in one side of the stereo and a mic for the voice which also picks up some of the guitar into the other side of the stereo .The soundhole pickup is direct with no fx and more or less sounds just like one of my electrics would the strings appear quite balanced i did raise the EQ by a couple of db from about 220 hertz down to bring the bass strings up a tad.
  8. pickups with screw adjustable poles can help equalize the strings
  9. Oh by the way ,it`s nice to put a face to the voice Howard ,nice to meet you .i always wondered if you might have being Roger Waters.... under cover, ha ha ,you do sound like him at times,that is meant as a compliment.
  10. Hi deepend,i did wonder about the bronze strings working with a regular electric guitar pickup ,would it or won`t it ?, but i was suprised at how well the strat pickup did work in that situation, i mean it out performed the pick up that was intended to be put in the soundhole,so the only place that is going is in the bin(trash ).
  11. to everyone who`s contributed so far and not let this 2020 business get on top of them well done ,lets keep it going.
  12. Hi Howard Thanks for the listen .no i`m not using that sound hole pickup, i recorded with two mics one for the vox you can see and one lower down out of shot picking up more of the guitar .the sound hole pickup i have used before but it is too bassy, it is quite an high output pick up 14k or something ,totally wrong, anyway it was a cheapo and it is coming off .i have experimented with an old strat pickup stuck in the sound hole and that is great it is a low output 6k and is much brighter and sounds realy nice ,i`m gonna fix it in somehow and attach a vol and tone pots no batterys required, when i can be bothered to get round to it .
  13. Hi Chaps ,here`s another one ,it`s a version of Chuck Berry`s "Never Can Tell" , what`s going on . Thought i`d upload another version in the Key of D, done on the old EKO Rio Grande, in the cellar.
  14. for the past 8 years i aint had a cigarette .when this thread was launched i was a 30 a day smoker and only played electric.
  15. Hi there Howard and everyone here`s a song for the summer solstice , i wish everyone all the best for the second half of ther year .
  16. was the ExcavatOr on crunch setting ,i think it was struggling there a bit .Pete Townsend could have done better. $500,000 my backside ,materials not that much ,there aint even a tree`s worth of wood there .lol
  17. Looks in good nick,i`d have that .I used to browse around guitar shops in `76 when i was a yung pup and yes there was plenty of weird and wonderful stuff round that time ,is that a single coil bridge pickup ,i wonder if there was a surplus of Flying V necks round that time and they decided to give them a more useable body ,nice find.
  18. you could try a Cminor 7 chord just using the top 4 thinest strings ,so you would bar with your first finger on the third fret. in effect though from here all you have to do is add your little finger to the 6th fret of the 5th string and that will give you the full D# chord .
  19. Hi Howard and everyone ,keep yer peckers up it`ll be all over soon hopefully .Here`s a song of Van Morrison`s hope you like it .
  20. nic e one Deepend hope your having a wonderful lockdow ha ha ." Love in Amber ",great song and great tune getting a bit bluesy at times i like it, i`ll give the other a listen later. It`s now later and i listened to the light of the morning ,great lyrics and tune again ,you are a very talented songwriter and you have churned out a good few ,well done Deepend i enjoy listening to your songs.
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