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  1. Every guitar demands a certain pickup, based on the sound you want and the guitars inherent tone. That said, I don't like ceramics or actives.
  2. Quite frankly, I'm surprised you can even play guitar with the questions you post, well done.
  3. Love it in the lesser gain examples, post when it arrives!
  4. If you play guitar, it attracts ladies regardless, especially if you can sing.
  5. Top three in order 1. playability 2. tone 3. look, nothing pointy ever! No skulls or trying to be bad/warlocky. I like classic curves, in guitars and women.
  6. Funny but the last time I got mad like that was when I was a kid. Now, when I'm struggling with a piece, I put it down and come back to it the next day, usually with better results.
  7. I'll put my 2 cents in... I'm definitely for the height they offer on the nut space. So often, nuts are cut way too high which significantly effects the way a guitar feels and plays. I think I've lowered all my nuts. I haven't owned a zero fret but would certainly like them I'm sure.
  8. I like the first one by a country mile but if I was spending that kind of cash, I definitely would want to play it first. In fact, unless its a smoking deal on a known guitar (shape/feel) and I know I can get my money back, I wouldn't buy any guitar without playing it first.
  9. Not that you'll read this because of the above but as such, until you respond to your own posts, I'm never responding to you again. It's common courtesy to follow up on questions that generous people have taken their time to help you with.
  10. I like the music, nice to see real musicians too. I wouldn't say I'd count that as an electric guitar though. Now I'm going to check out they're music and history, cheers.
  11. As onelife has stated, a custom 24 or 22 with coil splits will work. Being first post, introduce yourself or we'll assume your admin trying to increase traffic.
  12. That's my favorite configuration and have it on more than one of my guitars.
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