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  1. Interesting interview with a really interesting guy!
  2. Another informed, well rounded review Phil! Appreciate the work, dedication to detail you put into your reviews!
  3. Wonderful article Craig! Pete's one of my 5 favorite players so this was a treat for me!
  4. What is there to say? The Rennaisance had it's Michalangelos and we had our George Martins and Eddie Kramer's...
  5. WOW!...Quite an impressive video and pedal!The write up was cool too Phil
  6. If I'd known you were in town I'd have cornered you for an autograph and drinks! Great story Craig!
  7. Thanks for the scoop Chris...I rever Freddie and while I can't afford one of these gems, it's cool Gibson is celebrating him in this fashion.
  8. This is really cool news! I had Cakewalk Home Studio for XP and haven't actually bought any new music software in years because of the great costs involved. At $49 I don't see how I could go wrong here!
  9. AlamoJoe

    2016: Coda

    A lot of loss for all of us, and for music this last year. Let's hope next years list is smaller.
  10. Not long ago, I watched a YouTube tour of Gruhn's Guitars in your fair city, hosted by the Man himself. One particular segment he was holding an original '59 Les Paul Gold Top and he said something along the lines of(Paraphrasing)" This represents the zenith of Electric Guitar Design. This is perfection."
  11. You always find the coolest "Stuff" Craig...
  12. Will it work with Cakewalks new home studio software? How do you think this interface matches up against Scarlett's 212?
  13. That was a pretty cool article!
  14. Go another step Sir, if you will....And make some recommendations on pedal models and makes...
  15. Excellent article Phil...But don't forget the bathroom! Make sure the tub is dry and stick your amp in it! Mike the amp, setup a mike close to the door, shut it and wail! El Cheapo slapback!
  16. Wow! Cool article! Had no idea about the half speed keyboard part on "In my Life". Always assumed it was a Harpsichord or clavinet. Also had no idea the Beatles ever used any synths at all! Always hungry for stuff on the greatest Brit band of all time. Thanks for this one Phil!
  17. It would be revoulutionary for Congress to pass something as sensible as this...I'll be shocked if they do.
  18. Cool Review there Phil! I'm thinking I could get some solid use out of one of these as I record all my vocals in a adjacent bathroom. (Sad....I Know)
  19. THIS...Is a GREAT synopsis of the reviews..I thoroughly enjoyed it Chris. Read every single one and watched tons of links and videos...Gave me GAS though....Lol!
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