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  1. yep agree there,also he could create a feeling and groove with a riff and a bunch of lyrics and it just oozed what he was trying to project for example Machine Gun from Band of Gypsies and even the isle of wight version is a masterpiece and captures everything about war, the music puts you in a trance like state with the slow funk groove and heavy lyrics and Hendrix`s guitar is outrageous complimenting his singing as if they were one and he created these kind of moments numerouse times and every time it was just an improvisation ,a spur of the moment thing ,he really was at one with music. i`ve never seen anyone come close to creating epic moments like that with such originality and when he did everything was perfect .
  2. i know the op is primarely talking about the feel and this video is more talking about the sound but it kind of points out that some of us are influenced by guitarists such as stevie ray vaughan who played 13`s while tuned down a 1/2 step and has maybe made some of us think ahh!, if it`s good for stevie it`s good for me. where realisticly most of the rock /blues guitarists used very light strings . check out rick beato`s vid , he seems to know what he`s talking about.
  3. don`t know ,it`s one of those questions always asked .I do know that the amount of recordings ,live recordings and live footage is quite staggering to say he was only around for 3 years,the poor guy must have never slept .i know a lot of the same songs were played but they are always very different and you can always find some diamonds in there and he never ceases to amaze me, ,you mentioned three styles rock ,jazz and blues i think you can also throw funk and soul in there .variety is the spice of life .
  4. Hi Deepend nice job putting a vey nice melody and phrasing and chords to some beautiful lyrics ,you did well .she must be pleased.
  5. Hi Deepend ,yes i was doing an harmony ,my voice can`t get that high to do the proper melody , the guitar was doing the main melody.
  6. Hi There peeps ,here`s a Beatles pop tune done on me old Eko again, at concert pitch for a change ,same config as before sound hole pickup and mic at the same time for a stereo effect but straight into the pc this time ,vocals done after . Nice recording Howard.
  7. Depends who is wearing it ,i always liked the look of Allen Collins with an Explorer although he looked good with a Firebird too . I`ve had a play on an Explorer and there is just too much wood under yer right arm or was it a Firebird ? was so long ago . i was there https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuZyMx2NXZM
  8. Hope you can get it sorted out ,take a look at this and see what you think https://inclinedbedtherapy.com/
  9. Thanks Deepend ,we have recently moved house and have just about got settled but still have lots to do regards the house and yes i did post one just before xmas,hope your keeping well
  10. Hi Howard and everyone , here`s my version of Pink Floyd`s Wish You Were Here. i recorded it on my old Tascam 246, 4 track cassette recoder ,you can hear the slight wobble on the sustained chords ha ha . i recorded it straight on to two tracks one was direct from a soundhole pick up and the other was an SM58 mic done on the old 70`s Eko Rio Grande Acoustic ,i then transfered the guitar tracks into cubase so i could add some reverb and then recorded the vocal track. hope you enjoy it thanks https://soundcloud.com/user-282584942/wish-you-were-here
  11. i think Eddie Van Halen also had a lot to do with the tone control lack of,lots of peeps will have copied him .Also people who use fx processors tend to program their sounds with the guitar vol and tone up full.I didn`t use my tone control that much when i used to go out with the band but i wasn`t a very subtle player
  12. Hi there happy xmas everybody, here`s my version of the Canned Heat tune Back on the Road again ,thanks
  13. lots of roadblocks if you get hooked into computer recording, it is one big deep rabbit hole,if you are into that then fine, it can be a lot of fun exploring all the editing possibilities and different sounds you sift through but very time consuming along with trying all the free vst plugin effects and then the mixing process which can be a right ball ache,i was hoplessly hooked on it but i am getting back to simplicity.i`ve being recording onto a 4 track tape machine lately.if you value your guitar playing i`d keep the recording process as simple and as short as possible because you can get to the point where you don`t have to learn a tune the whole way through you can just record in sections and do repairs in the editing ,you can become a very lazy player but a great editor,saying all that i do have Cubase 9.5 and am thinking of gettingf the new 10.5 upgrade which would set me back £120 because i`d like to have a mess with the new features ,lol.
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