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  1. ♋ ,is it possible to post you tube links like before or has that now gone .(if yers how do you do it)thanks ?
  2. I saw them at the Puzzle Hall ,Sowerby Bridge, Halifax a couple of years back ,i was blown away with his/their talent,he has an incredible singing voice too.
  3. Once ? ,i don`t know what you mean by that . anyway DeepEnd look at it this way,at least we didn`t even insult each other once i don`t think ,that`s a positive , although i`m sure some people would beg to differ.
  4. no i didn`t know that, but i`m not the one who needs to search for something that may not exist ,if you don`t have proof of claim ,you lose.
  5. Can you back up your claim that,your quote " In the past he has posted about magnetic pickups imitating the sound of an acoustic guitar" i don`t know why you had to quote Steve Beckwith ,he is only expressing an opinion of a sound ,it`s only the same as me saying my guitar sounds like sh-t .but i`m not trying to emulate sh-t a magnetic pickup is doing the only job it can do - converting energy of the movement of the string into sound - it isn`t clever enough to go "hang on a minute i`m gonna emulate the sound of a jumbo ,it does not have that choice it is a very basic form of life but only while there is circulation of the string
  6. nice sound for that kinda thing you just need to grow your hair now and get yer boot on a monitor (not your pc screen) tell a few people to f---o-- and jobs a good en.
  7. if you look at the 3rd post down with the picture of the Fishman pre amp thing and it says on it acoustic imaging ,that is an emulator which would perform the art of emulation of spectrum analysis produced one at a time by all those different types of acoustic guitars and when you flick the switch to for example Jumbo ,your average guitar is then supposed to emulate a jumbo guitar .
  8. i can`t find any quotes on line anywhere (i looked for a couple of minutes then got bored) saying that a magnetic guitar pickup emulates the sound of a guitar the only quote i can find is yours . off you toddle searching
  9. reminds me of , "is there any girls in the audience with any Irish in them ,is there any of the girls who`d like a little bit more Irish in them" - quote by Irish man Phil Lynott. whatever floats yer boat
  10. he didn`t mention active in this quote only you have mentioned active . Idunno`s quote i commented on is in three parts he starts talking about magnetic pickups ,then he goes on to talk about emulators ,then he goes back to talk about a Neo-D passive pickup ,it confused me at first too.
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