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  1. you could try a Cminor 7 chord just using the top 4 thinest strings ,so you would bar with your first finger on the third fret. in effect though from here all you have to do is add your little finger to the 6th fret of the 5th string and that will give you the full D# chord .
  2. Hi Howard and everyone ,keep yer peckers up it`ll be all over soon hopefully .Here`s a song of Van Morrison`s hope you like it . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8zrKYEY0uk
  3. nic e one Deepend hope your having a wonderful lockdow ha ha ." Love in Amber ",great song and great tune getting a bit bluesy at times i like it, i`ll give the other a listen later. It`s now later and i listened to the light of the morning ,great lyrics and tune again ,you are a very talented songwriter and you have churned out a good few ,well done Deepend i enjoy listening to your songs.
  4. Hi Howard, nice one ,i listen to the Rolling Stones a lot in my car at the moment.
  5. nice one Deepend as always great lyrics and catchy melody
  6. Hello is there anybody out there ,here`s my version of Breads Make it with you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3L4LPksUclo
  7. get hold of some begginer books like "play in a day " by bert weedon which has some very simple songs in anyone can learn, the magic of learning the guitar is actualy playing songs straight off the bat, it inspires to move on,
  8. common mistake ,don`t ask a guitar forum "What common beginner mistakes should I avoid? Or TRY to avoid?" or you`ll probs get a reply of every common mistake going . so whch keyboard are you thinking of getting .
  9. learn to read music ,,wish I'd done that early on,it makes you realize just how versatile the guitar is,it makes you aware of arrangement and the main components of a tune. also what I like about it is if I do my own version of a song and write it down,I won't ever forget that particular version. All the best
  10. yep agree there,also he could create a feeling and groove with a riff and a bunch of lyrics and it just oozed what he was trying to project for example Machine Gun from Band of Gypsies and even the isle of wight version is a masterpiece and captures everything about war, the music puts you in a trance like state with the slow funk groove and heavy lyrics and Hendrix`s guitar is outrageous complimenting his singing as if they were one and he created these kind of moments numerouse times and every time it was just an improvisation ,a spur of the moment thing ,he really was at one with music. i`ve never seen anyone come close to creating epic moments like that with such originality and when he did everything was perfect .
  11. i know the op is primarely talking about the feel and this video is more talking about the sound but it kind of points out that some of us are influenced by guitarists such as stevie ray vaughan who played 13`s while tuned down a 1/2 step and has maybe made some of us think ahh!, if it`s good for stevie it`s good for me. where realisticly most of the rock /blues guitarists used very light strings . check out rick beato`s vid , he seems to know what he`s talking about.
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