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  1. decades ago a few guitarist friends and I used to do the 'what if...' scenarios on Hendrix, Janis, Bobby Darin...the Big Bopper, Kennedy, etc...our general concensus on Hendrix was he would have been one of the true godfathers of jazz/rock fusion, but with a more psychedelic flavor...he also would have joined Return to Forever when Bill Connors left in 1973 [instead of Al DiMeola joining in 1974...which led to tons of conjecture as to what would he have done instead]. Hendrix and Stanley Clarke would have jumped to a side project, kind of like a fusion Hot Tuna...around 1977. Eventually Hendrix would leave to be running on his own power again, but it would never be what it was in the Woodstock period.
  2. meh...fishing line works fine...the tubing appears to present potential issues going through the wood on the face...I'll pass.
  3. Although I typically use fishing line tied to the shaft of the switch below the threads as my 'retrieval' line*, this^ is essentially how it is done on a ES135, my preferred option is to pull out the four screws on the pick-up ring and remove the whole p-up assembly; either way works. [even if it is one of the 2002/2003 'hard-tail' or 'no f-hole' models where they put in a rear access panel for the pots/jack wiring to speed up assembly/inspection, the toggle is still only accessed through the neck pick-up aperture]... a PITA, but the toggle is on the wrong side of the center block, and the leads to the toggle are not long enough to reach the f-hole on that side....thanks, Gibson... Depending on the design of the toggle [see the two more common versions below], in many cases the 'leaves' of the switch can be adjusted [read: bent], rather than having to replace the switch. Of course, by that time, you have it out anyway, so replacing it may be the more logical process. One could, at that point, add extra wire to the switch lead to allow access via the f-hole, but heck, you know you are never going to work on that switch again, right? Vertical toggle: 'L' or Horizontal Toggle: * I have also used shrink sleeve for similar retrieval, but the heat from the gun can cause damage to the finish of the instrument, so I do not recommend this method.
  4. I had looked at the Babicz 'Z' bridge assembly not long ago...[zzounds has them for under $80 ] The main issue was I need top mount for my cheapie, but even at $78, it is more investment than I wanted to drop on a sub $200 ax. I like the 'no gap' concept, I'm sure it provides much better sustain, and probably better 'quack'. I also am liking the the idea that the strings can't shift L-R. But it also is not a 'traditional' 3-barrel bridge, but in the name of better intonation, I would go with individual saddles. I'm not clear as to what the newer version improved on from the 'Z'?
  5. A-hem: I was using the more pejorative 2.2, not the more archaic 1.1 pa·too·tie /pəˈto͞odē/ Learn to pronounce noun noun: patootie; plural noun: patooties 1. informal•dated a girlfriend or a pretty girl. "she's a real hot patootie" 2. informal•North American a person's or animal's buttocks. "in his mildly frazzled moments, he might refer to one of his staff as a horse's patootie" Origin although...I wouldn't care much for a rat's hot girlfriend, either...so, maybe both ...depending on the situation...
  6. Terry D...I have examples of both...makes no difference to me; as long as the guitar plays well, I don't give a rat's patootie
  7. yeah, but what's up with teh doll collection in the background ?
  8. well, it was worth a look...too bad the head stock repair was crap. Of course now GC will have to up the price to offset the shipping from store to store...and what about that case?
  9. If anyone is still searching for the 'sound' of the '60s fuzz...Danelectro has 'cloned' the Foxx Fuzz [aka the 1972 Tone Machine], which at least to me, despite coming about in the early '70s, captured the sound of the definitive fuzz of the era, arguably more so than the Dallas-Arbiter Fuzz Face [although, that certainly has its own place in the lexicon...]. Now to be fair, the designer of the FOXX circuit was none other than the current CEO of Danelectro, Steve Ridinger...so maybe calling it a clone is unfair. The Danelectro version is called the 3699 Fuzz [on a telephone dial or keypad, 3-6-9-9 can be translated as F-O-X-X]. They are not yet available [April ship date, IIRC] but many retailers are taking pre-orders. Foxx pedals used to be based in [my old home town] Chatsworth, CA, back in the early 70s...too bad Danelectro isn't going to 'flock' the cases like the old Foxx pedals...and I'm guessing they will get the spelling right on this iteration [the original Tone Machine had 'octave' spelled octive, it was corrected on the re-issues].
  10. I resisted solid state until I tried a Quilter. I now own an older Aviator head, and I have actually gigged with it. If, as SBHack mentioned, the need arose for a 'silent stage' gig, I would use the Quilter. I have tried, and been impressed by, the Kemper Profiler since they first came out. What keeps me from getting a Kemper? Economics, pure and simple. The idea of spending close to $2500 on another 'amp' does not work for me. I suppose I could sell off part the existing 'stable' to finance it, but that seems like too much work...so, if I win the lottery...
  11. I compared the neck on my '01 Alley Kat [because it was sitting right here, and the neck is very Lp-ish, IYKWIM...] and I can easily get that optical illusion of an 'arrowhead' type appearance...from more than one angle. Trompe l'oeil, n'est-pas?
  12. It was the intonation that kept me away from Telecasters until about 5 years ago when, I got my first 6 saddle...arguably not great, as mentioned, regarding tone/twang, but at least it tuned up accurately. I am replacing the bridge on that first one [a 'copy', not my Fender], as well as the bridge p-up with a Buzz Feiten [from his estate sale]...as soon as my new workshop is set up. I've been looking at those 'compensated 3-barrel' assemblies for a while, as well, but I'm still not sure they have all the mechanics where they should be...so I will be very interested in your outcomes.
  13. the tweeter will have crossover protection...it won't see any frequencies it wasn't designed to handle. Whoever told you there would be a problem doesn't know what they are talking about ...or they don't want to hear you do this distorting an acoustic guitar really seems kind of pointless, since it will likely feedback ...but they are your ears...just please don't do this anywhere near southern California...😉
  14. well Phil, it is a goof, a mock up...the QR code goes to a STP tribute band site...but yes, Kids, don't try this at home!
  15. sorry, but this has been available for several years...there is nothing new....I've posted this before...
  16. Certainly, there are guitars worth more than $10,000...look at some of the auctions for Clapton's strats....look at some of the one-of-a-kind commemorative Martins...somewhere someone will spend a ridiculous amount of money to own something rare and wonderful. But odds are they will not see the light of day very often. Those are investments, collectibles...not gigging instruments. The real question is what are you going to do with that $7000 dollar guitar? Worship it? You paid two grand for a Taylor, and then decided you didn't like it enough to keep it...why did you buy it in the first place? I have a few guitars that are worth more than $3k, and to be fair, they don't get out of the case as much as my lesser axes...because I'm worried about them getting knocked over, spilled on,...dusty... ...really, they only come out on the high paying, large stage, outdoor type gigs where no one can get near them but me, and there is professional security. Would I pay that kind of money for a guitar today? Not likely, because I'm retired, I play a lot of bar gigs and I have plenty of great, good, serviceable and useful guitars...and I have my high-end axes for when the need arises. Same reason my Blackface Vibrolux Reverb has spent most of its existence over the past 15 years in a closet with a dust cover on it. I take it out also for those high end gigs, maybe once or twice a year now...but there are plenty of other amps in the stable that work well and I'm less concerned about. To be fair, I'm a gigging guitarist/singer. I am not doing it to impress anyone with how much my rig cost, but how good I make my relatively inexpensive rig sound.
  17. daddymack

    2 amp setup

    I've been using an AB-Y for decades for large stages, mainly outdoors, and mainly for the ability to monitor [one amp is typically mic'ed, the other not] my guitar as I move around the stage. This actually helps me keep my stage volume at the right level, rather that turning up as I moved further from the amp. It also allows me to not have the guitar in the monitors, so only the vocals are in the monitors, which gives us a much 'cleaner' on-stage mix.
  18. daddymack

    2 amp setup

    ah, the joys of an AB-Y...
  19. If, as you say, you have never played a Gibson or a Martin....just the Norman and the Sigma? Normans are very good guitars, and Sigmas [Sigmae?] are fine as well, but you are stepping into a realm of possibilities with these open ended questions. Do you want deep tone, projection, warmth...and which is most important...because that is some of what you'll need to figure out when you start playing Martins...and don't limit yourself on what woods [really, based on lesser instruments? Never!], because there are combinations available you may have never even considered.Invest in the round trip...experience what you can in a day...and go back in a week and do it again! And...don't lock yourself to Martin only...especially based on the Sigma. Gibson, Guild, Gretsch, Taylor, Breedlove, Seagull...ad nauseum...all worth trying! [Okay, maybe not all...]
  20. you may be able to run it off the monitor out, which may not be powered.
  21. worn out tubes can make any amp sound bad...so yes, tube amps can sound bad...but they can be made better...
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