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  1. It could be a 'mock-up', just for the show, a non-working version. I don't see an output jack, for one thing. The Breadwinner was also the first 'production' guitar with active electronics.
  2. Vegas? Very challenging...but Mesquite would be a perfect area for a duo! Several small casinos, bars, restaurants, and a lot closer to St. George... Where in NoHo did you grow up? I lived in the Valley for over 4 decades...since I was 18...
  3. and the 'skidmarks' are your membership card...
  4. Pine is a pretty soft wood, and also not typically considered a tonewood. Depending on the grain and how the slab was cut, you might be able to make a dulcimer body out of it, but you still need a neck made from a much more rigid wood....like maple, or mahogany. How it would sound?
  5. yeah, likely not many folks interested fourteen years after...
  6. St. George, the gateway to Zion...been through there many times...stayed up at Cedar Breaks a few years back in the winter...have an old friend who lives in Fredonia, AZ, which is on the other side of Zion, just south of Kanab. I was in Kanab the day Armstrong set foot on the moon...50 years ago....3 weeks later I was at Woodstock...best summer ever! Lots of polygamists up in the St. George area...
  7. well, apparently not 'foolproof' if you are in here asking questions. πŸ˜‰ Why not ask Schaller? it is there switch system...they should be able to 'slpain it to you... If it were me, I would just ignore any leads going to the second tone pot....and just add them to the master tone center tap.
  8. you could try it at home...😎
  9. gee, thanks for sharing...
  10. all good answers...reflow those solder joints, trim all the excess wire...if you can, add shielding around the wires ... and shield the pickguard, and the cavity...is there a trem on that thing? Make sure you have a solid ground to the bridge and to the jack. Also clean all the switch contacts [that sucker looks grungy]. Agreed that to have hum cancellation in 2/4 the mid p-up should be reversed polarity/reverse wound. You could even put a stacked humbucker in the mid slot[ tonally a waste, but it would clean up that issue]
  11. that is weird...it doesn't say why? So it's not a file size issue? okay, what OS are you on with the iPad? I can try to bump this over to 'our tech guys', although they are technically not 'our guys' anymore...
  12. surprisingly not. try it sometime. Pretty much any bassist I've demo'd this for has liked it.
  13. is that Mikeo's dog?😜
  14. what do they know that we don't?
  15. soak it in Palmolive...if it can soften hands, maybe it will soften your Taylor*....Madge recommends it!πŸ˜‰ to Misha: I don't hear much bass at all in the clip you posted... *likely not, my experience with Taylors is they do not 'mellow' with age, if anything they get more brittle sounding, YMMV...
  16. better bass tone...projecting bass at waist high or above doesn't seem to do much except drown out everything else....and cause hearing loss. by laying the cabinet down, in my experience, we got more thump, more spread...and it was almost 'compressed'...hard to put into words. I've done this for many years and most bassists are surprised now much better it sounds. Works best with 15s, even a 1x15 cab facing the wall sounds deeper.
  17. dryer sheets around the speaker cone for about a week...and a good wipe-down with something like 409 or Mr. Clean. I have serviced amps that reeked so bad I had to work on them outdoors...
  18. We used to use a Sunn Concert Bass amp to power our PA...it worked okay...then I got a Crown...that was wayyyyy back when... The real secret with those 2x15 cabs was to lay them down on their side, and face them to the wall...
  19. could be 'Meh-ple'...just to make Gibby29 happy...πŸ˜‰ [he's had a rough morning]
  20. that is why we are here😎
  21. you are 12 years too late on that question...Golias hasn't been here in over 6 years, btw, so don't expect an answer any time soon...
  22. Not sure what your set up is or what you are trying to accomplish. Are you sharing the amp with the kb player? Bad idea. Keyboard amps are for keyboards, you need your own guitar amp. Are you playing acoustic/electric or electric guitar?
  23. But many were not 'exact copies'...most of the Ibanez 'Gibson copies' were bolt on necks, etc. When I refer to 'lawsuit' copies, typically, at least in my experience, I'm referring to the period in time, the mid- to late 1970s, [as noted above] when Japanese manufacturers were knocking off American made guitars, making them 'look' like the icons. Agreed that some, like the Tokai 'Love Rock', and ESP 'Navigator' were outstanding instruments. But many were just lesser instruments, infringing on trademarks, and 'unfairly competing'. eBay and Craigslist sellers bandy the term like it is a badge of honor, but in most cases it is not. They also apply it erroneously to guitars from the 80s, which fall after the 'lawsuit era'...one seller I saw years ago referred to a MIJ Fender as a 'lawsuit' guitar, another called an 'Orville' [Gibson Japan] Les Paul a 'lawsuit'. Obviously these were licensed builds, not knock-offs.
  24. It won't hurt it . Keep in mind that the 'pre-amp' is your gatekeeper, and try to keep the volume sliders as close to unity gain ['0'] as possible.
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