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  1. And fatigue was the worst of it. In fact, everything went remarkably well, from most perspectives. None of us lost our voices. No cramps. Guitar player may have got a blister. In fact, I'm not even as tired as I thought I'd be. Maybe there's hope for this old geezer yet.
  2. One gig to go. At this point, I'm more concerned about losing my voice than I am about cramping up. Voice fatigue is pretty much a given at this point.
  3. Might be an idea. The coming week will be a busy one. Two rehearsals tomorrow, then gigs on Thursday evening, Friday night, Saturday afternoon, and Saturday night. If I get through the week with no issues, then I'll likely let it go until my next regular checkup. If not, well, we'll see.
  4. Nope, no beer. Never developed a taste for it. I had one glass of wine with my burger. It's possible that I was a bit dehydrated. I certainly was very thirsty after the show. I've hear that can have an effect on cramps.
  5. I doubt that's it, considering my diet and meds. Doctor tested to make sure I didn't have too much potassium not too long ago (BP meds can drive that up). I hope it's just an anomalous occurrence. Chatting with a friend, it occurred to me that, if it comes to the worst, I can always play bass lines with my left hand on a keyboard. Not the same, but good enough for most situations.
  6. Playing last night, and, about halfway through one of the later songs, all of a sudden I got a severe pain in my right (plucking) index finger and forearm. Had to stop playing. Came back in with the vocals, and started hammering on the roots so that there'd be some bass, and limped to the end of the song that way. Stretched it out and tried again, no good. Finished the night using second and third fingers only. At first, even that set it off again, but it got better. I figure it was just a cramp, but this is a new thing for me. I also know that I have a tendency to overreact to things like this, but, if this keeps happening, or gets worse, I might have to quit playing. One positive thing: I got a good joke out of it. I stepped up to the mic and said, "Really, this has never happened to me before. Really." And every woman in the place smiled and nodded, obviously thinking, "Yeah, I've heard that before!" Anyway, the finger aches this morning, but seems to be working all right. I hope that's the end of it.
  7. Oh, yeah, I'll take it. I'm not complaining. I do kinda wish I knew why the switch was jammed, and how it came loose, but I may never run into this again, so no worries.
  8. That seems to be my MO these days.
  9. I got lucky with the first one. Power switch wasn't working. Fortunately, it was stuck in the ON position, but the guitarist wanted a finctional switch. I opened it up and tried to get the switch to move. No good. No local place to get the correct replacement, so I laid out the options for him: leave it as is, or I could drill a hole and put in a difference switch. He chose the latter. So, I proceeded to break it down. I took out the circuit board to give me room to drill, and, waddaya know? The switch worked. No idea what was hanging it up before. So I cleaned off the old, dried up heat sink compound, added some new, and put it all back together. Tested it out, and everything works. Then I went to work on my own amp. Bad buzz, intermittent. Also, a rattle when I shook the cabinet. I assumed that they were connected, and they were. There was a screw loose that had come to rest against the speaker cone. Had to break it down a lot further than I would have thought to get the screw, but I did get it, and got it back together, too. All good. Nice to get something accomplished.
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