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  1. Why, yes. Yes, it is a post.
  2. Also, this might be better addressed in the keyboard forum.
  3. That might depend on how you define 'going'.
  4. I'm going to set the record player aside. I seem to be stuck, and higher priorities have come up, such as my Sunn 200S.
  5. I have obtained pickups for the electric deck!
  6. A friend of mine is doing a hime improvement project. He'll be replacing the rails of his deck with wire. So naturally (?), he thought, "Wires are just big guitar strings. I should tune them and put pickups under them." So, that's what he's doing. A few guys online are helping out by sending cheap, unused pickups.
  7. Message from TalkBass: TalkBass is currently offline due to a catastrophic fire and subsequent fire-suppressant water damage at the datacenter where our servers are hosted. We have been offline since the evening of Sunday April 4th. Power restoration has been slower than anticipated, as has any info on the possible damage to our servers. While this is deeply frustrating, please know we are doing everything we can to get TalkBass back online as soon as possible. Offsite backups were automatically maintained up until the incident, so if deemed the best course we will spin up new servers and start to rebuild from backups. Thank you for your patience during this time. We've been online for over 20 years, and we will get through this! Happy bassing to all, I so look forward to seeing you soon. Paul Determan (Founder and owner)
  8. Looks a little bit like this:
  9. On a fretless, use lots of vibrato!
  10. Yeah, I couldn't find much of anything on it, either. Lots on the Yamaha keyboards, but that's not useful to me in this context!
  11. Bingo! I delibaerately called it a record player, instead of a turntable. It is self-contained, has a monophonic ceramic cartridge, and an amplifier with one vacuum tube powering a single speaker. 78, 45, 33⅓ and 16⅔ rpm. I has occurred to me that the rim drive could be slipping when the load is increased on the mechanism.
  12. No, it's not. People left, and never came back.
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