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  1. I recently bought a class D amp. A Bugera Veyron 1000M. Plenty of power, small easily transported, sounds fine. I'm still dialing in the exact sound I want, but the fact that it doesn't have tubes doesn't seem to be a factor (there's also the 1000T, with a preamp tube, for people who insist on having a tube). I wouldn't say that it sounds better than my other gear, but different. The same is true of my all-tube heads as opposed to my tube preamp/class D power amp setup. There are good amps made in every configuration. What most appeals to me about the new amp is that I can put it, its power cord, a speaker cord and a guitar cord in a used laptop case and carry it in one hand or sling it over my shoulder, and it's at least as loud as any of my other amps.
  2. I saw Queen on the Day at the Races tour, and yes, when they went to the tape backup in the middle of Bohemian Rhapsody, I was royally pissed off! I wanted to see how a great band would pull that off, and instead, they punted.
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