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  1. I didn't know anything about either, but I found a few things. The AR-102 is rated at 65 watts. The Peavey is rated at 85 watts output. They seem fairly well matched, to me. As always, if turned up until either distorts, then bad things can happen, and may have. The Peavey is a bit of an odd duck. A solid state amp with an impedance selector? Unusual, to say the least. The ARs are specced at 6 ohms, so neither 4 nor 8 will be a perfect match, but I don't think that should be an issue if set on 4. If the selector was set on 8 and the volume was up high, that 'might' cause an issue. 16 would be worse. Here's what I'd do. First, I'd make sure all of the connections were tight. Static still there? Then, I'd connect a different amp to the ARs and see if the problem persisted. I'd connect the Peavey to a different set of speakers. At this point, my guess (and it's only a guess) is that the problem is in the amp. Narrow down the possibilities, then proceed accordingly.
  2. Put D'Addario strings on the GJazz. Much louder, sounds much better. Played it at band practice today, and bandmates agreed: better with the new strings.
  3. Well, that's the problem: you can't set the science aside. Different diameter drivers simply don't have inherently different characteristics. People used to say that fifteens were boomy and tens had a "tight" bass, but my 2x10" pushes boomy and my 1x15" much less so. When I switch out the driver, the 1x15" becomes even "tighter," with an extended high end. In short, the single biggest factor on a cabinet's sound is frequency response, and that is not dependent on driver diameter (see Phil Jones).
  4. The diameter of the driver has somewhere between very little and nothing at all to do with how a bass cabinet sounds. There are several factors that do, but diameter isn't one of them. Some factors are indirectly related to diameter, such as total swept volume (Vd, the active area of the cone times the distance it travels, or throw). Larger drivers tend to have larger throws, simply because they're larger, but there are lots of 18" drivers with less throw than some 12"s. How you get the Vd isn't important, which is why Phil Jones cabinets sound good using 5" drivers.
  5. Back to the GJazz. Someone on talkbass posted that the problem with the low output wasn't the pickups, but the strings, so I did an experiment. I took off the E and A strings and replaced them with some old d'Addarios. The difference is considerable. The output of the Glarry strings is much, much lower. Unfortunately, because of the shape of the headstock, my old G string won't fit. Won't reach the tuner. So, it looks as though I'm going to have to go buy some actual new strings for it!
  6. Didn't they tell you? Size doesn't matter.
  7. Thanks. I'm over it, anyway. Besides, there's a lot of interesting history between the Irish and the Scots.
  8. I did replace the power supply filter cap on the Heath. Replaced the reverb tank on the Deluxe. Worked fine. Got a tremelo "bug" from Amazon. Replaced that, and... nothing. Frustrated, I took a break. Had lunch. Took a nap. As I woke up, my subconscious said to me, "The tremelo doesn't work unless you plug the footswitch in! Moron." So I got up, plugged in the switch, and Eureka! Tremelo. Put it all back together, and tested it once more. Everything worked. Took it back to the owner today. He loves it! Says it has a lot more reverb than it had before. Sounds great. So the Heath has been pushed aside by the Fender. Now I can move on to messing about with my new super cheap bass guitar!
  9. I have no argyle socks. I'm Irish, not a cursed Scot!
  10. Took my $100 Ibanez GSR200 to band practice yesterday. Can someone explain to me why I spend over $1000 for a bass?
  11. I've heard of those. Good reputation for being decent quality, inexpensive instruments.
  12. Okay, so that amp went back to the owner without a major recap. I did replace the power supply filter cap but that was far as that went. Fixed the tremolo, and he was very happy. Now I'm working on a Fender Deluxe Reverb. Same owner. He buys old shìt that doesn't work or breaks, then I fix it for him. This Fender falls into the latter category. He says it worked fine when he first got it a few weeks ago. Now, the reverb doesn't work, and neither does the tremolo. I'm detecting a pattern here. Troubleshot the reverb and found it was the tank itself, which surprised me. I've never known one to go bad. But I pulled this one out, and found both wires to the input transformer broken. I figured I could find a way to fix that, but I measired the resistance on the output transformer, and it's open. Too much trouble at that point, so he ordered a new reverb tank. Should get here tomorrow.
  13. Possible performance coming up for one of my bands, so I left the Glarry GJazz at home yesterday, and took my Ric 4003AC to practice. World of difference, compared to the GJazz. Better in every way. Even one of the guitarists commented that it sounded much better then the Glarry. But the Glarry still sounds great FOR THE PRICE. But the price is low, and so are the expectations, so it's pretty easy to exceed them. Still, the question remains: what will the Glarry sound like with the Bartolini pickup set installed? Inquiring minds want to know!
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