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  1. Good job! Always nice to finish a project. Even better when it works out the way we want it to!
  2. It went great! Bass sounded really good. Everything worked as it's supposed to. Think I might want to adjust the truss rod a bit, and experiment with different tones available with active tone controls. But it's definitely fun. Best $78 I ever spent on a bass!
  3. Band practice today. Gonna try it out.
  4. It's upside down, and it has too many knobs!
  5. The saga continues... Put it back together and took it to band practice. Everything worked, but oddly. The bridge volume control worked backwards, was the main thing. Interactions between the controls were odd, too. I figured that I had probably wired something wrong. And I was right. Opening it back up, I discovered that I had put the bridge pickup ground on the wrong tab, which I had thought was the most likely cause. Put it back together again, and everything works as it should. Sounds good through my little practice amp. No more band practices for the rest of the year, so no oppo
  6. Tom came over yesterday, and we finished the cabinet. He was very pleased with the sound: deep without being boomy. Exactly what he wanted, and exactly what I was shooting for in the design. And now, I have a little bit of room in my garage!
  7. If it does, I can dig out a little more wood!
  8. Pretty much what I ended up doing! I had fantasies of doing a really clean, professional job with a router, but a couple of days ago, I just grabbed my drill. That got it started. Then, I used a "chisel" (said chisel being a flat headed screwdriver) to gouge out a battery compartment. The wood is extremely soft. Anyway, the bass now has the Bart pups and preamp, and it makes sound. Hard to get a good idea of what it sounds like through my little practice amp, though. None of my bands are rehearsing these days, so I don't have a way to judge the sound through a bigger rig, with the rest of
  9. Of course, there are more powerful magnets. Some people use 60mmx10mmx3mm magnets for this trick. I imagine that they are considerably more powerful than the ones I used. What difference does it make? With a more powerful magnet, output will increase, which is good. If the magnet is too powerful, the pull on the strings can have undesirable effects. One guy said he got fret buzz when he did it. The magnets were pulling the strings closer to the frets. Then there's something called wolf tones, and too strong a magnet (or having the pickups too close to the strings) can reduce sustain.
  10. These are rare earth magnets. Neodymium is a rare earth element.
  11. Took the "magnetized" Ric to band practice yesterday. I like it there because it's a noisy environment, and I've done the RWRP mod on that bass, so it's quiet. As I was playing, I noticed that the low end seemed more solid, and the sound seemed more balanced across the board. Sounded good all around.
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