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  1. the problem with that stuff is 1) it is freaking expensive and 2) it is only for hard surfaces, so it won't help the grille cloth or the speaker cone
  2. Now, IIRC, RedJX discovered that his distortion seemed to actually be coming from his reverb tank...have you tried disconnecting yours? But wow...looks like somebody already modded that amp, and scorched the board. I'm not familiar with that amp, so without a schematic, I can't do much for you from here, but the way those 'jump leads' are installed, it looks to me like they had an issue with the output transformer and installed a 'substitute' [as you suspected], and that could very possibly be where the distortion is being generated. The other jumper on the 'lands' [green] side may be related to the reverb...hard to tell... It also appears that the [left side] TDA2030 amp has been replaced [from the look of the heatsink compound], so replacing the right side one may be a simple solution, as you already surmised; I would be curious if it is seeing the correct input voltage [it would not take much variance to generate distortion], or if it is just not still up to spec. I would hold off replacing the pots [although a good cleaning may be in order] and speakers [50W would likely be adequate, 75W better...also check the 'efficiency' rating] until you check the three potential issues we've discussed here [reverb tank/circuit, Output Xfrmr, audio amp]. I take it you are in the EU [or the UK] based on the voltage draw of the amp...so that makes suggesting replacement parts iffy...but I think you are on the right track. See if you can find an online schematic. That should give you a target spec on the xfrmr, and may help explain the jump leads.
  3. calipers...FTW...I'd be lost without mine...string/wire gauges, nut slots, truss rod tools/allen wrenches...hardware diameters... btw, the necks on some of those early 80's Japanese Squiers can be outstandingly perfect...I've repaired a few J-Squiers over the years, never the necks, though, never even had to adjust one! Typical: cracked/chipped pickguards, whammy claw torn out [2 different guitars. put a 'block' in one, and a Floyd in the other... PITA!! Never again!], tuners stripped, cracked nuts [] but never any issues with the actual necks...
  4. two soapbars with a superdistortion...very interesting combination. I have a superdistortion in the bridge slot on my Strat.
  5. come on...keep yer sense of humor...and what 'script'? My life is one long improv...but yes, you can use a 'regular pot'. Happy now? I also agree with Gardo, you will lose 'tone' [typically, I found it muddies up]...this is why I prefer to have a 2V2T control arrangement [even on my Tele...I know, seems like sacrilege, but Fender made it that way!]
  6. what kind of blender? Waring?πŸ˜‰
  7. unfortunately, RedJX has not stopped by here in almost 2 years, so do not expect a direct response. We would be happy to assist you in trying to determine the issue with your amp. What is the amp?
  8. sounds defective to me...send it back, and complain...
  9. is this a legitimate shop where things actually get fixed on a regular basis? How did 'dust' get in the cavity?
  10. amateurs do things that experienced repair guys wind up fixing years later... very neat job on the spot fix on the neck...😎
  11. odd that the control layout is different on the double cut...
  12. yes, but as you said, "a state of over 3 million people"...NYC and the Los Angeles 'metro' area have a populations six times that of your state. You are fortunate to be where you are, and maybe yes, they over-reacted on the side of caution at the outset. But who knew? How would you have felt had they not 'erred on the side of caution'...and done nothing, only to have thousands of cases? Nobody likes this, except the ones who were 'shut-ins' before...but I have to believe that despite the Administration's rush to re-open, the real experts are more in tune to the potential hazards. They may not happen, but the possibility of a second and third wave of the virus is enough to keep me wearing a mask at the store and happily barbecuing four times a week. My zipcode has the highest number of reported cases in our county, which does not make me comfortable AT ALL...I see too many people out and about with no masks...are they right? I think they are suicidal!
  13. well again, the Sedona is pretty danged pricey...even the 'lite' [25W, 1x10] costs more than a used T5 standard...and the 55W model is the price of a new T5...not to denigrate the quality, but in all seriousness, most solo gigs didn't pay enough to warrant my having $5-6k worth of gear on stage [if there even was a stage]. And considering the current situation, I don't expect the pay to get better...
  14. unfortunately, you are 14 years too late to help the OP...
  15. has a very cool '3G' effect...Gretsch/Gibson/Guild...😎
  16. Voltan...seriously, chill out.... I have jammed with several drummers over the years who used both high end [Alesis, Roland] and relatively cheap [Simmons] electronic drums with either 'drum amps' or powered speakers, and the powered speakers were typically far more articulate [and louder], plus more versatile, as the OP asked about playing keys, guitar and vocals through whatever he gets. If you read my entire post, I attempted to address what he posited, not suggest other things...not off on a tangent, not suggesting far more expensive gear, just offering an opinion on what he was looking at. PERIOD. I don't play drums, but I've spent decades mixing them, and working with drummers, so I do know what they should sound like, and few drum amps do a great job...IMHO, and he did not specify a particular drum amp, but he did specify the JBL Eons. Agreed the OP did not express his intention as far as where he wanted to play his drums, but based on what he asked, and what he was considering, I took it to mean he wanted to be able to amplify his kit adequately, possibly in a band rehearsal type situation, or just at home to annoy his neighbors....πŸ˜‰ [something responsible individuals would never do!] Yes, I was putting you in your place for suggesting headphones when he already said he liked the sound in his headphones😜 So rather than getting your skivvies in a knot, next time just answer the guy's question....😎
  17. what model was that? I vaguely recall seeing those inlays many years ago at a jam I was hosting...the guitar has a nice vibe, kind of similar to the George Benson model. and...that finish is crying out for gold hardware...I'm jus'sayin'... no hard case though?
  18. please let us know the actual cause when this gets corrected!
  19. he already has headphones...he needs help picking an amp or a powered speaker...why do you guys suggest headphones when he already said it sounds good in his headphones and he asked about amps and speakers? Mikeo, he already narrowed it down to the JBL Eons, now you want him to go up to a QSC 15 or a subwoofer...at what, four times the price? Did he mention price not being an object? No, he selected a good pro quality speaker in a reasonable price range... look I get it that QSC is top shelf, but not everyone can be a 'corksniffer' on their gear; and nowhere did he ask for the absolute best, he asked what would work for him and he had his own ideas and some folks just need it to be 'good enough'...
  20. totally concur, I don't know of a logical way this outcome would occur. I thought about 'cooked' pots at first, but as you noted, the outcome would have most likely have been dead spots, not an altered taper. Reversal of the pot would have altered the sweep, but not to this extent. Based on the last set of responses, yes, take it back, demo the issue to the install tech and tell him to correct it. It is virtually impossible to diagnose this kind of anomaly without being able to eyeball/trace/test the wiring, and with coil taps and push/pull pots, just a tad more complicated... good choices on the p-ups, btw, I do particularly like the PG in the neck position...
  21. leave the pots for now...please answer the questions in the post ^
  22. yes, but linear as volume pots wouldn't give him this issue, other problems, yes......I've had people bring me guitars with complaints about the pots only to find whoever 'rewired' it switched the tone and volume pots by mistake...more than once... I'm trying to figure out how you could wire them and get full output at 2...unless the pot was wired 'backward'? but even then, it shouldn't do what the OP is experiencing...it should not make any sound until the pot is on all the way ... so, next questions... which Seymour Duncan p-ups did you have installed? They aren't 'active' are they? are the pots push/pull to activate the coil tap? or are there separate toggles?
  23. bp, not an issue with your response, just sometimes ksl is, well, a tad slow on the uptake...πŸ˜‰
  24. For general versatility, I'd go with the JBL 612...guitars won't sound wonderful through it, but your drums, vocal and keyboards will sound fine. Most drum amps I have dealt with are either woefully underpowered [50W SS], designed like floor monitors [wedges] or lacking in EQ capability...or all 3.
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