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  1. I suggest you take the amp [head and cab] to a good amp shop and have it checked. At minimum, your 15" could be blown, or there could be numerous other possible issues.
  2. had me for a moment on the 'La minor', but that is A minor ['La' being the 'vi', so, in the key of C, Ami= 'La' in the 'do re me' scale...]
  3. The noise suppressor could be killing your distortion...do you us a 'buffer' pedal? Do you use a compressor? Are your pedals 'true bypass'?
  4. ^this sounds like the reason it was bad was because of you....not because the gig itself had it's own 'suckage'...I mean, seriously, you played for 10 minutes and didn't notice you were out of tune? I would have hiked if you finished the first song before apologizing/blaming the road manager/blaming the elevation, humidity....10 minutes? Out of tune for 10 minutes...and your 'tuning' process bored them enough to leave? Please tell me this was not a paid gig....
  5. First, you waited how long? I would have been all over them in two days like a homeless man on a taco! You have to realize, these people, they get paid by the hour, they go home they have dinner...your request is a distant memory [Not right, but reality!]. Sadly it is INCUMBENT on the BUYER to follow up with e-tailers, especialy if you are trying to put a package deal together... If you want something other than to place a basic order, you need to be the DRIVER, not the Passenger... I used to have an 'arrangement' with MF where they would give me quotes, and I learned very quickly that I had to be all over them like a cheap suit to get what I wanted in a timely fashion. That said, once an order was entered...WAMBAM, it shipped...my last order with them arrived today, a day early [in California, from Kansas City!], so...all I'm sayin' is you need to take the initiative...be a pest if that is wha tit takes...skweekie weal and all that...
  6. please follow this link my initial reaction is positive*...JB, what say you? Happy with yours? a $300 12 string that tunes up with a Snark...I used to tell people that NO ONE has ever actually tuned a 12 string, but with individual saddles, this little puppy rings nicely!😎
  7. Thanks, Phil, I almost spit my coffee out when I read about the 'solo button'... the board may have multiple channels dedicated to separate settings for the guitar, but the 'solo' is for isolation of a channel or group of channels as you noted.
  8. The other question I forgot to ask was whether he had tried the same settings with the delay going in the front end of the amp rather than in the loop...and what was the delay pedal, what settings, etc., as mbengs has been known to put questionable/barely functional pedals into his signal chain....
  9. IIRC, there are controls on the Infinium models for the loop levels...so that may have had an effect on your sound. Do you know if the loop is series or parallel? I don't know what you mean by 'stack-ish' and combo-ish....please define What were you using to record the amp? Line out? A SM58 mic? Placed how? Were all the recorder settings identical? There is much more info required to even begin to assess your issue.
  10. ^ that is certainly one possible solution...a very pricey and complicated [steep learning curve] solution, as well... A few questions and some clarifications... Questions: you have the 100 watt head version, yes? You say it is 'unreliable', but in what respect? Have you replaced the tubes...ever? Have you had a professional amp tech look it over? Have you looked to see if there are any used heads where you are? They are, as I'm sure you are well aware, no longer made; however, if you do a search, [I'm assuming you are not in the USA] there are a number of them for sale here in the US fairly cheaply [many under $300 US]. You may find some out there that are still working. Clarifications: the valves/tubes in a Spider Valve MK II amp by Line 6 are based on a Bogner design. 2x 12AX7 and 4x 6L6 tubes. The amp was designed as a 'clean headroom' platform for the digital models. There are [IIRC] 10-12 'preset' amp models which will access the gain stages of the tubes to a certain degree. Have you looked at the Line 6 DT25 amps? These are all tube[valve] amps also Bogner designed.
  11. the two coil cords are worth more than the bass or the amp...
  12. Phil, I've tried dozens of a/e 12s, including the Taylor...a bit too pricey for an ax I will use for 1-3 songs a gig. Plus, Taylor doesn't make that model in black...😉 The Guild F-2512 doesn't come in black either [but it does come in 'charcoal burst' but hard to find*], so I would probably have been down to the Tak. I also had looked at Ovation 12s, but they are uncomfortable to play seated. *the Guild factory is only about a twenty minute drive from where I live now, so I guess I could have tried going there to find a 'charcoal'...
  13. was it working before and now you have no output, or are you just setting it up and there is no output?
  14. what is the bass amp? I can't blame your bassist, putting the bass soley in the monitors is not a good idea. If his amp has an XLR out that does not defeat the speaker out, then I would go that way.
  15. okay...there are several ways to get a signal boost for volume. The easiest is to turn up the volume pot on the guitar...sadly, most axslingers play full up all the time, and so use a boost or EQ pedal, but in the case of a large scale concert, yes, the sound engineer could be controlling it from the board.
  16. well, I have never owned a Danelectro either...but at under $300 [well, plus tax] my expectations are not particularly high...and I'll still need to find a case for it... I like the ability to intonate each string, which was a big factor in my decision...I had been looking at acoustic 12s for about a year now, and had this not come up at that price now, I would likely have had a Takamine or a Guild shortly.
  17. ummm...voltage chart? You can typically find the various AC and DC voltages for a particular amp's components in the schematic...have a look here: https://carvinaudio.com/pages/guitar-amp-schematics Regardless, if you plan on poking around in your amp, be forewarned that there are indeed potentially lethal voltages stored in the capacitors. If you do not know how to discharge those components, then do not, and I repeat EMPHATICALLY DO NOT poke round inside the amp if the caps are charged! There are several methods [some worse than others] to discharge teh capacitors...and there are videos available on youtube ...please learn first! There is a recent thread regarding this topic...
  18. So, John...did you get the Danelectro yet? I just ordered one for myself, and was curious as to your impressions before mine arrives...
  19. Still waiting for the outcome here, JB...did the Grote land? Is it all that and a bag of chips?
  20. more to the point...have you played through one?
  21. I also thought that it might be Hondo, but the OP said 'lowercase letter h'...
  22. wow...just wow...you come in this thread 13 years later and state your opinions as facts? I have a crate amp and I like it...it has tubes, is 20W through a 12...sounds nice and gritty when it has to. I also own a very early VJ... so...maybe you could tone it down a little?
  23. you bought them, when? You bought more than one...and you don't know the name of the manufacturer? Pics? I mean could you sketch the logo, take a pic of it and post it here? Anything? You need to give us more to go on...
  24. so here's teh answer to your dilemma...go back and tell 'She...' that you need to do both..a vacation to Canada, and a new axe...your wife is a very understanding woman...
  25. frankly, this kind of complaint, absent any specific details, is not only pointless, but defamatory. Would you please explain your issue and why you feel that Godin is 'not standing behind their product'?
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