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  1. thanks for sharing, even if you are 13 years late to the discussion
  2. ^ cruel but likely. ksl, I will guess you have looked at the usual places...any chance of finding a basket case guitar you can cannibalize?
  3. dessicant packs are your friend. I doubt your instruments will be 'damaged'. You will want coated strings.
  4. only 13 years late to the party, but thanks for contributing.
  5. sadly, tjm, you are a number of years late to this thread and the posters have moved on, so you my never know. Have you tried contacting Ted Vesely in Vegas? [see post #2]
  6. Apparently not, as we have a new reply after 8 years!
  7. that is up to the new owners...who are rarely seen around here, even for us moderators. They may have a grand plan...
  8. welcome Rowbare...sadly this discussion died 14 years ago...
  9. codes are codes, so ...maybe they use the 'X' like as in Xmas for December? If it is specific to Ibanez units, then maybe it was a spec reference code. Different windings, different wire diameter...? as to the p-up, if it reads 'open' at the p-up itself, then there could be an issue inside that p-up, odd though...
  10. wow...someone took very good care of that axe!😎
  11. Agree with BP's assessment, the 3 piece neck, tenon screws and Maxon p-ups are definitely Ibanez, mid 70s. As to the 'dead' neck p-up, my repair experience suggests the issue could also be at the switch. Kind of a PITA swapping parts on semi hollows...but at least nothing is at the upper bout. Gibson took the easy way out by putting all the hardware/wiring in the lower bout, although I do find an upper bout switch more to my liking I would still be inclined to replace the electronics, especially because shielding on these older models is typically non-existent, and at 45+ years old, t
  12. Malcolm Young didn't need a neck pick-up! That's f'in rawk, man! j/k oh, and that looks like a 'lawsuit model'...is the headstock 'creased' in the center? my old eyes...😒
  13. These were well built, but I would likely change out the electronics [pots, switch, jack, wire, cap, P-pups]..for $279? Keeper...
  14. The Mach 2 Head is the way to go, IMHO...then you could use different cabs for different gigs. That said, I use my Aviator head with a 12" speaker cab, and I like it...😎 which coming from someone who has owned/owns Vox, Marshall [half stack and combo], Fenders [BF & HotRod], Blackstar, Crate [Vintage Club], Epiphones...this is the only SS amp I find that is 'gig worthy' and reasonably priced without going into the modeling thing.
  15. Yvonne, welkom bij Harmony Central. Very sorry to hear the cancer treatments have curtailed your ability to play guitar. As noted there is Reverb.com and eBay in the US for selling instruments [most musicians find Reverb more to their liking]. Shipping, especially internationally, is an expensive add-on, so unless your model is rare or in high demand, I suggest you list it locally. Have you looked at Marktplaats.nl? eBay bought them a while back; it might be your best chance. IIRC the Ibanez GA15 is a student classical model, but I am not familiar with the 'S' version. Look
  16. Because you are not in the USA, the only advice I will give you is caveat emptor. I worked with sellers on Ali Baba for a number of years and found most to be, 'shady', to be polite. Their 'spec' sheets were laughable, usually a 'copy and paste' from an American or European manufacturers' website. Ali Baba is not the Chinese equivalent of e-Bay, Reverb and Amazon all rolled into one [and there is ONLY one], as they would have you believe, but their own 'anything goes' version of those [regulated] sites. It is more like a gigantic Craigslist, with legitimate and unscrupulous vend
  17. I would, as personal preference, go with 250k ohm, as I would still be looking for the 'spank with some stank' sound, which the hot rails do quite well.
  18. um, Sarge...that thread was last posted into in 2009...and...peavey-impact has not been seen round here since 2013...I seriously doubt you will get a picture
  19. anything that makes a Ric bass sound bassier is I wonder what would happen with some 'rare earth' magnets...y'know the kind you can just barely get apart if they touch...?
  20. costs money and uses up real estate...I have not seen a power switch on an effect since the late 70s...most devices are triggered via the in jack, so yeah, ya gotta unplug everything...or, if you are on a daisy chain, consider keeping the power strip where you can reach it. PITA either way...
  21. great post, BB, but 12 years after the fact...no one has looked at this in 12 years...did you not see that? Thread CLOSED
  22. thanks for posting this, Gismo...yes, BluesKeys was Jimmy Weaver...sorry to hear thisπŸ™
  23. as Hemingway opined...'the sun also rises'...😎
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