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  1. sadly, 14 years late to straighten these guys out...
  2. Solid state or tube? It depends how you 'convert' the voltage, and how 'clean' the power is, but, as long as the tubes are seeing correct plate voltages, then there should not be a discernible change.
  3. but, you are 10 years late to the party...
  4. Agreed on the quality, I know a few people who've don it but... ... I agree here as well, the Mastery set at ~$350, is for a keeper, not a turnover... I've installed a few Bigsby's [preferably with a Vibramate] and Maestros [and removed some as well😜] over the years, and a Floyd Rose once [NEVER AGAIN]. The Mastery looks like a fairly easy job, since the routing gets fully covered.
  5. Ms. P! Good to see you are still 'among'... yes, the Covfefe-19 pandemic has thrown the proverbial monkey wrench into the workings for pretty much everyone. I'm taking it as an opportunity to work up an entirely new solo act, very different from my previous one...so the time 'home' has not had a negative effect on me in that respect, and as I'm retired, I fortunately have income, and since our house is paid for, no mortgage, just the taxes to deal with. We also finally received our 'stimulus checks' from the Feds...we are giving them to relatives who are not working. I know what you are saying about the funeral/wake thing; MommaMack's cousin passed away, and they couldn't hold a funeral, and obviously no one was up for a wake wearing masks and staying 6 feet [2m] apart...weddings postponed, christening/baptisms on hold, Mother's Day was depressing, Memorial Day was a nothingburger [oh, they flew over our house with some jets...wooohooo!]...I'm holding out some hope for Father's Day...but not much...
  6. have you looked at Eastwood? What about Danelectro? both have some interesting models, shapes and colors, many well within your price range.
  7. we have discussed this elsewhere...we are being paid to perform at our best, and at least to me, that means wide awake and sober, hitting on all cylinders [will electric cars make that an anachronism?]...
  8. as was I...spend more time with the mic in your face. Once you get used to it being there, it won't cause you any issues. I spent many years as the 'back-up singer/guitarist' after my initial duo split. Worked with a number of exceptional vocalists. It took me a long time to get my confidence back as a singer [1979-1998], mainly doing home recordings of original material, all the while doing side gigs, singing back-up/harmonies and 'doing sound'. Developed a whole new style, which I am trying to shed now and re-develop my old singing voice.
  9. spend more time with the mic in your face...you just need to get used to it. You don't have 'stage fright', you play in front of people every week [or at least you did, pre-Covefefe-19]. I've been at this stuff for longer than I care to remember, and to be frank, of course there is always a bit of nervous tension before you start. But actual 'stage fright' is a crippling condition I have observed first hand in some very talented musicians.
  10. and how many Covfefe-19 tests have you had? Seriously...you could be an asymptomatic carrier, spreading joy and potential death where ever you go...I'm jus' sayin... my county has seen a 10% increase in cases since the the weekend...did we relax too soon? I, for one, will keep my mask handy and avoid large groups of people for another month or so...
  11. well, yeah, if the seller were Steve Howe, that price would make sense, but I'd make sure I had the provenance before I bought it from him... You should look at these Epi's on Reverb and eBay to get a ball park...is that the trans black?
  12. that really is a decision only you can make. It is about your ear and your guitars, so opinions beyond 'yes, I put one on my 90's D-15 and it sounds great' are pointless, and even that means little unless you know the experience and skill of the person expressing their opinion...and even then, I would take it with a grain of salt.
  13. Unused? As opposed to 'new'? Please explain....this is the 'V', yes? Are all the 'locks' on the nut locked? Did you put all 6 strings on before you adjusted the truss rod? Lowering the strings at the bridge would make the buzz worse, I would think... If the strings didn't buzz before you noticed the broken string, it is possible the neck tension changed slightly with the broken E I would first change all the strings [this should be done with any used guitar, even if the seller claims they changed them], for one to make sure the gauge is what you want......if you've never owned a Floyd, this will make you wonder why people like them... Check the intonation. If you are still getting the buzz, with all 6 strings tuned, stretched and locked, then I would look at the neck relief and if needed, adjust truss rod [with all 6 strings on it] If none of this fixes the buzz, take it back where you bought it, tell them what happened, what you did, and ask them what they will do to fix it.
  14. Gentlemen...please, when you see posts like this, rather than engaging these ripoff artists, please report the posts so they can be banned and reported to the authorities.
  15. Vol-whatever your moniker is today...you are importing counterfeit guitars, and even working with the factory? You could at least have been smart enough to ask the factory to put a different logo on what is obviously still the trademarked headstock...what you are doing, no matter how you want to look at it, is illegal. Your two monikers are now permanently banned from Harmony Central, and your monikers[with emails, etc.] are being turned over to our legal department.
  16. just where and when did you suppose we would have such an opportunity?
  17. the problem with that stuff is 1) it is freaking expensive and 2) it is only for hard surfaces, so it won't help the grille cloth or the speaker cone
  18. Now, IIRC, RedJX discovered that his distortion seemed to actually be coming from his reverb tank...have you tried disconnecting yours? But wow...looks like somebody already modded that amp, and scorched the board. I'm not familiar with that amp, so without a schematic, I can't do much for you from here, but the way those 'jump leads' are installed, it looks to me like they had an issue with the output transformer and installed a 'substitute' [as you suspected], and that could very possibly be where the distortion is being generated. The other jumper on the 'lands' [green] side may be related to the reverb...hard to tell... It also appears that the [left side] TDA2030 amp has been replaced [from the look of the heatsink compound], so replacing the right side one may be a simple solution, as you already surmised; I would be curious if it is seeing the correct input voltage [it would not take much variance to generate distortion], or if it is just not still up to spec. I would hold off replacing the pots [although a good cleaning may be in order] and speakers [50W would likely be adequate, 75W better...also check the 'efficiency' rating] until you check the three potential issues we've discussed here [reverb tank/circuit, Output Xfrmr, audio amp]. I take it you are in the EU [or the UK] based on the voltage draw of the amp...so that makes suggesting replacement parts iffy...but I think you are on the right track. See if you can find an online schematic. That should give you a target spec on the xfrmr, and may help explain the jump leads.
  19. calipers...FTW...I'd be lost without mine...string/wire gauges, nut slots, truss rod tools/allen wrenches...hardware diameters... btw, the necks on some of those early 80's Japanese Squiers can be outstandingly perfect...I've repaired a few J-Squiers over the years, never the necks, though, never even had to adjust one! Typical: cracked/chipped pickguards, whammy claw torn out [2 different guitars. put a 'block' in one, and a Floyd in the other... PITA!! Never again!], tuners stripped, cracked nuts [] but never any issues with the actual necks...
  20. two soapbars with a superdistortion...very interesting combination. I have a superdistortion in the bridge slot on my Strat.
  21. come on...keep yer sense of humor...and what 'script'? My life is one long improv...but yes, you can use a 'regular pot'. Happy now? I also agree with Gardo, you will lose 'tone' [typically, I found it muddies up]...this is why I prefer to have a 2V2T control arrangement [even on my Tele...I know, seems like sacrilege, but Fender made it that way!]
  22. what kind of blender? Waring?😉
  23. unfortunately, RedJX has not stopped by here in almost 2 years, so do not expect a direct response. We would be happy to assist you in trying to determine the issue with your amp. What is the amp?
  24. sounds defective to me...send it back, and complain...
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