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  1. you may miss a golden opportunity....
  2. that is sad. I keep a guitar close at hand, except in the kitchen and the breakfast nook [but there is one in the formal dining room]. My Tele is by my bed, on a stand ready to go if I get a flash of brilliance in my sleep [so far, nothing....], the Les Paul is right behind me in my 'office'...the closet in here, as is the one in the next room, is full of guitars. Amps, however, I don't use for practice anymore. I keep two acoustics [one 6, one 12] and two electrics [one 6, one 12] plus the fretless acoustic bass in the living room, and there are a couple amps there, but more for grab and go stuff than practice. One isn't even plugged in to the wall.
  3. dude...the rock'n'roll manual say you never use the stairs...you jump off stage...😜 [which is why I stopped playing rock'n'roll in my early 40s]
  4. can't be as bad, from a distance, as all those holes...close-up, meh...still, at least it looks like you cared a little stain, a fine brush...voila...grain matched...😎
  5. before you go spending all that time and money trying for a brighter tone, try changing the bleed cap... IMHO, the tonal differences between brass and steel are negligible, and the overall acoustic tone of the instrument is dependent on other factors, like string diameter, nut material, top mount vs thru mount, body wood...but once you plug in, that mostly goes out the window, and it is all about the p-ups, the pots and the bleed cap. Because that is the filter you are putting the acoustic tone through. If my opinion makes me an 'average guitarist' in your opinion, well, that is your opinion...
  6. only if preceded by 'unindicted' I just made 'Rising Star'! I feel so...special...
  7. Replace the neck? It would not be worth doing, from the playability standpoint and considering the cost of a real/licensed Fender neck these days...but then again, the crazies discovered the T-60s of late, and prices have gone over a grand for the 'mintier' ones. So why ruin a 'collectible'? Harley Peavey was a visionary, and he had a feel for what the lower rung players and bands needed. He also did the 210 Bass amp, which was on a bar stage, every night, somewhere back in the 70s...I must have worked with half a dozen guys with that amp. And PA stuff, like monitor systems...cheap but functional.
  8. I considered that but the hole patterns didn't fit any unit I could think of putting on that style guitar, and since you didn't have a 'axfax'* report on the guitar's history of mods, this could have been an ongoing series of variants over many years. Since the T-60s were produced between '78 and '88, the guitar has been around long enough to have been someone's 'test bed'. I have and old 'Gretsch' Korean strat copy from the 80s I use to make tests on, try p-ups, variable capacitors on tone pots, things like that, and, occasionally, bridges that I'm not familiar with get installed on it first, so if I make a mistake [which happens] I don't have to explain it to my clients...I just learn from it, correct it and move on. Interesting guitars... I've worked on a couple different ones over the years and the production was extremely consistent. They play nice, the necks are well shaped...I don't recall adjusting either of the T-60's necks that I've worked on. The original wiring was, at the time, a marvel; treble bleed, out of phase and coil split switching. Personally, I find the pickups kind of lackluster, but they have their own 'voice'. They can be easily replaced with any 4 wire humbucker, btw. *wouldn't that be cool? like the carfax report for guitars....
  9. all that power, and he mics one speaker... and he's too big a pu$$y to stand in front of that rig...😜
  10. not anymore...but back in the 00's....
  11. yes, and the adult industry too...I'm kind of a jack-off of all trades...😜
  12. The routed channel leads me to think this was a Floyd or Kahler-style, possibly. The holes behind the bridge, those I can't explain. I would make a 'fill block' out of ash [or any light colored hardwood] for the routed slot and bond it in there with high quality luthiers/wood glue. The other holes, depending on diameter and depth, could be filled with dowels, or just 'capped' and sanded down.
  13. as much as I appreciate the 'sentiment'...please...STOP! I remember when Dr. Tweedbucket hit the old max limit on posts...but this mad dash to 'point gathering' is ...well, excuse the pun, pointless...
  14. this might have been more appropriate...
  15. How so? my band, back in '73, covered that song.... Noddy Holder!
  16. California...land of a million pool tables... I like to think of myself more as 'ecru' than 'white'...😜
  17. It won't be enough to protect him...😜
  18. Nick Fury...apparently even the Marvel folks can't keep his appearance straight...https://comicbook.com/news/5-faces-of-fury/ as for me... I look very much like the guy on the right [the guy on the left is my buddy, Ronnie Hudson, ex-Staxx bassist and hiphop legend]
  19. okay, thanks for clarifying...it would have been easier had you just told us the model of the guitar, but, whatever.
  20. you sound like MommaMack....😜
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