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  1. Well, if you read the OP, he clearly said he didn't need a cutaway or a p-up...so that would be a 'Guild vote', then?
  2. The Firebird X at least was made of normal guitar stuff, y'know, wood...and I'm fairly certain Henry was already on the ropes before the FbX debacle. I had forgotten to mention Gibson's other bolt on, the Marauder's 'litter mate', the S-1, which was their 'hey, we can 'kind of' make a strat, too'. Lawrence designed p-ups, 3 pups...4 pos switch, Later, Gibson would go after the 'super strat' market in the 80s. The Victory series...then the US-1, U-2, the Q series and M3/M4...
  3. I'm thinking you are about 12 years too late for that one... Welcome to Harmony Central....
  4. The Marauder was Gibson saying to Fender,'Sure, we can make a Telecaster...we called it the Marauder... And Fender said...'Cool...let me know when you get a celebrity endorser....bu-bye...' The Marauder was definitely NOT the worst-ever Gibson...we may not live to see that one...but, the worst, so far, IMHO, was the Sonex
  5. if 'less good' is the same as 'worse', then I'll second that 'yes'!
  6. What 'creative part'? The creative part was made by musicians...in bands, that survived, at least long enough to make a good recordings....
  7. Expensive gear is not needed to become a good guitarist. You will find, as your skills increase, that there are limitations to instruments, some of which are overcome on other instruments, and then that means it is time to upgrade. You do not need to buy a $3000 instrument to learn on. Find a guitar that is comfortable to play...forget what it looks like for now, just get one you can spend hours with ... and not suffer undue pain. DeepEnd mentioned theory...and I'm a firm believer that in order to be a good musician on any instrument, you need to understand why music works the way it does....why a major chord sounds different from a minor, a diminished, a major 7th, etc. Learn why the scales of the modes are different, learn what the addenda to chord names denote [aug, diminshed, maj7, b5etc] and how to do it in any key. Learn the chords of the keys. I am very 'anti' playing scales endlessly, btw; that is only going to lead to to think you can solo...and you shouldn't. once you have a handle on the basics, learn everything about the instrument itself, what all the parts are called...how they are made, why they are made certain ways for different instruments. Garthman said 'learn songs' and I totally agree...maybe even write a few of your own along the way. You are fortunate that the internet exists...there are so many tutorials available just for guitar it boggles the mind!
  8. no good deed goes unpunished [variously attributed to Walter Winchell, John P. Grier, Oscar Wilde and Clare Boothe Luce]
  9. I would avoid vinyl until you have created a marketable show. They are a) expensive, b) heavy, c) sensitive to heat and d) easily damaged.
  10. I picked the Guild because I've actually tried it. Never been a Taylor fan, most I find are too bright and lacking 'subtlety'...and the Yamaha I have never even seen!
  11. that was Lake of the Ozarks, and yes, they will ALL DIE A HORRIBLE DEATH from covfefe19...
  12. according to many outside the USA, we always were...
  13. best of luck with our new project! please...no red baseball caps, though...
  14. Used I've seen them going for ~$500...there is one on Reverb for $400, plus $150 shipping....the 330 basic runs around $800, which is what I paid for my 220 way back when...it has paid for itself... I sometimes cheat and run a small powered hotspot monitor mounted under the mic; this allows me to push the SA harder with no feedback issues, but that doesn't happen often [mainly outdoor private parties]
  15. I will second the Fishman, I have had my SA220 for over a decade, and it has served me well [except I had to replace the stand a while back, no biggie]. If you are doing just guitar and voice, it does it better than pretty much anything in its price range, and for less than most of the competition. The SA330 looks like a winner to me, enough wattage for a restaurant/coffehouse, packs small, reasonably easy to carry [the rollers are kind of a PITA, but the shoulder strap is nice and wide].I own a full PA as well, but for solo work, teh Fishman is great. The real trick is room size and shape and positioning. By comparison the Bose Compact just doesn't seem to have the 'throw' the L1 has. The L1 [with all the bells and whistles] is a great sounding rig...but you are in close to four grand by the time you get the tonematch and the sub. And who needs a sub to do a solo guitar show?
  16. It id hard to play a solo guitar gig with nitrile gloves and a mask on...I'm holding off...😷
  17. hard to believe it has been ten years since they first mucked it all up...when we first started 'testing' it in the sandbox, I advised the admins this was NEVER going to work out well...
  18. ^ totally agreed ... First, 'pare', you can't call this a DIY if you hand the parts off to a 'luthier'...who likely isn't really a luthier. Second, you don't need a luthier...the 'luthery' has been done [neck and body made] ...maybe you would want a qualified tech to do the final tweaks, but what you have is the basis of a 'kit' to be assembled. You should order tuners, pots, caps, wire, p-ups, etc. and build your own...learn something hands on! If you can solder* and turn a screwdriver/nutdriver, it is knowledge that can save you a ton of money in the future...😎 *I taught myself to solder out of the need to repair guitar cables. That ability got me a job in hi-tech manufacturing and that led to decades in aerospace and management. It also got me into repairing my own gear, which led me to do repairs for other people...So you just never know what one 'inconsequential skill' derived from the needs of one's hobby can lead one to. I'm jus'sayin'...
  19. daddymack

    JJ EL844?

    I would think so. It's just a lower power version of an EL84 ...I know someone who has a pair in his AC15...he suggested I put a pair in my Nighttrain 15, but it already has a great breakup at lower volumes.
  20. daddymack


    you will have to 'call for the price' on a new Ric...they are just funny that way...
  21. I concur with mrbrown, there are good roller bridges, crappy ones and in-between...the type you showed is one of the crappier ones [I know, because I tried one several years ago on a Bigsby conversion job...terrible]. The Wilkinsons are great [but pricey*], there is another one from StewMac [Golden Age?] that is pretty good, that was what I wound up with**. *Guitar Fetish has them discounted nicely, but the shipping costs can be stupid....at least to the west coast. **the 'terrible' one I wound up putting on my Epi Alley Kat, and it is very happy there, no whammy bar, but I have not broken a string in years... better than the Korean tun-o-matic it came with
  22. and..no pickguard! Are you putting this on Reverb also*? I mean, when it is playable? I was wondering... when you said the saddle height screws [I'm assuming they are Allen heads] were not long enough...is that due to the neck pocket or the neck not seated correctly...where did the body come from? Everything looks so neat and clean in the pix...how much more 'height' are you trying for? Would it be worth shimming the bridge? [sorry, I'm a 'repair guy', not a builder..although I have built/rebuilt/modded numerous axes over the years...] *asking for a friend...really!
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