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  1. without the personality, acting skills and other endowments that make her eminently more watchable.πŸ˜‰ What I have amassed over the last thirty years or so, is the fruits of steady gigging, and each acquisition opened a door to something else, side gigs, projects, etc Covid slammed that door on me, sad to say, but I was at a juncture anyway, and needed the time to pursue a different direction as a solo...and as I get back out there, the gear will get dusted off...
  2. A long time ago I came to the conclusion that on-line demos are pretty useless, as they're totally dependent on your system's ability to accurately reproduce the sound they recorded. So for me, it is off to the store. I was fortunate to have lived in NYC when I was starting out, so a subway ride to Manhattan was common for me...off to Manny's, et al. Living in LA made finding music stores too easy....which may explain my 'excessive' collection [according to MommaMack]. I have only purchased a few things without personal sampling, typically pedals, since I know I can turn/trade them fairly easily..the last one went into a trade pretty quickly...
  3. To your first issue: There are no 'gatekeepers' on YouTube...no one decides if the program quality is worthwhile as long as they meet the technical codex requirements. This leaves the decision making up to the viewer. If you have been watching for years, then I will advise you to stop. As to how many amps and guitars one needs...well, no one can answer that for anyone else. Personally, I will state that I have not quite figured out the optimal number for me, but at the moment, it is 15 amps and 17 guitars [11 electric, 6 acoustic], two basses [one acoustic], three ukeleles [one electric], two lap steels and an electric violin. Then there is also all the PA gear... Bad Penguin's collection [or HaremπŸ˜‰] makes mine look like a 'Mom an' Pop Store' next to a GC...and he is still buying...😎
  4. just curious, was there a Bigsby [or similar trem] on there before? I think JTR mentioned the Schaller is a 'perfect' fit on the standard Gibson posts.
  5. Badges? BADGES?!? We ain't got no badges! We don't need no badges! I don't have to show you any stinking badges!
  6. [Merged both threads] is it an actual Leo Quan, or a knockoff? I have had zero issues with my LQBAB on my '62 melody maker, and it has been on there over forty years. I remember reading that they were designed intentionally to sit low to help with keeping the action height lower...compared to the Gibson uncompensated and 'semi' compensated wraparounds of the 50s and 60s. Shimming it may help, depends what you are trying to get it to do...sit level? Sit higher? Sit tilted more? A clearer pic would be helpful...
  7. and you were lucky to get it in under the wire! This place may go down again shortly....
  8. It will get close, but only if you have the PS-24 power supply, which should come standard with the unit. I was a Quilter [and solid state in general] skeptic for years until I picked up a used Aviator head. Now I know Quilter is on to something.
  9. sure..they gotta account for all that extra labor to make it look like someone already thrashed it within an inch of playability... and belt sanders ain't cheap!
  10. I remember reading that somewhere years ago, and had occasion to actually do it once. I typically use graphite [or baby powder* in a pinch...do not pinch the babies!] *I'm always concerned, due to labeling laws, that there must be some small % of baby in there, right?
  11. I'm in the 'let time take its toll' group here. Guitars I have purchased new remain as pristine as I can keep them, barring stupidity, drunkenness and bad luck. Those instances of stupidity, drunkenness and bad luck add up to a chunk of the mojo. To those who lack the patience to imbue their own mojo into their own instrument, I'm willing to bet they never bond with their instruments on a deep emotional level...they accept artificial mojo, mofaux...
  12. have you considered changing the value of the bleed cap? Too high a value can suck the hi-end off leaving you with a muffled tone. Maybe compare the value to the one in your other guitar with the same p-ups. as to tuners...just replace them. If one cracked, then the others likely will as well eventually.
  13. and...so...what have we learned from this jolly little frolic?
  14. in 1971, he may have been able to, except for Hendrix, Beck, Page, Clapton, Duane Allman, Mike Bloomfield, Franke Marino, Robin Trower....πŸ˜‰ Well, I knew it was Ritchie on stage, and the 'shrooms were dark brown... but whether what I saw that night was actually 'god' [or an incredible simulation]? I can't be certain...
  15. somewhere in all of this, perhaps the information you seek. Sadly, this site will dark all too soon. I hope an affluent Conn aficianado sees this and helps out. This kind of research does not grown on trees...
  16. well, it will certainly 'work'. But that is a lot of power for a keyboard. Do you need 1800watts per side for stereo? Without knowing your price range, and what keyboards you're using, and what kind of cabinet[s] you're driving with it, I'm not sure I can answer you adequately. I have to wonder why not get a purpose-built keyboard amp instead of a bass amp?
  17. crap...so if I don't believe in God, now I can't believe in Ritchie Blackmore?
  18. daddymack

    Rectifier Tube Swap

    looking at my GE tube sheets ...no direct substitute for a 5Z4 listed...try a search for '5z4 tube equivalent'
  19. Crate took a lot of abuse early on, but once they got the hang of building tube amps, they built some awesome amps. I recently traded out my Crate VC20; I bought it about 5 years ago for ~200 on reverb to have as a 'leave at rehearsal space' amp. For the past couple of years, I left it at the studio [I was a minority owner].With Covid, no rehearsals, no studio work, no need for another 12" combo amp in the woodpile. I liked it, it took pedals well, and had a nice 'bite' when it got pushed on its own. But with a Vox NightTrain, a BlackStar HT20, and two Blues Juniors covering that territory, the Crate was redundant...but it got me a Martin 12 string, so no loss in my book😎
  20. The owner? I dunno...but the builder should have been drawn and quartered.... Β£80? that's like $113...the parts may be worth more....πŸ˜‰ Forgive my ignorance, but wth is a 'cash converter' store? Is that like a pawn shop?
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