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  1. ah, Phil, beat me to it again... I buy strings in bulk [when you have as many instruments as I do, it makes sense], so I'm not overly concerned, and as long as MF is still shipping, I'm okay*. Our local music store here in my new town is pretty 'meh', but they have a rehearsal room as well, which is helpful, I suppose...but not much point in rehearsing when all the bars and clubs are closed... my bar/coffehouse/restaurant gigs are cancelled or on hold [summer private party gigs]. This is not a good time for gigging musicians. I may have to go back to chasing the local small studio owners... Phil?😉 * I see that my Amazon Prime is no longer guaranteeing me 2 day free shipping...
  2. thanks for your input, yes, I'm aware of the specs [these are the USB models, btw with built in 'media player' for breaks], but, the Eon 15" costs ~4x as much as the price I'm paying for the Altos, and the specs are not 4x better...so if you are not going to pay the difference for me, then please understand that I am getting 'the best bang for my $'...
  3. no offense intended, just an observation based on specs and things I had heard... My stands arrived today, and I went a little crazy and ordered the 15" Alto* 600W pair [at $135 each, new, with free shipping! Thanks, Reverb!], and a carry bag for the stands...next I'll need covers for the speakers... unfortunately, I have no gigs ATM, ...bars closing all over LA and Ventura Counties...but I'm hoping [ever the optimist-which is why I still moderate here 😉] to get some outdoor gigs this spring/summer...if the 10 person limit on gatherings gets lifted...thanks, covid-19! It really put the 'hink' in my housewarming party plans, too.... *if you are not aware of Alto speakers, you should check into it...I started with a pair of 10" a few years ago, then got a pair of 8" last year for monitors and small gigs, and now the 15" for outdoors and large rooms [unlikely as a solo]. I'm considering renting out my 'system' [16ch Yamaha, 4 hotspot type monitors-1 powered+3 slaves, or the 8" as monitors and either the 10" or 15" as mains, or both daisy-chained, or the 10s as monitors...flexibility is my selling point! ] to get some 'payback' on it, but since no one has any gigs, kind of pointless ATM
  4. whatabout the bridge? Did you get that sorted out? It looks like you have a 3-barrel on there, but which one?
  5. assuming you are not using a rack, Furman does make a power conditioner/surge suppressor in a power strip configuration; I have used one for almost a decade. I like this one because it has spaced outlets to accommodate wall warts and large industrial plugs; there are other models like the SS6B which are straight in-line. We've used a Furman w/lights like SBH linked to in our band PA rack for about twenty years.
  6. just so you know...that was a ten year old thread, and that forumite has not been seen around here in several years. Is this any help?
  7. well, after 10+ years, he may have grown up, but that does not make your insulting someone, based on their opinion, an acceptable response. Please , if you want to be a member of the community here, be respectful, and pay attention to the dates on the posts...
  8. wow, has it been that long? I remember an acquaintance bought one of those, and after he had it about six months, asked me if I would 'take a look at it' because the switch was 'not working right'. I took a quick look inside and said, 'nothing I can do for you unless you want to void your warranty'. There was a little PCBA in there and a lot of wires, and absent a schematic [not available at the time] I was only able to trace the leads and surmise some of the switching. Then he told me his saga, similar to the OP: two times he had sent the pickguard assembly in...the first time after only a few months, the second time a month after he got it back. I did check and clean all the little 'quick disconnect' leads, but beyond that, I couldn't do anything. I know there are still plenty of these out there and they re-sell at about $1000...I don't know if Taylor ever solved the issue with the switch/PCBA, but based on what the OP went through, I guess not. The pickups are very unique sounding, as is the bridge assembly...why hasn't Taylor tried this again?
  9. Yes, if you want really crisp and clean, then you are far better off with a solid state amp rather than a tube amp...I think many beginners are 'betrayed' by their cheap SS practice amps, like the Peavey Bandit 75, which sound , well, we know how they sound cranked up, and so, beginners who do not understand the difference between a tube amp and a SS amp erroneously make the 'more power' leap to 100W... I said 'theoretical' because there are no tube instrument amps, or for that matter SS/digital instrument amps actually being made to those wattage specs, even though it is certainly possible to do so...but just because you can do something, does not mean you should do it... The thermal issues are eventually going to be mitigated by new materials/processes that will either dissipate the heat generated more efficiently, or drastically lessen the heat generated...not today, though...
  10. As have I...I dumped my Marshall 100SL/1960A half stack in the early 80s and never looked back...and my back thanked me after every gig... Yeah that is a crazy price, but... somewhere there is some gearfreak who will buy it to hold onto... I know I've seen used/reconed 12F speakers going in the $2-300 range, and yes they were a very expensive option. A good friend/band mate had the JBLs in his SF Twin, and when he wanted to get a custom 2x12 extension cab made, he couldn't get the same JBL E120s, and the only option was the EV12s/Fender12F, he took a pass...
  11. no need to be rude about it...it may not be a matter of ability, but preference...personally, I would rather not lift anything heavier than a guitar...I'm old, but I can still play. I will say the Eon One has some shortcomings, especially in the wattage arena, where 250 watts is barely enough, but when half of that goes to powering the 8" subwoofer, that will limit the room filling awesomeness...the battery pack is a nice adjunct if you need it, but I heard the early versions were slow to charge and failed to hold a charge after repeated use.. I still use my SA220, but I am well aware of its limitations; at least the wattage is dedicated 'up top', and not wasted on a subwoofer, since I perform solo on guitar/vocals. so you might ask, why are you thinking of getting a pair of 15" speakers...the answer being: outdoor gigs....and if I use the beat buddy, the kick tends to get dissipated too easily through the 10" speakers... 15s will give it more harrumph...
  12. Bengs, please, diagram/write out your signal chain so we can get some kind of understanding of how you set up your rig, because your confusion as to what terminology applies is making this particularly difficult for instance: guitar->buffer-> compressor->boost->OD->slapback->long delay->amp
  13. which is why it is just plain dumb to haul stacks around when a 15-20W combo amp will get the job done Steinberg's numbers are 'theoretical'...no one is building amps anywhere near those values, and for a number of good reasons.
  14. A/E bass cases are available from Roadrunner, Gator, TKL, Ibanez.... I have noticed a trend recently where the big retailers do not include dimensional data with instruments, which really is dumb...but not as dumb as Fender who do not have the dimensions on their own specsheet, and gee, they only offer an optional soft bag for it. That said, most acoustic bass cases should accommodate this model, since the scale is 32", not 34"
  15. sadly there will be no new Parkers...
  16. the only way to get a mastery of any instrument is to play it. I studied piano in college; and I was an 'A' student, but I rarely even set up my keyboards any more, so my skills are way down from where they were 40 years ago.
  17. if you are that concerned, stay home... I always bring my own mic and I've always carried foam 'windscreens', particularly when I host jams...it is much easier to wash than to try to disinfect the metal screen on an SM58...and getting rid of the smell of rancid beer and god knows what else....
  18. For what it is worth, newer powered speakers are relatively lightweight. I can heft my Alto 10s easily, but I am considering getting a pair of 15" Altos later this year, and I already bought a pair of these to go with them...they are actually pretty reasonable, well made and a one-button-locking system..... For the band, where we use passive Yamaha 12s, with plywood enclosures, we had the precursors to these Pricey, but easy to raise and lower. Gator makes a nice stand as well [a friend of mine uses them for his PA].
  19. daddymack


    I will occasionally order from StewMac, but they are, as noted, pricey, and like kwak, I tend to look at their stuff, and figure out how to make it myself for less...but I do repairs, not builds, and sometimes the challenges require some very unique tooling.
  20. strings, action, neck relief, nut filing a/r, ...y'know, a set-up...I think our n0oB from my birthplace [Brooklyn] is dreaming...a lovely, but impossible dream...cue 'Man of LaMancha' soundtrack...
  21. Well first, there is no 'standard'...and in this day and age, why anyone thinks they need more than a 30W [tube/valve] stage amp is beyond me. There is, of course the whole 'clean headroom' thing, but frankly, it is mythological when one considers the increase in actual volume between a 30W amp and a 100W amp is negligible. Fender made a 400W amp way back when, which is arguably the highest wattage tube instrument amp ever built by a major manufacturers. Before that, the Ampeg SVT ruled the roost at 300W. Those are, of course, bass amps, not guitar amps...Phil mentioned the Marshall Major, which at 200W was top dog for a while but was plagued with issues, not the least was the HV power supply. The Kemper Profile is 600W, but it is a class D amp, not tubes, so apples and oranges there. But I totally concur that volume does not dictate sound quality.
  22. no, the buffer keeps the signal from degrading across multiple pedals; If you have more than three pedals chained, especially if they are not 'true bypass', then I would get a buffer pedal on the front end of the chain. Your noise suppressor could be 'stepping on' your distortion, because it may see it as 'noise'. I had that issue with an old Boss ME unit...had to keep the NS settings pretty low if I was running the OD. Phil beat me to it, also, that the devices best left out of an fx loop are distortion/OD/fuzz pedals. Those should be interacting with the amp from the front end. The devices best used in a loop are the modulation devices, like reverb, delay, flange and chorus...the ones that don't 'add' to the signal, but alter it...although, in some cases, chorus or flange with OD in front of an amp can produce great 'sweep'. Another question...do you run your pedals on 'wall warts' or on batteries?
  23. I am not aware of any shop that will perform a free set-up on an instrument in order to sell it...if you know of any, please do tell!
  24. and then there's that...less fat, more gristle...stack vs. combo...room temperature ketchup vs refrigerated....dogs and cats living together...
  25. Bengs, the sound you want comes from a small tube amp, cranked to the max, close mic'd in a small, tiled bathroom. Many little metal boxes get close, but to get that particular sound, the Klon Centaur, [now made of unobtainium], is the perfect box... But here's a thought...rather than trying to copy other people's sounds from decades ago, why not pioneer your own sound?
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