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  1. Well, after 11 years, I THINK they might have figured it out.
  2. I love the first one, looks like a winner to me. The second, I respect, but would never own it. (I sit down to play, and I doubt it would stay in place.) And the third one... Oh god, the third one... I mean no disrespect, but it looks like a toilet seat.
  3. https://guitarelectronics.com/2-humbuckers-3-way-toggle-switch-2-volumes-2-tones/ Looks like a wire was cut from the pot shown. Take the time, and trace it.
  4. Dude.... it's a 12 year old thread....?
  5. SORRY! I'm new to this sight

    1. badpenguin


      Not an issue, On the opening page in the forums, there is a for sale thread. Lately there has been a LOT of newbies posting things for sale on threads that are 10 years old.

  6. Once again, NOT the forum for selling!
  7. I remember Adrian Legg talking about them in one of his books 30 odd years ago. So.... not the newest idea.
  8. Which model? Which year? Guitar? Bass? Acoustic Guitar? Mandolin? Amp? Effect? Gig bag? Case? What ARE you asking about?
  9. No need for a new nut. A quick pass with a nut file, or not having one, a razor blade. Your nut may be too wide for the string, so a quick pass, creating a smaller "V" notch may solve it. (happens when going from a set of 10's to a set of 9's or less.) If you have a bone nut, then a little bone dust and crazy glue works wonders. Mix it up., apply as a paste, let harden, refile the slot.
  10. So, 2 pots? (vol/tone)? https://guitarelectronics.com/2-humbuckers-3-way-toggle-switch-1-volume-1-tone-coil-tap-reverse-phase/ 3 pots? https://guitarelectronics.com/2-humbuckers-3-way-toggle-switch-1-volume-2-tones-coil-tap-reverse-phase/ 4 pots? https://guitarelectronics.com/2-humbuckers-3-way-toggle-switch-2-volumes-2-tones-coil-tap-reverse-phase/
  11. Never heard of the W pot. The D pot, I have seen on Cort made Ibanez's and always in the tone position. I even bought a few for other guitars since I LOVE the taper of it. It actually does something around the 7 mark on the dial. How strange is that?
  12. ok, this should help with the color codes, and for the wiring diagram itself.... Without knowing how many pots you have, this will work, unless you want more. https://guitarelectronics.com/2-humbuckers-3-way-toggle-switch-2-volumes-1-tone-coil-tap-reverse-phase/
  13. In the 85 catalog, that would be a PE DELUXE-KV. Only thing is, they were available in white or black. May be another model, or custom order, that never made the catalogs. No matter what, you got a good one!
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