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  1. Tell my $2100 MSRP Eastman that. Or my Peerless at $1300 MSRP.
  2. Another idea other then a pickup replacement, would be adding a 1meg resistor to your volume pot. (across the in and out tabs on the pot.) What this does is drop the value of the pot from the modern 500K to a vintage Gibson value of 330K or thereabouts. For the neck pickup, this adds a bit a "mud", or darkening the pickup. I have a Samick made Sheraton II made in 98, and I always found the mud of the neck pickup to be part of it's charm.
  3. Welcome to the insanity of the forum! 👍 Duncan Phat Cat or some inane name like that. Also try the GFS Dream 90. (About 1/2 the price of the Duncan.)
  4. Really want to get that funk tone of the 70's? Phase switch on the guitar, Auto wah, and a phaser.
  5. It'll just make your guitar sound like a snotty British punk.
  6. Oh god, I couldn't do it and listen to the whole thing. It was.... well just like any bad Aerosmith tune from the 70's, 80's 90's, 00's.... name the decade, it was from then. The opening "chicka wa..." killed it for me.
  7. Beating up a brand new guitar to look old, doesn't work.
  8. The same with Joe Jackson. He is, according to his website, still alive.
  9. Nice to see Mary Ford, who may have been one of the greatest rhythm players ever, but no clip of her playing. For shame.... Joan Jett.... really.... you couldn't find anyone other then her for number 1?
  10. Soooo, just re-releases of past re-releases.... leave it to Fender.
  11. Shame that the Pre-Release pic, showed such a mismatch of wood grains. Looks more like a cheap copy that you see on eBay in kit forms.
  12. What Phil hinted at. Get a REAL body for such a nice neck. This reminds me of a little story. What do you get when you add a spoon full of wine to a bottle of sewer water? A bottle of sewer water. What do you get when you add a spoonful of sewer water to a bottle of wine? A bottle of sewer water. You're spending that kind of cash on a REALLY nice neck, spend some extra cash, and get a NICE body, and hardware too. Why waste it on a Squier body?
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