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  1. 20 bucks a pop to talk about their products, OR after 4 posts, getting a guitar from them! BUT how do I review a product I haven't played yet?
  2. Me too. I love it, personalized spam.
  3. The Premier is a line, which model do you have? Is it electric? Acoustic? Solid body? Hollow? Semi hollow? I have a fully hollow Excel model, the EXH-1SH that I got off of feebay as a broken neck husk for the STUPID price of $89. Arguably, one of the NICEST guitars action, feel, and tone wise I have ever touched! Yes it has mismatched parts, and an ok neck pickup, but it still is damn near perfect.
  4. It's from 12 years ago my friend. They don't make them, or the Greg Bennet line, anymore. Best bet is to hunt thru your local Craig's list, eBay, or Reverb. And welcome to the forum!
  5. Probably late 70's early 80's. Low to maybe on a good day quality. Made in Korea, and most likely plywood. The guitar version was plywood, so..... safe to say.... it is also. $200ish on a good day on feebay.
  6. A lot of times a capo will pull the strings off to one side. Which in turn, makes it sound out of tune. Place the capo, then let the handle go/tighten the elastic band/adjust the screw, whatever your brand of capo requires, but do it slowly. Pay attention, and it won't go that out of tune.
  7. I've a 330, and in 5 years, had to make a small adjustment to the truss rods. Otherwise, haven't had to do a thing with it. It's spot on in tune every time I pick it up. And stays in tune as I play it.
  8. So, did you get it, and where the hell are the pics?
  9. He's dead, I don't care about him anymore. His Vegas store is dead, and that's a good thing.
  10. Go for it, IF it fits the hand well, and has the same sound that is in your head.
  11. Ok, quick look of feebay, showed me the average range from 1250 to 1500 painted top, and above that for figured. Try for a bit lower if you can, it can't hurt top try!
  12. 1250 for a classic "seems" high to me, but I don't know the going pricing that well, Check ebay, and the sold items, or reverb. You can get a much better idea of the going rate. My last Paul was an 07 Studio Faded that I got for the whopping price of 300 w/ original hardshell case. A headstock repaired one, but one I would have been prou9d to do!
  13. I haven't had a chance to play one, nor much less see one. When I asked the 12 year old kid (Well, he seemed that young to me.) behind the counter at GC about it, I got a dull blank stare.
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