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  1. Play bass for a bit, they will magically reappear! (After the blisters of course.)
  2. I have used lemon oil for about 35 years.
  3. I have the Stew-Mac A2's and LOVE them to death! Worth every penny if looking for that older Gibson tone. (Mine are in a Eastman El Rey 3)
  4. Are they worth modding, or do they suck? What is your point of this thread?
  5. Nice guitar, I've always loved the Ibanez hollows. And for the bridge. a tiny drop of contact cement will keep the bridge in place during string changes, without any marring of the finish.
  6. Ok, define the term "sound good"? Seems like a stupid question but hold on as I explain myself. The guitarist Jack White has been known to use the cheapest of the cheapest when it comes to his guitars. Old Silvertones, Kays, stuff that was considered beginner crap in the 50's/60's, and never really grew much better. Some people LOVE this guy's tone. Other, myself included, respect his abilities, but shudder with each crappy sounding note. Yet, someone like Page, and Dave Edmunds can use a Danelectro from the 50's/60's, that sold at Sears for the $50.00 range, and create classic tones with it. So can "any" electric guitar sound goood...... IF it's 1) capable of being set up properly, set up intonation, action, what-not, 2) dialed in to sound pretty to SOMEONES ears, and 3) played within context of what the artist is shooting for. And being a world class guitar player doesn't hurt either!
  7. Very nice, and congrats on a great guitar! I personally think the V7/V8 pickups were some of the best produced by Ibanez.
  8. Just a wild guess here but.... Since the plating was applied by electrolysis, and the movement of the steel strings over the magnets provide a bit of electricity, it might "push", for lack of a better term, the plating away. But I am sure someone will pop in, and explain it a lot better then me.
  9. That's nice you feel 25" is the best scale. And it's nice you have been playing as long as I have, and wind pickups. However, this isn't about you and your belief that 25" is the best scale. And no, they are NOT the only ones to use that scale. This is about whether or not the OP is going to be able to enjoy the sound of the humbuckers of the guitar, when he is used to the single coils of his tele like creature. Personally, for the money I say go for it. Like you said, you can recoup the money with the bridge pickup and the case. (Oh, and by the way, the neck pickup is upside down, which tells me that the bridge pickup was wired in the wrong way, and it was easier for the person to reverse the neck pickup, then rewire the bridge. Out of phase and all that crap) Good luck with the new beasties, and let us know how you like it!
  10. Bob, gotta disagree with you on a few things you said. Yes the PRS can be expensive. BUT there is the import line that used you can find for under the $400 USD mark Danelectros also have the same scale of 25", and are far from expensive. YOU may think the 25" scale sounds best, other will disagree with you completely. Me being one. I have been a Paul player for the vast majority of my life, and prefer the 24 3/4" scale. NOT due to sound, but to feel. Brindle, my best suggestion is always the same. PLAY IT before deciding. I think the Gibson scale is perfection, and think a good humbucker guitar is a thing of beauty, others prefer the Fender sounds of single coils. No one is wrong in their preference. But play it, and make sure the neck feels right, the body fits against yours, and that the weight doesn't bother you.
  11. IF at full volume, the extreme range "might", just "might", damage the speaker(s). Damage the amp itself, no, highly unlikely. As for damaging the guitar pickups, Uhhh, no, oh God, no. Beyond belief, not possible in ANY way shape or form.
  12. Yes, it's a single in the bridge. REALLY kind of bright. And yes, they had a surplus of V necks and used them for the first ones in '75.
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