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  1. MAYBE if you posted the other diagram, we might be able to know what the hell you are talking about.
  2. No. Anyone who says otherwise hasn't a clue. Every year had good ones, brilliant ones, and crap. Each guitar is an individual. Think of it as such, and you'll do fine. Just play a few to see which is best for you.
  3. Something tells me, I know where the Gibby's P90 went.
  4. The Gibson is a ES125 with a Bill Lawrence XL500 pickup installed. Looks like it was converted from a right handed to a left handed. The Martin looks to be a mid 60's F65 or a GT75 with the bridge pickup replaced with a P90. The Hondo looks like an EG 1736 or a Revival from the 80's. Semi rare being a lefty.
  5. Fretboard is already cut for the locking nut, so.... And if your floyd is having tuning issues, check the knife edges at the pivot posts. Either the edges need a file taken to them, or the posts need the be replaced. DId you have that same issue with the other floyd that was on it?
  6. Exactly what Mr Grumpy said. The roller/lock nut combo is just plain redundant. No need for one, if the other is used. Cap values, .47 .22 all standard and 500K pots, exactly what's needed. Pickups. All depends on your playing style. Metal, harder edge rock, Higher output pickups. Examples being Duncan Nazghul, Dimeback, ect ect. More standard rock style, the 59, Jazz, Dimarzio Super distortion, Lawrence XL500, the list is near endless. REMEMBER to add a ground from the floyd to a pot. EMG's don't have this. I would go with a single coil sized humbucker in the neck, with a push/pull tone knob for series/parallel. (Gives you as humbucker, or a nice quiet single coil sound.) If you are really interested in different tones, go with a FREEWAY 6 way toggle switch. Series/Parallel, phase, normal, all with a flick of a finger. I have one on a Ibanez RS330. (single neck/single neck +bridge/out of phase neck and bridge/humbucker neck,/both humbuckers/humbucker bridge.) Home - freewayswitch
  7. Let's try something even simpler here: The slot of the saddle on the bridge might be the culprit. It's 50 years old, may have worn down. Hit a note on the E string while holding pressure behind the bridge on that string. If it rings normally, boom, you have your answer.
  8. NOT a Gibson, and NOT from the 70's. Epiphone, Made in Korea by SAEIN, in either 86, 96, or 2006. To my eyes, 96. Value? Around 300-350 on average.
  9. Built by SAMICK in Korea in 2000
  10. Gibson style wiring, 2 vol and 2 tones, when you lower one vol to zero with the 3 way switch in the middle, it kills the volume. Both signals go to ground when the pot is at zero. The mod I mentioned is called decoupling. It stops that from happening.
  11. I have no idea what you are asking. The mod I mentioned allows you to turn one volume all the way down, without affecting the other pickup when in the middle position on the three way switch. "Global volume"... I assume you mean a Master volume? Not mentioned at all in the thread. And "front rear balance" ? With any guitar with 2 volumes you have that option.
  12. Like I said, switch the output of the vol pot, to the three way switch, with the input of the vol pot from the pickup.
  13. Just take one of the volume controls, and reverse the input and output. that will decouple the wiring, so you can lower a pickups volume without losing both. Google is your friend.
  14. Then your sound guy is an idiot.
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