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  1. If you are doing it to one of the Bronze series you can buy for 50 bucks, and intend to hang it on the wall, I say go for it. Something that you actually intend to play, think twice about it, or even 3 times. Yes, you can grain fill the fretboard. Numerous ways to do it, no need to get into that here. And yes, you can clean off the frets, hopefully not ripping the paint off in the process. (Acrylic likes to pull away from things, and can leave wonderful rips in the finish.) And again yes, you can clearcoat it. AND if you play it, you will remove the clearcoat, and the paint, and the primer, and eventually the grain filler. Wall hanger, go for it. Player.... not so much.
  2. "Carry on my wayward son...… CLUNK …. There'll be peace when you are done.... gurgle gurgle gurgle....." Followed by the infamous.. "Crap, it's eating the tape again!!!!"
  3. Oh gee.... bringing back the HM series perhaps? Yawn.
  4. Oh yea. NEVER seen it this bad!
  5. A baritone from Agile. https://www.rondomusic.com/Baritone_Guitars.html A 7/8 string from Agile. https://www.rondomusic.com/7string.html https://www.rondomusic.com/8StringGuitars.html I don't play baritone, or the 7 and 8 string, but I trust the Agile line for being great guitars for the price.
  6. Yamaha THR10. 300 bucks, all the effects you could want, headphones, and USB. ALL at a whopping 5 watts a channel. Roland MicroCube. Effects, size, 5 watts, battery operated. But anything over 10 watts is overkill? Have you heard of a new invention on amps called..... a volume knob? My "bedroom" practice amps are the same I use live. A 60 watt Roland bolt 60, and a Roland original Bluescube. Again, 60 watts.
  7. Loosen the 4 screws, tap the top of the neck to the treble side, seeing if that aligns it properly, then tighten the screws keeping an eye on the alignment. Should be fixed.
  8. Seems to me to be second generation NJ series. First generations were made in Nagoya Japan (Hence the NJ). Most likely made in Korea by Usung I think, and made in the late 80's early 90's. Overall good quality from them, I had a Eagle from them, and it was a nice playing beast. BC Riches in general have the WORST serial number systems known to man! I currently have a Japanese made Bich from 84.
  9. Nice work. I dig it. But.... no tort....?😪
  10. As jtr said, buy used. That $1000 guitar used is around 500 to 700. Take the extra money and invest in a good tech and a setup. Worth every penny they charge. Then buy a toy. Playable and fun, covers a LOT of ground!! So basically you want a guitar to cover different sonic landscapes. "Blues, rock and metal" Ok, Ibanez is a no brainer for me. 22 or 24 fret, they have it covered. Need a Floyd equipped guitar, they have it covered. Hollow, semi hollow, solid, humbuckers, singles, a mix of both, yep, Ibanez. (A disclaimer here, while I worked for Ibanez in the 80's, I have no affiliation with them what-so-ever, other then owning 11 of their guitars. I feel they build the best sub 1K guitar out there.) Peerless also comes to mind. Along with some of the nicer Epiphones. You can find a Gibson Paul Jr or a faded for under the 700 mark if you search feebay.
  11. Very pretty, can't wait to see the finished product!
  12. Black or the tort would look cool. I would prefer the tort myself, but that's just my 2 pennies.
  13. So you are going for a coil tap. Black to ground, Blue to pot input, green to spst. Use the center lug on the switch, the ground should go to either corner leg. Have fun!
  14. Ok, so actually you are looking for a bridge pickup? For the tones you are describing, you want a lower output pickup to achieve them. Remember that in the day that Beck, Ackerman, and others ruled, 9K was considered high output. Today 15K isn't that unusual. So I would recommend something for the bridge that may be 1 or 2 K higher then the neck. It sounds obvious, but have you looked at a Duncan JB? Or a Dimarrizo Super Distortion?
  15. Yes, that's right, I finally got a guitar as old as me, but in MUCH better shape! a 1962 Silvetone/Danelectro 1448 with the the original amp and case! The guitar has 19 frets on a massive 21 inch scale. A,... get this... Brazilian rosewood fretboard on a maple neck. All this goodness is attached via 2 screws, to a hollow poplar body topped with Masonite, with vinyl tape on the sides! It doesn't play as bad as you would expect.. Decent action, intonation that is in, for the most part, (Look, it has a stick of rosewood as the bridge, what do you expect?) and has a pleasant tone, but very little in the way of sustain. The amp is a Marshall stack killer with 3, yes, count em, 3 watts of tube drive glory! All this rampaging valve goodness is controlled by a single volume knob, and goes thru a bone crushing 5 inch speaker. The tubes are even the original Silvertones! And did I mention that the case is the same black sparkle as the guitar? How hip is that Daddy O? I think that sometime in the early 60's Johnny Guitar got this as a gift, and after a week or two, discovered it wasn't as easy as the Beatles made it look, and thru it under the bed. Some 30 or so years later, Johnny Jr found it, and made the same discovery as his dad, and thru it back under the bed, only to be rediscovered some time later by Johnny the 3rd who thought to himself, "Hmm, no Floyd, no EMG's and only 6 strings? How am I going to play my Swedish death metal on this piece of crap?" and somehow, made it was down to Florida. Lucky me!!!!
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