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  1. MrBrown is right. When one volume it turned to zero, it grounds the pickup out. Totally factory.
  2. It's been 5 years, so I seriously doubt he's still here.
  3. Thank you one and all! And yes daddy, those EMGS are worth it. Too bad I don't like them. I tried to like them, but they lack that "growl", that certain something that as a mostly clean, with a bit dirt now and again player, I just can't live with them. So I will rip everything out, the circuit boards, pots etc, and put them up on feebay. If any one here is interested, feel free to PM me.
  4. Looks pretty! Are you going to gloss the fretboard?
  5. Hey all. Short story long, I went to a local pawn shop, and as walking in, saw one of the sales people take a guitar from the cart and hang it on the wall. Of course I had to check it out. Ok, a smaller then normal Iceman copy, 24 frets, 6 inline reverse headstock, EMG's GOTAH tuners, bone nut, and what looked to be a purpleheart fretboard. Ok, had me at purpleheart. Body is a flame top, with mahogany/flame maple back, and a 5 piece flame maple/mahogany/walnut(?) neck. Even tuned down to H, I could still hear and feel the resonance of the guitar. And the action was impressive. THEN I saw the
  6. Sure, go ahead and talk to them. Best advice I can give is: Ask questions.
  7. It's a MAJOR bit of surgery to install as Freeman said. The average price per hour by GC, depending on the tech and the quality of their work, is between 60 and 100 an hour. I installed on in an Ibanez RG about 10 years ago, I know what a PITA it was. Minimum 5 to 7 hours. If you hunt, you can find one for the 400 range. A lot easier then hacking out your fav. And a side note here: Quite a few of GC "techs" I have run across were hired because they knew how to change strings, and owned a screwdriver. Would you trust the guy? Will you be willing to wait however long it takes him to do the
  8. Seriously, I am trying to understand what exactly you are asking here. If I gather rightly, the neck p/u is 16k. Couple ways of turning it down, as Daddy suggested, turn it down, making sure you have a .001 treble bleed circuit. You won't lose high end, and you will sound the same at 5 or ten, depending on how you use it. Secondly, get a p/u with lower resistance. I am pretty sure you can find one below 10K, or even 8k. (vintage specs). Thirdly, the "pickups personality" is subjective at best. People like the ACP from Epiphone. I think they are the worst pieces of crap put into a mo
  9. 1957 Supro Ranchero | Folkway (folkwaymusic.com) Supro Ranchero 1959 | Main Drag Music | Reverb Google is your friend.
  10. And, lay off the coffee when posting.
  11. To the best of my knowledge, you can't do that with a 3 pole 4 way switch. (in the middle of the switch, you have 3 big lugs. 3 pole. Basically cuts the switch into 3rds.) A 2 pole 4 way switch will do it, or a push pull switch and the standard 3 way pickup selector. Here's the wiring with a 2 pole 4 way rotary. Quite simple, and works wonders with single coils and P90's. This diagram shows how to do it, with a 3 way and a push/pull switch. (Ignore the coil tap, you can't do it anyway.) 2 HBs/3-Way Toggle/1 Vol/1 Tone/Coil Tap & Series Parallel (guitarel
  12. Yes it can. Figure it out. Part of the joy of synth gear, is figuring out new tones.
  13. Look at the 3rd post in this thread. yesh...
  14. Kramer Ferrington was the first of those I believe. Ones from the 80's can be had for the 500-700 range.
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