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  1. I have to agree with daddymack. Peerless, Eastman, D'aAngelico and Ibanez are building hollows so much better then the American name brands, that it's almost laughable. Seriously, play an Ibanez Benson for about 1200, then play a Gibson 175 for about 3 times the price, and see if the Gibby is worth it. Or any of the Eastman archtops, ACTUALLY carved spruce like they did in the 30's and 40, and then play a laminate Gibson at the same price. there is no comparison!
  2. Never been a fan of Mesa myself, but this has the scent of DOOM to it.
  3. Nope, the Bigsby is factory stock, it's a B60.
  4. George L georgels.com (georgelsstore.com)
  5. Hey all, The other day, my beloved wife and I went down to Orlando. No Not for the Disney mind melting crap, but to go and enjoy a brit pub we both love, BEST fish and chips anywhere! And while down there, did the usual pawning, and went down to my fav vintage place. And sadly, found nothing that I wanted to come home with. Ok, I'm lying. Of course there was, but I can't afford/justify a 49 Super 400CES with added 1962 humbuckers. (7K, but God.... it was wonderful) So on the way home, stopped in Daytona and visited another of our fav food places, then at the last pawn shop, found her.
  6. I have the SX Liquid with 2 P90's and that weird Jazzmaster styled trem thingy. Modded the electronics by replacing the 3 way, and adding a 4 way. And replaced the bridge since it was a rattle trap. Have a Douglas semi hollow tele, that blew away my MIM version. Replaced the 3 way with a 5 way Lawrence designed wiring. Also have a Agile 3010SE Paul with P90's. Just went with 50's wiring on it. I don't miss my Gibby's. Everything I have played with from Rondo has been wonderful and well worth the little they charge for quality.
  7. Take some sort of dual rail humbucker, wire it parallel, and you have something akin to a P90.
  8. There's at least 10,000 possible suggestions out there. From Lawrence XL500's, to Duncan 59's, Jazz, JB, to DiMarzio Virtual PAF, SD's, Dual Tone, To Lollars, Lace, and just about every other maker out there. You have a 24 fret mahog/maple guitar.... Floyd.... So the neck needs something a bit heavier on the bass side.... Duncan JB or a Pearly Gates. Bridge is easy one: Lawrence XL500. And before I forget.... If you have the EMG's in the guitar, you will need to replace the pots, and add a ground wire to the bridge. EMG's use a 25K pot and no ground to the guitar strings, most humbu
  9. Pictures please. Early 70's did NOT have serial numbers. After 73 or so, serial numbers started with a 1, so it's at the earliest it's a 73.
  10. Uhhhh.... wha? If I read you right, blender pot, blending the neck and say bridge pickup on a strat like creature, 0 clockwise to 10, adds the pickup to the mix. Tone goes from 0, full cap and treble loss, to clockwise 10, where the cap is out of the mix. I "THINK" that's what you are asking. I think.
  11. The vast majority have them front mounted, with the exceptions being the Diablo I think, and the Supreme.
  12. Sometimes I wonder if he's mbeings under a different moniker...
  13. I personally tend to trade to get what I want. I traded a couple of guitars for this beauty, and haven't looked back since! I think one was an Ibanez RG770 that I paid 50 bucks for, but I know it wasn't much over $400 worth of gear. my 1973 SG Standard.
  14. 14 years later, he either sold it, gave up playing guitar, or, more likely left the forum and hasn't been seen in oh..... 14 years.
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