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  1. Ahem... EDIT : {censored}, this is working again!
  2. Hi Terry, me too !!! I can't believe my thread has survived all these years.... EDIT : I've checked the date of my OP, and it was almost 10 {censored}IN' YEARS AGO !!!! Incredible...
  3. Wowow...amazing that this thread is still going !
  4. Just bumping this thread to remind everyone it's still alive... Terry...I've re-read the first few episodes of your awesome groupie story, and I was thinking, just a little practical thing : it'd be real cool if you included at the end of each episode the link to the next one... Just an idea...
  5. That's a kickass story! Yup, tho the happy end (read : "threesome") is missing, but I'm picky, I know...
  6. I was in the garden centre of all places one day and the girl working in there recognised me from one of our shows. She was a petite brunette with a nice chest and she kept saying "oh you were amazing, I loved your set" and basically really badly flirting with me. So I asked her if she wanted to grab a drink later. I got her number and called her later and we had a drink in the bar. Sooner or later it was obvious she wanted to go, so I said "you go home, I need to finish a few things at home" you know, playing hard to get to lead her on. So she went home but then called me about 20 minutes later and asked if she could come over. I pretended to reluctantly agree and told her "don't forget 'the stuff' if you know what I mean" and she laughed. As promised, she came over 10 minutes later and brought me some more Miracle-Gro from the garden centre. And that's how I grew peas. . *drum roll* ho ho ho . Wow, that's hawt. Glad to see this thread is still here. It's one of my best contribs to HC...for some time I couldn't find it anymore in the search. I'm relieved now. I may be permabanned soon...so plz guys keep this thread going, by all means. Thx.
  7. HA HA HA brilliant, I should try that some time !
  8. :thu: :thu: Agreed! Okay, let me try to get this back on track... My first gig with a band was as lead singer, sometimes rhythm guitar. All the other guys were significantly older than me (I was 22 when I joined - next youngest was 40 maybe?). So, everywhere we played, I seemed to get all the attention from their generally older following (late 20s to late 30s). Let's just say I got a lot more than just attention! My favorite from this era was two chicks both going for my twig 'n berries during a break right in the middle of the bar. I believe I could've had a threesome right then and there. Too bad they didn't stay the whole night. But...absolute favorite story was when one band I was with opened up for Ratt (featuring Stephen Pearcy ). The place was packed and I met this one girl who, after five minutes, asked me to take her to her car, where she proceeded to do a line of coke and then service me - in that order. And this was before we even got onstage! And yep, she was probably at least 18:thu: Good one...and yeah, better add that final detail, lest some start irrelevant debates again...
  9. YOU GUYS STOP THAT FOR GOOD OR MAKE A THREAD ABOUT IT !!!!! Nobody gives a damn about your arm-long posts to debate whether you can or can't screw underage chicks. You're just annoying everyone. I think many will agree with me. Plz take that somewhere else !
  10. QUIT THAT DUDES !!!! This thread is by no means a place for that kind of debate. It's meant to be light and fun to read. Thx for your understanding. If you want to discuss this, fine, but do it in another thread, plz.
  11. Gee, d00ds.... Can you stop that {censored}in' EMO debate about age of consent and {censored} and instead tell your groupie stories, which, I remind you, is THE ONE topic of this thread ???
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