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  1. I guess one has to grasp what "works" on YT (aka the ingredients for something to go viral). My take on this...it has : - to be really grossly stupid / ridiculous (eg Gangnam Style) - to be super duper cutey nicey (cats, pets in general and babies are a big plus for that) - to feature boobies. Preferably big ones. - to be over the top in some way. That'll stir people's emotions...and the sad truth is they're getting more and more emotional and less and less reasonable And I guess good music, that sticks in your head, helps a bit, too...
  2. OK guys, little update... I went to the nearest store and there I found a set of black Schaller security locks, which was for 18.90 €. They probably could be had somewhere else for cheaper, but at least it was close to my place and bought from a physical store (which is better, if shyte happens). So after getting a new strap, with sufficient padding (this one: http://www.rightonstraps.com/mojo-collection-race-black-strap.html), to go with these locks, I went back home to install them. Straight away I could see the bits screwed to the body of my bass were different: so they were not Schallers. Anyway, I unscrewed them and installed the Schaller bits with the stock screws. These stock screws turned out to be similar in length, but their threading was a bit wider than that of those coming with the Schaller locks...and the heads of the stock screws was a bit smaller, too, but not to the point that would cause a stability problem once the thing would be mounted. So that part went fast and easily. OTOH, widening the holes of the strap was a bit of a pain in the butt, as the strap was quite thick, but I eventually got there. A few more minutes to adjust the strap length (there's a dual screw system for that) to the most comfy setting for me, and the job was done. My only complaint about this strap is that the end of the adjustable part can be felt against my back, around my shoulder blade...given the screws hold it in place anyway, I could cut that in the future if I don't get used to it. When it was time to put the bass back in its padded bag, 2 issues surfaced: 1. there's no way I can leave the strap attached to the bass while in the bag. Because the plate with the screws would then come in direct contact with the body and might scratch it. OK, as such it already has dents, but I don't want to add to that. And even more so if I go for a paint job... And the strap is a bit too big and rigid to fit in the bag. 2. while trying to find a spot in the bag to store the strap, I went through all the pockets...and incidentally found the "missing" part of the stock strap locks...so I could have avoided buying the Schallers!! :facepalm: That being said, it's only half a disappointment, as the stock locks seem less secure than the Schallers: you indeed unlock them by pushing, which could more easily lead to accidental unlocking, especially at the back. The Schallers, because they require pulling to unlock, appear to be safer in this respect. Anyway, that's it for the update...now I can enjoy my $$ Vette sitting or standing.
  3. Thanks for the info. At this stage, yeah, I guess the best option is to ask YT directly. Speaking of "going viral", let's consider the school case thereof: Gangnam Style...about 2 billion views (yes, Billion), and it made Psy, the "artist", earn 2 million bucks from YT advertising alone (on top of which, of course, other contracts and revenues can be added...amounting to much more). And these are the figures of 2 years ago. I've just looked it up and he's at 2.63 billion views now. Link to the Forbes article: http://www.forbes.com/sites/hughmcintyre/2014/06/16/at-2-billion-views-gangnam-style-has-made-psy-a-very-rich-man/#502cac0a75aa
  4. Anyone tried this, i.e. putting your songs/clips on YouTube and monetizing them? How much do you make by view?
  5. Played my bass some more last night. When I picked it up, the extra brightness was still there, and I also played about 45 mins before going to sleep, without noticing any particular change from the previous evening. So, so far, this trick has been able to "renew" the strings for at least a good hour and a half. At this stage I don't know how long this effect will last, but I guess it will vanish gradually, which will therefore make it hard to really tell how long it takes. Anyway, given it doesn't take long to do and apparently can be renewed (I don't see any reason opposing doing it again ), it definitely looks like it's worth doing. Obviously, this doesn't replace mounting brand new strings, but if you don't have some handy for some reason or if you just want to last a bit longer with your current set, seems like it's the way to go.
  6. There. So I've done it. And YES, it works: the strings do indeed sound brighter and more alive. All of them. My low B even had a nice piano-like chime to it. So it DOES make a difference. Regarding the duration of this effect, I can't really say for the moment: I've kept playing for about 40-45 minutes after the operation, without noticing any particular change in the sound. Still brighter than before. After that I went to bed, so it'd be interesting to see tonight how it sounds after a night's rest... OTOH, I don't know if I've plucked the strings hard enough when they were slackened...the dude said one has to "slap the shyte out of them"...dunno exactly how much shyte I've slapped out of them, LOL. They did slap against the fretboard, though. I've loosened and plucked them about 100 times each before tuning back. So maybe plucking harder could have a longer effect, I dunno... All I know is that so far this positive effect has stayed, for at least 45 minutes of continuous playing, which already makes the trick useful if you want to do a few bass takes, or maybe play a short gig. I'll most likely play it also a bit tonight, so I'll be able to tell if the "new" brightness is still there. That's all folks. Stay tuned.
  7. If this thing works, it's just the matter of a few minutes...
  8. Guys...thanks for all these tips, but I guess I'll buy my strap locks from a local store instead of ordering them online. Things should go fine, but I'd rather have a place to go to if they don't, plus sometimes shipping can add a significant extra to the price of the purchased item... For instance, on Amazon, I found black Warwick security locks for 18.90 €...with 15 € of shipping!
  9. I was just thinking of painting over the existing logo, not removing it to alter it... Thanks for the info about the strap locks.
  10. I could ask to have it painted black... If I go for the "Corvette C1 side" kind of paint job (see bottom of page 1), the logo would fall into the red part of the headstock, so that'd be fine. Or given the paint job uses chrome, I could ask to have it covered with the chrome paint...
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