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  1. to be fair, I have not pulled one of those bridges, but there is that wacky bolt I mentioned. I'm sorry Phil, though, that is likely not OEM....looks like a paper clip! The pickups, I'm glad I remembered that about that beast...glad you got her opened up! They are interesting guitars; IIRC the p-ups are clear and punchy, but not very loud. I don't recall what they read out as when I tested them, but it was lower than I expected. Those pots likely need a good cleaning, too, btw....
  2. as to the mini-hums, I have one in the neck position on my Epi AlleyKat, and I prefer it to the 57 in the bridge...warmer, smoother, yet still has some bite in it...
  3. Oh, and I forgot, you will possibly have to remove, or at least raise the p-ups... I can't remember exactly...been a while...
  4. found a manual pic... look at #14 [points to the plastic cover], and #16 refers to the neck joint
  5. the way the bridge is installed is, well, IMHO, funky looking.....there is a bolt through the back of the guitar that apparently holds the bridge in place...When I got the plastic cover off, I was 'why would you do that?' I didn't need to mess with the bridge on that job, so I didn't get any deeper into it, but it just seemed wrong... They had the same bridge on the Breadwinner, but the BW has a rear plate that may cover that bolt, I don't know as I never pulled that plate off of the two I have serviced; There is a very similar model to the Viper, the double cutaway Preacher, that has the same rear bolt, but rear mounted pots. They also, according to the owners manual, bolted and glued the neck...fortunately, I did not have to deal with the neck on any of the ones I serviced.
  6. I have seen the maple caps, and even maple fingerboards on an LP, but not the two together. I have seen an L6S that way, but not a Lester...I've even seen an Ibanez Lawsuit LP from the 70s [maybe circa '74 or '75] that was 'blond on blond', but never a Gibson. Enjoy that classic Electra!
  7. It looks like a PRS CE24 Semi-Hollowbody...whale blue? It is a bolt-on neck. However, it appears to have a Floyd installed, so definitely not the 'standard' model. It isn't a 'custom shop' model or the truss rod cover would say 'Custom'...as to the neck, sorry, I don't know if that was an option on that model when they first came out or an 'aftermarket' change, or possibly related to the tremolo system.. Did you consider contacting PRS?
  8. lets be frank..you have 'written ' exactly what? a series of chord changes, or an actual melody? style? Tempo? have you recorded what you wrote so far?
  9. loosen the strings, then loosen the 2 bridge bolts ...that plastic cover is a PITA strictly there to cover a bad design issue [you will see it when it comes off], if it doesn't come out then, hit it with a blow dryer [no, seriously...sometimes they just get gunk-stuck. I worked on a Viper about ...ooh, 6 years ago, and the faceplate was a beeyotch to remove...so...good luck!
  10. thank you for adding 'faced' to that๐Ÿ˜ because no one, especially me, wants to see a drunk musician, either...and I've fired plenty over the years.
  11. well, officially, they are not the new owners, but I do not know who is...
  12. he was with the Asbury Jukes way back, so you could start by checking their website...of course, Steve passed almost 6 years ago...that said, flemtone [a long lost friend of mine from way way back when] is still active here, so you might have a shot by sending him a Private Message...
  13. Seriously, that Electra is stunning! Why won't Gibson do that?
  14. true, but ten years too late to help, I'm afraid...
  15. current IOS? I'm not sure why this wouldn't just go unless your ISP has some kind of transmission limit? check your PM
  16. take a look here: http://www.jumbosunshade.com/swd01.htm
  17. well, you are 11 years late to ask these guys...but good luck on your search, and welcome to Harmony Central...
  18. jpeg, dif, gif? all the same?
  19. are you posting from your phone?
  20. hmmm..that is odd...
  21. yes, MusicLandCentral carried them, and yes, the 'other' Jay Turser label...these are probably as good as the stuff at Guitar Fetish, or the Firefly guitars, and I had heard them favorably compared to Agiles many years ago when Agiles were all the rage....supposedly they were originally made by Samick, I'm not sure if they are even being produced now?
  22. thanks...but when I finally found 'shop our US dealers...there is nothing...so I guess we are not going to see any Furch guitars from the Czech Republic anytime soon in the States. They look very nice though! to Baldbloke: Do stay safe, and practice, practice practice...๐Ÿ˜Ž
  23. You are in no way at fault, unless you had posted the case for sale as 'authentic' [whatever that means] and it was not, but that does not appear to be the case here. This is a perfect 'caveat emptor' case where the buyer either made an incorrect assumption or suffered 'buyer's remorse', neither of which is grounds for a dispute...IMHO. Beyond that, even though you were gracious enough to agree to the return/refund, the buyer waited beyond the return period specified by the intermediary [PayPal]. They also failed to advise you of the shipment, send you tracking information on the return, or to specify a signature was required. They can try to retrieve the 'package' via their shipper, assuming it is where the shipper left it, but I don't think you have any obligations.
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