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  1. Sorry, I did not get very far into this vid, but I have to ask some questions...why that song? To be honest, it seems to not suit your voice at all...which leads to the next question... Why are you not using a 'real' microphone where you would have control over your dynamics?
  2. A friend bought the Trio +, thinking it would be a nice addition to his solo act, but the drums are not easily 'controllable', and the bass lines can be, in a word bizarre...or annoying. He uses it at home for practice, though.
  3. ...Martin and Lewis...Rowan and Martin...Martini and Rossi...
  4. That's because now he is de-composing... But GH is right, there has to be a balance, or it is all just buzzing. For our ears and brains to really grasp melodic art, it needs to have time between notes, to allow us to process, to absorb...and digest, and react...listening is not the same as hearing...
  5. Very nice collection!! But, dammit, now I feel inadequate...my axe collection in 2016...I've added a couple {an Applause fretless a/e bass, a D'Angelico 335 style and a Danelectro 12 string] and gave one [the Mahogany SG] away...I guess I need to do a new class photo, plus the amps, and the PA gear... the acoustics... yes, I have a thing for black guitars...
  6. set the amp's EQ to a flat response and use the pedals EQ
  7. obviously you have not been looking very hard...a quick google search for '2x10" baffle for 65 deluxe reverb' came up with this and several others...btw, this thread dates back to 2012, and the OP, Josh has not posted here since November 2017.
  8. and once you get the right slide on the right finger [I'm a pinky guy myself, but I'm also an atheist 😉] then come back and we can talk about open tunings, fretting behind the slide and such...😎
  9. Welcome to HC, LucyD! That is an interesting variant the UK has, as far as the studio having ownership.
  10. how, in the wide world of sports, did you come to that assumption?
  11. or change it to 'Stymulous' or something...
  12. As long as he likes the guitar and is playing it, that is all that matters! Too often we hear about folks who are 'recommended' a guitar who know nothing about guitars, and the instrument is unplayable...cheese slicer action, bowed or twisted necks...and they do not know how to get it fixed, so it goes under the bed, into the attic/basement/closet/tool shed, and never seen again...and the owner is totally turned off to learning guitar because it was too hard...
  13. and now look at that jaundice!
  14. Likely the associate at GC was incorrect...but the reality is you need to use it the way it works best for you, not how someone else uses it! Spend time with it, try it on different fingers, find what you like and do it your way.
  15. late to the party, Daniel...search google for: stimulus rock band...
  16. To you, apparently nothing, but to him, he made a point to specify it. The guitar he asked about retails at ~$350...and you go in with PRS and Gretsch? He's looking for a new toy... Some folks, myself included, approach guitars [and other gear] today as a 'bang for the buck' deal rather than slavishly buying top brand names expecting better quality. I own plenty of Gibson, Fender, Guild, Martin...but I also have Epiphone, Carlo Robelli, Applause, Memphis [an antique], Danelectro... You don't have to spend more than $500 to get a guitar that will make you happy. I almost spit out my coffee when you mentioned buying a $500 Electromatic Jet, and then putting in a $300 pair of TV Jones...
  17. well, nothing is ever as simple as it appears on its face, right? As you observed, no one here has any experience with that particular Ibanez LP copy...hard to believe, but there it is. My educated guess, after looking at some data and pics and reviews, based on my knowledge of Ibanez' other setneck guitars is that it is probably as good as or better than many other copies... But there are so many out there, and the quality levels, in that price range [~$350] is getting so much better...that said, having 'Ibanez' on the headstock would be 'reassuring'...
  18. Mikeo, did you notice he didn't want to pay Epiphone prices? Apparently not... Okay, FUBTAG, have you looked at Reverb.com? Agiles are showing up used, among others... Does the guitar have to be new? Have a look at Guitar Fetish, they have LP style axes at lower range pricing... Firefly, Grote and a zillion other labels on LP style guitars these days
  19. Nonsense. Even side by side doing an A/B test you would not be able to really tell, especially within a few feet, pare...for a number of reasons.
  20. Welcome to Harmony Central...okay, now, take a deep breath, and let's start over, shall we? What exactly are you trying to find out? Are the pick-ups any good? Are the basses any good?
  21. Third...the $300 was in 2005...so now it would be more like a $400 guitar, and honestly, I see some very interesting guitars lately in that price range, made in Asia, but point being [and I tried to run a guitar import company once] they are so much better at it now than they were 15 years ago. They still aren't good at factory setups*, but the quality and the appearance of the instruments gets better every year. Are they making the equivalent to a Martin, Gibson, Taylor, Guild? No, not yet...yet...give them time, they will get there. It took the Japanese twenty years[ and the Marshall Plan] to beat us with our own tools** in manufacturing...radios, televisions, cars, VCRs, flatscreen TV, and so on...now they move their production methods off-shore [like we tried], and beget the South Korean behemoth, revitalized China, woke up Indonesia, and sparked Viet Nam... *when we had our company, I was doing the setups here, because the factory just did not grasp the concept, and I couldn't go over to Shenzen for two weeks to teach them why certain things about a guitar are important; they are communists, not guitarists, after all. They have been told all their lives to do what they are shown, and do it well, and they will be taken care of...plus, they were making 'generics' for re-labeling, but they had just embarked on a production deal for a major American guitar company, which was the main reason I had my partner approach that particular factory. ** Henry Ford wrote the book, Toyota swallowed it, crapped it out, and re-wrote it, updated it by 50 years...still a best seller in the manufacturing realm...no one even mentions Ford, and it really was his methodology...one his own company let go.
  22. passed...but that was over ten years ago...Ace has moved on... how old is your mouse? what do you mean by 'fallen'?
  23. well, that was interesting...I never knew Aria even made resonators...apparently they were not marketed in the US. I found this...So if it is in immaculate condition*, it might be worth ~€550 which is about $600... Aria has had a fairly shaky history as far as serial numbers, but usually [NOT always...] the first 2 digits of the S/N are the year of manufacture... *the thing with bell brass resonator guitars is they do not 'age', like wooden guitars, and will sound the same 100 years from now...so when considering the value, it is all about the condition of the metal, the finish...and the neck, which is wood, but has pretty much zero influence on the sound of a metal body reso...
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