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  1. at that low a volume, doubtful...and absolutely ridiculous to think it had any effect on your pick-ups.
  2. yep. that is just plating, and when it is gone, it is gone.
  3. good luck...and you could try sending Phil a PM, he doesn't come by as much now, but he'd notice a PM when hee logs in... sorry about Charlie, but that's the things with cats and dogs...they just don't live long enough.
  4. that is up to Covefefe19, and how well behaved your local populace is. We are re-closing bars, beaches, indoor dining because people stopped behaving when they were given a chance...
  5. I have rewired a few old Bogen PA amps over the years, but like I said, the worst I'd seen in decades, because it has been since around 1985 when I did the last one. When I played bass in the late 60s/early 70s, I had a modified 75W Bogen PA [from a closed Woolworth's store] and a 1x15 [from an old school projector]. I did a few rebuilds and upgrades in the ensuing years, but they became much harder to find by the end of the 80s. Not all manufacturers were quite so 'sloppy'...Magnatones from that era, for example, are meticulously well wired.
  6. If the amp has a 'polarity switch', then it won't matter, but if there is no polarity switch, then it does. [this isn't a lightbulb]. Why not just put in a 3 prong? The only difference is 'nailing' the ground wire to the chassis... You still haven't identified the unit to us. Do you have the schematic?
  7. you are in Florida...notice a recent spike in cases there? Especially between the ages of 18 and 49? People are dying in the tens of thousands and you find this humorous? I'm sure at the outset of the bubonic plague people were saying essentially the same thing...and small pox, too...the top scientists in virology don't agree with you...so much for your 'science fact and history'... Laugh all you want. When someone you care about contracts this and dies, don't come looking for a sympathetic ear here. I'm not in a cave, but I'm in a high risk group, so if you think me 'irrational' for not wanting to risk getting an illness that might kill me, then you do not know the meaning of 'irrational'...
  8. that is one of the worst handwire jobs I've seen in decades. What is that thing?
  9. well, lefty...I'm 'elderly'...but I have no problem waiting my turn...Notes will get his before I do...I'll get mine before you do...but eventually, outside of the 'anti-vax' fringe radicals, we'll all be spared the herd immunity nonsense...and the world will go back to waiting for the next fiasco...but at least we will have better leadership...I hope.
  10. Just to clarify...are you selling this or offering its use as a service or just sharing information?
  11. yes, I would just trace the +/- leads. Does the speaker have a 'constant-voltage' transformer attached? Not sure where you can find those old 6 prong male bakelite connectors. I found some [years ago] to do some Leslie repairs; Amphenol makes them, but they were pricey back then [~$20 each!] Not sure what you are asking about impedance...? What amp is that? It looks like an old film projector setup. and, btw, clicking on the links in your post gets me: You are not authorised to download this attachment.
  12. so does EGF, DIY and 'teh maps' forum😉 sadly, there are only a few of us moderators left here; two are very 'forum specific', and, of the rest, I am probably the most 'experienced' [longevity] and the most generalized [serving all forums]... so if you need moderation, feel free to PM me...
  13. WHO is saying they expect to see a worldwide spike in Covfefe-19 cases this summer...it's gonna be yuuuuge... There is no way I would go to any place where social distancing and masks weren't required. 'Herd Immunity' doesn't happen overnight, it takes a long time. I just met with an old friend the other night at a local eatery; he only lives two blocks from me [now that I've moved], but because of Covfefe-19, this is the first time we've seen each other since late February! We had to sit outside on their makeshift patio, tables were spread about ten feet apart, the servers all wore masks and a mask was required to enter...the 'new normal'...I actually had sent an inquiry to this place in February [] about getting a solo gig there...not holding my breath.
  14. you are most welcome...that is what mods are here for...
  15. in case anyone is curious...I 'pinned'* this thread for y'all...keep'em comin'! [*what we used to call a 'sticky']
  16. Freeman, you never know...he might...but, please don't ignore HC...we are trying to bring it back from the dead ... and your contributions over the years have been masterful and professional...the kind of things some of us come here for...
  17. are they even in business still? The website looks like it was abandoned years ago...personally, I would err on the side of caution...that's the Vox AC30 in a pedal thing, right? did you try HomeBrewElectronics@hotmail.com ? btw, your avatar looks like our cat, a Russian Blue mix...
  18. I have not seen CTG around here in about a year...don't hold your breath.... And I also agree it is worth taking a shot at doing the saw/bolt neck joint, rather than relegating the guitar to the woodpile...
  19. typically I will kick on the compressor during solos, and off while playing rhythm....if I use one at all. I find the compression removes the subtlety and nuance that my right hand creates.
  20. a $250 gimmick, that isn't really an 'amp' in the traditional sense...
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