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  1. okay, look, I run a clean forum here, and conspiracy theories have no place here. If you believe half of what you are being told by the media is false, how do you know where to begin believing? Rather than living in an echo chamber, there are plenty of fact checking websites that will tell you exactly what is and is not true, and why. I spend some time every week debunking nonsense people send me...and yes, from both sides of the aisle. FACT: Over 390,000 Americans are dead from Covid-19, which is like wiping out an entire US city the size of Tulsa, Minneapolis, Honolulu, Omaha, Miami
  2. Notes, consider yourself lucky...both on a future booking [I have ZERO...😒] and being financially stable [I'm pretty close...] but you already know what a lucky so-and-so you are😎
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    but not necessarily at the same time...πŸ˜‰
  4. Actually, I don't think that is the best approach, as there is a reason there are different tank configurations...for a myraid of reasons. You may have just got lucky, Dougy. Phil posted his article on Reverb tanks earlier in this thread, but I will put a new link to it here: Having replaced/serviced reverb tanks for several decades, all I will say is: first, make sure you get the right impedance, both input and output!
  5. since the 'corksniffers' haven't been by yet...congrats! The Rondo SX guitars, like the Agiles are perfectly usable guitars, and as noted, great mod platforms since the bones are solid, and their electronics are decent but not the 'bestest ever'. I have done mods on a couple of the SX teles for other people [Agile LPs as well] over the years, as well as some Xaviere guitars from GFS. Typically replaced pots, switches, occassionally p-ups. I actually like the Agile hb p-ups, they are not way over-wound like many Asian hbs, and have a nice overall balanced tone from bridge to neck. I have n
  6. do you have the serial number? https://www.guitarinsite.nl/serienummers-hofner_eng.php
  7. Still a label slave, eh? The guitar world is changing around us, and we need to pay attention. badpenguin, who probably has more guitars than you and I combined [and we both have plenty], is absolutely right. Eastman and the upper end D'Angelicos will, $ for $, beat anything the Big 5 USA builders [Gibson, Fender, Rickenbacker, Gretsch, Guild] are doing domestically, with better detail and QC. Collings is doing it as well, although their price is much closer to the big guys, their dedication to quality sets them above. Wilder still, some of the instruments coming out of Asia are as g
  8. They have redone their site to up the security, and you may need to re-do your log-in.
  9. as underwhelmed as I've been by the new Gibson ownership...this bodes ill for the Mesa Engineering brand.
  10. Enjoy that guitar! Peerless [and a few others] does what Gibson and Gretsch stopped doing...building hollow body guitars right the first time.
  11. looking over Amazon Reviews: 'Clean tones seemed fine on this but dirty or distorted tones seemed to lose separation when played back.' 'Sound while not perfect it is very usable' But not your complaint. I think you may have a lemon. These are designed primarily to be used with an amp, so it should not be limiting/filtering the treble. I would send it back and ask for a replacement. There are, btw, two different versions of the Lekato Looper.
  12. No, I do not hate China. I did business with Chinese companies for over a decade, and I learned a lot about their approach to 'replication' of existing products. They do what they do and some is fine, some is junque. All I am suggesting is that there are limits to the quality of many of these low-end knock-off pedals, and I quickly learned if they do not perform as desired, replace them with something better. If they do not function properly, request replacement. What exactly is the looper you purchased? Have you looked at user reviews to see if anyone else has this issue? Frankly, if it
  13. pinned per GM's PM...
  14. nice view! Are they discounting the rooms? Asking for a friend... I'm pretty much resolved that until there is adequate vaccine disbursal, I am not gigging...so another 6 months probably.
  15. an old friend uses the Maxon OD808, which is a copy of the TS808, and frankly, they sound as good, if not a little less 'dirty', in a good way.
  16. ksl, let me make sure I understand you correctly, you want a p-90 sound from a single coil style p-up? Bridge, neck or both? I have a couple I could suggest, the first being the Duncan STL-3/STR-3 Quarter Pound Tele p-up, which, for the price, is about as close as I think you could get; the other being a TV Jones Starwood, which would run about twice the cost of the Duncan. Both of these are made for Telecasters. If this is for a Stratocaster slot, the Duncan Strat-Bro 90 is about the only one I've heard and they are pricey! I have a Fender Tele with P-90s, and had looked f
  17. We've not had live music since March here. Frankly, I had my only gig, a NYE side gig, cancelled. Considering the infection rates in Texas recently, I would be remiss if I didn't suggest you not play out, but obviously, you are doing it. I will survive on my meager income, and getting covid is not something I want to do. I miss the performing far more than the $...
  18. I understand your budget limitations, but if you are going to buy cheap gear, don't come in here whining about it not working like pro level gear! I suggest you start paying more than $29.99 for pedals. Really. Save a little longer, buy a little smarter. My loopers [I have a couple ]don't do that. Plunk down a little more money and get a decent looper, like a Ditto. You can find these used for ~70, and I have had ZERO issues with my Ditto in the several years I have been using it. I tried the 'Chinese knockoff' pedal route with mixed results. Some did exactly what I wanted the
  19. actually, no... First: demand, then supply, almost meeting the demand...always leave them wanting more Then, make a cheaper/slightly 'shoddier' version of the product and see if you can stimulate new demand at a lower price point. Hence, how many different Les Paul models are there?
  20. hard to say without hearing it, more likely some filter setting, but...you said the magic word: 'cheap'.
  21. at least your link is okay. The guitar solo video was out of synch, btw.
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    Does your wife have a sister? Asking for a friend.... like you, I'm not likely to plunk down the $$$ myself, but if someone else did, well...😍
  23. yes, you can, but they do not have the same taper in reverse.
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